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Just finished the game, funnily enough the best part about the game are the secondary missions that recycle maps which have no cutscenes or other bullshit, still have the Ubercommander shit where they respawn enemies infinitely not really giving you a choice between stealth or Action.

Last two missions are the best because they actually introduce new enemies with actual decent attack patterns and design outside of the bullshit you fight for 90% of the game.
Game is like 4/10, maybe 5/10 if you strech it, a shame too since the combat is actually really good but everything around it including the limited weapon diversity, shit weapon balance and the stealth Ubercommander bullshit, I don't think I even need to mention the fucking cutscene bullshit, the Uboat garbage sections and the blatant propaganda.

Also they introduce the commies in the 2nd last mission, barely give them any real character development or even Uboat sections with it and then at the end of the game pretend like they were of any big help, when they do exactly fuckall and you risked your life and Anyas, BJs Polish wife, which for some fucking reason is pregnant and fighting when shes a goddman radio operator and there are more suited people for field work
Its not even hyperbole, they literally do nothing, the narrative is that they can be a big help, but they do nothing, and you detonate a nuclear bomb and risk the whole Restistance Movement just to save them
Also Fergus is a fucking comedy relief and nothing else and even bitch baby Wyatt has more character development and screen time than him.
Also Bombate which is supposed to be part of the "Inner Circle" is a sandal wearing nigger that smokes weed and fucks white bitches, thats literally his fucking character, nothing else, and the Swedecucks pretend like hes an important character because he was in the last game.

Also Set the kike has a Jewish made key for something and its attached to something yet to be revealed for some reason, also likely attached to DLC.

Fuck this game

Heres something for you to like it even more

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How many threads until you guys are fucking sick of talking about this?

You really expect me to read all that, Hemingway? Just post the OP with
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Why would you do that?


>Blazkowicz (((you))) gets head chopped off by some female nazi general

Why did they include this fucking plot, what were they thinking.



The more I see come out with this game, the more I'm disgusted by it's existence. Sadly, there's not much I can do about it.

Main character uses "white" as an insult

smh tbh fam




So, we Wolfenstein General and giving them free advertising now or what?

You could laugh of it
Give out your input about it
Complain about Bethesda
I just wanted to give it a piece of my mind and prove its not the political shit alone that brings down this game to garbage.

Why even bump it if you don't like it?
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Sage for metashit

Can we lynch the scum known as Pete Hines yet?

Kill yourself.

Nobody cares.

nobody cares. its dead, jim.

They weren't thinking. Though, Blazkowicz's death was suppose to be a way to make the Nazi's think he's really dead to let their guard down, the way they achieve this was in such a stupid way, I don't know why anyone thought that scene was a good idea. Shocking at first, but stupid when looked at with finer attention to the details.

Kind of undermines the nazi killing hero when you actually kill him. Then you pull off this futurama shit and a convenient dead body to bring him back to life. I know the game wasn't aiming for realism and did this for several reasons. The first point from above, the second being a nod to the hitler boss in previous game and an excuse to give you upgrade choices where only one was the only good one, the tackle ability. They could have mention some organ rejection or some loss in ability but I didn't get any of that.

It just goes on rails, like most of the dramatic scenes. You're suppose to care but you really don't. It would have been better if they just released a complete stand-alone game based on that wolfenstein mini-game from the previous game and called it Wolfenstein: Blood Dragon. All bosses are a version of Hitler. You'll never be able to fight a Super Saiyan Hitler that fights with Mahjong tiles as you get blasted by Riichi combos on the moon.

fuck off, stop defending this shitty game

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Sounds like a shitty trashy b-movie story that shouldn'tb be taken seriously.
The problem is that it itself takes way to serious making it ridiculous from the get go.

Yes we are, that's why every thread dies soon, but someone keeps pushing it's pol whinning
No need to rage just embrace it