>The charges, flecs?

>The charges, flecs?

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>>137174797Smelly pits not on my face

what pussy feel like?

>>137174797That which exists without my knowledge exists without my consent

>>137174797Two counts of Missing Eyebrows

>>137174797Indecent and reckless exposure of armpits.

>>137174844>>137175063His are better.

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>>137174797•Not cooperating with your prime.•Attempt to control your primes life.•Resisting arrest.•Resisting being recycled.•Multiple assaults on mirror enforcement.•Conspiring with your prime.•Abandonment of "prime to reflection" position.•Appearance modification that does not reflect your prime.•More accounts of resisting arrest.•Disturbing the train denizens.•Disturbing the train passengers.•Destruction of train property.•Interruption of train processes.•Unlawful breach of the prime world.•And the most egregious charge, the murder of the reflection police; Special Agent Mace and Agent Sieve.

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>>137174797Charged with looking like a lesbian tranny

Being a big crybaby.

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>>137175297>Agent SieveThat was Alan Dracula.

>>137175348>That was Alan Dracula.Who was made to kill Seive when Lake threw the grass, what Lake did was little more than when a dog owner sics their pet on someone.

She is a precious angel who did nothing wrong and deserves freedom and happiness.

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>>137175397>>137175400Based Jesse>>137175310It's not the outside but the inside that counts

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>>137175309She looks like a very ordinary little boy

It's crazy how Book 2 was orders of magnitude better than anything else in the show.

Why didn't anons attach to Mace the way they attached to Simon?

>>137175741Mace was just doing his job and wasn't a natural edgelord like Simon.

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>>137175397>SheNB. they/them

>>137175817I don't think Luz would approve of using that word as an insult.

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>>137174797Being an hideous monsterAbandoning the duties of a reflectionAttacking real humansMurder of officers of the lawCausing the death of a civilian


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>>137175297>>137176333God forbid a woman has hobbies.

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>>13717655810/10Remember Lakecels YWNHAN


>>137175116I refuse to believe Simon has clean shaven pits, he's scruffy everywhere except there?

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>>137176333>Being an hideous monsterShe’s kinda bad though.>Abandoning the duties of a reflectionHer prime was fine with them going their separate ways.>Attacking real humansThe pawns of Grace are beyond saving, Simon as an example. Apex lives don’t matter.>Murder of officers of the lawAh yes, the Guro fetishist who let his kink get in the way of doing his job properly and his closest homosexual lackey, both of which allowed her to escape and run around for months before the events of book two. Natural selection.>Causing the death of a civilianHe was on deaths row anyway, plus it’s not confirmed he’s dead.

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>>137176333>hideousShe looked better with long hair, but hideous is just plain wrong.

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>>137174797Being best girl

>>137174797God, I want to lick her armpits so fucking bad.

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>>137176934Probably considered too weird to show hairy armpits.

>>137177828Which one do you prefer user?>”We should just stay friends Jesse”or>*sloppily French kisses for 5 minutes*

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>>137176468Her “hobby” is just crushing her boytoy’s pelvis every night.

>>137174983A vice grip.

>>137174797>uh my name?*sees large convenient body of water>it’s Lake :)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATHATS SO FUCK GARBAGE CHEESY ASS AAAAAAAAAAAAA

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What is she like? Like a soft meaty human who just happens to have reflective tissues? Or like a fully metallic/glassy mannequin?

>>137179590She’s cold, hard and mean. If you want a warm squishy denizen you’ll have to settle for the bell.

>>137174797Not wearing your choker

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>>137176333>Causing the death of a civilian?

I watched Infinity Train years ago before the fourth season, and here's what I basically came away with:>First Season: well crafted, fun, handled the idea of divorce and how it affects kids well, got me hyped for more and the creativity of the train, and the music was stellar. Everything felt perfectly where it should be and tightly written >Second Season: okay, had some good moments and Alan Dracula was funny, but Lake and Jesse didn't work as well as Tulip did. Having the characters be aware of the cars as lessons and actively search for the answer does take away from discovering the lesson and naturally accepting it, and I wasn't interested in Lake's dislike of Tulip>Third Season: really weak, Simon's fall felt extremely forced and even Grace's redemption arc had some hamfisted moments with the turtle kid yelling at her in her head. These were not fun characters to follow. No matter how adult killing him off seemed I don't think Simon was beyond saving and it goes against what the show's shown in the past. Killed any interest for the rest of the showNever watched the fourth season, don't know if it's any good. I've been thinking about rewatching the series because seeing people actually like the later two seasons makes me question my own judgement. Still wish Simon had survived and wandered off on his own to get away from the negative influences, maybe finish that journey with Samantha when he was finally ready.

>>137179862Numberless, the guy that was in the pod she hijacked and left on top of the train.

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>>137179971Fourth season is more chill but not as good as 1 and 2 imo.

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>>137176637>>137176641I don't get it


>>137182837So this is the latest forced Holla Forums meme I keep hearing about. It's about as unfunny as I expected.

>>137176934Sauce for that image

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>>137180640I wouldn't put 2 as high as 1. It ended up alright, but Tulip was a great character. I love the little details like how she was making sure to brush her teeth, the fact that she had a story behind her name. You really got to see her grow. Everyone since got a more rushed introduction and never had that sense of depth. I get it, you can't just repeat Tulip's story three times over or force her to solve some other problem.

2 > 3 > 1 >>> 4


Will they ever meet again?

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>>137185288Canonically, doubt it. Fanfiction-wise, most definitely.

>>137185337"Canonically", Infinity Train is over, fanfiction is all that's left.


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>>137185369I still hold out hope that it WILL be finished one day, and much sooner than we expect.

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>>137180183>Last season was going to be about the cunt instead of him

>>137179679NOT TULIP!


>>137184309Many people think 2 is better than 1 and this debate has been going on ever since Book 2 aired and people have been making IT threads.You're just gona have to accept that fact.>As for me, personally, I like both books equally.

>>137185621We really do need that Amelia season.

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Full soundtrack release when

>>137185685Made ya post lmao

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>>137179663>If you want a warm squishy denizen you’ll have to settle for the bell.Gladly

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>>137177919Aggressive makeouts that lead to sex while holding hands

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>>137185650>As if Book 8s alzheimers passenger isn’t older Tulip

>>137179971I wasn't aware of the closed nature of each series going in and I was kind of disappointed that Tulip's character arc was being built up and then it was like 'Yeah that's pretty much over and resolved' very quickly at the end of S1. I kind of feel like the series would have been better with her as the MC and the other characters coming in as side-characters building up and maybe coming and going over the course of the series. A lot of them felt sort of B-tier anyway, fine as a part of someone else's story but not really worth a story in and of themselves. Soundtrack was banging though absolutely spot on.youtube.com/watch?v=3soghKb1_qg

>>137185621>Thinking that making a shitty social media hashtag into that social media platform’s trending list means corpos will do anything to rectify the issue.This isn’t the mid-late 2010’s anymore, user.

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>>137188352Snyder flags were able bring fourth a cut of a movie that the company didn’t even want to admit was real. We just need Indians and a lot of them.

>>137174797>charges innumerable >sentence Jessie base brat correction and feminization

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>>137187213>remove the apex episode and start Jesse leaving the train in episode 6 and do everything the same until episode 9>use this free episode to do the equivalent of between friends, but animated and with better characters, with a small scene of them married and with 2 children like the icing on the cake>cancel the show after thisalright, fix your show for you Owen

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>>137185766I'm just really surprised. Book 1 felt tightly written and knew exactly what it wanted to do. I don't think 2 was bad but I can't see it topping. Maybe if I could relate more to Lake?

>>137189159>Maybe if I could relate more to Lake?yeah (it's you) normal people, not normal-normal but at a normal level of empathy, are capable of not needing to relate in order to appreciate something.


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Goodnight thread.

>>137175116Why did they cut out the explicit romantic scenes between him and grace?

>>137189865The 10 minute episode format couldn't fit everything they wanted to include, a lot of things had to be cut.

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>>137189865>>137190265Didn't even know about these. I'm glad they didn't, Simon is enough of a shizo and Grace enough of a cunt as is.

>>137190631They were cute though

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>>137174983A tube of crumpled aluminum foil behind a pair of vegetable peelers.


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>>137189865Niggers are gross.

I like turtles.

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>>137191662Yeah, Hazel makes Book Three worth watching.

>>137191662You say you like turtles yet post normal Hazel instead of turtle Hazel

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Will they ever address that One-One has no moral right to kidnap people?

>>137192743Moral right? The train reforms the mentally ill or executes them, it improves society twice fold it doesn’t have time for “morals”

>>137190731>behind a pair of vegetable peelers.More like a bundle of steel wool.

>>137180183I'm pretty sure him being numberless was just an animation error. There were a bunch of numberless Apex kids too.

>>137192690>>137191662I like my turtles but I prefer the tanned loli more

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>>137193670We literally see the pod going to the wagon that attributes numbers to passengers.

>>137193670Numberless is just a name given to him and yeah its probably an animation error. The difference between him and everyone else is just how prominent it is, every other occurrence of a 'numberless' passenger they are either far in the background, halfway off-screen or in motion. With this guy however the hand where his number should be is in the middle of the screen for a good amount of time, his palm is large enough to even be detailed. Its one of those occurrences that should be an obvious fix that one can reason why it wasn't is that its an intentional detail.Combine that with the fact that after he appeared Lake goes to where passengers are given numbers, and it strengthens the idea that this is a man who slipped passed the system.

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>>137176934He shaved to make sure his huge number wasn't obscured, he is crazy like that. If it covered his head he would have shaved himself bald just to be that extra.

>>137193774>that Hazel's pic on Year of the Tiger lingerieFather, may God have mercy on my soul

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>>137187213>holding hands

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Post Jesslake please.


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>>137194002>>137194231Realistically, what happened to him?


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>>137195163There’s no real easy way down from the cars roof, not impossible but considering it’s a curved slope to a shear drop it’s unlikely he could get down alone. Its likely he stayed up there until a passing car crushed him or dying from dehydration. Owen did say he starved on top of the train but one, it’s Owen and two, in the same comment he said Amelia was eaten by a Trex and Hazel was turned inside out via the inside out car.

>>137195300>Hazel was turned inside out via the inside out car.What is his actual problem?

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>>137195323Pathological liar, not only did he lie about their fates he also lied about Amelia not appearing in Book 4

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>>137195434He's just doing a little trolling


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>>137174983Like bags of sand


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>>137194260Actually this is the pic from hazel giving a brutal deep throat to a another apex kid.


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>>137194002> Its one of those occurrences that should be an obvious fix that one can reason why it wasn't is that its an intentional detail.Exactly, I do think it’s intentional. There’s been hints to future seasons all over the show, why couldn’t this be one of them?


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>>137193878>>137194002The thing is, when Lake takes his pod, it goes back the way it was coming from to get to the number car. That would imply he already got his.

>>137195865>Como es que tienes frioShe is made of chrome Jesse, jeez, don't you know a thing about metals?

>>137196940Jesus Christ why are they so cute?

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>>137197438Gotta love Infinity Hipping

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>>137179679Bleedman did art of Tulip?

>>137174797Showing off shiny tomboy pitty.


>>137195764Wait, what?

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>>137198912Why isn’t she wearing any socks?

>>137197438man, this brings back memories of me posting until 3 in the morning, good job user.

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>>137200292Finally clean your computer?

>>137200392No ;-; but I do have is all my train material in localized folders, give me an hour or two, I need to do something

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>>137197063Perhaps, we do see that the pods take up passengers directly after they got their number but we don’t know the events that happen to passengers in between the portal and ending up in the milky tape lake, maybe the pods play a part there although that’s probably me reaching.

>>137187023I GOT A FEVER

>>137201955It's funny how everyone says the snu snu joke with Jesse but no one has said this before

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>>137202688>Sieve: She doesn’t really love you, she can’t. She’s just a sliver that->Mace: STAY AWAY FROM MY GURO OUTLET! YOU’VE GOT METAL FEVER BOY! METAL FEVER.

Goodnight thread.

Nulls are NOT people.>but muh sentienceNothing artificial is a person. Just because it can act like a person does not mean it actually is one. If your mother dressed up as and pretended to be your great grandfather, she would still be your mother.

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>>137196077>*bonk*that's gonna need some ice

>>137195163He got down and spent the rest of his life on the train protecting passengers from dangerous denizens.

>>137206263You're right but nobody wants to admit that. Probably why book 3 didn't land for me.

>>137201955Funny how this works with both Lake and Kez


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>>137197780I actually found it in an IT thread here a few years back, but I think it can be found in various fan art sites if you look hard enough.


>>137206263>>137206711You two are just retarded.

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>>137208920Just because you want to fuck a robot does not mean that robot is a person.

>>137209665robot is a people because i can fuck it fuck you

In response to the questions about sentience.>Dictionary>Definitions from Oxford Languages>per·son>noun>a human being regarded as an individual.>"the porter was the last person to see her">hu·man>noun>a human being, especially a person from an animal or (in science fiction) an alienAccording to the dictionary, Lake/MT is indeed, not a “person.” However, if we look at the philosophical point of view, specifically from Plato…>In his philosophy, man can be defined as being capable of rationally answering a rational question. By giving rational answers to himself and others, human also becomes a moral subject.In conclusion if operate solely on what other people state to be what, at least in an official manner Lake/MT is indeed not a human/person. If we look at the situation from a more philosophical standpoint Lake can be seen as a person, it’s up to the eye of the beholder of what she can truly be defined as, since people are concrete in their beliefs, especially here.

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Can we all agree jesslake is the best ship to come from this show? I mean it was just so wholesome and really s2 was what got me into infinity train over s1. Something about domineering asshole girl with a jock but wholesome idiot they just made each other better.also we can all agree lake totally bottoms hard to jesse

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>>137210586>"the porter was the last person to see her" The last porters to see Lake got a pipe to the cranium

>>137211004Don’t you mean a donut holer?

Post the webm in the tree. You know the one. The one with "the lowering ".

>>137210839>Can we all agree jesslake is the best ship to come from this show? I dunno, for me I enjoy the absolute rough, tragic edgefest that is grimon. It ain’t a ship if the couple hasn’t tried to kill each other at least once.

>>137206263what does "artificial" mean in this context?Nulls aren't man-made, they're created on the train and most of them are completely unique creatures.

>>137211899>they're created on the trainDoes the train exist naturally? A machine designed to create Nulls is as artificial as a factory designed to create cell phones.Hazel is definitely artificial, seeing as Amelia created her through the train's technology. I see no reason to believe that the other Nulls are not also made the same way.

>>137211831I like grimon too but damn I was so surprised by volume 3, the way hazel looks and the design I thought they were gonna adopt her or she'd be their kid or something. But my king is dead

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>>137212102>Does the train exist naturally?Prove it doesn't.

>>137214116>Prove it doesn't.It is implied.

>>137213778>"hey Lake, this girl looks a lot like y-">"no she doesn't, shut up, don't make eye contact"

So, what's her life gonna be like? Is she just gonna live in hiding with Jesse?

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>>137214739Yes, she will spend the rest of her life in hiding at Jesse’s house. Touching herself with Jesse’s used underwear when he isn’t home.

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>>137214739just go out and call anyone that question her skin color a racist shithead

>>137214739Her cover story is that she's a normal girl who had a horrible Homestuck cosplay related incident

>schlorp smack schlorp shlup

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Fuck i miss infinity trainI CURSE YOU ZASLAV you fucking greddy pig

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>>137174797Reminder that mace was right

>>137215758Lake did escape the train though.

>>137215773Only because it was necessary for Jesse. Never once was she not an instrument for passengers. All anomalies were caused by passengers. You really think if Jesse wasn’t chased into his exit Lake and Jesse wouldn’t have parted ways after a goodbye

>>137215797>completely forgets the conversation they had at the carnival car

I really, really, really, really, really want to have sex with Tulip

>>137201955And the only prescriptionIs more call bell.

>>137215975Ok pedo. She's 13 years old.

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>>137216412out of 10

>>137215797why did this fucked up mentality make me think jeez basically lake is nothing more than a glorified blow up doll for jesse to learn to cope. An now that she's in the real world she's just a souvenir from summer camp a walking sex toy.now I just imagine lake being gaslit out of her autonomy and being reinforced she's just a null meant to be used and facilitate the passengers.

>>137211899>It ain’t a ship if the couple hasn’t tried to kill each other at least once.Aye

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Can we get some love for the mothers of Infinity Train?

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>>137216412Yeah but she looks like a girl I was friends with in college but I can only get off to 2dIt's a shame, really. If I hadn't discovered hentai on my dsi at age 9 maybe i would have had the lust to be willing to ask her out. But at least I have Tulip.

>>137217027Actually it’s the reverse. Jesse now serves as Lake’s personal emotional support himbo/boytoy.

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>>137215975>She's waiting for you....

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>>137219770Made for BFC

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>>137219314she loves when he uses his himbo/tard strength to dominate her.

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>>137217429The engine is the best train milf

>>137174797>chargesbeing stuck in an canadian cartoon that became insufferable and didn't make her the main characterjohnny bravo said "you have the right to remain luscious. anything you say will force me to hold you against me"

>>137218173Man I love Hatsune Lake-u

>>137220806I doubt that, if he can barely hold her, he can do something like knock her down, that doesn't mean she can't play along as foreplaythis reminds me of an idea of a fanfic where she is giving head and Jesse being immersed in the pleasure calls her good girl which reminds her of Mace and ends with him comforting her as they cuddle>>137211655

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>200 replies>no Ryan in sightI'll fix that

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>>137222902>200 replies>no Nougat in sightFTFY

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>>137219770I wish she was more popular

>>137197748Not Bleedman's work either.So far this has been unsourcable.

>>137174983Salty bags of coins

>>137223463Who the fuck is this monkey? I don't remember him.

>>137224604No one remembers Danny

>>137222596>SpoilerCan you provide me with da sauce my friend?


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>>137212102The mirror world is a real place by the fact tulip still doesn't have a reflection in any mirror in the real world. So lake existed before tulip entered the train. But the chrome car was the only active portal between the realms.

>>137217429>This single mother makes her daughter eat raw onions

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>>137224891>makesTulip is a freak of nature.

>>137224786They were so cute, where did it all go wrong?

>>137214739They could just say she has a skin condition or something.


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>>137225219Who dis?

>>137225263Min-gi's mom

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>>137224926>where did it all go wrong?About 5 minutes after the beginning

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>>137174797>hello helloum one of these days beej will actually have theips of this website and get a bonus 5$ extra


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>>137200292what is this sad cunt shit?>>137223463MY MAN MAKIN IT UP IN THE JAPANESE WORLD HEL YA

>>137214739She'll live in hiding with Jesse for a few months before setting out on her own journey. She'll travel at night, find other nocturnal weirdosShe'll find whatever work she can wherever she is, night time janitor, glittery street performer, circus attractionAfter a few years She'll come back to Jesse and they will KISS and FUCK and LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER

Attached: 1602992961645.jpg (850x1000, 107.47K)

>>137225655what if she comes back to find jesse having shacked up with the real tulip? what then?

>>137224926Gonna guess the cult had something to do with it

>>137225655>She'll travel at night, find other nocturnal weirdosSo just homeless people and junkies?

>>137214739She'll go to high school, prom, college, and get a job, prove Mace wrong.

>>137226153Can she reproduce with humans?

>>137226344We'll never get any official answer, so I'm just gonna say yes.

Attached: It is a baby, we don't know how.jpg (649x649, 43.25K)

>>137196940>*grips*For fucks sake user, spoiler that shit

>>137206263>Nothing artificial is a personEvery person is artificially made by two other people. It's merely a question of how long the assembly process takes

Attached: tumblr_pwlp6hAMTx1y0i196o1_1280.png (1200x945, 484.9K)

>>137219314Lake won, didn’t she?

>>137226153>and get a jobLake would hate working minimum wage since she can’t get another job due to lack of legal documents.

>>137227770>killed flecs>new life>permanent fucktoy boyfriendYes. Lake can't stop winning.

>>137225675Menage a trois

>>137228764girl was happy in a bank theme car, I think it will take her at least a year to get bored in something like that

>>137222596>>137224781Anon you didn't give me the sauce for this fic you mentionedPlease don't leave me hanging like rhat

Attached: 1565388740586.jpg (765x990, 85.27K)

Attached: 1578357911544.jpg (630x340, 46.8K)

Attached: 1565311242738.png (1280x720, 1.13M)

Attached: 1565402115673.png (363x522, 259.7K)

Attached: 1565387831142.png (1280x720, 1.23M)

>>137229605I'm sorry user, this was an idea I had some time ago, nothing was written really

>>137222902Dirty little bastard.

Attached: Hitting on the kitty.jpg (1920x1080, 415.83K)

Attached: 1565422601749.jpg (747x566, 60.67K)

Attached: 1603050327433.png (815x578, 312.57K)

Attached: 1592061001017.gif (600x338, 2.51M)

Attached: 1613004353008.jpg (1035x1035, 169.34K)

Attached: 1478522422155.png (1756x1068, 2.63M)

>>137230037>>137230881>>137230943It's not Tulip Tuesday yet!

Attached: MT mad.jpg (1590x1080, 388.85K)

>>137228764She'll find a way.

>>137231055would that make today MT Monday

Rise from your grave.

Attached: 1598935720893.png (941x1072, 601.05K)

Attached: 1638771666867.jpg (2048x774, 118.44K)


Attached: 1638771728209.jpg (2048x672, 108.15K)


Attached: 1638771789201.jpg (2048x670, 110.64K)


Attached: 1638772073026.jpg (2048x720, 120.57K)

>>137231892is that an altered beast reference


>>137174797What cartoon is this? I love shaved head girls so fucking much anons.



>>137232691I found her using tags on r34 in the meantime, anyway, but thanks user!

>>137232888You should give it a shot. Lake will probably appeal to you beyond just looks, though she rocks baldness like nobody else.

Attached: 1e1042c600f8f1dd.png (1350x1475, 796.28K)

>>137174983Smooth chrome.

>>137186759>8000Jesus, did he kill his wife or something?

>>137233221Sorry. I only care for post Korra cartoons for the porn.

>>137233305I like to think he brutally killed or assaulted his boss or manager, hence the fan given name.

Attached: WageslavePassenger.png (513x748, 348.84K)

>>137233456>Kill your boss for denying your promotion, promoting his incompetent nephew instead.>Hit him with a foldable chair until he is either dead or tetraplegic.>Realize that his rich family are going to make your life hell after the police catches you.>Go to the top of the building to end it all end avoid the pain.>There is a huge ass floating train.>Climb aboard because you have nothing left.

>>137225655She’ll be captured by the US government if she even steps a foot out of Jesse’s house.

>>137229432That was when she just escaped the chrome car, her dopamine receptors have since been completely burned out.

>>137174983Put a finger inside your mouth and touch your cheek.It feels like that.

>>137234689The government fears the train

>>137234689>>137235772This is Lakes future

Attached: LGS Report Mirror People.png (1591x1123, 880.45K)

>>137234689>US government>Arizona

Attached: reagan-ridley.gif (640x360, 1.21M)

>>137194002>>137223463>>137233456Numberless, Nougat and WageslaveAm I missing anyone?


Attached: Mr. 72.png (548x638, 158.58K)

>>137236821Lizard girl

Attached: 1579605107595.png (1920x1080, 1.76M)

>>137236846>The superior card captor 72

Attached: 1615534029936.png (106x163, 33.87K)

>>13723741472 isn't too bad. I wonder what she did.>arrested(TRAIN'D) for anime crimes

Attached: 366.png (425x290, 191.15K)

It's Tulip Tuesday!

Attached: Tulip 4.jpg (1080x1080, 182.01K)

>>137237864>Tulip Tuesday>We skipped Min-gi Monday


Attached: Business_Chart_Car.png (1920x1080, 821.08K)

>>137238429>Cozy log cabin in the midst of winter>Get to hang out Frank and try his pancakes>Tons of cool shit with the cat's stash>Can change the level of snow with RandallDefinitely would be the train car I would settle down in.

Attached: 1655751710419110.png (1920x1090, 1.61M)

Attached: tuliponion.jpg (2800x3200, 1.36M)

>>137238488>Nice of Samantha to invite us over for dinner, ay Simon?

>>137238429Need something familiar during your trip on the infinity train? Something more down to earth and relaxing. Then come alone to the Art Gallery Car! Have a long look at our collection of artworks and sculptures, nice chilled room with good vibes, don't mind the moving shadows or the absence of an exit. Stay a while its fine. :D

Attached: 1656931377002718.png (1920x1090, 2.96M)

>>137222902>Almost 300 posts in>No Blake in sightWhere are my fellow Blakebros?

Attached: Book 6 Concept (2).jpg (394x353, 43.54K)

>>137225655Lake is like an uncleaned used sex doll, she can't catch STDs, but she can pass them on, Jesse catches every STD known to man and the baby is born with AIDS.


Attached: 1665847682175054.jpg (1200x900, 166.99K)

>>137238718>My name is The Docent. I'm 150 years old. I live in the northeast section of the Train, right after the giant roller-skating rink car, and I am not married. I’m a denizen for the art gallery car, the very same car I live in so I'm able to balance my work and personal life very well. I don't smoke, nor do I drink. I'm always asleep by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After admiring the artworks and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before resting, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues when the Steward visited me last. I'm trying to explain that I'm a denizen who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.

what's /itg/'s consensus on whether or not she ages

>>137239865Her hair grows, so I think she ages

>>137239865Lake is still Tulips reflection, only only reason she would age is if Tulip stopped aging. Better question would be if or how Hazel would age.

>>137239865My personal theory is that she ages along Tulip, as if she was her twin sister. Then the moment when Tulip dies she stops aging, if it be at age 16, 45, or 90.

>>137235848Jesse would lead an infiltration team to recapture his metal waifu.


Attached: 1673181603654440.jpg (918x847, 65.24K)


Attached: 1661442120139668.jpg (942x716, 62.22K)

>>137195064>>137195197>>137195349>>137195465>>137195611>>137195739>>137195865>>137196077>>137196940>>137197438>>137200292>>137200334>>137200369>>137200571>>137210839>>137222596>>137225655THEY ARE SO FRIKING CUTE

Attached: Heavy UHHMMM YESSSSSS.gif (220x249, 706.39K)

>>137238429How could it not be the very home base of The Apex

Attached: 1667075150887043.png (1920x1090, 2.22M)

>>137241656>hanging out with edgy phychopathic losersno thanks


Attached: 1666463321352999.png (644x644, 704.17K)

>>137240966Jesse does have the charisma.

Attached: 1566122432596.png (560x1190, 73.19K)

Attached: 1600025957777.png (678x507, 483.62K)

>>137174844They have no scent

Attached: 1565375054597.png (1103x562, 808.41K)

Attached: 1564165328781.png (585x597, 393.39K)

>>137174797>12 counts of murder on the first degree>14 counts of armed theft of Federation property>22 counts of piracy in high space>18 counts of fraud>37 counts of rape>and one moving violation.

Attached: hm.png (444x516, 244.27K)

>>137210653>8000 I am fascinated and terrified

Attached: Autophobia_.jpg (720x1320, 59.27K)

>>137242325>hanging out with the coolest kids on the trainFtfy

>>137246404Who did she rape?

>>137247099Jesse and Tulip.

Attached: 1478841472094.gif (447x640, 56.3K)

Attached: 1576305883369.jpg (1272x1080, 283.69K)

>>137240966>>137244961He also managed to get back on the train to save her, if he is crazy enough to do that, he is crazy enough to do anything.

>>137242325>hanging out with a cult led by groomersFTFY

>>137237864WE MADE IT!

Attached: 1585673863542.jpg (1240x1754, 215.65K)


>>137238429>Warm Food>Safety>Free bed>Could live comfortably there foreverJeremy had the right idea

Attached: 1663338468861039.png (437x463, 324K)

>>137235578>escapes the train>gets addicted to Tik-Tok

>>137250616You forgot the biggest benefit sticking with MorganBellussy

>>137250150>Oh shit the apexKek

Attached: 1616385039114.png (414x501, 54.89K)

>>137249926Well, now it's Wendy Wednesday

Attached: 1454361873498.gif (540x540, 1.02M)

>>137250150>extended versions of car songs>CCJ's first album was stolen music™ from the Infinity Train™never meet your heroes

Who really "won" in Book 3?

Attached: 1676107543218.jpg (2160x4213, 1.35M)

>>137254016It’s like daft punk stealing from those aliens all over again

>>137254218You know who.

Attached: Smug kitty.jpg (1080x1080, 167.13K)

>>137254489>It’s like daft punk stealing from those aliens all over again?youtube.com/watch?v=IbD34ZIZGcw&pp=ygUbbGFkeSBoZWFyIG1lIHRvbmlnaHQgc2FtcGxl

Attached: 1646851828704.png (570x348, 51.69K)

>>137254786This nigga doesn’t know about Discovery’s visual companion Interstella 5555

>>137254218The cyclops Lucy

>>137254707she’s gonna be devastated when she learns about Simon

Attached: 1682204583161144.png (457x451, 71.33K)

>>137256931>devastated As much as a neglectful mom can be.

>>137256931>spoilerlol she wouldn't give a shit

>>137231892This post is the reason I came here

>>137257838Good for him


>>137254218The train and one one

We're still here? Neat.

Attached: MT smugness.jpg (822x822, 126.58K)

>>137262215Jannies likes MT? maybe

Attached: Keq - MT.png (764x938, 318.29K)

Could he do it?

Attached: 3d126d4e176f34b6d54a1a0e7b9b26c0.jpg (792x877, 82.45K)

>>137262215If we can’t have infinity train, then we’ll have infinity threads

>>137256931Being the collectivist hoarder she is she may have one way to bring him back

Attached: 1677793420117.png (285x273, 158.02K)

>>137262691Absolutely, only question is if it will work out in the long term.

Attached: IT_B4_Ryansicklicksofgay.png (464x499, 414.73K)

>>137262215Thank necrobumping.

>>137254218We did

>>137264958It doesn't feel like we did

Great thread, true believers.Until next time....

Attached: 1581475101986.png (1000x2700, 781.83K)

>>137238505Uhhh.... connnntexxttttt.....????

>>137265481This is that artist that draws herself molesting Lisa Simpson. Yeah, she's not exactly mentally well.

Attached: 1674093053770249.jpg (1050x1200, 281.1K)


Attached: 1674093116723043.jpg (1050x1200, 320.94K)


Attached: 1674093178303290.jpg (1050x1200, 304.23K)


Attached: Book 6 Blake_14.jpg (960x1200, 200.94K)

>>137238429The forbidden Alrick Car

>finally got my weekend off>a blackout in the whole block of my housefuck you, nothing is gonna stop me from posting this ship

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Attached: tumblr_ee39fbde6a87ac5e62cb4c67e623e370_b20c5b2a_1280.jpg (1280x1280, 176.11K)


Attached: tumblr_465281f116a354b04d90b8b624f227f8_393f6b71_640.png (602x716, 292.11K)


Attached: ddwzvou-a40ca402-0c91-4d8c-b66b-a21ce19665b4.png (3500x2625, 1.44M)


Attached: tumblr_fd3400527121ea1ea0bd19a61fecfa70_c3091b4e_1280.png (1280x1441, 620.35K)


Attached: E5FsWPBUcAMshUN.jpg (1018x752, 84.42K)


Attached: EkPwi94WsAEZsm9.jpg (1787x1923, 194.25K)


Attached: tumblr_a94b395c9cf1c3de9486f47355b9831a_3747da62_1280.png (1280x1657, 589.05K)


Attached: tumblr_febe446d43707b3980b6988f1e44926e_7ea95f0b_1280.png (789x399, 256.93K)


Attached: tumblr_586d60e25b6d62a0e90cdd3de0537fa2_ca349e90_1280.png (1126x1200, 785.05K)


Attached: tumblr_0e9477f1bdad3835118d39bd88a52187_ba427089_1280.png (671x550, 222.74K)


Attached: E2mAyFpXMAAQYHZ.jpg (1279x1269, 179.03K)


Attached: E2ki05NUYAAciet.jpg (1582x1050, 292.89K)


Attached: FaiRb8GXoAUnzZD.jpg (2546x1813, 681.65K)


Attached: Faj_85hXgAAO6gU.jpg (1460x2048, 163.2K)


Attached: Faj7xg4WYAE567E.jpg (1717x2442, 545.85K)


Attached: Faju-TCUcAA61t_.jpg (2048x1812, 244.92K)


Attached: FasUTNGWAAALa8P.jpg (1536x2048, 462.16K)

>>137197063Why the fuck was the pod going through where the wheels ran?

There's a whole police force for slivers. Are there other ways to escape the mirror world or does it just happen all the time?


Attached: FauzhofakAAs5u3.jpg (1200x1350, 166.54K)


Attached: FbOEvUpX0AA2cL-.jpg (1365x2048, 358.47K)


Attached: FcIQTsFakAAoERr.jpg (1767x1928, 900.48K)

>>137267209Who knows? The train is confirmed to be projection, even the wasteland outside. Everything you and the characters see is a lie except One-One maybe.

>>137174797Not having baby making sex with me

>>137267494and I'm backyoutube.com/watch?v=MbFyubsqKCE

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Attached: EuEV-fNXAAMTB_A.jpg (817x837, 58.3K)


Attached: EujPDrBXEAE4Mwd.jpg (747x734, 117K)

>>137178901REFLECTIVE body of water; if it had been a disgusting pond filed with algae, she would have said "Uh... Car keys :)"


Attached: ExSRXNCXAAI4gFG.jpg (1284x1193, 90.86K)


Attached: tumblr_2ae43576a760f3d6518f28c0c1998064_22507fd5_1280.jpg (1280x1910, 635.12K)

>>137179971>and I wasn't interested in Lake's dislike of TulipYou didn't see this as a child rebelling against an expectation or image imposed upon her by society and authority figures (i.e. parents, although the cops seem more like Society than parents)?You're correct about Simon, given that the Train spent decades trying to redeem Game of Thrones Scientist Woman (I don't remember the character's name).Even though the Train's agent thing has said "If you don't become better as a person, you'll die." that has always seemed like an empty threat; until that moment, everyone has always escaped every peril (but in the past those perils were sometimes really psychologically traumatic, i.e. Cat + Simon backstory). There should have been something that showed Simon waking up in a pod, being told all his friends and everyone from the gang have moved on and that he needs to try again.

>>137214739>>137215628>>137224993>>137226153>>137226344They're in their own special car, The Lake car.


Attached: 146004864_2916906941862336_5223054201695073281_n.jpg (1080x2581, 346.19K)


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>>137267942so, it seems like I have a lot of quantity, quality not so much>Verification not required.

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Attached: url=https_____instagram.flwo4-1.fna.fbcdn.net__v__t51.2885-15__e35__195281651_253495396533254_1267724640604525132_n.jpg_tp=1&_nc_ht=instagram.flwo4-1.fna.fbcdn.jpg (877x927, 64.42K)


Attached: view - 2022-02-07T112658.491.jpg (1080x1080, 107.3K)


Attached: view - 2022-02-11T231426.328.jpg (1080x1320, 119.84K)


Attached: Eicksd7U8AoUH1r.jpg (3000x2081, 886.28K)

>>137267991this one really takes me back

Attached: EQxmhbaX0AEIH4f.jpg (2048x1812, 210.29K)


Attached: 121281496_643425019895056_4503416277534431619_n.jpg (1080x1350, 106.34K)


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>>137268010Well I think this will be for now, enjoy the remaining 100(-1) postsyoutube.com/watch?v=QWTYcIwzKT4

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>>137267862>"Oh how easy it is to pluck the inhabitants of worlds and put them on my creation">"Some could say its far too easy, and I'd agree">"But with how easy it is to snatch passengers, to put them back is, well, difficult">"Far too many fundamentals had to be halted for the process to successfully function, in addition transferring an awake consciousness being between realities is, by my calculations, impossible. There is a reason passengers arrive asleep.">"Easy to unpack, near impossible to put back in. Or by your metrics 'like putting toothpaste back into the tube'.">"A simple solution was found. Recreate their world on a private section of the train and scrub the number off, problem solved">"Its a reward really, 'beat the train and get a world ever so slightly in your favour' plus each world is separate from the other, so proccessed-passengers wont ever have to worry about clashing">"So the train's secret is always their secret"

Attached: 1665508998952254.jpg (187x233, 7.67K)

>>137267209Its more cost effective than just teleporting the passengers

Attached: 1652910364439768.png (1186x801, 480.03K)

>>137266930Lake looks really good in army green.

>>137238995>>137239452>>137241127>>137266108Owen on Blakefags

Attached: 1669949284315644.png (531x945, 243.86K)

>>137268253Explains why Tulip's reflection is gone even outside the train.Also nighmarish, thanks.

>>137267300There’s other cars connected to the mirror world, theres concept art for Jesses reflection that never made it into the show


>>137268039>>137267494Do you have the source for these ones?

>>137270345>Its not realIt is real to me

>Tulip has not reflection and will get studied by the gov'ment, and can never see herself again>Lake is a Metal Mario in the real world and will get studied by the gov'mentThat wouldn't happen since it's still a kid's show, but still.

Attached: smug_lad.png (358x304, 28.1K)

>>137268253Oh no

>>137174983Idk yet

>>137273799>Tulip and Lake are at the same gov'ment facility>Break out together>Entire season just Ashley Johnson talking to herselfSounds kino