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I know spookoween is over, but I always found games where you explore a gigantic mansion with 11/10 atmosphere to be fun. Anyone know some good ones?

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Also the atmosphere in this game was literally the only redeeming factor.

I would love a game where you get to explore every room of a massive, crumbling old manor house – Gothic, gloomy atmosphere, puzzles, riddles, etc. without having to run around hiding or fighting enemies constantly. A Lovecraftian setting with curtained rooms, a massive library filled with leather-bound, occult tomes, researching genealogies and uncover dark secrets of the past. That would make me throw money at the game/dev.

I loved Arkham Mansion in ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ – the aesthetics of it, getting to walk around inside, explore the exterior, the graveyard and seeing the botanical gardens close by.

Looks like we might get something good from the two new Lovecraftian horror games in development – hopefully they won’t fuck up and have the focus on combat. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem looks interesting – I’ve been wanting to give it a try for a while now, but there seems to be a focus on combat there as well.

The mansion in eternal darkness functions as a hub, you're a grill exploring it and finding traces of the past, which sends you into levels throughout history as different characters. There is little to no combat in that hub, but one section takes place in the same mansion, only with monsters.
Take the green jewel with the centurion


Fiddlesticks. I was hoping I’d get to really explore that place based on the screens I’ve seen of it.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare probably deserves a mention as well – especially Elaine’s route, where the focus is on puzzle-solving & riddles rather than fighting monsters, which you do as Edward.

I’ve heard good things about Scratches as well – a point & click game? I think you explore a mansion (or at least a large house) in that, and it is supposedly really spoopy.

Sounds like you're after either a point and click or graphics adventure games.

Yeah scratches is point and click. Some of the puzzles are real bullshit pixel hunting though but only a few.

Double post, but this is what I'm kinda after to. I saw game dungeon's review on the black mirror and it kinda fueled this thread.

Yeah. I don’t mind the Penumbra/Amnesia type either, as it really immerses you in the game, but they are more about running & hiding from enemies, and I’ve had my fill of that for the moment.

A real shame point & click horror isn’t more popular – especially indie devs should be able to make good p&c games, rather than yet another Amnesia clone with running & hiding & jumpscares. What I’m in the mood for is a slow burn, atmospheric horror experience – maybe something in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft & M.R. James.

On a somewhat related note, A Vampyre Story lets you explore a castle – I love the old skool feel of it, and the art style is gorgeous. It is a comedy game though, similar to the Monkey Island series.

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Not sure what they were tahinking when they named her Mona De Lafitte though…

Scratches is a slow burn and requires a bit more reading but the payoff is worth it. I am really glad I stuck with it.

Eternal Darkness has been mentioned a thousand times recently because Halloween, but it had a good mansion. It’s a memorable game.

Zork Nemesis was a point and click spooky game with a good mansion.

Also Maniac Mansion. I love the old Dos one. Much better than Maniac Mansion 2.

Not exclusively within the mansion itself due to the way you play through history both in and beyond it, but the Roivas Mansion in Eternal Darkness is neat.

Also, while not exactly a mansion, Nemeton Monastery in Koudelka gives off that sort of vibe, with various rooms and wings to explore, even beyond just the places of worship within.

You do get to explore the Mansion, but it's not some supremely huge place. Various rooms do become accessible with knowledge gained from various tome chapters (Alex has to read them to gain the insight needed), so there is some exploration to it, but it doesn't all take place within the mansion and its basement. There's five main locations used in the game, usually visited at least twice and showing the decay/changes between visits, and the mansion itself is both hub and levels in its own right/times. Anyhow, as far as vidya mansions go, it's still pretty neat, and has plenty of flavor text and things to see (both actual and insanity induced hallucinations). The way it strings the player along with no monsters for most of the time there as Alex, but still having plenty of ammo and guns stashed about, along with the fact that as of the start of the game Edward was mauled to death by something in there, leaves the player on edge for a good while. It does so just long enough, where a sense of safety begins to set in, that when the monsters do appear there in the present it's a good "oh shit" moment.

I wanted to replay this but I can remember the enemies took a ton of bullets before they'd die which was kind of annoying with the tank controls.

I tried it to. I went with the female protag because she is more puzzle based. Doesn't even start out with a weapon other than a flashlight that knocks enemies back. I quit though because of how many god damn enemies there are. Also I was always distracted by how cartoonishly big her ass is

yeh I remember those dog enemies were everywhere and they were fast which made shooting or running from them painful, also those zombie things were bullet sponges.

I really liked Scratches which you already included in the OP.

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For me, Layers of Fear was great.


1) Fantastic looking game
2) Excellent narration
3) Multiple endings
4) Spooky atmosphere
5) Originality (It's a damn video game about a schizophrenic painter)

Cons (for some):

1) Basically a walking simulator

It was fun to explore the gigantic mansion, and there are items you can find throughout the game to enhance the story. Layers of Fear can definitely satisfy your needs.

Choke my Chicken, you didn't mention Grabbed by the Ghoulies!

I don't mind a game being basically a walking simulator if it has puzzles and 11/10 atmosphere. That just seems like the next logical step from a point and click adventure. It's just when it's an extremely half-assed amnesia clone or indie shitfest that it's cancerous. I mean if you could move around in real time in scratches instead of having to click to move from screen to screen it'd probably would get called a walking simulator to.

pic related was the second CD-ROM game I ever played Myst was the first and is all about exploring a spooky mansion. So is its sequel too. The first is very tough to enjoy today but the atmosphere, story, and puzzles hold up.

Mansions are pretty cool, but what about castles? There's so many games that feature huge, imposing, castles that are just begging to be picked apart and explored, but just end up being one big audience hall and a throne room with nothing interesting. The only games that come to my mind when I think of exploring castles is Castlvania, which are action platformers and not typical exploration games.

Classy castles are 10/10. The comfy atmosphere of the castle was the only reason I got through Amnesia. Shame they throw it out at the end.

I'm gonna just go through a list of the ones I know have mansions and things similar to mansions like castles and whatnot

obviously castlevania
quite a few resident evil games have mansions/castles/places setup similar(like the ships)
eternal darkness
haunting ground(basically both)
koudelka(basically both) and to some extent small portions of the shadow hearts series
I think the evil within had some mansion bits
amnesia, obviously
dozens upon dozens of point n click horror games like 7th guest, the clock towers, etc
every single kagero/deception/trapt game basically
a couple alone in the dark games
spooky's house of jumpscares
various rpg maker and a handful of h-games
bloodrayne has some mansions and castles but they're not that great

but that's all I can remember right now so I guess there's that

Best mansion game right here.

I thought Silent Hill 3's Borley mansion was nipland's least subtle attempt at making a haunted mansion but Yomawari 2's making a respectable attempt.
The first one was an elegant in this simplicity sort of thing, but they're putting out all the fucking stops on this one.

How is the translation for this one, since Nisa smeared their shit covered hands all over it?


The usual crap really. Few Japanese terms to be found, simplistic, it's a hack job, no question.
I don't consider it a deal breaker in Yomawari's case though. Even with Midnight Shadows being more dialogue-heavy than Night Alone, almost all of that dialogue is just little girls saying they're scared and sad. The storytelling and horror are mostly visual, and at the very least NISA didn't fuck up the clues telling how to deal with the enemies.
Also, the Japanese version is all written in kana (barring interface, as you can see in pic related), to emulate being a grade-school kid. So if you're just learning nip, these games are probably among the best you can play.
You should probably pirate them, naturally.

I assume the third pic is from Scratches. But, if it's not, then I definitely recommend Scratches.

Ah, Sweet Home. It's a fun little game to play if only to appreciate where survival horror really started so come together as a genre.

I always thought the Borley Mansion was obviously meant to be super on the nose, considering it's a spooky haunted house ride set in Silent Hill. Of course it's not going to be subtle, it's taking something that's already supposed to be spooky and putting it in a place where spooky is the least of your problems.

Fatal Frame 1 and 3 have you explore a a large Japanese manor, though the atmosphere is way more foreboding than anything like mansions in other games which give a little bit of comfort in the familiarity.

That's a reason Fatal Frame 3 is my favorite of the series even though 2 is probably the beat in terms of horror and setting. You get to have a comfy modern house to explore in between horror missions, and it slowly starts to turn terrifying as the game goes on.

Also, D has you explore a weird mansion-castle hybrid thing.

Yeah, I did not mean it like Silent Hill 3 did it wrong. It was outwardly meant to be corny and in-your-face in an otherwise much more haunting game.

Layers of Fear used level morphing incredibly well. Doors appearing and disappearing behind you, rooms transforming out of your vision while you turned your camera, the whole room melting into nothing while the music machine played, it was all really cool.
I also kinda liked the ending, it was kinda cheeky. By the time I finished it I just figured it was a pointless walking sim, but then finding out that I'd basically lost was a cheeky gotcha. Very counter intuitive though because it's not the kind of game that you'd ever want to do a second playthrough of.
The actual horror was crap but that's probably because I find the whole doll horror aspect to be really silly, it felt like they were trying to add puzzles but it was actually just "interact with the thing in the middle of the room". I wish I could play a spiritual successor to FEAR in those kinds of levels. That would have been really cool because this sort of not-actually-scary horror is the kind that meshed really well with FEAR, since it just worked as a backdrop and atmosphere for a shooter.

Realms of the Haunting is a great mixture of FPS and point and click adventure and its atmosphere is awesome.

I had a catastrophic PC failure like 70% through a playthrough of that, it's really top notch aside from the controls needing fixing.

Mansion Game thread, yet no mentioning of Clive Barker's Undying? The whole game plays in a mansion and around the mansions grounds.

Someday I'll finish that game. It certainly had a lot of themes I like.
Is the clairvoyance power used for creative things or does it kinda peaks at morphing paintings ?

All of them have this "expensive" mansion feel, at least to some areas of the castle.
A Resident Evil clone with a really good looking mansion.

Evil Night
is some good shit OP.

All the spells in the game have several effects depending on the environment and/or the target, some the game teaches you about others you have to discover yourself.
Clairvoyance at the start is manly used to tell the background story and lore, but later levels use it extensively in their puzzles and if I am not wrong some later enemies also need it to defeat them.


I guess this loosely counts.
I don't like puzzle games much but love for the spooky aspects overrode that.



I finished this game, and I'd like to add that nobody depressed should play it.

I remember it not for the puzzles but for having the production quality of a snuff film.

The Mansion in Timesplitters 1 is one of my favorite levels in a video game ever.

I always remember that game being way bigger than it actually is.

Good game, but for an adventure click game it's pretty long.