Meanwhile in alternate universe Holla Forums

Meanwhile in alternate universe Holla Forums

Man, Breath of the Wild sure was a bad game.

I hate furry porn!

What a great thread. Please make more!

And it's too bad that it's on such a successful platform.

unga bunga rockstop

I'm enthralled by all these 4chan threads!

Bully this idiot

Hey guys, I built up speed for 12 hours and ended up crossing QPUs until I reached this universe. Could one of you make sure this Scuttlebug doesn't raise so I can get home? Thanks.

Doesn't fall, not raise. I'm QPU misaligned, excuse me.

I'm glad I'm alive, and OP is certainly not a faggot.

Bioware sure makes great games, but I wish they'd go easy on the conservative propaganda!

Welcome fren, tell us how life is where you're from.

It's great all those furfags stayed on cuckchan.

I love template threads! Xd

Man I can't wait for the next installment of Bethesda's™ The Elder Scrolls™ Skyrim!™

Check em



nice image OP

I just wish they would port it to a platform I own!

Have you seen their new Creation Club TM?
They actually decided to pay mod makers from money they got through the sales of the game. They realized their games aren't worth 60$ without user content so they decided to support content creators themselves.

Can you imagine what would happen if they made playerbase support them through microtransaction? There definitely wouldn't be single person who still likes Bethesda after that.

It needs to be shittalked more to be honest

What an original thread.
I'll even contribute because I'm so amazed.


We're not being flooded with low effort cuckchan template threads?





When Nintendo called their new system the SNES2 I thought they'd gone full retard, but Super Mario RPG 2 is probably my game of the decade. When they announced the Nintendo 128 I laughed my ass off. Heil Iwata!

Do not check this pair of numerals

Do not check this triple sequence


ooga booga rock stop

Black people really brought RTS games to a whole new level with their high IQs ever since Shanaykwon made that tweet about how more niggers should play them.

Template threads are the best thing ever!

The new generation of feminist games is greatest achievement gaming has seen. am I right, fellow gaymers?

The guy who wrote that had his mind elsewhere.
She does look petite tough.

Oh gee Metal Gear Solid 5 sure was great! I can't believe that part where you fist fight Snake on top of Zeke in Zanzabarland. Great job Kojima!


I wonder…


Whatever, rollan