Would Nintendo even be around today if nearly 40 years ago they decided to have anyone else design their Popey game...

Would Nintendo even be around today if nearly 40 years ago they decided to have anyone else design their Popey game? I can't imagine Nintendo becoming a household name without DK and Super Mario Brothers.

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Most of the playing cards Vegas casinos use are Nintendo ones. They would have still been about and making a shit ton of money. We just wouldn't know they where a thing.

Nintendo never just did videogames and have been around for more than a hundred year for good reason.

GiB sauc

ive got a pack of nintendo playing cards, but didnt know they were used in vegas.

Nintendo didn't make these games. They contracted ikegami to do it.

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Vegas never used Nintendo cards. Perhaps the casinos in Macau did, but Vegas used cars from the US Playing Card Company because why wouldn't they?

Nintendo was the premier playing card company only in the far east.

I still have fond memories of playing Super Pope John Paul II Brothers.

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It's funny that the employee most well known and responsible for their success 30 years ago is now the one holding them back and responsible for their utter lack of creativity and their contempt for their customers.

Shigeru was always an overrated hack. Everytime there's a second party game that does extremely well, there's conveniently and coincidentally a story about how they couldn't have done it without him. Then when he actually does take full reigns of a project it underpeforms. No one likes working with him because he's a dick to everyone and has to maintain his fake iconic status.

I hope he gets further exposed as a fraud before he completely retires. Bonus points if we find out gunpei's death was no accident.


Was Shigeru the other passing driver?

What's the context behind that lore?

Umm, I don't know what kind of Mandela shit this is but Pope John Paul did not look like this. What the fuck?

Are you sure you're not thinking of the first one. The pics above are Pope John Paul the second.


I think so, Gunpei Yokoi was just as integral to their success as Miyamoto.

Ok, maybe it's because he's so young here. I saw some of the older pictures and that looks more like what I remember.

The story I heard was he died from a heart attack. Maybe I'm misremembering, it was 20 years ago after all.

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Wrong. Nintendo designed the games, they just outsourced the progranming itself. All of Donkey Kongs assets are original. It's not unlike today where most AAA game studios just have design teams who outsource programming to third party game engines like Unreal or Unity. You could say Donkey Kong runs on ikegami's Game Engine

Second this

The speech he gave in Warsaw in 1979 played a pretty big role in the Polish Solidarity revolution of the early 80s, which in turn led to the Velvet revolutions of the late 80s.

He is a dick but he is not over rated. He single handedly put nintendo on the map as a videogame company and manage time and time again to make the best videogames nintendo systems have seen.