Neat ideas in vidya that haven't been replicated

ITT we talk about good stuff that some devs came up with that hasn't been replicated again, things like controls, mechanics and so on. For example the original Splinter Cell trilogy for PC had this neat idea of adjusting movement speed with the mouse wheel, it felt incredibly precise and satisfying. Playing with gamepad you could always mess up your speed and cause unwanted noise. Such idea become forgotten after Chaos Theory and no stealth game picked up that solution for controlling character speed (although it's true that speed/walking noise became a non-issue in modern stealth games thanks to casuals).

Name examples of that "something" you thought it was awesome in a game and nobody else did

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Having fun.

Being a good game.

And yet is totally overshadowed by just using an analogue stick.
Xbox versions of Splinter Cell >>>>> PC verions

No idea if it's been done again already, but in Gothic 1 in order to forge a sword you'd have to go through the entire process of heating the furnace, then the iron, then hammering it on an anvil and then cooling it down in a water bucket.

Most games nowadays just do this "oh you've got all ingredients here's the sword" thing and it's lazy and uninspired.

I want Nox 2, and not from EA.

I played CT multiple times, using both types of controls. I definitely prefer KB+M, got better results with it and the benefit wasn't only on movement but also aiming.
any basis behind that or it's just platform-war faggotry?

It's not that nobody else did it, but I really hate how a lot of rpgs have lost their tactical war game roots but I guess that's a result of widening their audience
ToEE engine games never ever

He said *replicated*.

Why do you need to aim in Splinter Cell? The games are about avoiding the enemy.
You sound triggered. For one the obvious Analogue stick which I don't care if you "got better results" (sounds anecdotal) shame you can't use controllers on Splinter Cell until the shit ones, for two the games were developed on Xbox and released on it first, and then there are smaller hard to notice things like the AI being better in the original Splinter Cell on xbox for whatever reason. Oh and let's not forget Double Agent, the best version of which can only be played on Xbox, gee it's almost like the original development team favored the system or something. Sorry me stating facts has you so triggered, I own a PC and every console so you'll pardon me if I laugh at your claims of consolewar bullshit.


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Ancient Cave


Lifeweb's blacksmith role does this, as well as many other things regarding medieval metalurgy. Then again, it's a 2d top-down simulator more than anything.

Blade mode from MGR. Cutting enemies and objects into little pieces, where you control the direction of the cut, was really fun, and I've never seen another game that does it.

Multi-directional weapon swinging and limb dismemberment? Both Severance: Blade of Darkness and Shadow Tower: Abyss had it, off the top of my head. It's not exactly like Blade Mode, but it's similar. Blade Mode is mostly useful for canceling anyway.

the level of destruction and destruction being part of the combat strategy in red faction gorillaz.

why they didnt just run with that model of gameplay i have no idea, the next game was complete trash, then they gave up. and nobody has attempted it since. and its not like there isnt more to be done with this.

Also, you're 100% correct about Splinter Cell's mouse wheel controlling movement speed. It's such a simple yet intuitive control method. I'm surprised more games with stealth haven't used it. Even on consoles, most games that allow for sneaking just make you move silently if you're crouched, which is lazy. I think this is actually one of the few examples, perhaps the only one, of PC inputs making games more casual.

Man, that mission was a pain in the ass. I got a 100% on it once, but I had to use a smoke grenade to get through one area. (I think it was the shower area just before the hallway with the bombs.)

what's worse is they removed it in subsequent SC titles

Innovation is not allowed in this industry. There's a blueprint that the top kikes won't allow anyone to deviate from so as to not disturb the facade of competition.

Ubisoft is ground zero for template games. Even when they make new IP in new engines for new platforms, it's still all the same shit. It's like the most expensive possible way of making a clone game.

I'll have you know those clone games do a very good job in fooling people into believing the half-hearted repackaging of old design is actual something noteworthy. It is quite literally controlled opposition.

Battle Realms where the only way to get soldiers was to train peasants.
Only game I can think of that also does this idea is Three kingdoms: Fate of the dragon but in a shallower way.
Fotd had it's own unique features like having to feed your soldiers, which only Conquest frontier wars really had.

You do this in Dark Messiah, it's the only way to get the Earthfire sword iirc.

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I agree completely. So disappointing to think that Saints Row or even GTA never adopted it. I made that webm

Lufia 2 has a bonus random dungeon called Ancient Cave. When you enter it you start at level 1 with no equipment. When you leave you took everything you found in the cave and get your levels and gear back. There are also special items that if you find them you can keep when you enter the Ancient Cave.

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What happened to the swat-roll from cover to cover? That was a cool feature that never came back.

It wasn't replicated because it was fucking horrid. You're the first person I've ever seen who didn't hate that retarded control mechanic.

A lot of cover-based shooters made use of it, and Splinter Cell's close-over-the-shoulder shoot-around-cover thing. It's weird to think about, but Splinter Cell was one of the titles that led to the codification of the standard third-person cover shooter that dominated the industry for a few years. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I've seen several people praise it on Holla Forums over the years.

cant someone just make a mod for controls like that?

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when i was a kid and saw the first red faction, and GTA3. i thought it was only a matter of time. "the future of gaming". i also thought gore like soldier of fortune would evolve.
the future sucks.

The game takes place on mars.

recettear, run your own shop in a rpg world

Yeah, but they used it differently, where you were given all these options to sneak around, you had to time the Swat-roll and stand at the edge to not be seen.

The PS2 was a piece of shit machine but still, the way you controlled your guy was way better and you have way more control over your actions than most action-third person cover-shooters today.

To add a new idea, the randomized game from Blade Runner. Where each playthrough would be completely different because you didn't know who was a human, who was a replicant, the characters were at different spots, etc, etc to the point of you could have beaten the game 50 times but still getting a fresh playthrough like it was your first time because it would be completely different than from before. And it's a goddam point-and-click game. No game, not even indie-games has been doing this. I don't know why, there is obviously way more power behind the engines and shit nowadays so it would be easy to implement.

does anyone recall a PS2 game where you control soldiers (4 in total, maybe more?) 1 at a time in a match, for example you take the "assault" guy and put him at the entrance of a building, then switch to the sniper and put him at a vantage point, thne switch to the heavy gunner to a different vantage point, then position a destruction guy with a launcher to cover the assault guy… and i remember you got to pick loadouts and got more equipment as it went on like healthpacks and stuff to revive guys. and the guys would act on their own when you switched toa different character, but wouldnt move.

i remember playing a game like this on PS2 but i never really played any games after it that were like that.

it was fun and different. i remember a mission where you had to clear a building of terrorists, so i blocked all exits and started using the demo guy to bomb rooms and sent my assault guy through the front lobby. guys tried to come out the sides to flank, but were either mowed down by the heavy gunner, or shot by a sniper.

Double agents double agent system.
Imagine a VtM or better yet, a Hunter or Werewolf game. You would need to balance out the facade of a normal life, with being a vampire or a hunter. Or werewolf.

The system added a lot of tension, and fit the story well.
Maybe have it start like Runefsctory, then after getting a cute waifu the double life starts.

I just think it would be fun, I want more games that don't just make factions binary, or infiltration wearing different clothes.

Sounds like the older Rainbow Six games.

Ghost recon?

I'd play the shit out of that.


Might be SOCOM: US Navy SEALs.


Actually yeah, I think it's the original Ghost Recon. I think that's the only one of those tactical shooters (on consoles, at least) that let you freely switch between characters like that.


no, i miss rainbow six though

no, but i miss ghost recon…

definitely not.

you control the soldiers 1 at a time and they stay put where you leave them almost like a tower defense.
it was a bit arcade-ish. you took damage easily, but the characters were alittle cartoony like red faction 2 characters.

Speaking of splinter cell, pandora tomorrow had outstanding multiplayer. Spies vs Mercs was outstanding.

Lack of innovation has paired directly with skyrocketing budgets. AAA games play it safe to the point they have become indistinguishable trash.

All wrong

Is this what you're looking for?
Yeah i played this too and the Vietnam game. The bradley level was mindblowing to ye olde me by the way


Shit why did i embeded the shit intro when i could've go straight to the point
I miss these types of game by the way, it could've been really rad if you can 4 player co-op it on a couch / with some anons. The gameplay is kinda meh but the novelty sticks to me alteast.
My favorite goes to the prison breakout mission in the second

God damn that shit was impressive when it came out. I first read about the whole gore zones thing in a magazine just before it launched and being hyped as shit. I also made that webm

I don't follow

Perfect Dark's secondary fire and weapon disarm.

I also miss location base damage, enemies would react differently depend on where you shoot them.

It's a manga about people getting wrecked by evolved cockroaches from mars that look like niggers.

It's kinda shameful that as technology advances, some details devolve as well. A great example is the MGS series, in 2 & 3 (haven't played 4) you could cripple enemies limbs by shooting at them, or even break their radio. Cue MGS V and it doesn't matter where you shoot to, they always react the same way. V was not only disappointing as a game but also it was sorely lacking in TECHNOLOGY compared to previous entries

Not what I was confused about, but ok.

I goofed and responded to the wrong post.
It was meant for

this looks likely except i remember specifically that the allies would not move on their own. you had to position each one like a game of chess. or leave 3 guys in the deployment area while you solo'd it.

i remember a reviewer in game informer or psn hated it because he thought the game was about "you get 4 lives each as a difference class and can revive the first guy" and didnt understand the game was about strategic placement of soldiers like XCOM except it wasnt turn based.

these conflict desert storm 2 really looks like it, but i dont think it was the specific one i played. it was definitely about shooting arabs in urban environments.

is there more in this genre of squad shooters where you have essentially no allied AI? any person you dont control becomes essentially a turret.

i remember a magazine (game informer maybe?) where they had an article about "flesh/bone" physics that would be realistic and actually would lead to enemies bleeding out based on fluid/blood physics.

i saved all those red faction webms. any of the one where you have to kill all the soliders in a large 20 floor building, and can just cheat it by sneaking into the first floor and planting C4 at the buildings main columns and taking down the entire massive structure?
freeing guys from jail was my favorite, i used to sneak around planting C4 all over, then get a vehicle (the one where they hopped in the back like an armored van and crash it straight into the jail cell, and put them in the back. then drive away and set off the explosives and blow up the entire compound.
fuck i need to play this game again.

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Not yet, but I am replaying it currently so I will most likely have it soon.
See it feels like no one is pushing the envelope anymore. It's all safe and boring derivative shit. Even rockstar used to try new shit, now all they do is push their fucking microtransactions.
It's still fun as fuck. I have been spamming the webm threads with these lately

I loved the stance system in Arma 3, more games need something like it.

he's not wrong. precise aiming in a splinter cell game isnt as important as precise movement. you can still use distractions and aim well enough with the analog stick, just not as well as a mouse. but what comes up more often in this game?
honestly i wish i had a mouse in my right hand and a controller in the left. but the amounts of buttons and their positions becomes an issue with that. but if i had to choose, id choose the controller.

i originally had it on xbox360 (and still do).
i should get the PC version and give it another go. this game was so underrated at the time, i was obsessed with it. the only sad part is as you progress in the game you have less and less to destroy. this game desperately needed a sequel. but instead we get a tunnel simulator where you can fix the bridges and walkways you destroy with magic.
its one of the later missions. but i love how this game let you sneak and create distractions, then plant a bunch of explosives at key points and blow up the whole building. i replayed this mission like 20 times until i was able to do it the way i wanted to do it. i remember the building would collapse with me inside of it.

The control scheme in Robot Alchemic Drive or even Ape Escape for that matter.
Even indie games nowadays have no experimentation, falling in a rote pattern of dull schemes that doesn't fit the game at all.
You had shit like Octodad but it had no core gameplay.

Windforge. Large beasts like sky whales and kraken can be mined like terrain after being killed or latched onto with your grappling hook and rodeo'd to control them. Other than that, the game was mostly forgettable except for the fact that the main antagonist is a tranny king that everyone calls "xir" or whatever.
It was pretty fun to swing your way across the skies with your grappling hook, though.
See that kraken? You can build it into a ship.

Fucking hell what a colossal disappointment that was. I think I beat maybe the first section and then returned it.
See that is a good problem to have as a dev. All they had to do was create a bigger map with more interesting shit to blow up. Its not like anyone played these games for the story.
I'm almost done with Eos so hopefully it shows up soon. I don't remember the mission but the shit sounds fun.

i do enjoy how i can completely blow up some outpost of (((ultor))) and come back and its still in disrepair. it really let you feel like you were making progress. if they added a mechanic into the game where ultor tried to regain control and rebuild outposts, and repost propaganda, similar to the gang-turf stuff in san andreas, the game would be amazing. infact i could play a game based just around that.
maybe add ways to fortify areas as well.

i remember it being the biggest building in the game and had a large interior area. my memory might be lying, but i remember the building was really tall and sturdy. i'll see if i can find it on youtube or something.

And that image doesn't even include all the supported shooting positions.

The more money invested in a game, the more the game needs to be "safe" and therefore lack innovation because they copy popular trends and well-established gameplay conventions. They also severely cut back difficulty in an effort to grow their audience, making games less rewarding as a result. They also add bullshit skinnerbox and pay-to-win mechanics: microtransactions, loot boxes, paid mods, etc.
Meanwhile, the indie cliche is full of pretentious assholes that crucify you if you don't evangelize homos, brown people, and the destruction of western civilization as we know it. There are still good indie devs, but there's a lot of oxygen thieves out there.

Modern games use two or three speeds max; even if you set up the mouse wheel to control the speed, it wouldn't be possible to smoothly transition between speeds.

I don't think I've ever seen another game do exactly what The Void did with its inventory, a unified resource. Lympha is your healthbar, your stamina, your inventory, your weapons, your ammunition, your healing items, your character's stats, your armor, your shield, your flashlight, everything. You use it to talk to NPCs, you use it to move across the map, you use it to unlock areas of the map, you use it to bait enemies, you use it to mine for resources, every single thing in the game is tied to it. Maybe there's another game with a similar universal resource but I've never seen it taken to this extreme.

What now, faggot?

The fuck is happening in that screenshot?

Are you saying there's only one game that was ever fun? What was it?

Platform faggotry or no, you're triggered.

There are honestly no words to describe much of anything that goes in The Void. You just gotta play it, man. It's a very unique game for what it is

Hello cuckchan. Trying a little hard to fit in?

Most of all, the level of mindfuckery from Eternal Darkness. There needs to be more vidya that makes your head implode.

Pretty sure they got ideas from games like UT and HL.

You're not the only one. Attempts were made but I think they went down in flames. Actually I'd like them to finish the original. There are loads of unused assets like female voices and a handful of funny spells. I vaguely remember a curse spell that stuck to you until you tagged someone with it, instakilling after a timeout.

Nintendo has the patent for ED sanity system, that why you don't see other games use it like ED's.

Nintendo is fucking cancer, god damn.
It goes on like this. Patenting this kind of stuff is nothing but scummy, especially since they haven't done anything like this since.

One of the sisters is being judged during the witch hunt. That screenshot is from the fan translation for Turgor, though, so I don't know if that's the exact line as in The Void.

How strict are they about enforcing this? I'm certain I've seen more than a few of these in post-ED games.

The good news is that patents expire after (I think) 14 years. Although design patents might be different.

Afro Samurai also had it, and it did it before Rising. However, it's also a pretty sucky game. You can pretty much only play it with a few drinks in you and a guide to the bosses. Great fucking soundtrack, though. They also made a sequel that was so bad they actually pulled it off steam.

Pic related had a meter in the bottom right of the screen that represented how much the audience was entertained by you. You could shout at the audience to throw an item at you to help you out, and depending on how filled the meter was, they'd give you different items. When it was low they'd give you something like cheese or bread that you could eat for a bit of health, when it was about halfway filled they'd give something like a piece of armour or a club/gladius, and when the meter was high they'd throw ridiculous at you like a halberd or a giant morning star. Sure, the latter is historically inaccurate, but the whole game's full of loveable silliness like that (and it's a good game anyway, which is what matters most).

I recognise that that's a very specific mechanic, since about half of the game takes place in the Colosseum, but it was unique and felt very rewarding. I wish I could play it again.

Being able to save and load where ever you want. Not having a checkpoint reset itself when you fail, and making everything easier on the next try.

Oh, and enemies could also pick up the items that got tossed at you, I believe. I distinctly remember them being able to pick up their arm and use it as a weapon against you if you cut it off. Enemies picking stuff up to use against you and dismemberment factoring into gameplay aren't as unique as SoR's audience mechanic, but they are underutilised in games imo.

Sounds awesome.

Yeah a bunch of retarded shit is kept down due to copyrights. Until just recently Bandai Namco had the exclusive rights to loading screen minigames, I remember some talk about it expiring last year or so but they could have renewed it as far as I know.

Which game?

General reminder: if you own a physical copy of the game you can email THQ Nordic with pictures of your box/disc/manual and they will give you a key for the Steam version which has been updated to DirectX 11 and added the ability to join a multiplayer match mid-game (which was previously not possible due to the programmers not knowing how to get all the destruction to sync with an new incoming player).


Every single third-person shooter developer who never picked up on this simple innovation that come out of one of the earliest game in the genre should be fucking ashamed.

Games need gigantic marketing budgets because how else are games going to succeed given that they need to not try to actually be good in any way because games need gigantic marketing budgets?

That's the sort of thing that would call for a public source code release, user.

remember how good battlefield bad company 1 and 2 were simply because of this?

Perfect Dark had lots of cool stuff. Has anyone else done Counter Ops mode since?
I also loved how Rare's N64 shooters would add more mission objectives for harder difficulties. Way more games should do that. Hitman, anyone?

I still remember being up in some attic with a mate and seeing some enemy below us and tossing a grenade down. Whole building started to creak and collapse on us all with just enough delay for me to realize I had done fucked up.

So a simple concept easily implemented and yet no one does it. All because devs these days are filled with lazy hacks, millennials don't know what they're are missing which means there's no demand.

I don't think Timesplitters even had that, for some reason.

Fucking shit, that sounds like the most fun thing ever, and you're telling me no one wanted to copy the idea? Fuck this gay Earth

Doesn't battlefield 4 still have the same destruction the series always did? Also Rainbow Six siege has destructible walls but not on the level of whole buildings collapsing.

The natural next step would be to have entire sections of a level restricted via difficulty. But you can't have that, because the scrubs would complain they aren't getting access.

I don't know anything about these games, but now I really want to take a look.

But user, how would you see their sweet 3d model? They pull this shit with FPS too. I feel like the gun models are taking up more and more of the screen each year.

They're fun games. I'd stay away from the newer battlefields because EA and awful anticheat, but maybe the older ones that aren't dead will still get some fun for you. Siege is also Ubisoft, so you'll have to deal with that if you do pick it up. Between Battlefield and Siege there is also a large discrepancy of scale. Battlefield has massive maps and vehicles, so you can level whole buildings, with giant clusterfuck servers with up to 100(?) players on the newer games. Siege is much smaller scale and is 5v5, and the most you'll do with destruction is shoot through barricaded windows or breach through walls.

Thanks for the advice, shame that it seems most of the Battlefields are either dead, or shit. Which of the older ones are still alive?

Why the fuck has no one copied this yet
No one has touched the concept, not even as a shitty microtransaction-ridden mobile game. If they did it right, I probably WOULD play it, even as a fucking phone game.

It has the destruction, but due to the setting, you don't get nearly as many options for it. However, the blimp behemoth is pilotable, and will crash and burn onto the battlefield wherever it is killed.

I can't really say which, I stopped playing at 4 and that was about a year or two ago. And since then Battlefield 1 came out, so it might have killed 4. A lot of anons here, and people elsewhere on the internet constantly gush about 2, so it might have some dedicated autists still playing.

Believe it or not, BF:BC2, BF3, Hardline and BF4 are all still alive on pretty much all platforms.

I could believe the rest, but hardline? Really? who the fuck cared about hardline?

I never got it but the premise seems a bit more interesting than generic war mans.

I was excited for Hardline at first. The Cops and Robbers idea sounded fantastic, until it was revealed that it was just a skin of BF3. Hell, they even have fucking attack copters and shit with mounted weapons.

Asura's Wrath is the only "game" (it's more of an interactive anime) that actually uses QTE's in interesting ways.

Some examples

>you brofist his dead body with a QTE before his body disintegrates into energy

legit teared up a bit at those last two

Bad Company 2:

Battlefield 3:
You can mess up the walls and stuff sometimes. That's good enough right got?


Last one was meant to say Battlefield 4*

it had character. it also had a fuckton of bugs and a lot of things that didn't work, but at least it tried. i think back on my time with hardline much, much more fondly than i do my time in bf3 or 4.

no. b4 has some destruction, but some props were never meant to be destroyed. in bc2 particularly (i spent the most time in that one) there really weren't any buildings that weren't destructible, and if there were there was a "core" that would stay standing while all the shit around it could still be blown away - like the central stairway in a 2 storey house, for example, might stay standing, as well as some of the flooring attached to it, but the rest of the building could mostly be destroyed

Also that was supposed to be goy* not "got." Fuck autocorrect.

You can play the game by the rules, or just break the legs of your enemies to win.

Not in any other game.

Same. Red Faction and Soldier of Fortune 2 had me so ready for what gaming could be. Instead games have actually gottent less interactive. I'm so disappointed.

Neat, sounds sort of like the mutant league or carmageddon games in that way.

Full Spectrum Warrior.

I never laughed so hard at a game as I did when I was told to move my feet with the bumpers, and swing my arms with the joysticks. It's fucking brilliant, though. Love that game.


I still have my copy. Good ass game, even better in coop. I like how you had to change up your strategy depending on the team you were facing.

Their copyright on that was bogus and I suspect Nintendo's is as well. A lot of these patents wouldn't hold up if challenged but no lawyer is going to take on corporate giants like Bamco and Nintendo for free so its far easier to just avoid the issue altogether.

it was fucking
but sure just enjoy the aiming at low polygon shit with no proper lighting and shading with your console faggot peasant

From what I'm heard the ESRB puts any game with dismemberment into the M rating, that's why SW The Force Unleashed didn't have it so they could stay at the T rating and apparently went to have talks with the ESRB about it's sequel.

TimeSplitters 2 definitely did.
Easy: A bunch of primary objectives
Normal: All the easy level primary objectives + more objectives that make the level longer. Also OPTIONAL secondary objectives
Hard: All of normal's secondary now get added to primary objectives

Eg: in the first level Siberia, on easy the time portal opens (level end) when you get to the bottom level of the 2nd building, while on normal difficulty you continue on from that , go through a lab/secure area thing, then restore power to an elevator, go up to the top of the dam, and fight a helicopter and once that's complete the time portal opens.

The Lionhead logo during the launch of Black and White 2 was interactive.

Escape From Tarkov.

I enjoyed the game too, but common. It was not head imploding crazy. Oh no, my character is randomly shrinking, surely this can't be related to the empty sanity meter. Whoa the volume is turning down with a display that looks like an older tv! Whoa a statue is looking at me! Fuckk!

PT was the closest thing to actually being fourth wall breaking spooky and unpredictable.

Prey (the first one) pretty much used basic debugging and basic troubleshooting features anyone could implement and decided to make a game out of that. Nobody does that anymore.

You sound like a fag tbh fam

That's for pc because controllers always had this advantage to be able on deal with walking speed

Shadow of Rome was such an overlooked gem.

What do you mean, user?

Conflict: Desert Storm?

It really was.

I remembered those for the crazy easter eggs in the maps

Psst, hey user


I hated the stealth sections.


Being rewarded for killing niggers, faggots, traps, gingers, and jews.

I thought Dark Messiah's directional mutation of your attacks was a pretty neat concept back at the time, pity it wasn't expanded upon.

Similarly, I don't think I've ever seen another game allow you to draw spell signs the way Arx Fatalis does.

Prey uses a modified version of Id Tech 4 that supports portals and gravity and making huge cavernous spaces. Some of the more out there and mind boggling things are achieved simply by fucking around with gravity (changing what is and is not "the floor") or camera perceptions. A lot of those things are things you'd typically do as basic trouble shooting to see if your shit works.

Plenty of games do that.

You couldn't move soldiers individually in FSW. They had to be in pairs at least.

>>>Holla Forums

that game might be worth playing if not for the god awful pricing
also the ads is bouncy as fuck, looks like a drunk slav trying to aim a weapon

A first person shooter where you can command your units as if it was an RTS.
Think of the Brothers in Arms series.
The deeper you progressed into the story the more squads you could control. You could place them in specific locations and have them fire at specific enemies.
However BiA was still bugged. It wasn't rare for your units to take cover at the opposite side of a wall only to get slaughtered by a machinegun. Or miss all their shots and force you to do everything by yourself. And most of the time they would find cover in the wrong places.

So what I suggest is a FPS with the very same squad control mechanics - but only better. You should be able to have more control on where the A.I finds cover or what equipment each soldier carries. Add some great level design along with F.E.A.R.-tier enemy A.I and you got yourself some real fucking great potential.

I would love more BiA style FPS games; that and Republic Commando. Those are both games that had me excited for the future. What an embarrassing disgrace modern games are.