Memory management questions

So I built my first PC a couple of months ago, 500GB SSD and 1TB HDD.

I was told that OS and games should go on the SSD, and stuff like downloaded movies and music, and all other BS should go on the HDD.
I did that, and after buying like 20 games and downloading Breath of the Wild to the SSD, I have only 19GB left on it.

Should I move some games to the HDD? BoTW stuttered badly when it was in the HDD.
Should I buy another SSD? And will it matter if games are installed on a different drive than Windows?

Or is there another option to this that I'm not seeing?

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You wont see much of a difference in many games because loading times nowadays happen in the background or are faster due to the fact everything is stored uncompressed already, leave the games you play the most in the SSD and move the rest to the HDD.

Its odd that its stuttering on the HDD. Move most of the games to the HDD; SSDs mainly help with loading times and open-world games
sage because this wasn't worth a whole thread

remove games that you don't play. Play games, finish them, uninstall.

SSD are a meme.

I don't know if it was just the HDD making it stutter, I went down a list of things to change to make it run smoothly, and one of the things was to play it off of the SSD.

Not if you're playing games that have long ass loading times like STALKER.

OP still
so which types of games should I be moving to the HDD? I just moved Cities Skylines and Master of Orion.

My OS is on M.2 key and I like it that way, dumbass.

The fuck does that have to do with memory?

you already borked your SSD, mate. 50% or less programs + OS at any given time for optimal performance. The general setup is correct, but you can't install everything at once on the SSD. unless you just have money to burn on more SSDs

I don't even know what an SSD is

congrats you killed your SSD

>Putting all your games on the SSD
A lot of games don't even benefit from being put on an SSD, and doing so is just a waste of SSD space. I keep most of my games on my HDD and only put games on my SSD when it seems like they'd benefit (and even then I'll move them over to the HDD or just outright delete them once I'm done to free up more room). I'm not sure about Wii U games, but generally emulators and their games might as well stick to a HDD (they rarely benefit from the increased speeds, and I personally have all my emulators on the HDD including Cemu, and I've had no issues).

Generally if it's a game which spends a lot of time loading assets (e.g. MMOs with their multitude of loading screens, open-world games with their 'invisible' loading screens, etc.) it belongs on an SSD, otherwise it's probably just a waste of space keeping it on the SSD. Though a 1TB HDD isn't going to hold a lot either.

BotW stuttering sounds more like an issue with Cemu's shader cache (that is, the emulator is building the cache as you go, causing the stuttering). If you can find and download an up-to-date shader cache you'll probably get rid of that problem. I've not really had stuttering issues on my setup and as mentioned I have Cemu on my HDD.

Emulators need the disc image on at least a 7200rpm drive, otherwise it will stutter or slowdown. 5400rpm just isn't enough.

Solid State Drive. It doesn't use a disk like a Hard Disk Drive does. They are faster but have less memory for the same price.


You're kidding me.

You don't want to completely fill the SSD like that, it causes the flash memory to wear out faster, same with needlessly writing to it. That's why people say you should only install your OS and shit you use daily like your browser.

Games and your random other shit - HDD

What's the fucking point of an SSD if it wears out?

what's the point of a hard drive if they fail?

Literally everything wears out user
But yeah its pretty bad that SSDs wear out faster than they should.
The main thing they're used for is helping your computer boot up super quickly, and if you're only using it for that and a few small applications like certain games that don't take up more than half its space, its good for that

They're not as fragile since there's no moving parts and they're a lot faster. Modern SSDs will last longer than a mechanical drive unless you're writing to it constantly.

I got a HDD for storage and now my shutdown times are 30 seconds. What do? I fucking hate hard drives.

Windows is probably waiting for a process running from the mechanical drive to end. See if you can find out what it is.

You're a digital hoarder, user. No one needs more than 1TB, you just can't handle not stuffing everything you get your hands on into your drive. You aren't really playing 20 games at a time. Solve your mental disorder and just use your SSD for everything. It's more than enough space.

Shit, wouldn't have the slightest clue what service or process is running.

Truthfully I'm not concerned with wear and tear. Shits not supposed to last forever. My first Intel SSD I bought 4 years ago is still running strong and I'm not sure if the smart details on the toolbox is reading it wrong, but it says it has 100% life left. I've used and abused it filling it up with stuff until there's been 1gb left sometimes, still as fast as the day I got it. Shit's magic.

get outta here user

It's from experience. I used to keep my images on the storage drives, but I started getting slowdowns once I hit PS2 era games. Now I copy images I plan to use to my one 7200rpm drive that I happened to have. I also record footage to that drive.

I've had mine since 2013 and it's still going. Don't listen to the read/write scary talk.

I only have 1 game at a time on my SSD. In regards to steam games, I only install 1 game at a time, so it's easier to make a separate backup of just that 1 steam game.
Steam recognized the files automatically and will update them etc when you launch after you copy them back. With shit like Blizzard games, you just need to locate the install folder for it to sync.
After I download a game and get done playing it, I just copy it to a storage HDD, then copy it back to the SSD if I ever feel like playing it again.

It's simple OP. I have been doing this for over 7 years on my current SSD. Never had an issue so far.

And what do I do about archiving my games that I buy so I can actually attempt to keep them?

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Larger SSD and/or External HDD
I have one of these 2TB Crucial MX300 SSDs along with a 512GB Samsung 950 Pro M.2 2280 NVMe SSD and multiple 1TB external drives.

Ok, I bought a 1TB SSD that just came in the mail since posting the OP. I had forgotten that I ordered it.
Is there any point in having an SSD beside the OS?
What should I put on the SSD?

I have a 500 GB external that I use for linux distro and all my memes.

Whoever told you that is a retard. Your operating system and files you will use very often go on the SSD. Everything else goes on the hdd. This is because by having the OS and common files on the SSD it speeds up your overall usage of the computer because the ssd is faster. Ask yourself, do you really need that one game you played two years ago on the ssd when you will never play it again?
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No thats mass storage. The stuff refer people refer to as DDR DRAM is your memory.

You are a fucking idiot,

Yes thats fine
Odd. Not expected but you will have to figure this out yourself
Yes. I run a 1TB SSD so I keep most things on it.

Everything. You won't run out of space as long as you aren't hoarding. I do game development and have 250GiB in art assets alone on mine along with all sorts of other things and still have plenty of space. There's no justification for spinning rust in 2017.


Just how few games do you have to only need 1.5 TB of storage?

I had to start installing them on my NAS after the 4TB internal storage in my became full.


how much of a meme are m.2 ssds?

I'm using one in another computer
It looks like and behaves like an SSD while in a tiny package
I like them

Indeed, what is security? Let's talk about that. The way SSD wear-leveling works allows for zero cost full disk encryption. Drives supporting the eDrive standard allow the OS to do key management in a way that keeps the key secure and keeps the drive from being able to choose bad keying material. Combined with a TPM chip and KVM it will stop anyone short of the NSA, even on a computer rooted by Russian hackers. It's way more secure than some poorly supported and slow fork of truecrypt in software with your key left accessible to anyone.
The processor is backdoored. Worrying about peripherals being backdoored is pointless at this point. Your Jewtel i7 is likely listening for patterns of instructions that resemble compiled AES implementations and remembering some of the bits passing through them. Everything is compromised.
Why the fuck would you buy a drive just to leave it unplugged for several years? Are you retarded, user?
There is no reason to save porn to a local drive today unless your porn is illegal. It's just another symptom of hoarding. Are you worried the internet will run out of sluts?

The performance is great but the cooling is a disaster. You can stick your own heatsinks onto the chips, though.

I was thinking of getting samsung's 960 evo (256gb), seems alright for 120 dollars
But what's better? Two 2tb hard drives or one 4tb hard drive? If I'm worried about I/O bottlenecks, should I be looking at the size of the cache rather than write speeds if we're sticking to traditional mechnical hard drives?

Are you sure? Aren't normal sata ssds more subjected to heat?

now, why not run Linux in a VM, and use windows as the host machine? That's what I'm doing.

BotW is an open world game you autist. And I get stuttering on it too with my HDD. Although I only have a 5200 RPM spinner. It's by far the biggest bottleneck on my PC right now and this is the case with most new PCs, with older PCs HDDs are fine because usually they're not the bottleneck. CPU, and memory throughput has increased dramatically and HDDs just haven't been able to keep up unfortunately. HDDs are significantly cheaper though, so I can't see them going away anytime soon. But NVME is the future

1.) Autism
2.) See 1.)
3.) It's the same case with HDDs, as they tend to lose their magnetic strength as well if they're not refreshed

You shouldn't be archiving important data to EITHER an HDD or an SDD. Both are shit for important data storage
M-DISC Motherfucker!
Specially crafted Blu-Ray drives that are currently the only data storage medium available to consumers with a rated lifetime measurable in the thousands of years do to the materials they use. And optical medium is something that is pretty universally understood, so even long after Blue-Rays or even optical drives themselves become obsolete you bet your ass there will probably be ways to read these in the future regardless.

Anyways, to answer OPs question;
OS and Open World Games -> SSD

non-open world games, or games that load their maps into memory (Source Engine.etc) -> HDD

People have started using spindle drives as long term storage as well. Seems insane to me.

Hmm I haven't noticed but I'm running off SATA and not PCIE

I would go with a single drive. You are going to get speed limited by the SATA controller anyway. If you got the PCIE route then maybe? In the long run I prefer continuous space in my games machine for simplicity and only look at RAID for servers.

Now this is interesting. Aren't they pretty small in terms of capacity per disc though?

Two 2TB drives because the pci-e bus or USB bus you attach it too won't be the bottle neck. It will be the cable going to the drive being bottlenecked and writecaching depending on your OS. Plus with two different drives if one fails the other is still usable.

Which is useless when the encryption key for said encryption is pre-determined at the factory on the ssd firmware which will or can be hacked. If you go with software encryption instead of letting the (((firmware))) of the SSD handle it then you aren't zero-cost anymore.

What a retard.

Unless you're playing all 20 games all the time, you can make a backup in steam and transfer all of those to HDD then uninstall what you're not playing.

Because when windows get's hacked your linux VM is useless. Windows is laughably easy to hack. Also using windows filesystems instead of linux based filesystems is much much slower. If you use ext4 or XFS you already just got 2.5x the disk speed on a regular HDD over window's NTFS shit.

Is there a fully open source way to read and write blue ray disks yet? if not then stick to HDD's

Come to think of it, you could uninstall anything you're not playing and download it again from Steam for free. I don't think there's a limit on the number of times you can do this.

"A solid-state drive (SSD)[1][2][3] is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently"
If you're going to be autistic and correct others, at least try to be correct

M.2 is an interface user. Pic related, two m.2 slots. Note; there are no SSDs there. In theory one could develop a GPU or some other peripheral that plugs into an M.2 slot granted it can only use 4 PCIe lanes.

Of course there are M.2 slots that don't use PCIe at all and only carry SATA signals. Those are the real memes here.

Have you even looked inside of a computer at all? Look at an HDD and what do you see? It's a microcontroller, running a proprietary firmware. The HDD doesn't get platter configuration data and actuator control for the read heads out of thin air. But I get a really strong feeling you're not the brightest bulb. not that I would expect a particularly enlightening conversation with someone who opens with "Because when windows get's hacked your linux VM is useless. Windows is laughably easy to hack.".

Indeed, although they are incredibly cheap per GB so you can grab a stack of them. I see M-Discs up to 25GBs each. That means I'll only need about 6 of them at most to store all my photos and videos

my current setup is Windows 10 host machine for gaming because that's what I built this thing for.
Linux in VM with a vpn for doing anything on the web.
Windows is online, but the only internet applications I use on it are games, steam, and origin.

Niggers like you are the first to meltdown when a place like sadpanda starts purging content.

There's FOSS firmware for HDD's you faggot. Now care to list FOSS firmware or even the ability to write to blu rays and not use windows? You can use normal CD-DVD drives just fine. But not blu-ray drives as far as I know.

OK fuckwit.
Does the CPU pull data from the DRAM to its cache to its registers and vice versa?
Or from the mass storage to the cache to its registers and vice versa?

Memory in a computer has a very specific job and confusing the terminology confuses everyone. If you are an ignorant cunt about the innards of a computer you should shut the fuck up.

Is there something you have that won't run in wine? From the sounds of it, no. Try looking up your games in wine and you should be able to just switch over to linux full-time at this point unless you are playing something like windows-store only games or DX12 only games.


That wooshing sound is the point going over your head.
lul wut. What is False Equivalence?
Because you are saying stupid shit in a place where you can be called a stupid shit for saying stupid shit.

Jesus Christ, sounds like an absolute nightmare if you ask me. You thought getting a FOSS BIOS replacement for your specific motherboard was bad? Oh fucking boy! Now we have HDD firmware shenanigans!
Blu-Ray is a disc, the disc itself is, for all intents and purposes, FOSS, there is no firmware on the disc itself. At most you'll find a burst cutting area but that's it. I imagine finding FOSS firmware for optical drives themselves are about as possible as well…finding some for your HDD

And I commend people for wanting to protect their privacy, don't get me wrong. But there's a fine line between keeping your shit secure and pure autism

Using open source software. Safe browsing habits, Tor, Encryption.etc
Worrying about the fucking firmware on an optical drive.

It's the real NVMe M.2 drives that have heat problems. The issue is the geometry they're allowed for M.2 doesn't leave room for heatsinks and at that speed they can quickly be pushed into thermal throttling. For your own computer, you can usually leave space for heatsinks and add them (thermal glued onto each chip) as you don't have to worry about violating the package size. This is why enterprise SSDs use PCIe slots, it's all about having room for the essential heatsink.
I'd almost call NVMe M.2 drives a meme because of this, but for almost all consumer use it's probably fine as consumers aren't going to put sustained load on the things other than rarely when doing something like a backup.

Wine doesn't work for all games. I've tried that setup before, and yeah, it's more of a pain in the ass than just running windows as my main OS.
I do everything else in linux though.

Memory is the general group
Persistent memory is a subset of that group
Random access memory is a separate subset, generally with no overlap
Automobile is the general group
Car is a subset of that group
Truck is another subset of the group, generally with no overlap

You are saying that subgroup A is not the general group because the general group is subgroup B. I'm swapping out the subgroup and general group.

You'll have to google what a false equivalence is here, because I haven't made one. You debate like a gun control advocate. Your next line is >muh ad homenem


Nope I'm saying the architecture of the machine uses the device known as Memory in the particular and defined way and mass storage is simply mass storage.
Since a spindle drive and NAND flash are used very different from DRAM and are actually dissimilar in many ways I'm saying you are a fuckwit that doesn't understand computers and splitting non-existent hairs and arguing the toss is not an argument.

what about if I partition part of my HDD for Swap memory?



How about the fact that there are tons of porn that get lost eventually because sites get taken down and stuff gets DMCAed?

I m pretty sure a lot of the people complaining about HDD being slow just use 5400rpm ones. I can load my saves in a few seconds.

My NAS has 10TB. It's like you don't love bits or something you heartless bastard. Do you even have local mirrors of your favorite sites? If not: GTFO!

You mean linux swap? Unless you have less than 8gb of ram it's fine but you will need 2 - 4 gb at most, if you have 8gb+ RAM don't even bother ve never seen linux use swap space for anything.

I' m really digging the new consumer Optane drives, but i don't have a Skylake cpu

Wrong. L1-L4 cache are memory. My SSDs local caches are memory. The swap partitions on my servers are memory.

It's a God damned crying shame CSCI is a dead art.

you mean this?

This so much, not only porn but games, movies and all kind of useful stuff.

Remember when Megaupload went down, and there was a crackdown on filesharing websites?
Who did not lost stuff they thought that would always be available in file sharing and warez websites?
What if all torrent websites died tomorrow?

"It'll last a lot longer if you never use it!"

you have to learn to let go and move on

He means unless you wear the drive by writing gigabytes of data 24/7, a cheap HDD would probably die faster than any SSD from all the mechanical parts wearing out and it only takes 1 to fail to shit the entire drive.

i learnt better: to backup my important data regularly

I was mocking the other fella, champ

Read the OP you master gay.

Hi, Bill Gates. Kill yourself.

Modern SDDs can handle petabytes of data rewrites; in short, you will never reach their limit in your lifetime. People claiming they have any meaningful limit only paid attention to early SSDs and didn't see how long modern ones last.

At this point there's no real reason to use an HDD unless you're a poorfag.

try turning off indexing on the hdd, that's probably what's taking so long

Just put games you play frequently on SSD and those which you finished/don't play so often put on HDD. It's not a rocket science. Also turn off system restore if you don't use it.

Send help, this isn't even my full collection.

What about SLC MLC and TLC?

I did that, and after buying like 20 games and downloading Breath of the Wild to the SSD, I have only 19GB left on it.
Say no more, i'm here to help. I've been shuffling data around hardrive since vista.

So in a non-upgrade situation absolutely. The objective is for the best playing experience, which SSD will provide, but depending on the game, it might not be improve that much or at all. For instance, i'm currently playing Shadow of War which is 100GB, and it loads just fine on a HDD. If the games use steam, there is a "Move install folder" in Properties > local files
I don't know how well it works but it's there. You could also manually move the folders. For either option, i would make sure you install something to that drive first so steam has a install folder already. I don't exactly trust in valves quality control for the steam client.

There is obvious the desire to purchase something over need. It sounds like you still have space on your second drive, and if you can just move the games over, that makes the most sense. But if you want the speed your SSD provides, then you'll have to buy another one, or you could just swap out games. Basically, get a external drive, and move all the games you currently don't want to play, into that. Then when you want to play them again, just move them back on to the SSD. Assuming you go a good brand name SSD, rewrites wont be a problem. Those things are quite literally designed to run constantly for years (10)

Nope! I got 4 drives on my computer.
I put the majority of my games on the Everything or Gaming drives. This of course not including what i have installed with linux. You're likely to only have problems the further back in the windows life span you go. You're likely good anything including and after DirectX 9 but that's a guess.

As already stated, external drive.

Huh? I heard the magic number was 10% should be kept free. I didn't comment because i don't know where these numbers come from. 50% sounds unrealistic. Citation mother fucker!

Really? What's the point of saves on cartages if the battery runs out. What the point of spinning disks hardrives if they wear out? What the point a low energy cost hardrive that's quick than traditional harddrive if it wears from excessive writes!

Quicker load times, or afters writes to disk. If you copy a lot of files, even small files, it will be much quicker. Honestly, there isn't much advantage compared to a hdd, but it's still a nice upgrade.

He said he bought 20 games and made the computer a few months ago.

You people have brain problems.


37, including some blizzard or GOG products.
It's really nice being able to play a game without having to download it again.

Also i play multiple games within a week or even a day. Just depends on what i feel like doing at the time.

Console restrictions are a hell of a thing.

This really.
What do I want to play tonight? PUBG, Metroid, Civ 5, or Saints Row IV.

Well I bought another SSD. 1TB. Completely forgot about it. Having money to spend and forget is nice.

I've got around 100 games installed and play at least 10 to 20 of them on semi regular basis.

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