I stopped playing when the fucking game gave me constant black screens when I'm playing career mode.

Maybe in the future might ask for your created superstars to make a league.

I guess not even OP will talk about WWE 2k18.

for the most part it was really good

what was? owen hart's death?

Can I have female OCs fight male OCs again or is the series still shit because 'realism'?

They're still pretending it's a sports game, so it's unlikely.


Just play Fire Pro. The only thing 2K games have going for them is the creation suite and maybe Universe mode being a complete random mess.

wwe diva h-game when
When did divas go to shit, in terms of appearance and sex appeal?

Honestly, WWE have a lot of stuff going on with their women. Lots of fetishes catered for.

Yeah but where's the hot fitness models, bikini contests and mud wrestling
I guess Lana but who else


Has 2K managed to fix the bug where their gameplay is absolutely fucking abysmal shit compared to previous THQ iterations? I played 2K16 and was bored out of my mind compared to something like SvR 2007.
I've looked at some CAWs on the popular old forums for them and saw that some of them look really great, so I'd be interested in picking up 2K18 if it actually is fun again.

No, well maybe a little. But there is too much of the whole "everyone is a winner" in the game as well as too many reversals.

Femdom Alexa is the best Alexa.
Though i'm upset they removed Extreme Alexa.
She would have been great if she continued that gimmick.
Does Vince hate making money or something?

Daily reminder that only pedos and manlets like Alexa Bliss

Go away Baileyfag.


You never played Rumble Toses then

>She will never ruin your orgasm

Don't get that fetish. Teasing and humiliation is where its at.

Nia needs to go away