What are your favorite movies to get stoned to?

what are your favorite movies to get stoned to?

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>>136723794Pot heads need to be lined up against a wall and shot

>>136723823you need to relax man

>>136723823You won’t ever shoot anyone, you can’t even get a gf lmao

>>136723834Fuck you degenerate scum>>136723849Bet

>>136723794>dude weed lmao

watching a movie high on weed is for plebs. LSD is much better

>>136723794I'm actually trying to quit. It's just an addiction now.

>>136723794B-Horror movies like Street Trash,The Stuff and Toxic Avenger

>>136723869you are a weak faggot if you can't quit that shit dude and I say that as someone who has terrible discipline. once your appetite and sleep scheaduile return to normal (which takes like a few days at most) you will be good to go.


>>136723794watched pic related a couple nights ago absolutely blazed and was probably the best time I've had since quarantine

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>>136723823Calm down, Pink.

>>136723865settle down and have sex, it's just a plant.

>>136723869You have an addiction because deep inside your soul you dont really want to quit

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Dude weed lmao

>>136723923Exactly, starting is the hard part. No shit it's easy when you're a week in dipshit.

>>136723823bro, it's natural, it's just a plant


>>136723794I don't smoke pot

>>136724050I literally just quit 2 days ago after a 2 month binge. I've done this a number of times through my life as well. You are just a weak faggot


How come Holla Forums is fine with obvious alchohol bait threads but go into DUDE fits when weed is brought up?

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>>136724107you’re a nigger

>>136724174this. white girls love the smell of black cocks.

>>136723823Every SSRI user should be lined up against a wall and shot to prevent future school shootings

>>136723794Been toking on strawberry cough all night about to switch to purple urkle and call it a night

>>136724138because getting drunk as kids is funny but getting high as kids gives you life long mental illnesses all this LOL SMOKE UP BRAH ALL DAY EVVERY DAY shit is incredibly damaging to young minds

pot objectively makes movies better

>>136724138lingering (probably white) boomers who feel some weird generational avoidance of weed, my guess anyway

>>136723823This. All degenerates must be killed

>>136724138I'm fine with male potheads. But women that smoke pot are beyond disgusting and are always whores with destructive leftist views

>>136724253kill yourself degenerate trash

>>136724261>all this LOL SMOKE UP BRAH ALL DAY EVVERY DAYthere's literally none of that on this board. I don't really know who you're arguing against other than the strawman in your head. I will agree tho that faggots who make smoking weed their identity are fucking insufferable.

>>136724295Alcoholic women can be just as bad but I agree. Drug use in general is a huge red flag for women.

>>136724261t. zoomfaggot still in highschool

>>136724300Surprisingly im on your side

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>>136724087quit for how long user? A 2 month binge is a lot for someone who smokes frequently during the day like me.

>>136724300>>136724293>>136723823Can someone explain why nu-Holla Forums keeps droning on and on about degeneracy on fucking 4chan? Do they not understand that gifs of hentai dick girls are literally a click away on here? Jesus Christ how long before they go full Helen Lovejoy?


>>136724261Agreed. I started smoking a little after high school and it can really kill your ambition. I just tell kids that want to try it to always, always remember moderation. Maybe a weekend or so every 3-5 months wont hurt anyone but toking all the time has its downsides.

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>>136723823Pink isn’t feeling well tonight, is he?

>>136724338>>136724367>I don't really know who you're arguing against other than the strawman in your headyeah exactly, i smoked too much in highschool and now im fucked, i cant even 4chan anymore and am literally schizophrenic making weed not a 'culture' anymore is important to stop the next generation of kids fucking their brains like mine

>>136724390Longest I quit was for like a year once I graduated and got a job. I stopped smoking for a drug test and just didn't have any motivation to get back into it. When I do smoke tho I binge and stay high all day quitting really isn't all that hard to me man I don't know might be genetic or something.

>>136724422Fake and GOP Propaganda


>>136724443You’re ugly

>>136724422I agree that weed culture is fucking dumb but weed is hardly exclusive in setting off early onset mental illness in people that are genetically predisposed. Any number of drugs can do that including alcohol.

>>136723823I agree and I'm a loner pothead

>>136724451ok but who asked

>>136724496This is a blog thread newfag

>>136723794My personal favorite:2001: A Space Odyssey End of EvangelionFLCL (Not a film but it’s only 3 hours long in total) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindThe WallAlmost any Ghibli Film. Especially Spirited Away

>>136724465My mother tells me otherwise!

>>136724496You hurt my feelings so I deleted my post. Thanks

I cant smoke when I watch a movie because I begin to see through the acting and dialogue and it all becomes very corny to me. It's like you can tell everything is phony. No other drug has this effect on me it is quite strange

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Beyond the Black Rainbow

>>136724442>When I do smoke tho I binge and stay high all dayYou do realize that this is the addiction part of addiction right user? Just because you can stop smoking for a spell doesn't change the fact that when you do smoke it rules your life.

>>136724085why?? 0_0


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>>136724561That’s why I like listening to music more while high.75mg of THC with the most comfy music and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination

>>136724586I thought the addiction part of addiction was being unable to stop even when you want to.

>>136724560Im sorry I didn't mean it

>>136724587I have yet to see a positive benefit to convince me to do so

>>136724561>tfw have tinnitus and can only focus on the ringing in my ears when I’m high.

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>>136724561Thats the fucking point. See what its really about and laugh/learn pleb

>>136724661Me but with my fucked up tooth

>>136724561that happens to me too i get very high. the only movies that i can actually enjoy while stoned are ones that aren't dialogue heavy, like 2001: A Space Odyssey

I don’t like watching movies stoned but I’ve watched Apocalypse Now on acid and Full Metal Jacket on painkillers.

haha yeah bros one time i got so high i robbed a liquor store and shot a guy, haha bro smoke up brah, hope i dont put my nephew in the washing machine again

>>136724767What the fuck do you think weed does?

>>136724407Based drunk autist