Just saw this on instagram. It's over HDMI bros. We're finished

Just saw this on instagram. It's over HDMI bros. We're finished.

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>>136722288That guy looks like a total fag. Me and my friends Cletus and Dale could probably kick his ass

>>136722288Lmfao this can’t be real. Which one of you faggots psyop’d this shit into existence


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This is that /fa/ meme, makes them rage every time. The original caption is something like "Boys who know how to dress well (heart)"

>>136722288fucking lel is this unironically real?

Looks like every fucking middle eastern fuccboi who live ins a developed city.

>>136722398idk much about fashion but they look fine to me, their clothing at least fits their bodies and the colours are ok. The guy on the right is maybe a bit odd, that jacket

>>136722504Their ankles being exposed looks pretty terrible to me, but I also know nothing about fashion.

>>136722502>fuccboiI bet you wear khakis unironically

>>136722525>>136722504>theyits the same guy autismos

>>136722591Lols I really did not realize that. I feel very austimal

>>136722288How come nobody wears jeans that fit them properly length wise anymore?They're clearly too short for this gimp.

>>136722525actually looks kind of kino to me, it adds a band of colour there than matches their hands and neck

Does this meme actually exist outside of Holla Forums?

>>136722288Looks like his cats deid.

>>136722358I photoshopped this wojak with a laptop and a hdmi cable onto it. Sorry.

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>>136722288what's wrong with HDMI cables?

>>136722336FUCK yeah white power

>>136723321the guy in the photo is white

>>136722358We're days away from someone tweeting "guys plugging their laptop into the tv to watch a movie is a major red flag" and getting 300k likes

>>136723395This. So much this.

>>136722655The bands on the back of the sneakers should do the trick without look silly. But lets be honest, the guy isn't dressed particularly well he just is a good looking guy. He could have been wearing a tank top and joggers and he'd still look just as good.

>>136723395Netflix shills at work.

>>136722525that was pretty fashionable about five years ago

>>136722525was a good look in 2015-2017 for people 20-35

>>136723434that's true for sure, he's a goodlooking guy. But he'd still look a bit dumb if he wore shapeless jeans and tshirts and grandma sneakers.

>tfw once had a date and only had the laptop and no hdmi cableShe ghosted me after


>>136722288>have HDMI cable>have netflix>have VR>have a game console with casual party games>have a comfy massive couch>have decorated house>all to myself, fuck bitches

Wait, what are you supposed to use then? DVI?

Ok but what about casting Nate and WallieB videos through the YouTube app to the Sony?

sexual selection is getting weird

>>136723928You're like Scrooge Mcduck if he was an incel



>>136722288I bring the movie on a usb stick, she better have her laptop set up and plugged before I get there or else she won't be getting any cuddles from me.

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>>136723395Really? Wojack only recently made its way into the scene? They’ve just now learned there’s more than boomer

>>136722288women want men to be as much of vacuous, skin-deep assholes as all of them are

What if I use a Bluray player?

>>136722504>>136722525Based faceblind autists

>>136724136Then it's like dating your grandpa

>an HDMI

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>>136724122What else is new?

>>136722288>using "an" in front of H because you pronounce it like a pleb

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>>136722561Khakis are aesthetic

>>136724222Trips of Truth

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>>136724222>a haitchok retard

>>136724204>>136724222Utterly based chads who would never say "an historical event" because they understand it's a pleb's way of trying to appear educated.

>>136724204what should people say?_A_ high definition multimedia interface cable?

>>136723395Disney+ is flopping pretty hard so I'm surprised they aren't forcing that meme already

>>136724204You use the article "a" before words that start with a consonant sound and "an" before words that start with a vowel sound.>AYTCH DEE EM EYE


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>>136723395>days awayIt has been and gone.

>an HDMIroasty should an hero

>>136724409not even everyone on your rainy island pronounces it that way but everyone here pronounces it in a way that doesn't require crooked teeth. Don't fuck with me.

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>>136722288>libslutsthese are the same thots that give heart emojis to commie shit.

>>136722358women hate nerdy shit

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>>136724555Your loss bitch

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>thread full of retards not realizing that pluggling the HDMI cable to your laptop makes you look cheapnothing dries a pussy more than looking cheap, that's why you always give a big tip if you go to a date at a restaurant, the very same thing, we're just adapting to the times.

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>>136724671roasties aren't entitled to my money she can fuck off

>>136724555Good. I'm so fucking sick of le gamer nerd xD acceptance culture.My irk with these cunts is that they're the same ones that virtue signal that they like dumb toddler shit like star wars.My dream girl would hate all modern nerd shit IPs and their fans.

>>136724671I don't want to be a dancing monke for women and their dumb whimsI hereby declare myself a volcel

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>>136722288Any male of the species who can squeeze into skinny jeans doesn't know what leg day is and probably also doesn't have testicles.

>>136724671Women literally don't give a shit.t. Actually have dated a lot of women

>>136724555My monitor layout is landscape, landscape, portrait. Middle landscape and right portrait is for work, left landscape is for porn or yourtube or whatever to distract me from work.

>>136722288What's the alternative? DisplayPort?