>Kisame, I'm staying

>Kisame, I'm staying

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holy based!

>>136721411I always read mouthbreathing for some reason>no, YOU'RE mouthbreathing


>>136721411reddit chungus keanu musk gold upvote pickle rick bscon moment

why are the abilities in the naruto universe so much cooler and full of wonderment than any of its contemporarieseven if they were all asspulls or if any given character's ability kit was random shit thrown together it was still cool

>>136721785Everything about Naruto is passable, except for these three.Boruto is taking it's sweet ass time to get good too.

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>>136721523Real original there bud

>>136721411Kisame... we are leaving

>>136721411>Yeah, I'm thinking I'm naruto

>>136721411Pic related is near my house. The guy who does these, Lushsux, is subject of some debate. Some people think his meme wall paintings are hacky and lame and others think they're hilarious. I like it better than the lame tags and stuff that are usually sprayed near train stations and stuff.

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>Kisame, how do we get down from here?

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>>136721411>KissAnime I'm leaving your ad riddled captcha bullshit websiteFtfy

>>136722158I cant stomach boruto. They have cell phones and are apparently modernized now. I liked the comfy ancient asian style of everything. Also BORE RU TO it was funny thinking that i was gonna be bored watching it and turning out to be right. I also didnt like the ending of shippudin so thats a factor. I think sasuke should have won.


>>136722224you still gave him a you

>>136722461>I think sasuke should have wonIt's debatable that Sasuke lost. He didn't become Hokage, but he's a better father than Naruto and still a better shinobi, also cucked Naruto by keeping Sakura. Sasuke 2.0 will win. Konoha has been due a collapse for a while.

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>>136721411is this from melbourne?


>>136722596Yeah. It's around Coburg I believe.

Woof, woff woff..

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God Naruto is shit>Naruto himself is annoying and unlikable>Sasuke is an irredeemable edgy cunt >Sakura is useless and only exists to get fucked

>>136722461Nigger, they had TV's, CCTV's, Radios and even fucking guns on part 1.It's not their fault you're a dumb speedwatcher.

>>136722346this is actually hilarious.Imagine a show doing this>how the hell are we getting down from hereand then they never do and never appear in any later episodes except the final one where they are just two rotting bodies stuck on a roof.that'd be freaking hilarious.

>>136721411Is that kojima?

>>136722724>Nigger, they had TV's, CCTV's, Radios and even fucking guns on part 1.guns really? i thought that was only in the pilot manga.

>>136721411>post a thread like this on /a/ - Anime & Manga>get publicly banned>post this on Holla Forums - Television & Film>no problemwhat did they mean by this?

>>136723016Literally in the first arc.

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>>136723143/a/ are a bunch of joyless cunts who still think 4chan has standards

>>136723016youre a retard

>>136723323>>136723272never read naruto :^)

>>136723143further proof that Holla Forums is the true successor of the 1000-year 4chan legacy


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>>136722346honestly pretty cool

>>136723511I just wish Holla Forums would leave TV alone. I don't need to hear about the zionist conspiracy and feminist agenda every second of the day. Sometimes I just wanna talk about kino

>>136722342Better than BLM, ACAB and the face of George Floyd painted everywhere

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>>136722678pinche kek

>>136722891Maybe if you love reddit.

>>136723564>Chapotranny larping as a Holla Forums native You faggots are the ones who shill your blacked /lgbt/ and whatever nonsense you post on blueboards then except no retaliation?Fuck you nigger you're literally raiding /his/ /lit/ and even /ck/

>>136723569Are there any depths capitalism wont sink to? A truly grim image.

>>136722724So what they rarely used any of that shit except radios occasionally. Still had the old Japanese style instead of cellphone shit. You knew that though and you were just being a fuckwit.

Reminder that Orochimaru got away with everything LMAO

>>136723654I literally only use Holla Forums and occasionally Holla Forums. Leave your politics at the door user, you're the only one bringing them in.

I hate women sooo much

>>136723654/pol/edditors aren't Holla Forums "natives", fuck offI remember Holla Forums when Bush was president. All the board cared about politics then was talking shit about Republicans. Hell you could even discuss Band of Brothers without people crying for the Nazis or sharing their flat earth holocaust denial infographics.

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>>136723761If you use Holla Forums you need to stay there and fuck off from every other board you fucking 17 year old retard.

>>136723854the people who obsess over the inter-board politics on this site are the worst. Who cares, user. Stop subjecting everyone to your autism

>>136723843>reddit spacing tranny makes up bullshit Lmao Holla Forums wasn't even a board until Obama was president nigger. Dilate>>136723952Kill yourself, literal retard.

>>136723843Ah yes reddit the nazi white supremacist,Kek who are leftypol trannies even deluding?>>136723761Yeah sure you do

>>136721785Man I loved Naruto but after filler hell I never got back into it, and starting with Shippuuden which is fucking 500 episodes is something I'm not gonna bother with. Now I can't stand most shonen shit because it's so often literal children's cartoons.That said I started watching Hunter X Hunter (2011) and it's really good. >>136722158Who says it will ever get good?

>>136724113>Who says it will ever get good?youtube.com/watch?v=EdCUezHQERcIt'll have to go 'Boruto: Shippuden' because the current mood of Boruto doesn't match that scene at all.

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>>136724090Yes reddit the original home of r/incels and r/thedonald.

>>136721411big chungus

>>136724010Could you make it any more obvious you're a newfag?

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>>136724209god that art is shit

>>136722891are you kidding, that movie about las vegas did it and it was shit, fuck off you fucking retard, I bet you are female

>>136724260And r/chapotraphouse and various communist subreddits that you should go back to

>>136724113of those 500 episodes only like 250 of them are canon so it's not as bad as you think, just search "naruto filler guide" in google and it shows you exactly what episodes to skip if you ever decide to watch it. HxH is a much higher quality series as a whole but it's still just shounen, albeit much more competent and subversive writing. HxH doesn't really hit its stride till like 30-40 episodes in though. I really do like the first half of shippuuden just about as much as the original Naruto but, I always lose interest in the 2nd half

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>>136722342I honestly like graffiti like that. Random tags I don't really give a shit about one way or another, but when they actually do something, even if it's a meme, I like it. Better than just a plain wall.

>>136724090>>136723952>>136724010>>136723843Does anyone know the video where a discord tranny confesses of spamming gay CP in leftist and "hateful" subreddits?

>>136724440I was here before reddit existed you election tourist, stop projecting.

>>136723762Unfathomably based.

>>136724520I don't even like Jewish /ptg/ faggots you leftypol retard

>>136724445To be honest, one thing I really liked about HxH was how the Hunter Exam arc felt a lot like the ninja exam arc in Naruto, so I didn't mind that it took a while to pick up, it was really nostalgic for me without making me have to rewatch all of Naruto. Maybe I will give Shippuuden another chance but when I look at filler lists the majority of episodes is still listed as 'manga canon' or 'mixed canon'.

>>136723272Really nigger? A small detail in a single panel in the early chapters out of like 800+? You think anyone would remember that? I don't think there are that many literal autists like you that can remember every single detail in a long running manga series.

>naruto has 70 eps of filler between the last 2 eps

>>136724684It's worth noting that HxH started before Naruto did as well if you didn't already know..HxHs exam arc was finished a few years before Naruto's. I like both but people do bitch that Naruto's author borrowed a lot of ideas from HxH