Why do so many people hate this man?

Why do so many people hate this man?

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>>136719655he's soulless

>>136719655da joossss

>>136719655Is he ashamed of 8 crazy nights, you think?

>>136719655>Jew loves free shitSomeone stop the internet presses

he's a good encapsulation of how the movie industry has just given up

>>136720035If he was capable of shame he’d kill himself after Little Nicky.

>>136719655I cannot figure out Adam Sandler. He makes some of the shittiest movies out there, yet every once and a while he releases pure kino. Seems like a cool guy too.

Cheap scheming Jew gets free shit from his paypig goyims.Truly a noble man.

>>136719655he's an underrated genius

>>136720114because movies he makes are soulless cash grabsyet certain directors realize that under very specific conditions and in specific roles, hes good

>>136720129This. Ridiculous Six = film of the decade.

>>136719655>shit movies>jewone of these

>>136719655good question. I hate kikes, but I still adore Adam Sandler. I am not a big fan of his billy madison/happy gilmore slop, but wedding singer is an American treasure. also, that's my boy is criminally underrated. Same with click.

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>>136719816This, he made some pretty clever pro-Mossad propaganda, twisting it so the Palestinians weren’t the bad guys but evil white raycists.

>>136719655I dont think many ppl hate him..just see him as what he is..a bad actor most of the time. His personality may be very likable but for obvious reason as an actor he never had the biggest fanbase

>>136719655Because unlike the muscular Rock roles, or the calm and collected Statham roles, or the ruthless De Niro roles, or the fearless Cruise roles, or even the tragic Keanu roles, Adam Sandler is just your everyday guy and midwits don't like that about him. There's literally nothing wrong with liking him for being himself. Granted, that means he can only star in lower-middle class quality films, but a true connoisseur would look past the target demographic to enjoy a film

>>136719655>decent musical stand up as SNL cast member>wrote and starred in a bunch of legitimately great 90's comedies>excellent dramatic performances in PTA and Safdie Brothers films>makes millions in between by phoning it in for countless soulless shit comedy cashgrabs>still seems like a genuinely nice guyI like him

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>>136719655He seems like a decent guy who happens to be Jewish as hell, is aware of that, and uses that to do whatever the fuck he wants in Hollywood because he can. I’d hang out with him.

Well that’s great, any non-jews want to chime in or is it Tel Aviv hours for the rest of the thread?


>>136719655Because his jokes suck. His movies are lazy. And he is just an old dude-bro making gay jokes because all his coke binge buddies are miserable ass holes.

>>136719655>he wore a shirt that he got for freeoh wow what a great human being, i love him now


not all movies you have to attentively follow. some can just be a huge montage of cool scenes or over the top childish comedy that you can watch while chatting someone trying to get laid or as background while trying ot make a move. in other words, have sex incels

>>136719816>hurr durr da jooz dindu nuffin

>>136720408most sensible post itt

>>136720408>>136720736>muh skekels but unironically


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>>136720123Yeah what a huge piece of shit. He should be spending his money on designer clothing and fancy watches

>>136719764He actually isn't soulless. He's capable of making movies with soul it's just that he's lazy and unimaginative so 9/10 of his movies are total fucking garbage, but they sell so he keeps making them.


>>136720207Bro holy shit same take here. I hate kikes but actually adam sandler humor is for the most part tame and conservative. Not that I don't find some subversive jewish funny on occasion it's just played out. I think adam sandler movies are harmless there is a charm to his older movies.

>>136721248>He's capable of making movies with soulno he just acts in them

>>136721348Like the other guy said I think wedding singer has soul to it. Unless you just think no comedies have any soul.


I used to hate him. But then I realized a he does is jew the Hollywood system and jew big corporations into giving him money so he can in turn give his boys some cash.

half the fun of his movies is how all his real life friends show up for shenanigans

>>136719655he makes shit films set in exotic locations so he can drain rich hollywood jews of their moneyhe's based

>>136721402>>136721388This is also a based take because what's better than getting to make movies with your IRL friends for fun and insane profit? He's actually just living the dream and his products are not harmful to society or offensive.

We all agree That's My Boy was great, right?

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>>136721436>so he can drain nostalgic American moviegoers of their moneyFtfy

this actually made me tear upyoutube.com/watch?v=Tp2qkhHU0Mw

>>136719655how does wearing a shirt you were given for free make you a good person? not saying it makes you a bad one but it's not that big of a deal

>>136721602This was good.

>>136721248Sounds like any other guy on the streetA tiny soul

>>136719655Unironically jealousy

>>136720634fuck off, man

>>136721614This kind of shit gives you reddit upboats. Reddit likes to pretend they are about being genuine by liking shit like this. It really says nothing in particular about the person but reddit tier people like to imagine stuff like this makes that guy a good person. This is the reason why they love keanu reeves so much. I like keanu reeves, but they have created a weird cult of personality around him where he's ascended to a flawless super being. It's actually kind of sickening.

>>136719655Jealousy, he literally gets paid millions to goof around on camera with his buds. He's proven he can also star in kino when he wants.youtu.be/ihalG3Rw_QA

>>136721535well, that's an unavoidable side effect. he makes sure to target only the idiots who unironically enjoy his lowbrow movies

>>136720207>i'm racist and i think i'm smart therefore it's something high iq people actually think

I worked as a featured extra in Blended (yes, I know it wasn't very good), and he was so nice to everyone. He was the first one on set everyday and the last one to leave, but he would ALWAYS speak to and spend time with us extras...when on most sets, most big stars snub their nose at you. We were scorching in the GA sun for 14 hours a day, but he made it fun and bearable, making jokes and treating us as equals. He took pictures with everyone he could, and went out to greet the fans that were on the outskirts of the set every single day...making sure to sign autographs, be funny, and speak to each person he could even after a long, sweaty day in the heat. Yes, I know his movies used to be way funnier, but he is a heck of a good guy and he does put his all into his work.

>>136721439That and he seems to have a decent family life. Adam is literally the goal of every average motherfucker like us. >Making non serious movies that you hardly have to act in while simultaneously making decent money and actually spending time with through bros through your craft while also having a supportive wife and 2 daughtersThis nigga made it, idc what anyone says. Sure his jewness may have had a hand in that, but it's not like he used it to elevate himself to king jew status

>>136719816>>136720062>>136720123>>136720163>>136720207I didn’t even know Adam Sandler was Jew until this post Is it that obvious?I have always thought Jews look the same as us (average european) unless they are walking stereotypes like Orthodox Jews

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>>136721851You know he had to do it to 'em

>>136721744anon-san, you... secretly love reddit, don't you?

>>136720099Why would he kill himself after making a great film?

>>136721839It's insanely obvious user your jewdar is defective.>>136721830He's based as fuck and he's proven that as an actor he can make kino whenever the fuck he wants to he'd just rather have fun most of the time. He's basically your average "Let's make a video" bro but on a massive industrial level.

>>136721839Youd be surprised how many Jews dont give a fuck about looking Jewish

>>136721886No I just hang out with alot of redditors so I know all their weird little ins and outs.

>>136721774t. Completely average npc

>>136721602respectable. on a tangent, how the hell did a guy like farley ever learn to cartwheel/flip/ice skate?

>>136721920I thought they cared Lots of jews (along with other European immigrants) changed their last names in the 19th century when they came to America

>>136721886also what's up bill nye the FBI guy!

>>136719655Adam is based. even his worst movies have a kind of lazy charm to them

>>136719655zoomers just don't understandhe's from a different era>youtube.com/watch?v=gFNz6dMJX9Q

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>>136722025I didn't see his shitty netflix western but I would bet that it was more entertaining than seth mcfarlanes contemporary western comedy.

>>136721839>I didn’t even know Adam Sandler was Jew until this post

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>>136719655He seems like a cool guy. I'd be pretty thrilled to meet him in real life desu senpai.

>>136722090He also literally played a character called I shit you not. Sheky Moscowitz.

>yfw Wedding Singer is Sandler's best comedy

>>136721482Imagine a movie depicting a male teacher in his 20s fucking a 12 year old girl. That shit movie was pure degeneracy.

>>136721779Adam, why was Funny people not very funny?

Imagine schlepping for this crap on a Ching Chong ding dong cartoon board for free.

>>136721779Fresh pasta?

Shit now I wanna watch Big DaddySums pretty well where I'm at in my life atm

>>136721975he was an athletic fatty. played ball, you know.

>>136722192>Beau Pere (1981)

>>136722283big daddy is Sandler's best movie

>>136720114>>136720143Recommend me some Sandler kino. No Uncut Gems

>>136719655So that's why Adam Sandler is always awful graphic t-shirts.

>>136719655zoomers can't understand that not everything is about flexing, america is fucked

>>136722442Punch drunk love

>>136722442Punch Drunk LoveLittle NickyThat's my BoyUncut Gems because fuck you faggot you're not the boss of me.

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My mom loves jack and jill

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>>136719655Adam seems like a genuine guy, like him for that. Just dislike his lazy, shitty movies.

>>136721774t. low iq leftie

>>136719655>Why do so many people hate this man?Because there are millions of people who are funnier and more talented than he is but they’ll never get the breaks he got. You indulge in garbage and it will replace something good you never got experience.

>>136722549>it will replace something good you never got experience.that's bullshit you huge faggot


>>136722594Keep slurping down shit and telling me it is good.

>>136720035I loved that movie.>>136719655Dunno, I legit like him

>>136719816Please just go back, faggot.

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>>136721602pure kino

>>136722777>pure digits

>>136719655Because he is just out there having fun and people hate that. He isn’t trying to make the next DEEP and ARTSY film, he just wants to make people laugh with fart jokes and shit.He literally just makes fun movies with his bros and rakes in cash for it. I wish I could live like that.He also seems just like a swell guy, friendly, funny and here to have a good time.Movie people are jealous of him

>>136723052>they hate him cuz they is jealousYou wish

>>136722090this movie is pure pleb filter

>>136722520this image beckons to me

>>136722442Happy Gilmore

Click was good

>>136723052People did the same shit to Robin Williams.

>>136721839Dude looks Semetic as fuck. When you see a guy like that and he doesn't have an Italian or Spanish surname you can assume he's a Jew. Especially when he's in Hollywood, from New York, makes a cartoon for Jews