What's the most Cyberpunk movie that isn't Blade Runner/2049?

What's the most Cyberpunk movie that isn't Blade Runner/2049?

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>>136718553Upcoming 2077 anime.

The Running Man

yall mother fuckers dont understand the meaning of the suffix "-punk"

>>136718553>>136718846How did this shit get shilled so hard on /v?It has looked so mediocre from the get go and there's literally no selling point other than the aesthetic.

>>136718935because cd project is making this

>>136718935>there's literally no selling point other than the aesthetic.You forgot the Keanu effect. It's breathtaking.


>>136719118As far as 2020/2077 goes... he's not wrong.

>>136719118>>136719149dredd isnt cyberpunk, you cybercucks

>>136718935it's cause of the first trailer to the game, which actually looked kinohowever, it turned out to have nothing to do with the actual game itself since CDPR was still in early development and told the trailer studio, Platige Image, to come up with a trailer to hype up the game for E3

>>136719084no u, user

>>136718553Strange Days?Also, honorable mention of Emilio Estevez's Repo Man. It doesn't quite have the cyber, but it definitely has the punk.


>>136718935>shilled hard on Holla ForumsDo we browse the same board? I've seen nothing but eternal shitpost wars and sunposting

and maybe Silent Running as wellbut these are better

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>>136718553Alita Battle Angel

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>>136718553>2049?theres nothing punk about it

>>136720594More noir than punk.

>>136720545how are these even cyberpunk? you are retarded

>>136720705they're retropunk MKULTRA

>>136720594characters are literally fighting authority and a megacorporation. that is literally what makes "cyberpunk" punk


>>136720731>retropunkhow does this genre work exactly? how are they "retropunk"

>>136718553Ghost in the shell

>>136720803psychedelics and analog technologies used to control or manipulate a public go awry and protagonist undoes them either by being better at manipulating the technology or through ragesilent running is the same thing but he just blows up/jettisons his crewmates

>>136720905and how does these two movies you posted relate to that concept? mandy does not fit that definition at all. frankly i think its a made up genre that pretentious fags like to use like "rocketpunk" and "cowboypunk" similar to how music fags talk about "witch house" and "psychobilly dark rave"

>>136720669>>136720742>fancy way of saying bad

>>136721008maybe you should watch them and ask yourself as I won't spoil them for you

>>136721098ive seen them and in mandy nic cage is not fighting authority or a company he is fighting a group of weird mother fuckers on drugstheres nothing -punk about it even made up "retropunk" reallyi havent seen btbr so maybe you are onto something there but i doubt its any good

>>136721190ignore him bro. the films have unique cinematography which faggot equate to genre because retards

>>136718911what kind of absolute fucking head under a rock retard has never heard of cyberpunk? you complete and utter waste of skin.

>>136721253lmao i know those movies are filmed in a certain way to give a pretense that they are something more than they actually are. thats why i said the term "retropunk" sounded pretentious.

>>136721324they're really good if you aren't some filmschool wannabe fuckshit plotfag

>>136721315read the thread and maybe you will learn how offbase people are when it comes to genres with the "-punk" suffix you idiot. you zoomers should try to skim over an entire thread before posting you butthurt crying.

>>136721359beyond the black rainbow honestly looks like pretentious garbage that some tryhard faggot would watch to feel like he is experiencing kino and i will never waste my time watching that shit.

>>136721364>you zoomersthats so boomer-punk of you bruh

>>136721404zoomers would be the "boomerpunks". jeeze man can you get anymore wrong and bluepilled?


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sad to say it, but it's pic related

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>>136718553alita batle angle

>>136721422there's so many layers, its like pottery>>136721403what's going on, big guy? You ok?

>>136721492>batle anglethis is why we can't have nice things bros

>hyped for Cybertranny 2020 Can you get any more cum-guzzling?

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>>136721494this is a particularly bad low quality butthurt post

>>136721533sorry alita; batle angle

>>136721538this>>136721541I don't even know who I'm responding too, this board needs post ids like Holla Forums

>>136721492>>136721533>>136721550>Battle Angle

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alida cattle bagel

>>136721613canada: bagel naval

Not surprised this hasn't been posted yet since 4chin is now just an extension of red1t for zoomers, but pic related.

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>>136721574can you please stop posting low quality posts from your phone and join in on the actual discussion instead of mass replying like a petulant child or did you resign that after getting btfo'd? if so, stop posting.

>>136721668projection: autism angle

>>136721663>pic related.wait what?


a-1337-ah nipple facial

>>136721729are you saying that movie is cyberpunk, user?what exactly are you saying, I don't speak autist.

>>136718553Unfortunately I'd say it's probably Johnny Mnemonic.

>>136721702>no ustop posting anytime

>>136721738alabaster: tickle nasal

>>136718553Elysium, it even nails the horrifying ending.

>>136721799>it even nails the horrifying ending.>poor browns win in the endtruly

Demolition Man

>>136721765this is literally the only correct on topic post in the entire thread, thanks bro

>>136721790khalifa rattle hazel

>>136720742I think he's mixing up the regular cyberpunk genre w/ cinematic cyberpunk.

total recall remake

>>136721842Amiga lantern mango

>>136721843>mixing up the regular cyberpunk genre w/ cinematic cyberpunk.stop trying to make excuses for dumbasses and stop saying dumbass things while youre at it

>>136718625This is secretly pleb filter as fuck

>>136718553Pretty much any movie that takes place present day. Not as cool as some of thought it might be.

>>136721766Why the fuck are you two so angry with each other? You’re both acting like a couple of riled up niggers, and nobody thinks it’s cute. Break it up.

>>136721663You must have meant to post Escape from New York. You're welcome.

>>136721843I think you're mixing up being a pedantic cunt with being intelligent

>>136721905>you two>only replies to one personhmm i wonder who could be behind this post.. obviously couldnt be a samefag lmao

>>136721814Did you ever wonder why the magical healing machines weren't already in mass use on earth? Or how many will be functional five years later?How about the people who designed and made them? What happens to those people in the ending?See it's the deep horror, the irreversible destruction of humanity through blind charity. That's the real cyberpunk ending.

>>136721915the fog really nails the cyberpunk aesthetic, especially the scenes with the priest

>>136721876vegata power ranger

>>136721916Hey, I hate that the cinematic genre of cyberpunk was too lazy to come up with its own term as much as the next guy, but it exists. What really gets me is the reverse where they think cyberpunk has to be influenced by film noir, that's annoying as hell.

>>136718935Because the only competition as far as story driven first person open world RPGs go are Bethesda's Elder Scrolls and Fallout, which just happen to be hot garbage.

>>136721961that was exactly my point, I wasn't being ironic

>>136721994 >vegeta power rangerdamn that's a good one

>>136721936I mean you and the other loser who have nothing better to do; just calm the fuck down and be civil, where does this anger come from, seriously user.

>>136721996I'm too physically attractive to care


>>136721994charizo pattern mangle

>>136721702>>136722039>samefagging in 2020>"u mad XD calm down bro why u so mad?!"

>>136722077Literally a Judge Dredd anthology story.

>>136722077>>136722133kek is here! kek is with us! watch hardware everybody!

>>136722093i already won with "vegeta power ranger" bruh but we can keep this going if you want to redeem yourselflakeesha wittle table

>>136722151god damnit Richard Stanley go away, youre drunk again

>>136722184Umm.... pretty sure Stanley went back up a mountain to write Dunwich, user.

>>136722022Oh yeah, ok. My point was the poor browns are fucked too.

>>136722243wrong, I walk among you

>>136722253>the poor browns are fucked tooright, I assumed that was an obvious assumption between two learned gentlemen, but I digress

>>136718553I just want more blade runner type movies since Hollywood is absolutely fucked this game is the closest I can get regarding my fantasy requirements. Plus I can download the no trannies and blacks mod while I make my character a god listening to my favorite vaporwave...

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>>136722354>Plus I can download the no trannies and blacks modholy shit, I'm starting a gofundme for this

GiTS or Akira


>>136718553Uniroinclly the matrix

>>136718553Probably Robocop user as it has the least shitty hipster soifag retro loving so called "vaporware" style to it. That shitty synth style was bad in the 80's and it 1000 times worse now, not that soifags would know that as they were still swimming around in their daddy's ballbag back then lol.

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>>136723250you sound like a dumb ass

>>136718553Tetsuo the iron man.

>>136723404Speak for yourself lol.

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>>136723504Naw he's right, you sound like a dumbass.

>>136723524It'll be interesting when you get diagnosed with testicular cancer from wearing skinny jeans hey soifag lol.

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>>136723696bold strategy doubling down on the retarded shit

>>136722400Do it

Judge Dredd 1996Now that a few years have passed, I think it's better than the remake. It captured the setting almost to a tThe 2012 movie is better for its action but they fell short with the setting

>>136723798Tight fitting pants can cause testicular or prostate cancer, look it up soifag. Sleep tight lol.

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>>136723912>look it upweird hill to die on ngl but there is no scientific connection. i understand a retard like you doesnt basd his beliefs off of science so im just gunna drop this convo altogether

>>136718625first post surprisingly based post>>136718553The Matrix is the epitome of cyber punk

>>136723967Ok don't look it up then and I understand why you don't want to look it up and drop the "convo" as ignorance is bliss when you've been wearing skinny jeans as long as you have soifag lol.

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Tron of course

>>1367238952012 was low budget and made during the gray+brown 2000s aesthetic. The first 10 minutes of 1995 is basically perfect, though it's downhill from there with a few exceptions

>>136723895>better than the remake.>than the remake.>the remake.>remake.

I thought about buying a Cyberpunk limited edition Xbone because it looked cool. $550! Fuck Microsoft and Jews.

>>136718553Dark city Brazil

>>136724546why would you buy an outdated console when the new shit is about to drop cant outjew the jews bruh, they gon jew ya