>sequel is so bad it retroactively hurts your enjoyment of the first filmWhat's her name, Holla Forums?

>sequel is so bad it retroactively hurts your enjoyment of the first filmWhat's her name, Holla Forums?

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every fast and furious movie after Tokyo Drift

Equalizer 2, fuck that was bad

>>136718539Does GoT count? I literally cant rewatch it.


>>136718539Mummy Returns. Copy-paste rehash that ruins the core of previous film.


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I watched it even though I was warned not to and I feel nothing but regret. Didn't even make it all the way through.

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Terminator 2

>>136718666Pretty much any direct to VHS kid's movie sequel falls into this category

>>136718701That is the best film in the entire franchine

>>136718701Based answer. You're going to piss off a lot of T2 babbies, but I'm sure you already know that.

>>136718740It's better though.

>>136718539Aliens>terrifying killer to cannon fodder

The Matrix

>>136718757In what way, other than better special effects due to the larger budget? The first one was a great horror film, T2 is a decent family action film. Literally the only noteworthy thing about it is the T1000.


Taken 2Little white girl tossing grenades on rooftops in Istanbul for echo location

>>136718539Avatar 4

>>136718539Transformers 3 since it makes the relationship between Shia and Megan Fox's characters seem insignificant (it opens with her being replaced in a meta-joke) and by doing so it shit on the legacy of the first two movies. The Bay series never really recovered for me after the beginning of T3 despite having some good moments.

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>ex breaks up with me>she decides to dedicate herself to the gym (like I was praying for)>now I coom to her gymab selfiesNot based.

>>136718772Alien is one of those weird franchises that reinvents itself every single film like Halloween.

>>136718772I like Aliens alot, but I agree with this. I wish Aliens would have been a different breed or something. Alien Isolation was at least a pretty good Alien 1 tier spook

>>136718772Okay I understand liking Alien more but Aliens absolutely does not ruin the first. Everything that came after it did that.

>>136718539Toy Story 2

men in black 2Independence day 2 matrix 2

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>>136718539Star Wars sequel trilogy. Unironically hurts to know that after the happy hopeful ending of RotJ it all turns to complete shit

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terminator 3 Austen powers 3

Pacific Rim

>>136719506Ruined it isn't the right word, but it definitely made the Alien much less terrifying which makes the original a lot less enjoyable knowing that the movie would be solved if they had a gun

>>136718539The Legend of Korra

>>136719586This. I wasn't a huge Star Wars fan, but I did enjoy most of the movies and to some degree and a lot of the EU. After the ST, I don't even care about Star Wars anymore. I have a few books I like, but besides that I'm done with the franchise.

>>136718701This was actually the first thing I thought of too. But it's hardly the worst movie and it definitely can't ruin the original for me. But it's so thoroughly inferior it's probably the most confusing common answer to "sequels that are better than the originals" there is.

>>136718772Horrible answer>>136719506This

>>136719006Nah the first one was all that was needed.

>>136719013Nice blog normalfag back to twitter with you

>>136718539Beware The BlobTremorsThe Sandlot JawsAnaconda CasperShrek Back To The FutureThe Brave Little ToasterThe Terminator

The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Rise of Skywalker had nothing of value left to ruin.

>>136718539the force awakens and follow up movies made me hate star wars, I can't even watch the originals anymore.

>>136719006blame Megan Fox for being a bitch

>>136719513>Independence day 2What? Do you mean a sequel to that alien invasion movie? With Bill Pull man and Will Smith? I didn't know this had a sequel at all.

>>136719513independence day 2 was quite literally the worst movie I have ever seen in a theater. Sure ive seen some turds, but I never payed for them. Actually walked out when the queen arrived. Only movie ever to this day I walked out of

I was so fucking dissapointed

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>>136718581Didnt seem like a movie that needed or would get a sequel. Only sequel Denzel ever did afaik. Strange.

>>136718701It's not a bad movie but it does shit all over the first one and the premise of it, and paved the way for all the shit sequels since it.I'd say this is a fair answer.

Sicario 2. I cant take Alejandro seriously in the first film anymore, I just picture that goofy bumpfiring scene and his corny ass "so you want to be a Sicario: Day of the Soldado?" line.

>>136720157the series was already irreparably ruined when they decided to make Big Daddy a good guy.

Zoolander 2Dumb and Dumber ToBad Cop Bon Cop 2Mission Impossible (not bad but I watched the tv show as a kid and it ruined that)The Hangover Part 3 (first two were good but this was really stale and a blatant cash grab)

>>136720084Will Smith isn't in it. He was doing Suicide Squad or whatever so he turned it down. Like 10 minutes into the movie there's a line where they say something like "yeah he died in a training accident, fucking RIP amirite"

PredatorThe mummyThe empire strikes backTransformersHarry potterJewmanjiToystory 2Lord of the rings Pet cemeteryRockyForce awakensBack to the future

>>136720661Pet Cemetery 2 was a mess

>>136718607was about to post GoT as well

>>136720024>Megan Fox makes a joke (read JOKE) about Michael Bay acting like hitler on set>Michael Bay doesn’t fucking care>Stephen Spielberg does>Stephen makes a bunch of calls and blacklists Megan for years>LOL SHE WAS BEING A BITCH

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>>136718800tend to agree, however it worked as a babby's first philosophical dive for me. A shallow dive, but a dive none the less.

>>136718539Twin Peaks revival.

>>136720861L Y N C H E DYNCHED

>>136718910>doesnt bring location grenades when you go to a amusement park or new city with your family incase you get seperated.Your probably one of those faggots that has to get their name called over intercom at grocery store

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Come at me motherfuckers! COME AT ME!

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>>136719682Cujo could've been solved with a gun, so could any manner of slasher films, I don't think that makes it any less tense or thrilling.

>>136718607>>136720734it's such a shame, it really was a fantastic series up until the last couple seasons.

>>136721041All of the Godfather movies are bad.

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Although it's the third move the Dark Knight Rises still hurts my enjoyment of the Dark Knight. It's what happens when a director doesn't want to make a third movie but the studio pushes him to for the cash grab and the whole movie gets phoned in.

>>136721050KEK I was thinking of Star Wars. The prequels didn't really ruin much but the sequels made me stop liking the franchise as a whole.

>>136718539Good question, I don't have a ready answer. I 'll make some food and think about it.

john wick 3. 2 was ok, but not necessary. Would of been better if just left alone after the first one great ending. 3 just ruined everything for me

>>136719993Same here I honestly kind of liked force awakens despite how lazy it was. TLJ killed that. I kind of liked rise too just as like a shitty fanfic tier thing and I love palp but yeah, tlj.

>>136718539Highlander 2Star Trek: Into DarknessExorcist IICrocodile Dundee in Los AngelesThe Sting IIAny Jaws sequel

>>136718539Gremlins 2

>>136718539any terminator after 2

>>136718539>Hey faggot how about getting a real kid lol like a son>But I have both already>LOL NO YOU DON'T YOU IDORT

>>136718539None. I don't have trouble pretending sequels don't exist.

>>136719513>>136720126SameFucking trash, disgrace to the 90s ultra hollywood blast fest. Sucksman.

>>136720084>>136720126>>136721827Quite the worst blockbuster I've seen. And that including even shitty capeshit or other garbage. Independence Day 2 holds the top spot for the worst experience. Having budget and resources, the results were below any expectations. 1st movie wasn't great masterpiece but it was okay.

>>136718607Yeah, going to have to agree with this one. Can't rewatch the older seasons any more

>>136720661Mummy 2 isn’t great but it’s an eminently acceptable popcorn flick. Now George of the Jungle 2, there was a fucking mishap


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boondock saintsi know it wasn't great but jesus christ the sequel was bad

>>136718772Oh jeeze, the terrifying killer was only that way because he was terrifying an unarmed, untrained crew. Did you want the marines to throw rocks at them to keep it terrifying?

>>136720661toy story 2 is the best one in the series you retard

Frozen 2

>>136722379that was so bad I forgot it existed


>Highlander 2 never happened

>>136718800Matrix 3 ruins matrix and matrix 2.

>>136721081>until the last couple of seasonsare you on crack?, it was waaay before that, the only kino seasons are the first 2, the third one being decent

>>136721352I see your point, but 3 doesn't change the first two movies for me (I love both, btw).I can't deny 3 hurts what comes next because it's almost a comedy while the previous movies are dark neo-noir.


>>136721352>the first john wick >great endingWhy did he break into a dog pound and save a pitbull for no reason?

>>136723063Golden Circle would have been better if they didn't kill off Sofia in the first

>>136719586I try to ignore it but the memories of Han, Luke and Leia dying in the sequels stay stuck in my head with ROTJ.Thanks Disney.

>>136718539Unironically the Last of Us 2.

>>136718757they are two completely different films. one is a brooding sci fi slasher and the other is an improperly rated pg action film that dad and son can enjoy together

Batman v Superman

>>136722845without the politics it could have been great. they ruined anna more than elsa.

>>136721395TFA was bland, boring, and badly written. It was the true movie that sunk the ST and your opinion is shit.


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>>136722447Oh uhm. Well then i lioe ts 1 and 2 but after 2 it sucked

>>136721299heat's fault for dying

>>136719663>Pacific Rimyeps

>>136718539That almost never happens to me. Instead I find more appreciation for the first movie and end up hating the sequel far more.


>>136721028It's strange to notice that every subsequent film that Kevin Smith made after Clerks gets worse and worse and worse. It truly was his best movie.

>>136718740>>136718701I used to thing T2 was the best, but went back and really watched the first again. A fuckin classic right there.Wouldn't say it ruins the viewing experience of the first.

>>136721682Kill yourself, you are a soda brained retard.

>>136724545fuck you