Imagine living like Rust

Imagine living like Rust.

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>>136715843don't have to chief

>>136715843Don’t have to imagine it. I’ve been living the same way since 2013. Had a gf in 2016 for a short time but fizzled out

>>136715843yea no way. imagine working. i'm only 29, not the time for that

>>136715906women are staying single as well, whats happening?

>>136715843That's a little too unrealistic. I mean could you imagine? I certainly can't haha

>>136715973Men in general today are just too pathetic to bother with.

>>136715843you don't need a woman in your life complicating things

>>136715973men are becoming more disenfranchised, and as a result you get >>136716015

>>136715843>having a job, a gf and a homepie in the sky stuff

>>136715843haha that would be totally crazy

Work is more interesting than women

>>136716015What does that mean? too poor? too soft?

I'm so lonely.Sometimes i like to watch twitch/youtube couples videos, stupid shit they do together. Seeing someone genuinely in love with each other makes me glow for a while, kinda makes you forget for a short time.

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Currently on a three day binge. It's 4 in the morning, but here we are.

>>136715843I would have been around 19 the year Matthew McConaughy was born. I have never felt a woman’s embrace. Saw some cool concert though.

>>136716015and women aren't?

I'm working from home through at least the end of August so I don't even get to go to work and then home anymore. My mental state is deteriorating.

>>136716197that doesn't preclude men from being pathetic, men are weak and try to be "good boys" too much

>>136715843literally me except i lost my job

>>136716133Yeah I get that. I'm not even jealous of them, I'm happy for them and I just want that for myself.

>>136716265>men are weak and try to be "good boys" too muchand what does that mean exactly?

I’d hardly call it living.

>>136716312That men need to go back and beat the shit out of women once again.

>>136716312>and what does that mean exactly?if you have to ask...

>>136716197Both can be true simultaneously you dichotomic dolt

>>136716305>I'm happy for themI genuinely don't understand this mentality.

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>>136716312They try too hard not to get ridiculed and are afraid of transgressions and being bold in most aspects of life.

>>136716265why bother to improve yourself if your supposed counterparts are literal trash that you should stay away from?oh right for yourselfand if you fell you're fine as Is you have no further argument

>>136716404What do you mean?

>>136716404You might not have empathy then.

>>136715843>girl i work with said hello to me today without me saying hi first>she then said goodbye to me when we left without me saying goodbye firstodd feeling

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>>136716504I don't get it. They're already living the good life, why give a pat on the back for it? How can you be happy that someone is happier than you? I don't exactly envy others for their position or wish to rain on their parade, by why be happy for them? It baffles me.

>>136716507not him butcognitive empathy and emotional empathy are two different thingsfirst is a sign of adequate intelligence while later is a sign of being a woman

>>136715843It's an idyllic life. Just work and go home and do your own thing.


>>136715843Haha yeah thatd be crazy. poor bastard, be even crazier if literally EVERYONE he knew had a partner except him. Third wheeling every single time haha what a sad life. seeing everyone getting ready for the next chapter in their lives while he hasn't grown at all

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>>136716165Jesus Christ you're 70 years old?


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>>136716699>seeing everyone getting ready for the next chapter in their lives while he hasn't grown at allThis is what hurts the most. I can frankly live without a gf but I still feel like I'm missing out on some important milestone or stage of life. I don't necessarily want one but it feels like I should already have one and that I'm a freak because I don't.

>>136716625From my perspective, I would say there's no reason not to be happy for them and so I am. They've achieved something that I haven't and would like to so I recognize that.

>>136716821Part of me feels like I need to have a hundred kids. I don't want kids, I don't even know if I want a lasting relationship with another woman sometimes. I don't feel like a failure for any of it, but it makes me feel a little incomplete.

Is it possible to kill God?

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>>136715843where did they film this?

>>136716861I suppose that's alright. But I don't feel the need to do so and if anything feels wrong to me. I can imagine putting myself in their shoes, but I don't exactly care about their achievements. I only care about my own and those close to me. I guess it wouldn't hurt to give your line of thinking a chance. Maybe I'll be a less bitter defeatist.

>>136716869I definitely want kids but I don't really need a significant other. I can't picture myself sharing any real affection or intimacy with another person. I'm emotionally retarded and sometimes I suspect I'm autistic or have some other mental disorder that makes it hard for me to feel empathy and relate to other people.

>>136716975Good luck with that man. We're all gonna make it.

>>136716312It means nothing, these types of criticisms are kept vague as possible.

I literally can’t. I actively try to remain single between girlfriends as long as possible and just fuck around but I keep falling in love by accident.

>>136716265Soys are definitely a thing, but the natural-born betas who are aware of it and try to emulate alpha behaviour are much more of a nuisance. Obnoxious retards who refuse to understand how pathetic and transparent they are to everyone around them.

>>136716404You have autism

>>136715843if only one of the 55 shitty jobs i applied to would hire me. fuck this nu-normal shit world

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>>136716439Cool rationalization for social cowardice, user and general laziness. I totally buy it.

>>136716640Imagine being so desperate to convey male stoicism that you fake a form of retardation

>>136715843>go to work, go homeas opposed to what? this is literally what most of the people on the planet do on a daily basis. and most people will be single for some period in their lives. whether it's no girlfriend, divorced, widowed, or simply taking some alone time for your own sanity. seriously, why do we still place value on having a partner when over 50% of marriages end in divorce and most people have at some point or other been in a fucking terrible relationship? there's nothing more taxing and miserable than trying to keep a shitty relationship going. anyone who has ever experienced it can tell you that being alone again after that is like getting to take a breath after suffocating.

Literally my life.

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>>136716404It's okay, user. Don't let the redditors tell you you're wrong.

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>>136715843haha just imagine lol

Is this the nightly failed normalfag thread where everyone comes to complain about muh loneliness?

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>>136716906literally me

>2 year relationship, plan on getting married>she cheats several times, the final one while i'm out of town on business>its been over a year since then, been alone ever since>was mopey at first but now i'm the happiest i've ever been, doing whatever the fuck i want when i want>keep getting promoted at work because i dont have to deal with drama or anything outside of work, go home every day and drink a few beers while sitting on my porch watching the sunset>feel so content that if i died typing this, i'd die happyForget women bros, especially if you've never had a true long term relationship. There's moments of happiness but also an inevitable decline over time. Find your own happiness, don't think of some fairy tale and don't think being with someone is the answer. It's honestly better to be alone.

If I didn't have my son I'd probably kill myself

>>136718076>Women make your life hellNo shit Sherlock. You're just now getting the memo?

I stay alive in the hopes of someday getting CLANKED

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>having a job NEET chads win again

>>136718235why are women such children

>>136718368Their brains stop developing at age 12

>>136715843>owns a housei fucking wish

My mom died a month ago. Literally the only thing I did in my life was look after that crazy bitch. Everything seems so pointless now.

>>136717454Based nip


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>>136718318Noice>>136718589Gotta move forward user. Find something new to fill your time. Do something you want to, maybe get into a hobby.

>>136718642uh bro, who are "they"

>>136716305I had it for awhile. We had a lot of those cute couple moments, I replay that shit in my head whenever I can. She caught wind of my feelings and got distant.It sucks but life goes on

>>136718869(((Who))) do you think?

>>136718884why are women like that bros

>>136718884What do you mean.How long were you dating.

>>136716015Nah, women have been put on a pedestal and have their literal pick of the litter. When every woman wants the same 100 men, why would they settle for second best? Meanwhile you can pick 1 of 30.000 fatties and basketcases because you weren’t a 6 foot 4 millionaire at 22 who’s also incredibly fit.

>>136719126>6 foot 4 millionaire at 22 who’s also incredibly fit.Close but nah, all you need for women to thirst over you is to be extremely famous and rich in the process. If you can get her famous by association that's enough as is for her to be ready to die for you. Everything else doesn't matter.

>>136716562Don't read too much into things or you'll go down a rabbit hole youll come out of

>>136716562>made a girl laugh at work>imagine our 50th anniversary together

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>>136715843Why hurt me? What did I ever do to you?

>>136718869>he doesnt know ((((who)))) (((((they)))) areNewfag

>>136719284not planning our wedding yet buddy

>>136716562remember not to bed but escalate. if you try to bed and assume bed early you'll only come off as a creep. she said hi, not invite you to put it in. that only means she wants to engage at least in that level of relationship where you can freely talk to her. talk to her about whatever just to practice, level up your thot communication skills. you may or may not end up bedding her but at least you get some exp for the next monster. kinda like vidya, right?

>>136718642everything this man dreams is extremely contrived and ultimately boring, why would I settle being locked in a shitty house with some dumb mutt bimbo that shat out a few gremlins and an actual mutt barking every morning, is this what murriclaps dream about ? No wonder your dogshit country went to hell if this the quintessential american lifestyle, I get more meaningful experiences just inhaling and exhaling in a slav diaspora than this guy could ever even stomach or survive through, only with adversity and challenge man becomes strong, this is just pathetic, weak and stupidfor the plebs replying as well, do you seriously think you stand a fucking chance against the jews or against anyone for that matter with these kind of dumbass dreams? lmao

>>136716265>men are weak and try to be "good boys" too muchAnd this is why I fully support women being raped and killed by the Jamals and Achmeds of the world

>>136716401>dichotomic dolt

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>>136717244how do you be alpha without coming off like youre trying too hard thenor do you just think guys not born 6ft tall with perfect heads of hair should just die and not breed

>>136717244Yeah. So?Think I'm gonna stop? You ain't gonna do shit about it in real life so keep seething here because you've given up. Fake it till you make it or fuck off and die loser.



>>136720812It's the tale as old as time. People generally want something so bad that when they get it they realize they didn't really want it so much after-all.

>>136715973They're getting pumped and dumped by Chad

Nice guys finish last, bad boys finish on her face.

>>136716504Being happy for someone else is emotional cuckoldry



What is that, Nietzsche? Shut the fuck up

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Literally no way for 90% of people to even meet right now. However, if you're in the top 10%, people will go out of their way for you.

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>>136723273>Literally no way for 90% of people to even meet right nowI honestly think this is the biggest problemEveryone is just stuck inside on their fucking computers now

>>136715843I'm tired bros. My whole life has been like that. For 18 years, I went to school, did what they told me and went home. Now, I go to work, do what they tell me, and go home. Nothing ever changes. Nothing ever ends. What's the point of continuing this futility? I go to sleep wishing that I could just sleep forever. I'm well past the point of believing that just getting a gf or doing whatever will fix this life.

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