Celebrities you SUSPECT post on Holla Forums

I'll start

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Hamill is the definition of reddit boomer, no way he comes on 4chan

>>136715741Hey mark why did you try to get your sons asian gf to murder her baby

Everyone and their dog posts on this site now.

Did Adam Sessler go woke? I can see him here. Trevor from WKUK has a screencap proving he was here at one time

>>136715741He's too much of a leftard pussy, he's on plebbit 24/7.

Watson seems like the kind of person to come to 4chan. What board would she browse?

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>>136715741I bet you Mark Hamill goes on Holla Forums just to secretly praise trump.

>>136715836I wouldn't be surprised if he used those Ornella threads as a testing ground for future comebacks

>>136717589/fa/ honestlyPic is who I think, he seems like an oldfag that would have stayed around shitposting in a drunken stupor bitching to release the Syndercut a year or so ago and probably sent gangweed threads directly to Leto just to piss him off

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>>136717791Meant not the Architect though I suspect he started that meme I doubt he posts here

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>>136717791>implying James Bond himself Pierce "The Architect" Brosnan gives a single solitary fuck about capeshit

>>136715855Mark “an asian bride leads to the darkside” Hamill

>>136717831OP said suspectedShat has been 4chan royalty for years

>>136717831>banepostingThis is such an obvious low testosterone meme I still can't believe oldfags like it. BANEPOSTING ORIGINATED IN REDDIT If you are a baneposter you are a soi faggot, fact.

>>136715741I'm about 70% sure I was arguing with him on a thread a few hours ago about how he killed his fat pig of a wife and whores his cunny daughter out to joos

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>>136718263He's definitely posting here, always defending himself when people calling him out for murdering his wife.


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>>136718182Get this hothead outta here


>>136718182Do you feel in charge?

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>>136715855Sounds based to me.

>>136715741He probably uses Reddit for sure, but no way 4chan, he's too much of a lefty boomer, any of this conservative talk/casual racism would trigger him awayI imagine Kanye would use 4chan

>>136715741Yeah, it's well known that he's the user posing as Shatner.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Chris Pratt was/is a /fit/izen

Theoretically you could have a good laugh talking about people you don't like and no one would be the wiser.

>>136715851didn't he expose himself as a 4chan shitposter? Or was the shatner

>Cavill>shorshey>emilia>ben>JK Rowling>the black guy from the avengers


>>136717831Awful taste.

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Me, but you don't know who I am.

>>136719837please be my wife avril

>>136719826he stopped coming here a while ago. were too toxic for him


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>>136719886He's simply too accomplished a renaissance man, he doesn't need the abusive and futile antics of this board.

>>136715836He's still asking ua for ways to stump Ornella.

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>>136719773>JK RowlingWhy? Just because of the trans stuff? She'd never go here, she slandered /ourguy/ felix, for his 4chan humour, and was tweeting about not getting his jokes.

>>136720432Sam with Don Cheadle. The man is probably a tranny himself.

>>136720432>/ourguy/ felix

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>>136720617Explain. Why would "she" post here?

>>136720536Pewds is a 4channer.>>136720529I think he means Anthony Mackie because he's a based black guy, but I doubt he posts here either.

This guy used to regularly post on /soc/

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>>136720928>pewds is a 4channerWho donated hundreds of thousands to israelWho apologized for all his 4chan memesWho called his fans stupid little childrenAnd you, you are underage, pewds was never liked in 4chan. He is a faggot. Just. Like. You.

>>136720928no, hes a redditor who likes ebin 4han memes

>>136720928>Pewds is a 4channer.lol nohe's normie as fuck.

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>>136719895what the fuck is he doing on /mlp/

>>136720928lmao, that dumb faggot's too pussy to acknowledge his obvious right leaning fanbase. fuck that nigger.

>>136715741oogaboonga for sure

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>>136721125his fanbase is children you retard

>>136721104He did voice acting for the show.

>>136720765Not the guy but I think she has posted for years. She outed herself defending her captain feminist movie and posting shit gifs like that one she just posted.

>>136720617Honestly would not shock me. She seems like she's really sensitive to criticism so I could see her making a habit of hatebrowsing here

>>136715741The dad from Back to the Future

>>136721033>>136721063>>136721018It's known he browses certain boards like /lit/ but he obviously doesn't want to be associated with this site after being labeled a Nazi by the media. He had no choice but to bend the knee or be permanently deplatformed and blacklisted like Sam.

>>136721135Hey listen buggah, fuck you, you can't tangle with me innit? I will punt you, muppet.

>>136721225At the start or the end?

>>136719826/x/ can be fun, it's no /asp/ but few are

>>136721135Can weird, freakish, child bearing hips be attained on a male natty? Maybe the trannies should figure out his secret?

>>136718182Seethe faggot

>>136721266/v/ back when he was a nobody, and /wsg/ as he did a few react videos to random webms there


>>136721104Shatner is also known for being a horse enthusiast.


I am literally World-renowned

>>136721558He makes all the Botcha threads on /asp/

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>>136721337His shoulders are wider than his hips. He just got fat.


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>>136720617after someone here told her to eat like the rock to gain body she posted this and her twitter has the mushroom

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>>136722946She has sense of humor

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