ITT: Huge mistakes

ITT: Huge mistakes.

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>>136715368you're life


>>136716546YOU ARE LIFE

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>>136716600That isn't even a bad answer.

>>136715368>>136716600didnt this show was about common knowledge and stuff?second one is basically advertising for IKEA.

>>136716600This was a real troll question because D is usually the joke answer and it was completely out of place compared to the other three, you wouldn't expect it to be the actual answer.

>>136716936N _ G G E R S

>>136716718Who the fuck is going to Rome to check out kitchens and eat meatballs?>>136716967It was out of place in the vein that the other 3 answers are completely ridiculous.

>>136716718It's bad when the obvious correct answer is right next to it. They literally design the first questions to be fool proof and even still some dumbass will occasionally fuck it up.

>>136717041Are you that dense thats the only thing italy is famous for

>>136716600Since when does a furniture store sell food

why would you let a good looking male on a trivia show? They’re all brainlets. Unless it’s a trivia show about reality tv or some other degenerate mindless hobby

>>136717234ikea is swedish so they have free swedish meatballs in their stores

>>136717234For a long time.

>>136717188You will not find meatballs on any Italian menus, and Italy is poor, so you’re not taking g selfies in kitchens you can’t afford

>>136717234>what the fuck why do these HUGE stores that can take hours to get through serve food for their customers?


>>136717319Italy is known for its restaurants, which have kitchens, and I doubt you can afford to buy a restaurant.

>>136717654epic user, you pwnd himi always invade italian restaurant kitchens to take selfies - and when I need a break from all the eating, I take a meatball break to eat meatballs

>>136716936>on the spot dicespin

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>American education

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>>136717117The temple for the first 5 questions are always set up with one obvious answer, 2 plausible answers, and one answer that's a complete joke. We have Ikeas where im from and not a single one sells fucking meatballs. If you can't see why he got the question wrong then you're a bigger retard than he is.

>>136718018epic fail my good sir

>>136716600This question is cringy and fucked. Glad I stopped watching this shit a long time ago

>>136717234For 3 dollars at IKEA you can get a massive breakfast that will keep you full half the day

>>136716600What kind of shit question is that, it's supposed to be trivia so why would it be required to know the oppinion piece of a shitty online article written by a college intern.

>>136718018Why did it need a 50/50 lmao

>>136718568It is trivial. You're supposed to have the capacity to be able to look at those 4 answers and realize what the only obvious correct answer was.

>>136716600If you actually thought the answer was anything other than Rome you are a complete and utter faggot


>>136718626Based on buzzfeed's opinion. Going by this George Washington was not the first president but just a slave owner.

>>136717234In my country they sell the cheapest hotdogs. Nobody knows what's in the meat. If I was homeless I'd eat there everysay

>>136718783If you know what's in the meat, it's not a hotdog.

>>136716600how the fuck is this a question holy shit americans are actually mentally ill

>>136717041Who the fuck goes to a cheap furniture store for meatballs?


>>136718752No, you're supposed to use what amounts to the most minimal amount of logic your brain can muster, and realize that IKEA can be the only correct answer.


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>>136719060Still bugs the shit out of me that they used a CGI face for Palpatine in the last poster when the actor is literally alive. They really gave up completely with that movie.

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>>136719045Its pretty fair to assume most people might know what an Ikea is but really how many people know about the fucking meatballs? Its like asking someone who the killer in the original friday the 13th, most people only know who Jason is

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This thread is fun because it really shows how isolated Holla Forumscels are from women. Anyone who has talked to a woman knows ikeas deal, they're obsessed with it.

>>136719471>>136717269>Americans actually think this is attractiveYikes...

>>136716936this nigga retarded yo

>>136718591A. was OP's mom and D. was my dick

>>136719199It’s not that the face is cgi. It’s him, the controversy was that they used a previously shot photo that was one of the first results ob google. Kind of a non issue, but the film wasn’t very good.

>>136715368I doubt this was above the 32K mark, he could only have been out 16K max and still banked a bit and had a story to tell. It isn't truly tragic until you're in high five-figures territory, even in 2000 dollars, south of that it's just an "ah shit, oh well, anyway it was nice to be on TV."

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>>136719572I looked into it and we're both wrong, the face is actually from a literal Palpatine toy that they sell. Which does explain why it doesn't look real. To use a toy for a poster is just insanity, but then again it's also insane that they straight up spoiled Palpatine being in the movie instead of trying to make it a surprise. Everything about the movie is so lazily made. If not for the fact that they simultaneously released it alongside one of the greatest Star Wars works ever created I would highly suspect Disney were trying to kill the franchise but it seems like it's just that J.J. Abrams is completely incompetent.

>>136716600yeah this guy clearly looks like he takes and swaps "meatball selfies" when he takes trips to ikeawhat the fuck kind of question is that

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>>136716600I hate Americans so much bros


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>>136716600>americans so dumb they even fail their dumbed down buzzfeed questionsLMAO you cannot make this up!!!

>>136718942Have you ever been to an IKEA? Their cafeteria is bigger than most other furniture stores.

>>136716600Why the fuck would a furniture store be known for meatballs??? I didn't even know they sell food at IKEA. The meatball makes me think of Italy, so romeAnd isn't D always a joke answer anyway? This is such bullshit

>>136716600The best part was this guy's smalltalk intro where he tells the host that he's a genius and is going to crush the questions, only to be hit with this.

>Americans are so fat, not only do their furniture stores sell food, but the furniture store is known FOR their food

>>136720754Was it the American version or the British version? That guy looks like the example in the encyclopedia when you look up the word Brit.


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>>136720682The Ikea answer is legitimately correct in the sense that their showrooms are known for showcasing kitchen stuff and they have a food court up front which is known for its meatballs. This is why Europoops >>136720012 are seething, because it can legitimately be construed that a company's culture precedes that of some other country where the company was not founded.


>>136720814IKEA's are Swedish or are they different in the US

>>136715368Chai wallah

>>136720870Americans, this is how seriously the rest of the world takes your orange reality tv star president.

>>136716600He fucking deserved to go out like that.>>

>>136720929The one with all the nuclear codes, yes.

>>136720987Same is true of Kim Jong un and nobody takes that buffoon seriously either.

>>136720682This was an autism test and you passed with flying colors. The colors are red, white, and blue.

>>136718694I thought italy...

>>136720987>23Nukes aren't real

>>136721016I do. North Korea is pretty cool

>>136720929What does it say?

>>136718694Try leaving your mom's basement every once in a while. Everyone knows IKEA sells meatballs.

>>136721016No, the same isn't true of Kim Jong Un-in one sense. Quantity and quality have a role to play here. OTOH, your second clause is also wrong in the provisional sense that your first was right: once you do have the bomb, people are forced to deal with you on your own terms.

I'll never forget this guy who wasted ALL THREE lifelines and still had a hard time remembering who was Timon and Puumba

>>136720957tbf, he comes across like a massive douche.

>>136719253IKEA sells furniture (kitchens) and food (meatballs).It doesn't make sense to take selfies in kitchens you can't afford when visiting cities even if the "meatball break" part make sense.So, you can deduce the answer either through simple logic or with a basic knowledge of IKEA, which is a major international chain.


>>136719954>they straight up spoiled Palpatine being in the movie instead of trying to make it a surprise.Rian screwed them bad, they knew they needed asses in seats, the only reason they brought Ian back is because Palpatine was one of the only good aspects of the prequels.

>>136717234>why does a huge store have a food court

>>136721144Of course he does. He's American.

>>136720929go away Holla Forums

>>136721137>doesn't have instant recall of children's garbage cultureBased non-parent, it sounds like.

>>136720929>LARPing as a non-AmericanOnly (mentally ill) mutts hate Trump. The rest of the world supports him. Electing him was probably the smartest thing they've ever done.

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>>136721163Im saying most people wouldnt know they sold food so that would throw them off. Yeah the kitchen thing is a good giveaway but if you never knew about Ikea meatballs you would be confused

>>136721254oops wrong video

>>136720957kek. what a faggot. he deserved to be btfo like this

>>136721285>most people wouldnt know they sold foodMost people know.

>>136721163>It doesn't make sense to take selfies in kitchens you can't afford when visiting cities What if you use airbnb and stay in a place with a kitchen you wouldn't be able to afford?

>>136721163People take selfies everywhere

>>136721233clearly, being uncultured cost him a million

>>136716600>read buzzfeed or we won't give you $1 million

>>136721407You don't need to know anything about Buzzfeed to be able to answer correctly. They simply mention Buzzfeed for product placement.

>>136716600I've literally never been to a fucking Ikea and I've literally never heard someone say they were going to take a "meatball break", and I'm 28.

>>136721169Orange Man is the ___ PresidentA. SmallestB. Most BeautifulC. OldestD. Dumbest

>>136720929And average Americans view the rest of the world as being so inept that we have to intervene to stop terrorism when we're on vacation in your third world hell-holes.

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Turn this thread around.

>>136720957>been watching since he was a kid>it's cool to be smart!>med school graduate>gets absolutely obliterated on a question any normie can answerI enjoyed that more than I thought I would DESU

>>136721490That's strange, the answer is A, C, and D. How do they expect people to get this right?


>>136721530>smallestHe's 6'3 you fucking retard>dumbestThat's literally a matter of personal opinion.

>>136721493I would rather die than owe an American my lifeHow humiliating

>>136721490Jimmy Carter is the oldest president, fucking dumbass Germans

>>136716600How the fuck have none of you not heard people praise the meatballs at IKEA?

>>136721493Why would you post that picture to make a point, you didn't save anyone you sad fuck

>>136721554He has a higher IQ than any other president, so it is objectively false.

>>136721568>I would rather die than owe an American my lifeThen you should probably kill yourself right now.

>>136721490Clearly B.

>>136721583I saved my brother, try again cum-shitter.

>>136720870Q. Who killed his wife and then made it look like an accidental overdose?A: Burt Reynolds B: Jackie ChanC: Bill Clinton D: Patton Oswald (on the right)


>>136721576It's a pop culture question post 2000, Holla Forums doesn't know about that shit.

>>136721635Because the world owes America for existing at all right now after we bankrupted and caused the collapse of the Soviet Union.

>>136719870moving the queen one to the right wins, right?

>>136721628You didn't, also could you miss the point any harder

>>136721659Yeah I don't see it

>>136716600If your first answer wasn't the green one, you're socially retarded.

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>>136721689Literally did, could you cope any harder for being a useless blob who's done nothing all his life?

>>136721695Guilty as charged, but that doesn't mean much when society itself is fucking retarded.

>>136721683Yes, but where's the fun in that? There is literally no way to lose, but causing a draw just to fuck with your opponent would make you stand out in history more while digging into their pride knowing you wouldn't even give them the benefit of losing with pride

>>136721683all of the options win

>>136717377>spending hours in ikeaReally sad desu. Do you actually just walk around ikea looking for things you might want to consume? Instead of yknow having an idea of what you're looking for

>>136721714>feels compelled to "prove" his nation's superiority with a story about some random guy being heroic>copelmao

>>136721740>>136721736man i dunno, i never knew there was an art to pissing off chessfags. i dont even know which way the numbers of the move go

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>>136721466Do you go to Rome to check out kitchens you can’t afford you fucking retard? Tell me when you have ever heard that said about any of those cities. Also if the answer was on of those cities on THE FIRST QUESTION domt you think it would be checking out the coliseum, Eiffel Tower or Buckingham palace?


>>136721735Yeah just hide in your basement for the rest of your life and never learn anything, that'll be a life well lived.

>>136721740QG6 "loses" in the sense that it forces a draw. Any possible move that puts the king in check there is checkmate though so nobody would be dumb enough to fuck that up.

>>136715368This show made me understand universal suffrage is a mistake

>>136721735Yeah just give up bro! Who cares if you're a loser, the world doesn't deserve you anyways!

>>136719870>>136721736>>136721740none of those are aesthetic,the aesthetic checkmate here is QH1

>>136718394everything is pozzed and memey now. it's so gay seeing old hollywood people lose their minds over something as stupid as smartphones. THEY "TECHNOLOGY" ISN'T THAT IMPRESSIVE.

>>136722202I remember when Will Smith suddenly discovered YouTube a million years after everyone else did, and now who cares about that because he is sad his wife got in an entanglement.

>>136718942It's a pretty well known thing though. When you go to IKEA you often go to the cafeteria too because it's fun and convenient

>>136716600You can reasonably deduce the right answer but as a trivia question it's dogshit since the "correct" way to know the answer is to have happened to clicked on one of the 15 different, trashy lists buzzfeed posts every single day and just so happened to come across this worthless non-information written by an unpaid intern trying to make his weekly quota of listicles

>>136722334Well no, its pop culture in the US to know about IKEA. Doesnt have to do with buzzfeed

>>136719569>>136716967>D is usually the joke answer

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>>136718591it wasn't, the nigger that edited the image removed the other two as not to confuse their brainlet audiences so they could better make fun of another brainlet

>>136716600>All these seething retards that don't know about Ikea's meatballsEVEN if you didn't know about it you would know that looking at kitchens you can't afford would be IKEAI should stop having discussions with autists that never leave their bedroom

>>136722380That was like the fifth person in this thread who thinks they need to know anything about Buzzfeed to answer the question, I'm starting to think Americans are fucking stupid.

>>136718388The pic is from the 2000s zoomer

>>136718333>If you can't see why he got the question wrong then you're a bigger retard than he is.He actually says "I know Ikea sells meatballs" in the video and then goes on to pick Rome anyway. This is because the audience laughed at the Ikea answer which usually indicates that it's the joke answer. I guess the audience had no idea about it either.

>>136719870hikaru is violently autistic


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>>136722628and he is using 2000s slang

>>136716600The "first trip" part of the question would throw anyone off who haven't gone to Ikea.

>>136716600But IKEA kitchens are cheap shit.



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>>136722775In America, anyone how doesn't live at home has gone to Ikea.It's a simple as fuck question with lots of contextual clues. Holla Forumscels are just braindead as usual.

>>136716600Just watched this video and this guy is autistic as fuck. Can't believe he made it through med school but I've heard clowns in nursing school say they are in "med school"

>>136723042I once met someone here who seemed to be completely unaware of the existence of soap. And by "once" I mean "yesterday."

>>136723042I've lived on my home for over a decade now and haven't gone to Ikea.Because I'm not a fucking faggot.

>>136721869B2 loses, cuck


>>136716936affirmative action college admissions are reparations

>>136723203>Because I'm not a fucking faggot.Said immediately after admitting that he's been a NEET for a decade.

>>136716600Affluent boomer got got

>>136722517You don't have to know about Buzzfeed to answer the question correctly, but "Buzzfeed says" has to be included in the question in order to make it objectively true. A twentysomething year old could conceivably do what the question describes in any major city with an Italian restaurant, that they were traveling to, that has a open kitchen they couldn't afford (assuming it were purchasable), that they could then enter and take a selfie, calling it a meatball break. What Buzzfeed says is essential to the question for that reason, because Buzzfeed has only said that about Ikea, and none of the others. If you remove Buzzfeed says, the answer to the question then becomes subjective, depending on what the person being asked the question thinks is the most likely to fit all of those requirements. That's why he answered Rome, because it's the most logical answer if you have no frame of reference (live somewhere with no Ikea, never heard about Ikea meatballs, and don't read Buzzfeed).

>>136723270>NEET>living on your ownpick one retard

>>136716600>all the americans @ing this post defending the idiotL M A O

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>>136722446Who the fuck can't afford Ikea? It's literally furniture for poor people.

>>136716600I've never been inside an Ikea nor even seen one in real life yet I would have been able to get this right

>>136721554He has tiny hands though.>>136721595Self-proclaimed. And yet he still had to cheat to get into Warton back when it had a 50% acceptance rate. And he is legitimately less articulate than Bush.

>>13671660029 year old boomer reporting and I legitimatley would have got this wrong as well, fuck zoomers and their gay ass interns

>>136723493that is because you are not a moron. Simply saying "kitchens and meatballs" puts Ikea in the mind.

>>136717234>Jordans furniture>bobs furniture>Ikeathese stores are targeting 30 somethings with kids they need something to distract the kiddos

>>136723042>live at homewhy do zoomers use this phrase to mean "live with parents"? if you don't live at home, you are homeless, not a hikki NEET.


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>>136723303This. Ikea doesn't even have a lot of stores in the US, and the ones that exist are mostly concentrated on the east coast. If you're some guy from Alaska, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, etc. who doesn't know anyone who's ever gone to Ikea, haven't gone yourself, and takes no interest in modern trendy consumerist businesses, you're reasonable unlikely to know that this random furniture store has a cafeteria in it that sells meatballs. "Rome" would be the most reasonable answer if you were just guessing off of general knowledge and didn't know what the fuck an "Ikea" was.

>>136723042No the problem is the Holla Forumscells answering this got a clouded mind once they read the word "buzzfeed"

>>136723381>@ingTwitter faggot

>>136723766I noticed that too. It's like the mere mention of the website causes their brain to shutdown even if it has no bearing on the answer.

>>136723734>3 answers are cities>1 answer is IkeaWhy are you idiots all defending this bullshit, you wouldn't even need to know either ikea or those cities to notice this

>>136723734>>136724342Ikea is hardly modern. It's been around since before either of you were born.

>>136723734not being funny but if youve never heard of ikea what the fuck are you doing on a general knowledge game show?

>>136721750Does it also bother you that shopping malls have food courts? This is a really stupid hill for you to die on.

>>136724342>>3 answers are cities>>1 answer is IkeaYes that's usually how test questions are set up. 1 obviously not the answer answer and 3 plausible ones.

>>136724517>3 plausible answers>that question

>>136716936wheel a forchoon is raciss