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First for Berto

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>poetic films

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>>136714504Raw and poetic

>>136714559Mocking me huh? I described another recent film as that, can’t remember which though

Has /film/ taken the Lawrence Gordon Clark pill yet?Best horror and TV productions ever.

>>136714864don't think he has ever been mentioned here. what would you rec? clue us all in.

i have fun when i watch a movie

>>136714985Watch a warning to the curious and then do all his ghost stories adaptions in whatever order you see fit.

>>136714991Me about 50% of the time


>>136714504You called?

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>>136715122Be quiet, Andrei

>>136714027>women in a runIm a czech and even I cant fucking understand what that title means, also youre a faggot OP

>>136715188Like a Japanese cowboy

>>136715306Howdy gajin!

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Another webmless thread

problem with poetic films like tarkovsky is they just become an incomprehensible mess. mirror is tarkovsky's last good film.

what is the best Naked Gun


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>>136715861so you have issues with films you cannot understand and these films are primarily poetic films, per your definition?

>>136714027that middle girl in the top row is a qt.

Anyone know where I can find "voyage en grand tartarie"? French film from 1974 with 14 votes on imdb, nothing on letterboxd and no plot description

>>136716062I guess.>>136715961Feeling is understanding.

I think individual poems are gay, excluding epic or longer poems like the waste land or paradise lost, but I like poetic cinema, and prose poetry.

>>136715961I love this quote because most of his films are the most empty, emotionally hollow and devoid of feeling films I have ever encountered from a supposedly good director.

has anyone seen this

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to snad nemyslis vazne trisnit muj tajnej klub ceskejma srackama

>>136717146Very low iq. Your spectrum of feelings is npc-like if you think Bresson is empty, hollow and unfeeling


>>136717301Raw and poetic

>>136717301Saw this in my coomer days. Quit halfway in and just went to pornhub. Fuck "art" porn

>>136717929Fuck off

>>136717719How many tears have you shed watching Bresson?


>>136718298Brown bunny

>dude it's an anime but i couldn't get the budget for animation so i shot it on a camcorder and made people watch it in one sitting lmaowhy do people rate this again?

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>>136718224I haven't cried since childhood years, and I'm not saying that as a boast, just on the merit of your point as the highest possible demonstation of emotion. However I have been emotionally affected by the character's dramas and situations in his films, deeply. Of course as he refined his minimalist style with time, the 50s and 60s films are more powerful for the human connection than something like L'Argent.

>>136718392Raw and poetic

>>136715861ok retard

so how many of you are refugees from /lbg/ from eons ago? anybody remember the IRC before discord faggotry took over?


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>>136715293"komedie o ženách, které se nebojí vyběhnout štěstí naproti" - už vyběhly, takže ženy v běhu


>>136719072Me. I'm one of the many that left because of the king of the autists. Never went to any discord, visited the irc just a couple of times in '14 and '15, still managed to get some deeply valuable invites there.


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>>136719072I used to lurk in the /lbg/ threads, but I never really posted. I didn't like the idea of the whole general revolving around accounts. That goes against the point of posting on 4chan

>>136719746It was pure cancer and deserved to burn. Praise griffithfag.

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>>136719746Plus, there were other, very active threads that I was much more interested in at the time>>136719821It always seemed pretty cancerous, which is why I never really posted

>>136719821this desu

>>136719638>the king of the autistskek which one?



got popcorn for my kinos tonight :)

>>136720056The best kino snack

>>136719927>>136719959it's like I'm really back in /lbgt/ lmao

>>136720124dumb lmaoposter

>>136720056>>136720103normalfags got something right for once. Popcorn and water are the fucking way to go when watching movies.

What's the best way to make high quality webms?

>>136720138>waterWhat is it like being SO FUCKING GAY?

>>136720386low resolution. 720p max. After that it's just a mathematical equation of bitrate:time to get it under 4mb.

Really enjoyed Kolya. The only movie to ever make me cry. Well, that and ET. And it was only for a few seconds, the scene when the kid is in the bath talking to his Nan on the toy phone. But it was still tears.

This movie always makes me cry like a baby. And the end it's not even that sad. Any other bittersweat kino recommendations?

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>>136721807All Quiet On The Western Front (masterpiece)La Vie D'Adele Chapitres 1 & 2Central Do BrasilHarold And Maude

What happened to Pasolini in the 70s? I don't think I've seen a director as obssessed towards sexuality as he is.

>>136718426>made people watch it in one sitting lmaothere's actually an extended tv version

also what happened to that third world cinema chart, did i miss it?

>>136722616I’ll post it tomorrow probably, I’m finishing it up

>>136722727yeah don't worry, been asking cuz of excitement

Just rewatched Ashes of Time Redux after a gap of about 8 years. I enjoyed it much more than on my first viewing. Definitely a lot better with a better understanding of WKW's film language and archetypes and also a better understanding of Cantonese and the source material. In retrospect, it's very much a prototype of The Grandmaster. Leslie Cheung is just so fantastic at playing these vain despicable men. I would very much like to watch the original cut in the future, as I've read that it's quite different from the redux.

>>136722758>he can't contain his excitement>to see a chartbro

>>136722950i'm moderately excited, you don't want to take that away from me now do you?

>>136722414youtube.com/watch?v=-j6muYHRX90also eurofilms bump

>>136716069you have no idea, bruh,can rec more btw



>>136714027>Czech edition>instead of posting some of many masterpieces he posts dumb mediocre comedyWhat's the logic behind this?

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>>136723864lmao this butthurt

>>136723060name and please do

>>136723864>many masterpieces

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>>136724133jenovéfa boková

>>136724210Literally unwatchable

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