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I'm Kristin Holt and this is Cheat!

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>>136713635She died


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She's so perfect

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>its an alt-right gooblergate threadSigh...

>>136713935Sessler needs to lay off the coke and really stop barebacking trannies

>>136713993>it's an alt-left gormer brabber threadexhale...

>>136713650She's not dead you fucking retard...


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>>136713974Morgan a cute. CUTE!

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For me, it's Layla Kayleigh.

>>136714056Jokes on you, I just posted this obvious bait to bump the thread for "free" so the jannies won't ban me for bumping an oftopic threadMan I hate Holla Forums!

>...and this 4chan, Leo.

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>>136713650(You)Made me check. Fuck you.

>>136714097The H stands for Horny.

Hungry, Holla Forums?

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>>136713511I jerked off to Morgan Webb everyday after school from ages 14 to about 17If I ever meet here I want to tell her that

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youtube.com/watch?v=BuHsNEfVwaAimagine making this ad now

>>136713974She looks like she could unhinge that jaw and swallow your sole.

>>136714555Is it possible to not have a crush on morgan webb? She is irresistible.

>>136714555You just did, user ;)

>>136714650When I see that photo she looks like she's the mother from The Ring and she's about to toss her daughter into a well.

>>136713511For me it's Alison haislip

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>>136713511I miss TechTV, G4 was a mistake.

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these x-play threads hurt bros


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>>136714755The fashion in that period was so much better than today. Early 2000s-early 2010s fashion was kino compared to the disgusting peacock fucking shit we see these days.

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>>136714748>you will never come home from school and watch xplay and attack of the show again

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>>136714549The dream

>>136713974I beat to her a number of times.

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She took the call.

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>>136715172I never thought she was hot.

>>136715704Fag, pre-bog Munn was fine as hell. Just imagining busting all over that cute freckled face was some of the best nuts of my teen years.

>>136715832Candice and Sara Jean were way hotter

>>136713935Is that the dude from westworld


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>>136715913I disagree

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Take me take to Screensavers era ladsAOTS was zoomer (aka millennial) trash

>>136714744I liked eyedrops

>>136715434Grab her by the Drumpfy

>>136714154>get banned for bumping threads >not banned for blatant shitposting


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>>136714555>I jerked off to Morgan Webb everyday after school from ages 14 to about 17When I was really young I searched "morgan webb feet" on google and found this comedy website, I think it was a SomethingAwful knockoff, that had an entire page about X-Play and TechTV. A few weeks later I searched "morgan webb feet" again and there was a new article on that website about Morgan Webb specifically, and at the top of the page they called out people who had come to their site from google using searches for morgan webb, and "morgan webb feet" was there and I didn't know footfags are a metastatic cancer so I thought I was just THE morgan webb feet guy and some cool website owner knew I was a pervert and was making fun of me.

>>136714069Then where is she

>>136714549Fuck the sluts.i haven't been to a restaurant in months. I would take that burger over either of them.

Morgan>OliviaOlivia knew she was only good for 1 thing

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miss the whole channel Aots would always brighten my spirits somehow

>>136713935was it ever confirmed he was actually on coke?

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fuck adam sessler

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>>136714577G4 was tasteless dudebro shit from the beginning. TechTV was by no means a perfect channel but Jesus Christ it was infinitely more respectable, Unscrewed and all.

>>136713650I'd die for a chance to leg hump her like a filthy dog and blow ropes on her.

>>136713511He fucks trannies (bareback), punches nazis, and plus video games. Is there anything that this man cannot do?

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>>136717721It was interesting how they tried to make gayming this macho thing. It’s hard to explain, but I enjoyed techtv a lot more. It felt more authentic.

>>136717942stop making me cringe

>>136717942Does he fuck trannies?


>>136714736you and i are brothers now user

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>>136714650>solewhat did my feet do to deserve such a fate?


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>>136718609Based she was hot as fuck and incredibly underrated

>>136718848she's still hot, pic related is her at either 39 or 40

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A toast, to Holla Forums!

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>>136718868Not surprised she always struck me as a woman who actually took care of hersei

>>136718870Honestly between tech tv and g4 we peaked bros

>>136718926she got bitched at by fat ugly women on twitter and instagram cause she posted this pic with something along the lines of how she never thought she would be able to be in a Maxim photoshoot, she was talking about how it felt good to be considered sexy and they got mad at her for it

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>>136716634So you're a footbro or not? I too think I searched for morgan webb feet at 1 point and I do remember a picture of 1 girl laying on her back face-up and there was a circle of other girls feet around her head, I think the girl in the middle of the circle was sucking on a toe

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>>136719028The worst.thing the West ever did was let.women vote

>>136716634Funny story user, thanks for sharing. I'm not being sarcastic.

>>136715704I never cared for attack of the show but watched almost everything else on g4..Who /ninja-warrior/ here? I loved the show before NBC got it and bastardized it

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I want to go back so fucking badI haven't been happy in almost 2 decades

>the amount of alison haislip in this threadfeels good man

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>>136716634>>136719103>>136719144based, I kind of miss being a horny teenager

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>>136719254i've got a whole folder of her i never get to use, welcome brother

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>>136714677Trannies don’t like her

>>136719028Jealous fat whores.

>>136719477because she has a bigger dick than them

>>136719520seriously, that was one of the worst examples of that particular brand of jealousy i have ever seen

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>>136716670What do you think she was sacrificed by you know who? Are you actually implying something do you know something nobody else knows? Crazy though because you are right I haven't heard anything about her in a long time but I never heard about her dying.

>>136717625Chicom Morgan is cuteI'd love to subject her to a "struggle session"

>>136719217>original show>contestant after contestant having a minute or two dedicated to them and their attempt the course, maybe just two or three quick sentences on the contestants background (even the "professionals" from many tourneys didn't get much of a spotlight compared to the average joe-san>could easily get 6/7 contestants entire runs in before a commercial break>American Ninja Warrior>same contestants every time>before they run their attempt you'd get the contestants entire family background and ancestry, hear about a personal tragedy in their life, their wife, kids and parents backstories, find out all their pet names etc>their entire backstory and run is the only one you would get before the commercial break that's twice as long as the G4 commercial breaksI don't know how they managed to fuck it up so badly. They just ruined the fun that the original show had

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>>136714292true og here

>>136719665>>before they run their attempt you'd get the contestants entire family background and ancestry, hear about a personal tragedy in their life, their wife, kids and parents backstories, find out all their pet names etcAll of this and then,>falls on the first obstacleThey just sucked the soul right out of that show.

>>136719554she is in my top 3 hottest babes of all time, and she's not even C list, shame. If only she was a better actor. I want to break my dick off inside of her

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>>136719665it was a good show but pic related was running at the same time, I was always more of an MXC guy

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>>136719730It's so gay now.... It's not about the struggle anymore it's just a show off show now where rich people's semi athletic mountain climbing offspring get to show themselves off. It's no longer based japanese fishermen having an anime esque struggle session.


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>>136719730>>136719665I thought it would be cancelled for sure but apparently it's still going on >11 seasonsI just wonder if they ever improved it or made it more akin to the original. IIRC a lot of the reoccuring contestants they had on the American version were like seasoned veterans that could clear some of the original japanese stages with their eyes closed but, the high-speed nature and constant action of the whole thing was what really made the original worth watching..It's also like when MXC got popular on spike TV and then some U.S networks tried imitating with their own wacky comedy obstacle course show but even though the contestants have fun, it's just not as entertaining the the audience

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>>136719779it isn't fair bros, it just isn't fair. the creature known as Olivia Munn gets to be in major movies while the beauty Alison has to do indie bullshit

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>>136719814Why can't we have fun tv anymore? I feel like pic related in the new entertainment landscape.

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anyone remember that "kat" or whatever from techtv who looked like carrie anne moss?

>>136719814I liked both, just mentioned MXC here before even seeing your post >>136720009but, MXC was just a straight up comedy show (the english dub version at least) and was entertaining as hell but, Ninja Warrior was just as entertaining and fast paced as MXC but with more actual athleticism and skill than was required for MXC, both were great in their own way

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>>136713511This show was better than 99% of the game review shows on YouTube. A show that blew a million dollars to produce a musical episode is pretty rad in my mind.

>>136720136this. "BUT BUT THEY AREN'T THE BEST REVIEWERS THEY AREN'T AS SUPER AUTISTIC AS I AM ABOUT VIDYA GAMES BUT BUT"Don't care autists I want larger than life spectacle and a hot girl.

>>136719374I’m disgusted I know who they are

>>136717942Break his crippling opioid addiction

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>>136719862still makes me wonder what the fuck happened to G4 behind the scenes, it was a glorified advertisement channel but some how ended up doing nothing but running re-runs of cops for 12 hours a day, what the FUCK happened?

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>>136720089no fun allowed, it's crazy how short a time it took for us to get to this point too. We are at a point of bizarre prudish weirdness that not even the most diehard 90's soccer moms could have imagined

>>136720204It would be hiliarious if what happnened in that interview was that he was dopesick and he had a suboxone so he's just thinking "Fuck it I'll just pop it now I can't wait" but the residual heroin wasn't all pumped out of his system in time so he went into high tier withdraw. I'm imagining that during this interview he's holding his pantleg waiting for his phone to vibrate because he has a nigger drug dealer en route and then adam is going to blow him for a couple bags of dope and some rock.

>>136720242There needs to be some sort of cultural revolution against all this. The modern entertainment landscape is so depressing. I haven't seen a tv show with actual human energy in the longest time.

The X-Play boards are my closest thing to fame.

>>136720354that is an interesting way to phrase it, and I think I agree. The lack of real life energy is weird, the media products of late feel entirely unnatural, almost like a shitty A.I. program is trying to make tv. Remember when it was ok for a beautiful woman to feel good about her sexiness? shit like >>136719028 is just fucking gross, that people would try and tear her down simply for feeling good about herself. we're at a point where if a woman feels too good about being hot ugly people will try and fuck them over for it and actually have the power to be able to, unthinkable just 10 years ago

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>>136720487I can't remember the last time I saw a cute bubbly girl on tv...... It's crazy. No human energy is allowed on TV everyone has to be some sort of weird androgynous robot in order to not offend anyone. I imagine people like pic related the weird tv and wrestling smarks that would say stuff like >DUMB BIMBO>ERRR WWE I HATE VINCE AND HIS BLONDE BOMBSHELLS DURRRRRInstead they just want to watch a bunch of lesbians.......

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>>136718019>It felt more authentic.I think it was. If you look back and watch how their programming changed you can see the channel scrambling to find an audience, but there was a sincerity to it. Screen Savers and Call For Help in particular were very much geared to anybody that had a computer, regardless of how beefy it was or what they used it for. The channel could be guilty of gadget porn wankery, but it wasn't the identity of the channel. The problem is that that kind of sincerity immediately became irrelevant when broadband internet became widespread and affordable. The tech became the best way of understanding the tech. TechTV as a channel really only made sense within the short span of time it existed.

>>136720637Can we do all that AND watch lesbians?

>>136720757cute feet

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>>136720757out of all the G4 babes she and Alison were the only ones who did photoshoots wearing thongs, just thought that was interesting. I don't count Sara Underwood because she was already a Playboy model before getting on the channel.

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>>136720851cuter feet

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>>136720883would you believe I have a whole different folder just for her feet? and I swear I'm not even a foot fag, I just really like Alison and the pics were already organized that way when I found them

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>>136720914based, any feet from a different photo-shoot?

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>>136713511>tfw I was there to watch the very last episode air and after that it was just gone>didn't even know it was ending at all


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>>136717942>All racists are NazisI wish I had blinders on like these idiots so I could coast through life with no independent thoughts.

>>136721101>>136720914she looks surprised that I'm staring at her feet instead of the rest of her or the complexity of her personality / brain...Who just completely dismissed a persons individuality to stare at their feet haha? Also I wish I had a portal gun to link up from my house to these shoes while she's wearing them lolhaha

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>>136721182well user whatever feels good on your boner, like I said, I'm not even actually a foot guy, I'm an Alison guy

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>>136721220I like the rest of her too, to be fair but, my shameful footfaggotry is 1 of my defining features unfortunately

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>>136721055Bitch is built like a tight end. I never liked anyone on g4 enough to jack off off to them.

>>136721220Thats a man, man.

>>136721307don't be a faggot user

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>>136721220Wtf I keep my white wine in the same place as that no nose mcgee

Anyone else remember jacking off to IGN’s Babe of the week as a teen, they would just post a gallery of already existing photos of some playboy model or actress every week I don’t think there was any oc, also sometimes the photos would be in pretty low resolution I don’t know why I kept going back Is there anywhere to download all of attack of the show or xplay or is that not a thing

>>136721381that's a pretty awful shot to prove s(he) isn't a man>>136721307you sure?

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>>136714744I'm happy to have experienced tech TV in it's height.

>>136719814Right you are, Ken.

>>136721431et tu, footus?

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>>136721381>>136721431That fucking nose? Yeah


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>>136721484Up next is Derek Babaganoush!

>>136721539Based as fuck and an agreeable sentiment.

>>136721505Honestly I've had thoughts lately that men and women don't even exist and there's just 1 gender so, maybe there is something tucked between those legs

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>>136721505She has a, adonis belt, big jaw, big nose, no hips and no tits. Thats a dude, man.

layla kayleigh made me a man. Her nips at e3 that one year were my jerk material for a whole summer>>136714145based

>>136721540my brother started making his own babaganoush recipes for a few years after we started watching mxc. Damn there were a lot of babaganooshes on that show

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>>136721581>>136721615you guys wanna make out? let's do a 3 way kiss, no homo, just bro love

>>136721540He’s the world champion of three legged skiing competitions.

>>136717942>plays video gamesWell that is up for debate

>>136721615she doesn't have the best body of the G4 girls but I think it's a girl still, unless girls don't actually existyou can never be too careful after seeing shit like thati.4cdn.org/wsg/1594856589714.webm

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>>136714708I very much wish this was true.

>>136721778thank you for bouncy titties. those two ultra gays were disturbing


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>>136721778What the fuck?

>>136721778so much energy, she has so much life in her

>>136714292Call For Help was the good times RIP TechTV

>>136717034Coke or meth I remember watching that live He was a mess lol

>>136714884what's the fashion we have today? besides yoga pants and floss bikinis on beaches for women

>>136714650You say that like it'd be a bad thing.

>>136722546a weird mixture of 90's grunge, athletic wear, and 2010-2015 hipster stuff

>>136713511Reddit is here; These G4 threads never got as much attention as right now.

Adam is such a fucking sad loser faggot

Reminder that Layla Kayleigh preys upon underaged boys

>>136720215>hey so we’re gonna make a channel for GAYMERS >we’re also going to be Spike TV! It tried to make gayming into a dudebro thing and it just never clicked. Also probabkg piss poor management. They should have moved onto YouTube. Something like attack of the show and older techTV shows like screensavers could be cut up into YouTube clips. I just remember fapping really hard to Anna Nicole Smith cosplaying at the G4 award show. I recorded the awards show on TiVo and hoped to go my parents didn’t watch it.

Attached: ECB43726-776E-47CB-9E85-E9BCE38BCF97.jpg (582x728, 43.29K)

>>136723435even back during G4s prime, video games were super dudebro normie tier so I'm not sure what you're trying to say there

>>136717738what did he mean by this

>>136720780I hated G4 and then the nail in the coffin was when they stopped the Anime Unleashed block on TV. It was nice to watch lesser known stuff. I remember watching Silent Mobius and Betterman.

not a zoomer,but I adore Aoife,can't lie

>>136720215management changed and didn't know what the fuck a video game even was

>>136723541Yeah, but it’s hard to put my finger on it. They tried to make it seem like this macho thing.

>>136713635>I'm Kristin Holt and this is the show we all know you're here to masturbate to, because why else would anyone hire a former cheerleader and put her on a video game network while wearing extremely short skirts?

>>136723588It really makes no sense how their programming changed so drastically in the last few years. How did a channel dedicated towards video games/anime and other random obscure neat shit turn into a police TV channel>>136723689I think if anything they got regular/normal looking guys on the channel to just say "See look, average folk can be into nerdy shit too"..The eye candy was a bit of a bonus I suppose

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Sarah Lane was best girl.