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Insect lifespan can be as low as a few hours. Would you want to spend 70% of your life watching a single flick?

>>136712898yet retardds probably had no problem with capeshit #20 and avaturd? not like i care because nolan litrally trying to feed us a nig protagonoist regardless.

>>136712898>China says Tenet is too black to play in a real country

>>136712898But they played Endgame, didn't they?

oy vey china you will love blacks!

>>136712898>ohnonohehehe memenice it's so fresh

>>136712954you're a hack, nolan.

>it's long, therefore it's good

I know this board is staunchly anti China, but it's hard not to side with them on a lot of things considering how redpilled they are.

>>136712898These people work 12 hour days, with maybe one day off a month if their lucky. They don't have time for long movies

>>136712929They have a new mandate against overlong movies due to COVID-19 safety measures.

>>136712925lol, dude. you are epic

>>136713016Hot pot takes forever to eat.Burgers and Pizza are fast food.

>>136712898top kek I too won't be watching because... of the runtime

>>136712898looks like nolankino's back on the menu boys

>>136713014If China was a white country people would call it based. It's one of the most fascist countries in the world.


>>136712898China probably realized how destructive multi culti propaganda is having just destroyed the strongest empire on earth.

>>136713047No.1. Black protagonist2. Multi culti propagandaNo sane country would allow it in. It has taken down America, Europe, and Australia. The white mans 5,000 year run finally cesated. And all it took was 30 odd years or cultural marxism.Take warning

>>136713376>>136713446Take your meds.

>>136713446>showing the world how it objectively is is “propaganda.”woooow lmao

why is it so long? did nolan add a blm protest to it or something?

>>136713601it's just white people kneeling before King Washington for 3 hours

>>136713541>>136713552>Ohhh yea hollywood would never put multi culti propaganda in a heckin movirino!!!!!Let me tell you a little story about a US national hockey team. They were really good except they kept loosing. But then one day they got a girl on their team and they got pretty good again, but right before they got to the world conferance they lost their mojo. A team of blond haired blue eyed cold as ice icelanders were looking to beat them down. So they went rollerblading in south central La without adult supervision and ran into some negro kids. These kids taught them the joy of competition and teamwork in a rousing game of streethockey. The fat black kid even joined the team! Right before the match the coach gave them a speech lifted from Nazi propaganda, and they went out and kicked those fascist assholes buts and the girl and the black boy saved the team and probably the world!So take your bad attitude and pack it up bucko! Cause that was the actual plot of a little movie called mighty ducks 2 pal.

>>136712898Based. Fuck Nolan and his new expensive nigger movie.

>>136712898>be me>go see western scum trash film>need to go go force muslims into concentration camps>movie keeps going>my boss is texting me asking where I amwtf America?

>>136713446>wtf black people exist?you just dont want to see them on movies. fucking stupid>inb4 "Yes.", 9 "based" repliesfuck off

>I know this board is staunchly anti China, but it's hard not to side with them on a lot of things considering how redpilled they are.

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>>136713016But yet they have time to binge Game of Thrones.

what does she think about black guys?

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>>136713152>China but with white peopleSo Russia?

>>136713884>omg i need my magical negro propaganda! Black people are so based i must bow down and worship them for white’s original sin!I didnt say black people don’t exist or that they are bad. I said cultural marxist propaganda destroyed 3 world superpowers in 30 years. China is smart not to let it in otherwise they would have their citizens worshiping blacks like gods. They could murder a white baby and eat it on live tv and it would cause less outrage than a drug addict felon who held a gun to a pregnant womans belly to rob her.Tell me thats “normal”

>>136712898>Runtime too long Ie. Too many scenes with the black protagonist that they can’t remove him from the movie and have it make sense.

>>136712898based chinks

>>136714658honestly thats good because i m sick of it, same how for sjw retard diversity is a codename for replaing everyone with nignogs,

>>136714658>>>136712898 (OP) #>>>136712925 #>>>136712929 #>>>136712932 #>>>136712934 (You) #>>>136712949 #>>>136712954 #>>>136713003 #>>>136713014 #>in china, too long is a codename for "no black male/white female couples in film"No

>1 hour shorter than Avengers Endgame>too long to play

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>>136712898What the headline failed the state is that the runtime actually exceeded a special Chinese runtime.npmNegros per a minute

>>136713446based and redpilled

>>136712949They will love them, in their soup.

>>136712932they had to have blackmailed nolan somehow, wtf was he thinking??

>>136712898China doesn't like NIGGER movies.

imagine actually being happy about this. your tastes are now being directly modified by whatever sells in the chinese market. next they'll get rid of blood and gore because chinese people are scared of skeletons

>>136715711>China doesn't like NIGGER movies.nobody does, user

>>136712925If it's phenomenal, yes>>13671521530 min shorter actually

Serves Nolan right for casting an unwanted.

>>136713152>people would call it based.>peopleCommunists user, not people.

>>136716117can someone explain why the fuck he did that

>>136716230>not peoplewell I mean bug-people

RIP Nolan

>>136712898Is it longer or just as long as Endgame and Lord of the Rings? Can't help but notice a correlation between China suddenly giving a shit about film length and the main protagonist being black...

>>136713552>>136713541He's right, trannies. Back to your dilation stations.

>>136715711Some "people" do.

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>>136712925>wow chinks are literally insects>*watches former slaves literally rape and kill his own kind right in front of him*>fucking chinks

>>136716241probably not his choice, i see this as a very cynical attempt to shoehorn nog into a big movie from a director popular among normies. it's literally an attempt to force nignoig into normies. and i mean nig that has no reason to be there other than to be a nig, it's not like this is black panthere where nigs made sense regardless of ridiculous permise. this is just blatant american nig asslicking. fuck this

>>136712925Actually made me kek. FPBP.

Just cut out all the parts with the black guy and the runtime should be good to go

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>>136716491it's obvious it wasn't his choice. so how? did they blackmail him, threaten to pull funding? how in the fuck did he agree to this shit, it's so unlike him.

>>136713813>>Ohhh yea hollywood would never put multi culti propaganda in a heckin movirino!!!!!Why do autists talk like this?

>>136716534$$$$>nolan: i need 250 mil for a movie>(((they))) ok but you must make this negro a main character to fit our agenda>nolan:...

>>136716491>>136716534so do you thinks Pattinson will be great lead actor than the literally who nigger ?

>>136716671>Pattinsonhe'll obviously steal every fucking scene he's in like he always does. my suspicion is he was originally supposed to lead

>>136716636the only problem is he's one of the few directors with leverage to counter that sort of fuckery. there's some real sun tzu shit going on and I don;t like it frens

>>136716491>it's literally an attempt to force nignoig into normiesmost of the world isn't as racist as america

>>136716823>most of the world isn't as racist as americanot with that attitude

>>136716823also not as obsessed with pandiring to nogs as america. and the best is the irony that nigs blame whites for slavery while it were other nigs who sold them and in fact if not for slavery these nigs would still be in huts made of cow's poo somewhere in africa. nigs should literally be grateful for slavers who sold them to white men and to white men for giving them chance. but instead they yell and moan all the time

>>136716928>also not as obsessed with pandiring to nogs as america.no one actually does that here outside of fake news, you overly verbose faggot

>>136712898Stupidest shit I've ever heard. Put an intermission in there. Unless, it's like 4 hours plus, it'll play.

>>136716770i just Google the actor name turns out he's Danzel Washington son so yeah Nolan got BLACKmailed indeed>>136716823nah i'm from indonesia and hate niggers


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>>136716486Stay mad, Chang

>>136716990>fake newsliterally see oscars since last few years, see all nig pandering garbage that isnt in the news, nigs are like holy cows that can do everything but if you say anything bad then you are the bad oneremember liam neson being criticized for something he didnt even do meanwhile actual nig rapist was ignored, but of course sjw shitheads jumped on liam for fucking nothing

>>136717078>oscarsyou do realize that's the worst example humanly possible you could have picked, you literal fucking sperg

>>136716566Maybe they don’t like propiganda in their heckin movieinos.I mean it says it right there.

>>136716770You know what this reminds me? Quantum break. Same plot about time fuckery, It used to have some nobody lead, but for some reason microsoft (i'm sure) decided fuck him over and gave role to fag from Xmen movies. And there vague link between those too. Our old friend CIAyoutu.be/I4DP3iWCgQc?t=103

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>>136717129so what would be a good example? maybe the most recent with nig pandering over death of that crackhead thug? nigs literally trying to make him a saint and blame cop who risked his life (who knows what aggressive drugged nig could do) for the death of that scum? what a perfect world damn

>>136716491Its not like there has never been a black leading man in a movie?There are tons. Denzel, will smith, cosby, whatever his name is with the dots on his face, wesley snipes, eddie murphy, darth vader, shaquel oneil and tupac.Ohhh and of course the boyega.

>>136717305yes, but honestly nobody paid attention to them, meanwhile now they literally glorify every negro and focus everything on.

>>136717345>yes, but honestly nobody paid attention to themstill don'tyou need to watch less tv, dorks

>>136717345My dude. Magical negros and spiritual natives have been the norm in media for the last 50 years. They have always been the focus. Thats why white women worship them like gods. Because they are made litteral gods in film.

Real directors (Scorsese, Tarantino) make what the fuck they want to make. And any objections or bans from China falls on deaf ears. Kissless virgin directors cast a literally who to try and please everybody, then gets slapped down by China in the most condescending way possible

>>136717418>Real directors (Scorsese, Tarantino)I can't wait until school is back in session

>>136712898Time to go straight to VOD

>>136712898No Biggie. Just do an edited cut. The production company isn't that dumb to pass up on chink money. Later on they can re-sell Director's Cut DVD/Blue-ray for them to double dip. Win-win

>>136712898He may have gone too far in a few places

>>136717849>nigged when he shoulda nogged

>150 minutes is too long

>>136712898Fuck niggers senpai

>>136717905It's just a nice way of saying they don't like watching black people

>>136712929>movie starring a black man>omg litrally trying to feed us a nig protagonoist!ok dicklet Holla Forumscel

>>136717950but they've never had issue saying that out loud

>>136714031>"finally a man worthy of my pusy"

>>136716823>most of the world isn't as racist as america>Yeah, most countries either feel indifference or hate niggers to the point it's not considered controversial.It's only Murica (and Bongland) that is full of nigger lovers that try to push this shit.

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>>136718012>Chinese telling it like it isexcept for that unfortunate bat soup business

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>>136717950When was the last time China was nice to anybody?

>>136716480I look at this and my brain refuses to comprehend it. Utterly alien. How can living, breathing people have absolutely no dignity, going out of their way to humiliate themselves?

>>136712932The only reason I never plan on watching this forced Garbage

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>>136712929And hes a fucking no name nepotism hire (Denzel washington's son). Why would be ruin his movie with a shit actor?


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>>136713552>showing the world how it objectively is>black protagonist

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>>136715530They literally do.somalispot.com/threads/chinese-cannibal-gang-uncovered-and-arrested-in-gabon.44303/

>>136712932>a real countryWhich country is that, Chang?

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>>136712898Not really watching this. Sorry nolan

>>136713152Which is exactly why they are in fact based in comparison to US.

couldn't nolan just cut it down for china

>>136712898Guess it's not made for mutts with their 30s attention span and inability to go five minutes without shovelling greasy shite down their pieholes?

>>136712898>too long

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>>136717058He could be posting from Wuhan right now, he'd still be right.


>>136713014>aren't allowed to sit 2 and a half hours for a movie>based

>>136714134Jews can pass for white but not Asian so they are less susceptible

>>136713552>showing the world how it objectively isSomeone post the racial preferences dating chart.

>>136716486That assumes that only Amerifats hate chinks.





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>>136712932>when shoehorned diversity gets hoisted by its own petard

>>136713813The joke is that Iceland is populated for the most part with actual dwarf-like hobbits, short and round, with brown hair instead of Viking chads.

>>136715215Avengers is full of muscled white dudes they want to fuck.It's kind of hilarious how in real life Evans/Captain America and Ruffalo/Hulk try to make up for being white by simping for SJWs as hard as they can. They're still white dudes and eventually they're gonna get cancelled by twitter trannies, it's just a matter of time.

>>136716491america is known worldwide as a black country. even if they're a minority, all your famous musicians and athletes are black.

>>136717305>whatever his name is with the dots on his facekek morgan freeman. He groomed and had an affair with his teen step-granddaughter who then offed herself. Sleaziest of grandpas, but par for the course I guess.

>>136717345The dude from Wakanda is dying from drug-resistant hiv tho. Guess they didn't have the technology after all.>>136717408Don't dunk on natives when they're barely 6% of the population. They're not a threat. If anything the blond rat-pony tailed balding dudes who claim they're 1/16th Pocahontas are the loudest and craziest.

>>136721140>somalispot.com/threads/chinese-cannibal-gang-uncovered-and-arrested-in-gabon.44303/Big if true.

>tfw to smart too air in theaters

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