*makes Japanese propaganda*

Nothing personal, kid. It's just Business.

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what the fuck even is "Japanese" propaganda?why does Holla Forums feel like an asian facebook group today

>>136712490>why does Holla Forums feel like an asian facebook group today

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>>136712376Is this the mythical Ugly Bastard?

>>136712490he endlessly shills for how "great" Japan is>Look at this, guy - he works so hard! He's always doing his best!>no mention of how 10 hour work shifts + 2 hours commute time is fucking bad>no mention of slave mentality - you work for the company - there is no "you", only your workI mean, come on. How hard is it to see that?

>>136712944>does videos about TOURISM>TOURISM which is funded and sponsored by the governmentreally makes you think

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>>136712944you sound like you wanted to move to japan but when you found out the reality got upset like a bitch

>>136712944Get a job

I want to FUCK that delivery worker

>>136712376I wish he'd at least give that face a rest. Stroke victim looking ass

>>136712376I watched a few of these "day in the life" episodes recently.I don't think they were overly positive. I do think he cherry picked the people though. He didn't pick anyone working 90+ hours at work.His shtick is making very positive/fun videos.


I lived in Japan, the only really unapologetic weeaboos were Indians and Filipinos because being bottom of the barrel in Japan was better than anything they could aspire to in their own shithole countries.

>>136713198delivery worker > office worker > car repair > cosplayer

I want to FUCK Japanese mommy #1

His day in the life videos are legitimately really well made and pretty immersive.

>>136712376Not very good propogandaHe did one video where a guy was working 10 hrs a day for fuck all, then he had a long commute homeFinished the vid by saying he would probably work for the same company his entire lifeBasically>Get up>Go to work>Come home>Reheat dinner>Sleep

>>136712944you are so sad

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>>136713683I know a weeb who moved there. The work culture is bizarre. Most people try to get this special sort of permanent position and will stay with the company for life. You're expected to do a huge amount of out of work socialising with colleges. The company you work for is heavily involved in your life and will even sort out and pay for things like rent.It's like you just become a drone for a hive company. Totally different to the West where it's considered weird to have any kind of allegiance to a specific company.

>>136712376How does this guy make it in Japan, he’s a flip-American? I thought Japan was racist?

>>136712376His "day in the life" videos are Kino. The food centered ones are kind of lame.

>>136712490>>136712944abe does a lot of propaganda shit so that japs start making more and more babies, he told anime studios to produce more propaganda about fertility but that shit doesn't fool the japs, only the dumb weebs who want to move to japan

>>136713913Honestly he could pass as a tanned Japanese guy.

>>136712376what race is this

>>136712944Japan IS great, mutt.

>>136714230No he wouldn't, he looks like the average SEA-monkey

>>136712988Pic related also does government-sponsored tourism videos but he's somehow incredibly based>>136713101No, I just find it a bit sad how so many weebs like nippon culture but blatantly ignore how horrible their work ethic is.>>136713166I already have one.>>136713704>ad hominem>>136714394prove it to me faggot

>>136714545>>136712988>Pic relatedlook at this sly motherfucker.Absolute unit

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>>136712944The thing about Japanese workers is that they will also pretend to work because of the Japanese culture of honor and loyalty to the company, that it is better to pretend to work an additional 2 hours doing nothing and giving the impression of sacrificing your time, than going home at 5 pm after doing your 8 hour shift.

>>136714545you're the only one here who looks like he's propagandizing

>>136712944>oh wow, there's even a petting zoo in her office!>isn't that great?!The day in the life of an average office worker killed me. About 4 hours of his day were spent commuting to other offices instead of dealing with people over the fucking phone. The guy had about an hour in the evening free to eat and take a bath before bed.

why is the people in this website so obsessed with japan lol

>>136715745A lot in Japan is still straight up stuck in the 90's. Things we do today using internet, they still haven't caught on to it. Surprised they have stayed as efficient as they have without relying too much on tech.

>>136714796Yeah, that shit's retarded.I made the mistake of appearing to be dedicated and doing some work after hours - didn't do me any good, they literally gave it no mention the moment I got into trouble at work.>>136715745And he talks like it's the greatest thing in the world. No wonder Japan has some of the highest suicide rates in the world.

>>136715899>Surprised they have stayed as efficient as they haveUnquestionable loyalty gets shit done, unironically

>>136714600>Absolute unitthe term is "a big face"

>>136712805>lawless free speech forumsit should be illegal to lie like that in a news article

>>136714135>I read something on the internet so it must be trueRetards just don't get jokes, and believe that memes are real

>>136712944>10 hour work shifts is a lotoh you sweet summer child

>>136716083t. buttmad weebgo jerk off to censored jav you fucking freak

>>136713913>>136714230>>136714363He looks Filipino and Chinese

>>136714407I take it you never been to Okinawa or anywhere in KyushuOkinawans are looked down upon too but that's beside the point

>>136713873>Totally different to the West where it's considered weird to have any kind of allegiance to a specific company.Y-Yeah, fuck unions and pensions.I totally want to work until I'm 80.

>>136716118Tell me what working more than 10 hours gets you.The admiration of your colleagues? Some more vacation time? A little non from your boss because your extra 2 hours of work just financed his new car?Enlighten me, user

>>136716124>NOOOOOOOO I GOT CAUGHT BELIEVING IN RANDOM user'S SHITPOSTS BECAUSE I'M A DUMBFUCK AND NOW I'M ANGRY THAT I GOT CALLED OUTJust admit that you are a loud naive idiot who doesn't know what the fuck he saying and just repeat uncritically what he reads. Lots of people like you around, so you shouldn't feel to ashamed.This might be an opportunity for growth

>>136713913No one is racist, people are classist. If you make money/are successful no one is gonna give you shit for being whatever race you are. If you're poor you're gonna get treated like shit universally, but if you're black/yellow/whatever you can claim racism. I've never heard of a black surgeon who was discriminated against.

>>136712376I hate this guy. He strikes me as artificially friendly and is miserable inside.

>>Japanese propaganda>>"Haha! Wow! 26 year old Haruto wakes up at 8 am to go to work!!" >>"Hahaha, it's now 10:00 PM, lets see what Haruto is up to!">>"Wow! Working overtime at home!?!? Is it the same in your country?">>"It's now 11:00 PM! What will Haruto do now?!">>"Looks like he's going to bed! Wow!?Yeah, wow, such propaganda. Japan seems like such a cool place. No wonder 99.8% of their animes revolve around being in high school still, that's the last 4 years Japanese people have to enjoy life. It's actually hysterical how every episode shows how difficult Japanese everyday life is, since their workdays are like 14 hours long, but the that ONE EPISODE of the e-thot shows her working for like 10 minutes doing a photoshoot and the rest of the episode is her fucking around.

Smells Korean itt

>>136715899They’re not efficient though. There’s a reason the Japanese economy is dog shit and they’ve been eclipsed by Korea and China (who were 3rd world shit holes 20 years ago).

>>136716495>eclipsed by KoreaYou were doing so well and then you blew it

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>>136712376every country has youtubers like that even the 3rd world ones

>>136715745they are highly inefficient. i've worked with japs and other nationalities and they spent most of their day twiddling their thumbs just to say they've done 12 hours. the most efficient so far i've worked are the germans followed by the aussies.

>>136716118good goyKEKW

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>>136714135they can't even though they want to. they even tried cutting overtime on friday so japs can leave home early and fuck their wife. nobody moved an inch and still went home late lmao

>>136716260>Tell me what working more than 10 hours gets you.An extra day off a week? 4 day work weeks are pretty nice.Even 20% less commute adds a lot of time to your life.

>>136717013you stupid fuck. the norm is working 5 days a week, nobody's talking about 4 day work weeks here you ignoramus

i cant believe this filipino nigger would name his own son wolverine and his wife would allow it. thats just asking to make his kid's childhood miserable due to the brutal japanese bullying

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The cute delivery girl was the best one.


>>136714076This. The one with the cook from the ramen shop was great.

>>136717073the fuck, i taught it was from the Life I'm from channel, the one in op is Paolo from Tokyo lol, never watched a vid from him

>>136713913His Japanese wife's family clearly hates him, so there's that.

>>136717073His wife likely has no idea that her kid is named after a comic book character. Should have named the kid Spawn instead.

>>136712944anyone with a brain who watches realizes how shit most of their lives are

>all the fags talking shit on japanese work cultureAt least they don't have to deal with jews/niggers/women in HR, diversity quotas, racism and tolerance seminars etc. A japanese man working for a japanese company knows that he might get out-competed or out-politicked for a promotion by his co-workers, but at least he doesn't have to worry about being passed over for being the wrong race gender, and sexual orientation.

>>136717073is his wife a jap?

>>136716238>>136717484ITT: smoothbrains who got a degree in communications can't figure out how to set aside 10% of their check to retire early

>>136717484You are a fucking retard. All those things exist in Japan, or at least Tokyo.Espically women in HR hounding you to embrace "company culture".t. salaryman in Tokyo

>>136712944Youre pretty small brain his day in the lifes arent biased. Most westerners view it as bizarre of how much level of work japs do.

>>136714600i want to fuck Sharla so bad bros...just imagine holding her head down in a pillow to muffle her moans as you fuck her from behind, so that her neighbours dont hear her screaming through those paper thin japanese walls

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>>136717759Anon, she's single. Are you white or asian?

>>136717484>OLs don't existretard

>>136717699Company culture >>> diversity/inclusion culture

>>136717699i'd rather be told to "embrace company culture" than be required to read white fragility.

>>136712490Japan refuses to admit their atrocities against the people of Asia and want to destabilize China & Korea so they can regain hegemony

>>136718034shes single? i thought she married some black dude or was engaged or something.

>>136717759she's like 35 bro

>>136717073He seems like a nice guy but goddamn does he have to be such a simpleton? Also, his eating face rivals Mark Wiens level of terror. >Tyga Wolverine De GuzmanJesus Christ the level of niggerdom...


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>>136718372youtube.com/watch?v=_aU7iDVFhjI They split because she was only really into japan and her husband was some hippie wanderlust loser>>136718498worth it

How this isn't propaganda?youtube.com/watch?v=D8A_Hu_WqeQFucking weebs and their "it's ok when Japan does it" mentality.

>>136717484Fucking hell user, don't need to display that you never worked a day in your life like this.

>>136718813Bros, I so would.

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>>136713683This is the life of many people everywhere. Just insert a tinder hookup and some hours on the internet.

literally the most cringe thread today

>the Japanese are super racist I swear memeI know white men have to cope with the fact the Japan is not some white man's Candy Land but the truth is japanese are majority reactionary and don't care what race you are as long as you don't disturb the peace

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>>136719410congratulations, you beat the strawman in your head

>>136719410this desu. Most Japanese are very friendly and welcoming towards foreigners especially if you the absolute minimum of moonspeak

>>136713198>That coworker that runs to give her a snack bar before she leavesHe wants to fuggg

>>136716296Shut up spic.

What does OPs channel say about letting Blacks into Japan?

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>They all go drinking after hours>Not only do I have to work all day but I have to drink with people I don’t like.

>>136720156yes. if you don't its a show of disrespect. japs believe that by being truly drunk with them is the only way you can show your true self. its not uncommon to see people passed out at the train or the street at 2 am

>>136714135The birth rate among Japanese is the same as the birth rates among almost every other first world country's native population. The work culture sucks, but it's not the reason for the reason for the drop in birth rates. The *only* thing that universally correlates with a drop in birth rates is "women's liberation" for all that implies.Even in Nips dumped their toxic work practices, they'd still be going home to watch anime and blow loads in flesh lights every night.

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>>136719825>Most Japanese are very friendly and welcoming towards foreignersAhahahahahahahaha. False. Don't mistake not confrontative behaviour with friendliness. For the japanese people a gaijin is not better than a vagrant or a feral kid. They just simply didn't want to deal with them and hope that some polite gestures will make the gaijin go away.

Japan will save the world.So long as Japan has their spirit the world will move forwardJapan doesn't just copy like China. It makes things betterJapan sees the train and makes the bullet trainJapan sees the Atari 2600 and makes the NESJapan sees 7-11, and turns it into Japanese 7-11

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>>136720330That's not trueJapanese have a view of how the world aught to be, and how it isThey will feed you tatemae, but they want to be honneForeigners are big smelly and rude mutes. If foreigners are instead big, smelling like perfume and polite, and learn the language, Japanese won't actually hate gaijin

>>136720569They cant save their sorry asses lmao

>>136720330You are coping holy shit

>>136712376i fucking hate this guy and how his beard and chin are always 2 centimeters away from the middle of the rest of his facei cant unsee that and it makes me seeth

>>1367157564chan is based on 2chan and 2ch, which were prolific Japanese image boardsThe formatting and style of this site is in the style of Japanese image boardsThe owner of this site, Hiroshima Nagasaki is a Japanese citizen

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>>136712944You sound like a butthurt chink or zipperhead.

>>136717013>user we need you to work 10 hour shifts this weeknice, that means I get an extra day off right?>excuse me? I’m offering you overtime here and your lazy ass wants another day off? We may need to reconsider your position at this company.

>>136720324Thanks for the article, user.

>>136717484Ah yes, because being away from the icky sticky gays and nonwhites is totally a fair trade for 23 hour work days.I am a well adjusted human bean.

>>136721071>>136717484>the man who invented the 8-hour work day also threw homosexuals into concentration campsWE CAN HAVE BOTH, YOU FOOLS

>>136718893The game programer one was so blatant, they might as well said 'this video is sponsored by Bandai Namco'.>Lets take a break to play our beloved Pacman!>Lets talk to the director of Code Vein and see what its like because it just came out a month ago>Oh lets interupt this interview of directors who are working on their Tekken 7's Season Pass 3 coming soon!>I watch the Gundam Sunrise Youtube channel>a pile of Gundam kits next to his bed, but only one kit (maybe) completedTo be fair, he may legitamtely like Gundam based on some of the Gundam stuff he did have though.

>>136719825Absolute drivel. Japanese barely form true friendship among themselves.

>>136712376>my country is neat here are some things to do and watchOMG HOW FUCKING DARE YOU DO THIS YOU RACIST NAZI REEEEE

>>136713873>Totally different to the West where it's considered weird to have any kind of allegiance to a specific company.Actually this is a recent thing. Your grandad and dad likely worked their entire lives with one or two companies and the idea of sticking with it was normal. Being an essential member of the team and moving up the ranks with age and skill was the intended path of a worker. Part of this rootless globalist open border nightmare is an everyone for themselves mentality. You want to stab your company in the back the very first opportunity and they want to replace you with a Pajeet or robot as soon as they can. You can’t advance in a career or paycheck without ruthless job hopping which also makes you a wandering jew with no home or identity. This is per the plan.

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>>136718893this is hilariouswaking up at 5am to work until 6pm and after groceries and eating going to bed immediately, 5 days a week is my personal definition of hell>she says she likes her job because she gets to talk to peoplelmao as if the japanese woman would shitmouth her job and employer in front of the whole worldfuck this guy, this is the least authentic video ive seen on youtube so far

>>136721512This>>136713873The U.S is just more insidious about it, like how its "impolite" to talk about your pay

>>136717073>saw that video and thought it was a joke>he was completely sincere>all the comments telling him it was such a bad idea and to reconsider Him deciding to use that name actually reflects very poorly about his judgement.

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>>136712944Japan could use more diversity and foreign labor tbqh

>>136720324>The birth rate among Japanese is the same as the birth rates among almost every other first world country's native populationyeah, except most first world countries are not 99% native so your rebuttal fucking sucks

>>136721512I don't get the strategy in replacing people with cheaper labor. I get the mentality of doing labor for cheaper, but they don't get that its not sustainable in the long term. It's like hitting a reset button and then expecting everything to continue onwards as usual. Plus the lack of loyalty and resentment it carries with workers, which just compounds as their next job does the same thing. I haven't experienced this, but know people that have been effected by it. This one company laid off all their talented people that have been there 10+ years and replaced them with foreigners (which was apparently encouraged). I don't think the company is doing so well these days because of this. I think they tried to rehire some of the people they let go.

>>136713913He' part american ? I thought this was a Typical Filipino Nigger.

>>136716034I was reading an article earlier today and some hispanic was talking about "La Raza" and the journalist inserted an aside that basically just said "la raza means 'my people'". La Raza is basically the Black Panthers meets the KKK but they're still killing people.

>>136721857Typical American mutt more like.


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Meanwhile, Japan in reality...youtube.com/watch?v=LJ3ORwSMtlw

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>>136721831It doesn't matter that it explodes in the long term because anyone planning for the long term will be out competed by the short term gainers and lose out before long term even comes to fruition. Covid exposed so many companies for wasting their money on buybacks only to be bailed out anyways so they aren't getting punished for their lack of long term planning. Most jobs are useless paper pushers that are waiting to be automated out of existence, but there is no game plan for that transition.

youtube.com/watch?v=3yP0iGVNZmwmeanwhile this guy walks around asking women if they got molested


>>136722348Why are japanese men so creepy?

>>136712376Nobita and that japanese man Yuta are superior

>>136722348Is this why 2ch netouyos are so butthurt about gaijin and immigrants?

>>136722736You mean the communist infiltrator?

>>136722886>the communist infiltratordo tell user


>>136715756>>1367157564chan was literally created to discuss anime and jap culture you fucking immigrant

>>136722941Yuta is a communist infiltratorHe is north Korean

>>136723013how did this theory/meme start?

>>136722353tfw nursetfw COVID demonstrated am pretty surplus to requirements in many ways, irreplaceable in otherstfw none of it matters cuz the overtime just came back bigSo am I fine oooooor not?

>>136723053in english, nurse

>>136713913Filipino men don’t listen to incels on 4chan.

>>136723051I don't know. That's the complaint I get when I bring up Yuta in the Japan thread on /int/

>>136722565This one’s kawaii.

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Paulo is based and comfy. Sucks that covid and the baby delayed a bunch of content

>>136717073>named his own son wolverine

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>>136723290Would you?

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>>136723786Keep in mind she's wearing makeup here

>>136723290is...is he victim blaming?

>>136712376Life Where I'm From is a way more comfy channel

>>136723098Without the schizophrenia, I never thought I'd realize my value in life by way of plague.

>>136714600Sharla is fucking THICC BRUH

youtu.be/3ruhJeg6FjgThis channel is comfy. He does food reviews of 7-11 stuff in Osaka

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>>136718264Good, China and Korea are basically Asian jews, fuck them.

>>136712376>names his child Tigerwolverine>first name Taiga middle name Wolverine>Japan has no middle names, his official name on all documents will be "Taigaworuburine">thinks this is a good ideaLITERAL 87 IQ RETARD.

>>136712944You sound like a complete retard.Or a chinese jew shill


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>I had the chance to move to Japan back in 2010.>Turned it down because I fucking hate chinks.>Company I would have been working for went bust 3 years later.I think I made the right choice.

>>136723934Nobita is kinda autistic


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>>136724333really? she looks kinda plain

>>136724333I would grope her with cuddles.

>>136718264Japan has zero chance of becoming a hegemon. They're a small nation compared to China. Only ultranationalists delude themselves into thinking otherwise. We're not in the 1930s any longer.