Do you think Axiom's end will get a movie adaptation?

do you think Axiom's end will get a movie adaptation?

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>>136711037Be real with me Holla Forums how good/bad is it gonna be

nice cans

did you just post about this on /lit/ ??

>>136711897noI hate /lit/ because they won't talk with me about my YA's

>>136711037I hope Jenny reads it for everyone.

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>>136711037jenjen's hair is looking a little unkempt

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I want her to give me a nursing handjob.

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>>136713451>>136712699>>136713476>>136711037Please kill yourselves>>136711204Awful she has very little actual talent and only got the deal due to her YouTube following

>>136713607Well, I'm now dead and haunting Jenny (pic related).

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>>136713937I'm one hundred percent serious, this girl is an ugly fucking goblin that you simp for becouse you somehow believe you have a chance with her

>>136711037ngl i'd suck and bruise those tits

do white people really wear masks

>>136714003>becouse you somehow believe you have a chance with herJenny's fucking loaded and grew up wealthy, there ain't nothing easy about landing a rich girl if you're not at least as rich as her father. Get the fuck out of here with your meme projections.

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why is she so perfect brehs

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Brehs, these fucking thighs...

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>>136714003If jenny went to my school i would have sneered a bit when crossing paths with her and me and my gf would have secretly made fun of her low-set tits, muscley body and obviously her face. But then now the joke's on me, innit!

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>>136715323larp on incel

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>>136716913Qui-Gon is really checking out Jenny's droids...

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Who /jorn/ here

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>>136717263and are ye-hew jealous user, hooomh?

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>>136717353just because your horse has an elegant face, doesn't mean you do, dumbtits


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>>136711037I've heard she does her best work on her knees

>>136717488>Lindsay Ellis>MOMMY!>MOMMY'S UDDERS!>MOMMY'SAnon...

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>>136711037 No

Is it fiction? What's it about?

>>136717571What's her fucking problem?


>>136717822i guess the abortion didn't succeed


>Lindsay thread turns into JennyshitFuck off back to Twitter Vito.

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>>136717967I can't believe Jenny was such a dick to Vito.

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>>136717967this guy thinks he likes her but he has totally got the wrong end of the stick about what she's like, and now of course he's major catty butthurt by her scorning him. he's not going to post jenny

>>136718265>>136718234..or maybe he will? well, like the guy said - fuck off fag. Vito is a fucking grovelling worm and a bug to squash under Jenny's or anyone's boot

>>136713451does the chick on the left have FAS as well?

>>136718338no, AGP

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>>136717967Why does Dick bring this cringe neckbeard onto his show?

>>136717967What did jenny do to this creature?

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>>136717571based virtue signaling user

>>136718485they were randomly assigned to the same group in an Escape Room game and both were filming to make a vid. There was perfectly normal civil social interaction. His battery ran out (incompetent) and so he says to her something like can i get some footage from you, she maybe mumbles yeah unthinkingly. He then tries to add her on her private not-invite-taking facebook account (incompetent 2) to get in contact for that that footage. She doesn't reply because she doesn't see it so he mewls helplessly for a while in the messages i guess (pathetic) before taking to twitter to pout (vindictive, pathetic 2). He not only pouts and whines but thinks that he can successfully pull off disguising his soreness and desperation as 'jokes'. A 'character' (incompetent 3). Jenny doesn't see any of this. Later Vito comes to Jenny's attention for a viral racist migosynist tweet. Jenny says woah, i met him phew dodged a bullet there. Vito is taken aback because he amazingly thought that he could have cake and eat it too by not actually being explicit in his racism tweet but rather pulling 'jus sayin..'. (incompetent 4). He doubles and triples down on this cringey coy conceit seemingly believing that adults are acutally little 4 year old kids so if you play semantic games like "but i didn't actually SAY", people have to not only honor it, even in their hearts. Lmao I want to see his entrails splashed over a road and him looking down and feeling out the edge of where his body now ends in disbelief

>>136718812Thanks lad, good stuff.

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I'm an author!

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>>136711037Who is this semen demon

>>136718812Wall of simp text

>>136719453lets see you defend jenny any better

>>136718812You know too much about this.

>>136719403Gloria Tesch, I wonder what she's up to these days. Incredible body, shame about the autism face.

>>136718561Just letting him know that Lindsay Ellis has as much chance to be a mommy as Jenny's "sister".

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>>136720576what's going on with Jenny's sister, does she have an actual condition or is she just the way she is

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>>136720576I breed her sister, no problems. It'd be like having a slightly monstrous Jenny as your wife. And plus, you'd breed up some good strong sons out of her.

>>136720918not sure you're fully disentangled from a misunderstanding there user

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>>136721227I feel like your memeing that she is a transexual.

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>>136720918That might take more semen than you can muster.

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>>136721365WHAAA !

>wearing face masks

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>>136721227she used to look really a lot like a cartoon rat. Has this changed or it's just less noticeable under the bucket-fill-face-with-peaches-and-cream-color edit she does to her vids now?

>>136721365>>136718421i cannot decide between lindsay's big tits and jenny's soft thighs

>>136721417Goddamn, fuck yeah I would breed that

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>>136717571>tfw god punished her for murdering her unborn child by causing her womb to become barren forever

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>>136720918anon, i have terrible, terrible news

>>136722766I was just looking at her twitter, she really doesn't have Jenny's personality at all. Don't like her as much now. She's not a tranny, don't even try to meme me.

>>136722851"she" is formerly male, user

>>136723064is this something to do with how zygotes form or whatever.. 'all humans start off male' yeah nice meme

Can we stop talking about Jenny sister, she's gross and not cute.

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I want to hug Jenny, hold her hand and buy her a nice milkshake.

>>136724038>mouse earsIs she "leaning in" to looking like a god damn Rat? is that what leaning in means?

>>136724040i want to find you two on your little date and bamp the bottom of the milkshake when she's guzzling straight from the tumblr, so that it sloshes over her like a cowl of milk and her stupid smooth muzzle and lips just stick through the milk and i place my whole hand on the smooth part and say 'it's afraid' then i clunk yours heads together and push you over sideways to form a pile of unco retards

>>136724038does she fuck that porg

Do you think Jenny likes warm hugs?

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>>136724378she can't remember :(

>>136711204Bad, but in a forgetable way.

>>136724040I just want to spend the day cumming inside her... is that too much to ask?How ' bout it Jenny? Let's just set a date and get it over with.>>136724332Her 500k sub video is supposed to feature him, so we'll see.

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I'm gonna slice my dogs toe-pad thing with a bit of broken glass if someone doesn't link the bornycon preview