Actors you like

Actors you like

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to an irrational degree

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Jack Lemmon Jack Nicholson John CazaleJohn WayneJimmy CaanJimmy Stewart

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Mark Wahlberg

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>>136710646>t. not from Vietnam

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>>136710613I liked him before the memes. Zoomers wouldn't understand, their only Bond is a massive faggot

Was not really into GoT, didn't make it through the first season. But last weekend I unironically watched the final Resident Evil movie and actually enjoyed it. It was a send off far better than that franchise deserved and legit fun. I wish pic related and the guy who wears sunglasses 24/7 in that movie were my friends.

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>>136710840I loved him for the memes but then watched a weird movie where he plays a hitman, then I went back and genuinely loved him for his acting

>>136710212Does Peter have any other good kino?

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>>136711269Naked Lunch and that one episode of Fringe are the only 2 I can think of.

>>136710840I've always loved him. I grew up playing goldeneye on N64 pierce brosnan is the true bond in my mind. Now because of the memes I love him more.

>>136711014Good for you lad. Most of his kino will fade into obscurity I think, but Goldeneye and all of that was such a big deal when I was growing up. It was back when Bond films still meant something, like a big social event.

>>136711307Goldeneye is the most important film/video game for the 90s kid generation. It was their first real exposure to masculinity. Everyone that played goldeneye as a kid was probably massively affected.

What if instead of Michael Shannon it was Michael Penis?


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>>136710626that's a lotta J's

>>136710571His archetype rubs me the wrong way. I think he's an asshole, but you know he's cool too or whatever. I'm sure in real life he's fine.

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>>136712342You fuck!

>>136711269He was, no joke, the ONLY part worth watching from the final season of Sons of Anarchy.

>>136710212He's too fucking weird looking, like someone smashed his face with a pan.

>>136711269screamers isn't too bad

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>trips balls for a random music video>it's actually beautiful and doesn't come off as tryhard method

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How could you dislike the Goose

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>> still do?

>>136713429Yes, fuck this orange turd

>>136710960>Ser Jorah Mormont was not a handsome man.

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I really like this guy.

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>>136713429Imagine being this up your own ass.

>>136712839He has almost no philtrum.He is also the reason that I know the word "philtrum".

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>>136714042jackie chan?

>>136710703>this man appeared in gems like chernobyl>this man was also in the resident evil moviehow does this happen


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>>136710251Yeah he's good.>>136710573Based

He adds so much to anything he's in, makes mediocre stuff bearable to watch.

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>>136713113I have never seen anyone say a bad thing about the goose. Maybe about his acting but not him

>>136715646Even Hellboy?

>>136715732Haven't seen it but I don't think he improved Hercules that much. Idk why I was expecting it to be good. How in the fuck did Ratner make The Red Dragon?

>>136710212Yeah I like him.He's like an adult human version of Apu.However, I might think that just because I only saw him in Boardwalk Empire.

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>>136715998you should check out 99 homes and take shelter

>>136714945>no philtrumIs he one of ((those)) "ppl"?

>no Sam Rockwell yetFor shame


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This fella right hereLove this lil nigga like you would not believe

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>>136710212I can watch even bad movies with Goodman, but luckily he's been in a shit ton of good ones. I've been watching him since Roseanne, basically grew up with the guy on my TV.

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I even like the "bad" movies he's in.

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>>136717220What are ((they))?

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>>136710212I WILL FIND HIM

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>>136710626>look like squat short man with a babyface>also look like large bulky man with highly masculine featuresbased master of disguise

I like Tobias Menzies after watching him in The Terror..................................



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>>136717915His acting on The Irishman is unironically one of the best of all time: all restraint and quiet eloquence.

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>>136710462I miss old $20 bills

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Steven Gonville Toast

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>>136710251Why does he look like a 3d rendered model?

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>>136719584goose is second best in this flick

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Has this nigga ever been in something that wasn’t kino

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>>136710212David Johansen

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>>136710462Everyone likes Kurt>>136710573Everyone likes Mel>>136710613Hands of an artiste

Why do you have black people Holla ForumsRacist much?

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>>136722499I don't hate anybody, I am just completely indifferent at best.

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>>136721791Horrible Bosses

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shame he wasn't in more stuff, everything was certified kino>>136721791i hate this guy irrationally

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>>136710212ANONS PERSONAL SUBJECTIVE TOP 10 ACTORS OF ALL TIME1. Mel Gibson2. Tom Cruise3. Harrison Ford4. Arnold Swartzeneggar5. Brad Pitt6. Leonardo Dicaprio7. Eric Roberts8. Greg Kinnear9. Denzel Washington10. Bruce Willis