Game of Thrones thread

Game of Thrones thread

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>>136709479Why can't we just be ageless? Feels bad seeing women hit the wall at age 20.

>>136709645>white* women ftfy


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>>136709737british slags*

They aged with the show

Remember when we had like 30 GOT threads at a time? Now this fuckin thread can’t even get more than 6 replies

>>136709479it's quite depressing to see you can't hire a child actor because the majority of them will look like potato freaks once they grow up

this post negates all the slag posts and only allows show and book discussion

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What would Jaime do if he farted during sex?

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>>136709645Part of it is the makeup hair and clothing choice too. All around atrocious right pic

>>136709737Sure, because those ape or insect females are more attractive.

>>136709479Why are Brits so ugly? Literally the ugliest Western European country

she hit it hard

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>>136709479Left: SOUL Right: SOULLESS

>>136712634inbreeding for centuries. its a tiny fucking island

>>136712537why do they all look like shane dawson

>>136712703That doesn't answer my fart question.

>>136711707Because the first 2 seasons were good, then everyone started wising up that fat fuck was never going to finish the plot, only the north's rebellion was intersting, and the show runners were hacks. If you didn't ditch GOT by 2014 at the latest you're a certifiable brainlet.

>>136712634A culture of lazy drunken slobs mixed with the fact it was also a colonial empire with lots of opportunities for all the attractive women to emigrate with success/adventurous husbands. Only the stupid and ugly remained, same with Ireland during the famine.

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>>136709479maario naharis!

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>>136712854Is that a jazz shoop. Please don’t be, she cute

Who the fuck thinks that much eye makeup looks good. They're fucking ENGLISH. YOU *DISTRACT* FROM THEIR SHITTY FACES.

>>136709479British genes make women ugly.

>>136712854CUTE>>136712960imagine watching a tranny show so much you start seeing trannies everywheredilate

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>>136712698Explain Iceland then

>>136713191Iceland settlers had chad genesEngland had A*glos

>>136709479Sophie has still got it.

>>136712854>>136713112God bless the pajeet genes

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God I want to let maisie bounce on my dick so badly. >OH YA ROIGHT DAR. ROIGHT IN MY PUSSY. YA LOIK DAT SNATCH DONT YA?Hnnnng

its honestly amazing how bad they managed to fuck up the last couple seasonsit went from being a legitimate cultural phenomenon, one of the last real water cooler shows everyone had to see, to absolutely no one giving a fuck about it

>>136713311Checked, but every time she opens her mouth in an interview my dick gets up and leaves the building. She legit sounds like her iq is in negatives.

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>>136709737"Fuck you" - Sophie Turner

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>>136713537Cute dress

>>136709479>>136709645Didn't this show come out, like, 3 years ago???Are people so young that THIS was some big part of their early life???

>>136712643Stephen Fry?

>>136713892People grow and die. The cycle will repeat with them learning the same lessons.

>>136713415Just watch anything from wankitnow for this experience


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>>136712854>>136713370>>136713537>>136715399>wearing makeup in the hospital>being this gullible

>>136712775Only season 1 was great.

>>136715534Take your meds

Name their baby.

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>>136715655>>136715876>waifuing a charlatan >waifuing a drug addictand you two knuckleheads say I’M the sick one lmao

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>>136716039You’re the one obsessed with someone you dislike and creating alternative realities, not to mention the shitload of Emilia pics saved in your iphone. So yeah, you have severe schizophrenia

>>136716039I’m not waifuing Sophie Turner

>>136716155I’m not the one who posts emilia wall pics that’s some discord trannyI just honestly feel bad for you guys you are getting the wool pulled into your eyes and you don’t even known it

>>136716444You’re free to prove your absurd theory right

>>136716444ESL retard

>>136716485I used to love emilia too, she is still beautiful but she is PLAYING us user.I’m collating some materials into an info graph, it’s circumstantial but it makes a strong case. hope to finish it this week, be on the lookout but if not I will find you.

>>136709479>la goblina


>>136709737This is true; non-white women are born walled, therefore they cannot "hit the wall" by definition.

>>136709479I seethe

>>136716790seek help

>>136712698>The greatest naval trade country in human history>Small gene poolUse your brain for once in you life, you moron.

>>136716960Don’t give him more (You)s

>mfw Maisie has nicer tits than Sophie

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>>136717120Dios mio...

>>136717120please delete this

>>136712775I got the episode when Jora is fighting in the arena. It was some of the worst choreography I have ever seen. Then Barristan got shanked by a nobody. God what a terrible episode.

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Maisie is so fucking hot bros.

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>>136717120she’s preggy now I bet theyve filled out

>>136709479fuckin why

>>136709479Does it make you an incel if this picture makes you depressed as fuck?

>>136717120She looks fantastic, come at me bros.

>>136717534She looks like a drag queen

>>136717830don't google Boy George

>>136716997they weren't trading in breeding stock you autist

>>136717691I want to have sex with Maisie Williams




>>136709737>>136710293>>136712634>>136712698>>136712844>>136713069>>136713106>>136713266cope and seethe, promise you the average english rose makes your mutt waifu look like mushy peas>>136717691honestly though she's no beauty but makeup and styling aside she's no worse than the likes of haillee steinfield

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>>136709645>Feels bad seeing women hit the wall at age 20.This honestly seems to be a problem with specifically Zoomer actresses in general. I'm curious why.The future of Hollywood is bleak.

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>>136717691She needs to take the bog/bimbo pill.

>>136717120 Maisie has done nudes?

>>136718232shit makeup, shit diet, shit lifestyle and bad genes/chance

>>136718232>I'm curious why.Shit makeup


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>>136713640Does she disagree with such a noncontroversial statement? That white people should be allowed to exist?

>>136718324>left- young woman that would easily make you beautiful babies>right- some old chick that's always cold

>>136718324i wish emilia was my young, tiny, slavewife

>>136718381She barely changed but nt

god i fucking hate incels. i just want to drag you away from your computers and stomp yolur faggot heads until it's pancake tier.

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>>136718276No, but we’ve seen like a half of titty in Season 8

>>136718555I could kill you with one punch



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>>136709645>>136718232>>136718281>>136718296Odeya Rush, born 1997. Pictured here at 22. wtf zoomers

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>>136718716CherrypickingBe honest boomer, i dont even know who that bitch is

>>136718716>>136718833Most posters aren't boomers or zoomers.

>>136719079Millennials are so useless that no one remembers them

>>136719117Oh man, that'll be the day. Can it come more quickly though? The constant butthurt and seethe from every other (unimportant) generation at Millennials just existing is getting boring at this point.

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>>136719079anyone who isn’t a zoomer is a boomerboomer doesn’t mean a literal baby boomerit started as zoomers making fun of millennials with “that 30 year old boomer” memes, then the millennials started defending themselves by calling gen z anons zoomers and making memes about themnow that reddit and normalfags stole it, it basically means anyone who isn’t gen z or gen alpha is a boomer (and a lot of times they misuse it and think it means a literal baby boomer) but the original meaning of the word boomer is a millennial 4chan user

>>136709752They've always had this tender, sisterly friendship and it's unbelievably hot.

>>136719890basedit pisses me off too.they have to remove all subtlety to memes

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>>136719890The 30 year old Boomer was a self deprecating meme started by Millennials about growing older. Boomer refers to anyone older and Zoomer anyone younger. Millennials are the default.

>>136719890Nothing you said there is true. You just made a bunch of connections where there aren't any.

>>136720058>Millennials are the defaultMaybe if you stepped out of Holla Forums and Holla Forums for a minute you would realize that Zoomers are the majority of people on 4chan. It's not 2008 anymore you delusional no-lifer.

>>136717120pros:>cute face>nice nipples>red hair>nice skin tonecons:>not much in the ass department>nudism>marijuana>sunbathing>quite broad shouldersnot awful, but a bit of disappointing overall

>>136720370Well Holla Forums is completely zoomed I won't disagree but outside of that, no, not really. "Zoomer" is still used like its a fucking slur on every board. Millennial is still seen as a default.Reddit is zoomer hq though.


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>>136720370Nah, 4chan was infested with 12 year olds back in 2008, so the average user would have still been a zoomer.

>>136709479From two perfect qts into two whollopping trollopping whores. Can Hollywood ever be stopped?

>>136718364Don't be a disingenuous fuck. That statement doesn't exist in a vacuum and is just trying to get a rise out of BLM supporters.NO ONE is arguing for a white genocide as much as it would help your victim complex

>>136720370>It's not 2008 anymore you delusional no-lifer.I will continue to enjoy my Michael Phelps means, and you can't stop me, you zoomer piece of shit.

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I really, REALLY want to see Maisie naked, if you know what I mean.

>>136721082God he's so hot

>>136721268You have an awful taste in women. She is hideous.

>>136720911I bet you think you're really clever lolyou didn't even come up with that idea on your own

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>>136719950>sisterlyLmao no way, these two definitely did sexual shit with each other

>>136709479>When Wick Whittlestick slashed at his throat, the word turned into a grunt. Jon twisted from the knife, just enough so it barely grazed his skin. He cut me. When he put his hand to the side of his neck, blood welled between his fingers. "Why?">"For the Watch." Wick slashed at him again.Jon manages to ward off Wick's second attack, but when he tries to draw Longclaw, "his fingers had grown stiff and clumsy. Somehow he could not seem to get the sword free of its scabbard." That's when the second knife hits.>Then Bowen Marsh stood there before him, tears running down his cheeks. "For the Watch." He punched Jon in the belly. When he pulled his hand away, the dagger stayed where he had buried it.>Jon fell to his knees. He found the dagger's hilt and wrenched it free. In the cold night air the wound was smoking. "Ghost," he whispered. >Pain washed over him. Stick them with the pointy end. When the third dagger took him between the shoulder blades, he gave a grunt and fell face-first into the snow. He never felt the fourth knife. Only the cold…GEORGE PLEASE

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>>136717120>>136717691I don't know,bros, it's starting to seem like Maisie was the best of them all along


How did every child actor on GoT end up ugly

>>136723166bong genes kicked in

>>136722343>Off in the distance, a wolf howled. The sound made her feel sad and lonely, but no less hungry.

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>>136709645i honestly think Sophie looks good for her age

>>136709479>That bit where they say they sleep with the same guy>The guy preffered sophie.Being a womanlet is suffering.

>>136723217why is Johnny Foreigner so bitchy and womanlike? Is it too much estrogen or just an inferiority complex?

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>>136724132heh, you gotta stop projecting your own insecurities on others, anonThat'll lead you nowhere

>>136724313unintelligent sly passive aggressive barbs, are you sure you aren't a woman?

>>136712698you dumb fuck. England recieved a lot of euro immigrationfirst you had celtic barbarians who then got raped by the Romans, at the same time the Irish and Scots(picts) would raide England and rape themthen the romans left and the anglo saxons invaded and rapedthen the merged and the vikings came over and rapedthen the normans came over and rapedit was good until the brown people arrived


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>>136724132>why is Johnny Foreigner so bitchy and womanlike?I'll figure it out, don't rush me.

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>>136724470She filled out nicely, but those fucking doodle tattoos are a clear warning that she's brainlet.

>>136724132I'm not sure that's true. A really catty effeminacy seems to be valued on Holla Forums but I don't notice it has any specific national character.

>>136724354well, user, you're the one who got offended and is now seething over the fact that I called your people uglyand it's women and sóyboys who let things get under their skin