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Can you imagine that? A SPEAK thread?

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>All right, you know why we're here. So if you've got any doubts or reservations, now's the time to say so. No one will think any less of you. Because once you enter these Sopranos threads, there's no getting out. This Family comes before everything else. Everything. Before your fleshlight and your tendies, and your mother and your father. It's a thing of honor. And God forbid, if something happens and you can't post, we'll take care of you, because that's part of it.>If you got a problem, you just gotta let somebody know. This user right here, he's like your shitposting father. It doesn't matter if it's with somebody here or on the outside. You bring it to him, he'll solve it.>You stay within the Family. All right, give me your hand. Okay. That's St. BlackOps2cel, our family saint. Now, as that card burns so may your soul burn in hell if you betray your friends in the Sopranos threads. Now rub your hands together like this and repeat after me: May I burn in hell if I betray my friends. Congratulations.

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>>136697098Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the senator.

>>136697098Eh, you fuckin' greaseball, ya

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>>136697098YOUR WIFE FAT LOL*hangs up*

>>136698059Best scene of the whole show. It works as a standalone short film.

>>136697098I just had a Sopranos related dream. It was some kind of alternate universe where Chris becomes more and more corrupted and hungry for power to the point of trying to smuggle a kid to sell it. He gets arrested in a subway train for it, but he looked so broken that it seems he was intentionally trying to get arrested. In his cell a detective asks him how he could sink so low to which he only answers blankly staring at the infinite: When Adolf Hitler was arrested, there were 3 other Adolfs in custody. They saw each other. The first one got high hopes because they could prove it was all a misunderstanding. The second one thought he was absolutely fucked because they could use him as the scapegoat. The third one just didn’t know what the fuck was going on. The scene ends and I saw Paulie and Tony in some kind of music concert inside a giant black dome. The spotlights only illuminated these insanely long rows of people with these large spaces between each crowd similar to Hitler’s parades. I say music concert because instead of soldiers or german citizens the rows were composed of metalheads, stoners, goths and overall the type of people you’d see in a concert and not a political rally. Paulie decides to whack Tony and attempts to shoot him but fails and the rest of the crowd beats him up while Tony flees. It was pretty funny. Part 1 of 2

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>>136698216Suddenly I realize I was watching the series in a reclining beach chair, almost laying on my back but still inclined enough to see the TV. On my right side there was a young version of Meadow from the earliest seasons also laying on a beach chair. We were very close, our arms almost touching each other. We are discussing the series and what not. At one point she tells me how much she looks like one of the female side characters. I tell her she looks exactly like Meadow. She gets playfully annoyed because she thinks Meadow’s ugly. I say ‘What are you talking about? Meadow’s beautiful!’ To which she smiles and looks me straight in the eye and says ‘You think I’m beautiful, user?’ Then I woke up. Part 2 of 2What the fuck does any of this means?

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>>136698608>TFW no MILFi GF.

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What's with Paulie repeating his joke and everything, right after he said it? It's so weird. I never met someone that does this.

>>136698736He has Tourette's Syndrome

>I wanna know why there’s been zero growth in this families receipts>where’s the fucking (You)’s? You’re s’posed to be shitposters, that’s why you got the top tier positions.

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>meadow and AJs podcast is unwatchable due to that other fag>talking sopranos unwatchable due to bacala

>>136698782ya hear that he said why does Paulie repeat his jokesI said he tourette's syndrome

Best actor on the sopranos >pic related

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>>136699030The first WS episodes are kinda rough but i like the dynamic they've developed now. It's much better. Michael gets to talk a lot more and he likes teasing that fat fuck.

Sit down with New Jersey

>>136697098I missed you, based SPEAKposter...

>>136698608>Paulie's little wavecute

What did Chase mean by this?

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There will never be another show like The Sopranos. No show could or can match the subtle complexities it offered to the viewer. It is longing which can never be quenched for when you The Sopranos once, you cannot watch it for the first time again.

>>136697933Christ, they were all such fucking hypocrites. It's easy to forget that while watching though.

>TFW Sopranos is based, yet their threads are actively discouraged by this fag board.

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Where's my fellow Ro-boyz at?

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>>136700960It's the same principle as the Solar System.

>>136701470my jackie...

>>136698736He’s just a moron and doesn’t have any self awareness. Trying to make sure everyone knows how funny he is

>>136698608Toodle fucking hoo?

>>136701303They were just a glorified crew

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Tell the goddamn pharmacist to call Dr. Ioconis. I should get a sixty day supp-

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>>136703157OH SHIT


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>He's gone. And we couldn't do nothing about it. He's gone. He's gone. That's it.

Bump, faggots.

Hijack. Bye Jack!

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>>136704800not a good use of an exclamation point, he says the whole thing in the same tone, which is what makes it such a tight piece of dialogue

>>136701470she was always hot but for some reason reminded me of the dead lawyer lady from Beetlejuice

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HBO has wiretapped these threads.


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>>136705181UP IN THE CLUB


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>>136705242What's he do?

>>136705683His friend killed a cop and Cheese Fuck did eight years in the joint for it.

>Some of you know I've had nine pictures under my subspecies. Four in the South Beach Strumpet series alone. Each with 30.000+ DVD's in print.

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Ya sisters cunt

Fuck marry kill: Meadow, Adrianne, Dr. Milfy Choose wisely

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A German shepards shaved asshole


>>136706179Fuck Meadow, marry Ade, kill Melfi. Easy.

>>136706179>>136706281>thats where you're wrong my friend. Fuck Meadow, marry Melfi, kill Ade.Easy

>>136706482How can it be wrong if you asked for an opinion

>>136706179Fuck Meadow, Kill Milfy, Kill Adrianne Marry Angie Bonpensiero

>>136706589marry Charmaine*

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>>136701470madonna mia

>>136706179Marry a female boss?

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>>136705181UP IN THE CLUB

>>136701470Ro is a truly tragic figure. I'd like an evening with her, a bottle of sauvignon and some massage oil to make her forget about her problems

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>>136706179Fuck Adrianne, marry Milfy, kill MeadowThis is assuming Tony actually died at the end and isn't gonna come after me


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>>136706179fuck adriannekill milfy kill meadowmarry furio

>>136698736I hate you retarded zoomer faggots.

>>136706179fuck dr.milfy, marry adrianne, kill meadow

>>136701925Whoever played Ro is underrated. I felt her pain man.

>>136707463Only intelligent post in this thread

>>136707156>Who does he think's keepin that fat bitch in Devil Dogs anywaywhat are Devil Dogs? is that like a junk food

>That scene where Jackie Jr is being buried and Ro screams :'-/

I hope the dude and lady doing vocaroo impressions of Sopranos characters come back

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>>136701470>>136704952Imagine being Ralph and asking a woman like this to shove shit up your ass and you never actually fuck her

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>>136697098Geh blehblehblehHeh blehblahblehBWEH BWEH BWEHHEHLEHLEHLEHLEHLEHLEH

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>>136698051What is this, fucking FEMA now?


>>136703157I'm glad Phil's wife got to watch she was a cunt

>>136706179fuck Adriannemarry Meadowkill Dr.MilfyAdrianne is just a 10/10 package. have their night of your life fucking her brains out. not worth marrying, worth not killing.i like meadow as a wife more than dr milfy. dr milfy is pretty boring. meadow is feisty and hot-tempered and would probably nag her pretty face at the littlest foibles i make but I would still look at her with mad tenderness, and hug her tiny little body.sex would be good, and she's smart and a hard worker. never a dull year being with her. and she's got an ageless face that would be hot at any age.dr milfy...sadly is not worth fucking, nor marrying unless you are a sociopath with dysfunctional relationships who is in love with her sheer patience and empathy, that it bumps her 5.5/10 id-hit-that milfyness to a 10/10

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>>136698270Idk cause I didn’t read any of it and neither did anyone else.


>>136709111Ade would be the perfect wife because she’s hot and loyle to Chrissy. He had it great and treated her like complete shit

>>136708876Kek, your Foodio is actually pretty good

>84 replies>47 posts84/47=2literally the same 2 people talking about soptanos over and over agaim

>>136697151relentlessly handsome

>>136709475Whatever. The based threads that hit the bump limit often have up to 100 posters.

1.FUCK YOU SANTA!2. I wasn't here before3. It was the sugar cookies. I never should have started with that shit. Fuckin Christmas, shits all over the place

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>>136709475Doesn’t that mean 47 different people have posted in here? What if they all just posted twice

>>136709475watch it user!

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>>136701470Hey Fabio, I'm available!

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>>136698270I'm a trained dream interpreter and I regret to inform you that you're a tranny.

>>136709753This will be my second post here. No need for applause, I already know how based I am.

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>>136709955Did he actually do this because he turned down Ro and regretted it?

>>136699030Tell me more about these podcasts. Will listening get me closer to having a meadow gf?

>>136710005It's heavily implied.

>>136699030It’s funny that AJ and Meadow have a podcast with this guy

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>>136701470The revelation that she cheated on her husband made me happy that she experienced constant suffering.

>>136697933>tfw literally watched this todayFirst time, S3 feels like they really got into the groove of thigns, I think the earlier season improve on rewatches.The Livia funeral episode was hilarious in every aspect.

>>136705181UP IN THE CLUB

>>136710243When did she cheat?

>>136706179Fuck melfi, kill ade, marry mead, would just wanna be in the family, as much as a whiny bitch she is

>>136701434Who did he work for?

>>136710381She confides to Carmella that she cheated on Jackie. I think it was when she was telling her about Furio

Have you ever compromised in life Holla Forums?

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>>136710456Oh. So what? Jackie probably had goomahs left and right. Ro is a good waifu. Even Carm had her cute moments. Charmaine is best though.

>>136697151Can you imagine that? He starts a SPEAK thread and the next minute he gets banned

>>136698736Hehe, hear what I said Tone? I asked what's with Paulie repeating his joke and everything, right after he said it? It's so weird. I never met someone that does this.

>>136699030Talking Sopranos is okay just boring, the other one is fucking atrocious due to all 3 of them

>>136710460>I wanted to rule Iran, so I compromised and I ran the Carmine family instead>5 muslim royal families and then we have this pigmey Ayatollah thing in Tehran


>>136710460I spent 20 fucking years as a NEETI wanted a fulfilling relationshipI compromisedI paid for Belle Delphine bathwater instead


>>136709958Nice projection, shlomo

>>136710649Jackie cheating and Ro cheating are two completely different things. If you don't know why you have low T.

>>136698270You wanna fuck you mudda you sick fuck

Oh madonna, look at this stunnad! Will waste his money on some fuckin water rather than some actual pussy. All due respect here, you gotta stop being such a cunt. Fangool, go out and enjoy yourself

>>136710460I wanted to post on Holla Forums but I was banned. So I compromised: I posted on r/television instead.

>>136710324S2 and S3 are peak comfy Sopranos.

>>136710460I wanted to fuck a woman. I compromised. I paid call girls for sex.

>TFW too many finoiks on this board to keep based SPEAK threads alive.

>>136709475theres 62 unique ips in this thread retard

>>136712847Kek that was way earlier when there was only 47, user. You should apologize


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What's for dinner tonight, user?

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>>136710456Oh, what the fuck? I've seen Sopranos over a dozen times and I don't recall this.

>>136697966Tony was legitimately in the wrong here. Doesn't matter that Richie was a shitbird

>>136714441Richie should have never tried to push the jacket on him in the first place. It was a power move, and he failed it. It's a fucking decades-old leather jacket. My grandpa did the same shit and I've never worn it. Actually, I think my mom (not his daughter) threw it out.


christofuh i told you to stay off /mu/, you're a fuckin made guy now

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>>136714662Hey, I woulda kept it in my closet until the end of time, if it was up to me.

>>136714256it's a very brief scene when Carmela is explaining to Rosalie that she and Furio haven't had sex, let alone kissed. Rosalie tells her to keep it that way but she also gets into her stuff with Jackie. I wish I could find a clip


>>136714883I remember the scene, they're sitting at the restaurant table outside, but I don't remember Ros admitting to infidelity. You might be right though. She's certainly a big enough whore for it to be believable. She slept with Ralph, after all.

>>136707804she can fuck off

>>136704847>>136704800I got no opinion. One way or the other.

>>136714980finally found it because I felt like I was going nuts. It was some guy named Steve that went to her gym. She stopped once Jackie went into the hospital. Easy to miss

>>136714520You threw your pap's jacket away? Never gonna make it.

>>136715482Wow, they even mention a name? I must have simply forgotten it. Fuck. Thanks for looking it up.

>>136701470i love that gravel voiced fish faced broad

>>136705181Dubs up in da club

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>>136698736I actually have met someone who did this so it wasn't weird at all to me.

>>136705181UP IN THE CLUB

>>136710966They really aren't. And it's fairly obvious Jackie cheated first.

for me, it's charmaine bucco's big fat honkers

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Good dedication on the thread>way to go

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>>136713806A nice veal parm sandwich and soft drinks of choice


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>>136697933This always bothered me about the Sopranos. During the initiation it's said that if you have a problem you bring it to the boss and he will take care of it. But 99% of the time Tony either blows people off who come to him with legitimate concerns or other members threaten you for going to the boss.

>the Chinese? They ain’t all bad>how about the wuhan virus crisis? Cocksuckas bioengineered a virus and sent infected agents right at us>that was real? I saw some shit on tv. Thought it was bullshit

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>>136697966Autist here. Was Richie legit trying to be nice or was it a subtle "I took this guy from the toughest guy in NJ, so think about what I can do to you." threat?

>>136716287He was legitimately trying to be nice. You can tell by how pissed he gets that the Polack is wearing it instead.

>>136705181UP IN THE CLUB

Why was this guy the only one with the balls to say nigger during the whole series? Hell, he even said it in front of his wife and children.

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>>136716275The show is 10 times funnier if you live in the tristate area and are surrounded by Goombas. The sopranos was the most realistic portrayal of italian americans if you forget about all the mob stuff in the movie it's actually a feel good slice of life comedy about family life in goombaland.

>>136716287I think he was honestly trying to be nice.

>>136716425pretty sure every single main guy in the jersey crew said it at least once. maybe not sil because he's a based anti racist

What did they mean by this?

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>>136716218I think that's kind of the point. Times have changed and it's nothing like it used to be. There are rats everywhere too that only care about themselves to avoid the can.Junior brings it up all of the time

>>136716425WHO ELSE, HUH?


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>>136716425Hesh says it in season one when talking to mad genius

>>136716611true, but he was referring to white oppression of Jews, not referring to black people

>>136716611>mad geniusEasily the worst plotline of the series.

I don't get it. What's the joke here?

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>>136716856it was the medication...

>>136712348S1 is too. Bright, Colorful, more comedic in tone, showing a lot of the day to day stuff and it's relatively low stakes cause you know things can be patched up with Junior.

I get Vito being a fag and wanting to suck cock, but why would the security guard want an obese, ugly, mobster sucking his cock? How low would your standards need to be?

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>>136717062This is what’s so fucking weird to me about the whole Vito plot. The gay thing would’ve been way more interesting with someone like Furio>handsome>badass>women cream over him>turns out he’s gay, but the crew has a hard time dealing with it because he’s a good soldier

>>136714665what the fuck, i love this guy

>>136717062Faggots don’t care. They just want to suck cocks and take cocks in their ass and get AIDS.

>>136716856His bottom was impacted

>>136717062there are so many dudes in your neighborhood on Grindr right now trying to get their dick sucked by anything. Some dudes don't care or are desperate.This security guard was probably bored too

>>136698059Laughed so hard when he curses under his breath when he sees the stairs

>>136717209>>136714665he has his own band too.here are two videos of him when he won on Chopped too. They're pretty great:twitter.com/FredFromHon/status/911668252937474053Chrissy is based

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>>136717241>>136717267That makes sense, but then why did Johny want a relationship with him? What was the attraction to this man?

>>136697933this felt uncannily like my frat initiation

>>136701434his hand is grotesque

>>136717453who said he wanted a relationship with the security guard? some guys like sucking dick. maybe Vito was pitching next.

>>136705181UP IN THE CLUB

>>136710759>you know that fat prick says I look like the shah of iran>i never got that at all

>>136717580I never said the security guard wanted a relationship? What the hell are you talking about? Do you not remember Vito and pic related being in a relationship?

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>>136709111>marrying manipulative princess SJW Meadow

>>136713806beer-battered gorton's pollock fillets (x5) and beer-battered mccain thin french fries, currently in the oven. ketchup and honey mustard sauce

>>136713806dunno, but it better come with wine from DAH VIPAHS

Why does everyone think he's dumb? Dude was playing everyone and they kept thinking of him as a fucking idiots. He's the only guy still alive by the end of it all

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>>136717694this, also adrianne was a down ass bitch and deserved better, while meadow would definitely not hold it down like adrianne. I don't even remember, does she end the series single?

>>136717692you said>That makes sense, but then why did Johny want a relationship with him? What was the attraction to this man?in response to us talking about the security guard getting his dick sucked. What the hell else was I supposed to think

>>136717808She's fucking Philly's son

>>136717808Naw, she is with Patsy’s son, the other lawyer.

>>136717821What both of you said makes sense as to why the security guard was okay with Vito blowing him. You were both saying fags don't care who sucks them off. But then I asked a follow-up question as to why, even a fag, would go the extra mile to be in a relationship which is more than just sex with Vito. Vito is a very ugly man and Johny by contrast is much more handsome, so it is bizarre to me. That's why I asked.

>>136709385This, at first I thought marry milfi because Ade is a thot but she actually isn't, for a new jersey wop hooah she was very loyal to chrissy. she deserved better, honestly perfect wife material, 10/10 loyal and wants the best for her partner. WHY CAN'T I HAVE ONE LIKE HER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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>>136717934yeah, you're right. they didn't really make Vito all that charming to him either besides cracking a joke here and there and being able to cook. Maybe there weren't that many options for him in that town

>>136705181UP IN THE CLUB

>>136714665>>136717354holy shit, he's based, has taste, if only he treated his literal perfect gf

>>136717953Yeah, I almost thought that Chris never even had the need to cheat on her but then I remembered he fucked D Girl a couple times. He really didn't deserve Ade

>>136717806I think he’s alive by shear luck. If you listen to him speak, he sounds like a complete tool

>>136714665I think he said that he saw them when he was just trying to see Dinosaur Jr and was blown away. I wish he had a podcast with Steve Van Zandt because they both know their shit about music

>>136709385She is ridiculously hot. and shes loyal, and a ride or die kind of woman, not judgemental, Chris was a fucking idiot to treat her like garbage all the time. If Chris truly suspected Ades "friend" of being an FBI agent, then he went about it in the stupidest fucking way. If he had went to Ade and calmly and logically voiced his concerns with the "new friend" things could have been a lot different

Attached: ezgif-4-c8ced3fc280d.gif (268x228, 2.25M)

>>136718220yeah, they definitely built that up like Chris knew and was going to put an end to it but then it just ended up being that he thought she was a lesbian. Chris was a moron but I'm not really sure who would have known

>>136706179marry aid fuck meadow kill melfi im sorry

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>>136718359>Punished Chrissy - A capo denied his lolyle t.

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Attached: ade smug.jpg (1280x720, 65.12K)

>>136718500Should probably be ritsuko instead of misato


Attached: DwlzWxwVAAAhnir.jpg (750x812, 54.75K)

>>136718542>>136718583>>136718220I have a confession. I never really found Ade that hot when watching the show. She obviously has a great body and all, but there are a lot of people I'd say were hotterMaybe it was just the hair and make up that didn't look that great to me

>>136697098put Vito on the phone asshole

Attached: phoneasshole.png (608x336, 193.62K)

>>136717267Guys in my neighborhood? Gross. Where?

>>136704800What's the point in saying something to someone if you're going to immediately shoot them in the head? Was he trying to look cool in front of Junior?

>>136717062He wasn't gay it was just his medication

>>136698736There's plenty of people like that

>>136710460I have many times But let me tell you a couple three things No more No fucking more

>>136697098Is sopranos on netflix?

>>136718773She looks like the typical wop Jersey skank I grew up around. I don't normally find them attractive because they seem so superficial but the show let you get in to Ades headspace more intimately which I guess negates a lot of that.

>>136701434OH N-


>>136716180Don't we find out eventually that tony slept with her back in highschool or something?

>>136719612No, it's an HBO property

>>136719443to look cool for the audience and to tell him why it's happening. same as>you were warned, Lorraine. ya kick up to Johnny

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>>136699030>meadow and AJs podcastWHAT

>>136710460no mor'a dis

>>136719443He's saying goodbye before he does his years in purgatory

>>136716765This could be a unanimous opinion.

>>136719700Meadow and AJ have a podcast called Pajama Pants that is just more about random shit.Adrianna had Made Women but just renamed it to Gangster Goddess and is pivoting the format a bit. I'm guessing they weren't getting as many listens as they wanted

>>136716765A hit is a hit is easily the worst episode of the show. Christopher has aged really well, it's definitely not at the bottom

>>136719887>>136716765I like the storyline of a rapper coming to Hesh for money but the execution of the entire episode was cringe

Who’s fucking welfare check do you have to cash to get a burger round here?

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>>136697098>>136697151>>136697933>>136697966>>136698059>>136698995>>136701434>>136703157>>136703200>>136704800>>136705242>>136705815>>136709642>>136709771>>136709955>>136710460>>136710510>>136716275>>136716589>>136716856>>136719240>>136720052You know, Quasimoto predicted all of this.

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I just finished the series last night, what did I think of it?

>>136717806every single line of his has some kind of error in it, common phrases but using a wrong word, like he really doesn't even know what he's saying

>>136720577He might have been "dumb" but that scene where he talks about his dream with Tony showed some surprising emotional maturity. He realized being happy and being alive is more important than being boss, something Tony never could.


>>136720572You eagerly want to rewatch it so you can truly appreciate what Chase and his team built.

>>136720572first time? did you have anything spoiled beforehand? I'm jealous

>>136718220>loyal>ratting to get out of 5 years>five fuckin' years

>>136717062Faggots can't be choosers.

The USS Liberty, what eva happened there...

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>>136705181UP IN THE CLUB

>>136719691Them fucking towel slaps. Absolutely howling.

Had Ralphie survived until the turf war between tony & phil would he have flipped sides? Philly fucking hated the Jersey crew but Ralph skated so many whackings by being a high earner. Phil might’ve put him on. Plus pantiliano & Vincent chewing scenery together would’ve been fun

>>136720577The sacred and the PROPANE.

>>136721115What ever happened there? What ever happened there?! This piece of shit's cousin put 4 torpedoes in the boat without any provocation whatsoever!

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>>136721133Fuckin JC, he's dyslexic.

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>>136707156lol>>136716510>>136716425Veto says it, or did he say balks

>>136704800>Hijackholy shit i'm a fucking idiot, this whole time i thought he was literally saying "hi jack, bye jack" i just thought it was some wiseguy shit.

>>136721597I thought the same thing.I also hated the actor who played Mikey, he was awful. I couldn't wait until he got whacked and he even made that look dumb

>>136701470Always had a thing for her ..v similar to one of my fave ex gf in looks and personality

>>136710460I wanted to visit Chuck's Fuck and Suckbut I compromisedI visited Sneed Feed and Seed instead.

>>136721704Why did he refer to Junior as "kid"?

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>>136697098youtu.be/pq_z5wcyLgo?t=74I think irl Meadow wants Christufa's dick bros. Look how she can't stop touching her and she just keeps gushing at him, wew.