Why can't daisy get actual acting roles?

why can't daisy get actual acting roles?

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>>135729245Because she can’t act


>>135729245You know it wasn’t long ago people used to post pictures of her ass, and a far as I’m concerned they should STILL DO THAT

>>135729245She buttugly bro

>>135729245because she looks like a boy

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>>135729245She has tho?

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>>135729263According to whom?


>>135729302you would sell your kidney for a women like daisy to talk to you

>>135729369I pull hot chicks left and right.

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>>135729333everyone who is not a virgin orbiter

>>135729408Her performances have always been praised.

>>135729432By IHN?

>>135729324That's her sister "lazy" Ridley

>>135729245>>135729263>>135729276there's already a thread of this you fucks

>>135729245The voice acting cope-career is such a funny eventuality for her because if there's one thing you can point to that's the worst thing about her it's by far, her low pitched Lundun slag voice

>>135729263She can't even voice act. Have you listened to her lines in Lego Star Wars? The only reason she's getting these roles is because she's popular and they need more publicity. After the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy dies down she'll disappear.

>>135729441By respectable film critics not clouded by incelism.

>>135729369Imagine being such an incel that talking to a basic bitch looking daisy is some sort of impossibility Fucking kek

>>135729603Wait for people saying that she's doing that because she's got the money now kek they do this everytime a franchise actor has a crappy career afterwards

>>135729245Because she was in Star Wars. Aside from the ones who already had fim careers prior to appearing in the franchise, who ever went on to be an A-lister?

>>135729633>By respectable film criticsThe ones who liked captain marvel? shut up simp

>>135729626Is she that popular though? They could get more popular and cheaper actresses like Anya Taylor-Joy

>>135729679But she was a presenter at the oscars it must mean something

>>135729701>Anya Taylor-JoyLiterally whoDaisy is the most known actress of her generation, deal with it.

>>135729685No, by people who know cinema and recognize good acting. >>135729653>basic looking kek faggot

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>>135729743ugh she's hideous

>>135729743>orbiter cope

>>135729245star wars curse for small time actors coming into these massive films. had her performance stood out in any of them then maybe. maybe she shouldve had the balls to call out JJ on the story before acting in it

>>135729743Ugly mutt

>>135729324Look up her Twitter Bitch fucking needs money for stem cell surgery or she dies. She has GoFundMe page and is begging for helpShe's finally paying the toll

>>135729780>>135729751>>135729747>this is ugly on Holla Forums

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>>135729743What is this headshape?

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>>135729679Boyega and Daisy are A List

>>135729816Poor Daisy it's ogre

>>135729836>photoshoped so much she doesn't even look like her manly self.Simp just kys

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>>135729841Ew it’s like a niggers skull wtf


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>>135729873>that is manlyI can tell you rarely see women

>>135729932>the lead actress of star wars is not a list

>>135729953Post your weak jaw you simp


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>>135729988It didn't make Hamill an A-lister and it won't make Ridley one

>>135730023Not surprised incels dunk on a beautiful woman

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>>135730075You are the one attracted to a tranny looking xenomorph you simp.Post your weak jaw or kys

>>135729988>Hayden Christensen is A ListBeing the lead in Star Wars is not always a guarantee of success. In truth, it’s more of a poisoned chalice.

>>135729245her lack of upper lip really disturbs me

>>135730115FemRian Johnson is better looking that her LOL

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>>135729245She does get good acting roles.

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>>135730130>>135730113They were A-List in the four years following the end of Star Wars, then their career sunk but they were hot shit back then

>>135729398its 'i turn down hot chicks'

>>135729245because she looks to much like seth macfarlane

>>135730295It's been like 12 years cut me some slack

>>135730334your chicks are your left and right

>>135730389Thanks that's what I was fishing for

>>135729245look at those chompers

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>>135729245She's getting more roles than glorified slags like Emilia Clarke.


>>135730522I'm glad untalented hacks like brie and Emilia are out of work.

Why did JJ do this?

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>>135730522>>135730607SamefagEmilia is producing a HBO show, Daisy is voicing random NPCs in some unknown indie game

>>135729245>why can't daisy get actual acting courses?fixed that one for you

>>135729816How rich do you have to be to just fork out 3.5k for internet strangers ?

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