I'm gonna miss you guys

I'm gonna miss you guys.

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>>135729109where are you going?

if you are going to kill yourself. you won't. You'll be dead.

>>135729109You can never leave this place for good

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See you tomorrow


Yeah. I’ll miss you too OP. You always were one based motherfucker.

Good vibes your way, OP!

Go to a trumo rally

If you're leaving this board, good for you.If you're doing something else, please don't. You're worth more than that.


Just watch The Sopranos for joy in life.

>>135729109did something happen? stay safe, op

>>135729109Where are you going?

I fucking hate Albanians. Getting fucked in the head with a power drill would be better than being an Albanian.

No need to post this every time you go to sleep. We'll see you in the morning again :^)

>>135729109Livestream it pussy you won't

Take out as many trumptards and libs as you can.Be immortalized

>>135729253You mean kikes? Take out as many kikes as you can? I’m sure that’s what you meant to say...

>>135729109I sure as hell won't miss you, you dumb fucking frogposter.


you better be talking about planning to blast steroids to leave humanity behind, user

I hate these fucking threads, because my best friend did it when he was 28 years old, and I was his roommate and found his body. I know 99.9% of these are bullshit. Stop being an asshole. Plenty to live for like this user said >>135729188

>>135729345You failed your “friend” when he needed you most you autistic freak how is that anyone else’s fault?? Nobody suicides without showing signs and you chose to ignore them, or he would still know what life is like instead of being dead like rocks.

>>135729109This one's for you ano- OH NO

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>>135729402good bait. How does any of this relate to tv and film?


>>135729402Dangerously based

>>135729109By you guys he means white people since all your countries are getting raped right now

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>>135729345Imagine using your friend's death to blogpost in an anonymous board Jesus ChristPeak reddit post

Just curious, how is this related to television and film?


>>135729695He's one of us, dumb fucking roastie. This is why trannies/women will never be taken seriously

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>>135729109If you're leaving that can be pretty beneficial. My productivity levels spiked the 4 months I stopped visiting 4chin.If you're implying you're going to kys, don't do it. Life isn't that terrible even when it's pretty shit. If you are strong mentally you can handle it.

>>135729695Threads women will never understand.

>>135729801>My productivity levels spiked the last 4 months!

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thank godanother soon to be dead worthless incel chud

>>135729833Oh, you’re gonna end it too? Well good luck.

>>135729825Yours will too, you're still only in the beginning stages of NEETdom. There's a later stage that you enter where you start attempting to do what you have to, just for the hell of it, largely out of experimentation.

>>135729109I wouldn't miss this shithole of a board when I leave

Listen to some good music. That’s always a good outlet, user. Even sad music. Helps for me at least.

>>135729109who gona help me cap qtpies if you leave?

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>>135729833Incels and trannies are largely the way they are precisely because they've been hearing they're worthless.But when you're kinder to such a person they can display surprising qualities that you didn't believe they had.

>>135729886Go on..

>>135729934Not him. But you start being an adult, live on your own, have a family, etc. You’re a prisoner in your own mind. >t. happy 32 year old

>>135729976Must be nice. I’m actually terminally ill and I’ll never know a thing besides the walls of my room and my moms bitching ways.

>>135729934There's nothing more to it. You get to a point where your NEETdom is so ingrained in you that you start doing different things, even if that means you're still confined to your own 4 walls.For example at my lowest point with nothing to do I just picked up a guitar and learned to play it. Not because I wanted to impress anyone but because I was bored out of my mind. (i'm talking about years of neetdom and isolation here)Then one thing led to another and I pretty much started doing what I knew I should be. Got a job, and so on.But the common factor in all of these years is that I never really gave up on life. I was fine when I had a miserable existence too, something kept me going. Emotions are a minute thing, and often people commit sudoku without thinking of the long term effects. If you can recognize that you are feeling depressed or angry, and contain that, you're good to go.

>>135730007I've been in a very similar situation to yours but it never really broke me for some reason. I'm so lazy by default that I think I'm too lazy to even let myself experience emotions such as extreme sorrow or pain.True depression is probably the lack of all emotions including negative ones.

4chan is gonna be deleted isnt it?

>>135730104Haha no. Wait... yeah they might.

>>135729109see you tomorrow, friend:)

>>135729109I'll miss you too user

>>135730010Anon, you are wise beyond your years. Everything you just said is complete truth. I’m also a guitarfag, been playing for 16 years. Music has always been my outlet. Most people are prisoners in their own mind. Find something that makes you happy. There’s a whole big world out there. For me, it’s music and traveling. If you can’t afford to travel, there’s still things to do. Hell, taking a walk is nice. Point is, find something that makes you happy. Depression is real, but there are so many things you can do in life.

>>135730104I doubt it. At worst I see a better ban system being implemented but that's about it. 4chan is entirely dictated by it's posters. The medium itself is neither good or bad.

>>135730010>>135730072Not that this is a doomer competition or anything but these posts make it seem like you have no idea what real problems are. I’m literally dying of pancreatic cancer and my life was wasted.

>>135729109I wish I had your courage,user

>>135730007What are you ill from user?

>>135730161>you’re wise beyond your years >for me it’s music and travelingJesus Christ go back to /reddit/

>>135729109If you’re planning to an hero, post a dic pic to Holla Forums and link here first please

>>135730173I realize that, and I'm sorry for your condition. I was mostly referring to people who don't have problems to this extent, because most anons here probably aren't dying, yet they're on the brink of giving up.From my point of view you're a lucky individual if you're in good health alone. I almost died once so that kind of put things into perspective too. You think you hate your life but honestly even a mundane life seems pretty good to me. I have accepted that certain things I dream of will never happen to me and that's that.

>>135730173Do you want me to feel bad? That sucks. My mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and only lasted 5 months after being diagnosed. Fucking find something to be happy about. If you want to take the easy way out, that’s totally your choice. I know my mom didn’t want to go so soon and fought hard as fuck. You’re either going to fight and try to find some kind of happiness, or you’re going to give up. Cancer fucking sucks, but it happens. It doesn’t discriminate. You and I both know there’s nothing I can really say to you that’s going to make you do a 180 and change your thinking, but if you don’t at least try, then that’s on you.

>>135730161Being "wise" doesn't really do you any good when people are unwilling to even consider my perspective. But the human psyche sets things into overdrive sooner or later on it's own. So a lot of what I say, people come to realize on their own after a while.The easy way to accelerate this is to think in very long term and in some ways scientific perspectives. You have to realize you're just a bunch of atoms & molecules having an experience on Earth and go from there. But life can be made less insufferable through your thoughts alone.

>>135729345>>135729916>>135730161>>135730173>>135730258This has to be the most reddit board in this website holy shit

>>135730221>playing instruments is reddit >traveling is redditHow fucking young, poor, and untalented can you possibly be? Jesus Christ your life must be horrible.

>>135729109Don't go OP. Things will get better.

>>135730315/tv/:>bitches about insincere films also Holla Forums: >bitches whenever posters are sincereYou don't know what you want. Keep making stale memes.

>>135729109Farewell, OP

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>>135729109Good luck user.

>>135729282No actually nevermind I mean trannies

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>>135730343This has nothing to do with age, wealth or talent, it's entirely a mindset. The problem is that there comes a point where literally everything can be amounted to being Reddit, including bodily functions like breathing.That's why people shouldn't comprehend memes at face value, although most are smart enough to make the distinction between real life and the internet.


I'm back guys

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>>135730173I feel bad for you but I got problems too man, I barely know you

>>135730414>there comes a point where literally everything can amounted to being Reddit Yes, that does show your age. It also shows your complete disillusion for any sense of the real world besides living in your parents house. Keep being 20 years old lad. And then you’ll wonder 7 years from now why you’re still single, no career, and still living at home. Kek.

I really wish I had a best friend. I have former friends and acquaintances but a cool friend who gets me and can share my innermost thoughts with is a pleasure I've never known.

>>135729109God speed anonyoutube.com/watch?v=mC1YOuRdVag

>>135730493I'm not saying that I perceive everything as Reddit, I'm explaining the reasoning some people have. The bottom line is you shouldn't let memes dictate your life because in some cases it can quite literally cuck you out of your life.

>>135730572What kind of person lets memes dictate their life?

>>135730613More than you think. Keep in mind that memes is a very umbrella term here. I'm not talking about Bane posting. I'm saying that you can adopt a mindset that in essence shortens your lifespan and enjoyment of life, simply because you fell for the meme or were gaslighted.If you're naive enough, people can make you believe certain things with enough repetition that are actually inaccurate. It's like a fad, and people are very susceptible to them.

>>135730666>thoughts manifest reality

>>135730476Pretty much this. I've never experienced this before, I can only go off of what I know. Eat a dick cancer faggot!>>135730527Friends aren't real. They'll only stick around when feel like it but they'll always let you down in the end. You're better off n your own, we allare.

>>135730683Yes. Which is why it's important to be vigilant of what your thoughts are exactly, and whether someone implanted them into you, or they are your own.Have respect for your own perspective. Chances are, your gut instincts are usually right.

>>135730737this is not true anons. please disregard

>>135729109Take care man. See you on the other side. Just don't go into the light.

>>135730527I thought I had that a few times, but they turned around and told me to get lost pretty easily. It turned out I was never more than an acquaintance to them. I've never really known any friends, period, in my 26 years. I think I'm a soulless husk at this point.

>>135730726>Friends aren't realDepends entirely on what kind of friends you've had. If the number of people you've interacted with is limited, you'll only be able to gather data from a small pool.There are people who can be loyal friends but they're rare, and it's largely down to luck on who happen upon. It is better to be alone than in bad company.

>>135730726That’s not true. I’m in my 30s and have some of the same friends since I was 16 years old. I know, that’s rare though. My best friend is my German Shepherd though. This bitch is just the best.

>>135729695>Just curiousFuck off.

>>135730750Ok. Let's say I ask you what your favorite movie is, and you give me an honest answer.Would you be successfully brainwashed if I told you for a month straight that the film is garbage? Now apply that logic to what I said earlier. Are you willing to disregard your own stance that easily?

>>135730439yo what the fuck did you get an ear transplant?

>>135730818And yet when you die she'll be the first to suggest eating your face instead of burying you. Dog's aren't real either, they just fear the whip. They don't love you. They don't know loyalty. It's just an animal.>>135730805I must have terrible luck then if that's the case. I'm glad to be alone, I can't be betrayed if no one is around to betray me. As above so below, loyal friends aren't real. Only people out for themselves.

>>135730892kek blackpilled doomers are always so boring and predictable

>>135730892>I must have terrible luck then if that's the caseI've met a shit ton of people in my life due to various circumstances and I've only ever met about 3 individuals who I would consider good friends.It's very much like trying to fit pieces of a puzzle, and yes, real friends are rare.I don't blame people who decide to be less social because it's understandable.

>>135730892>dogs dont know loyaltylol my dog is trained to protect me and attack people on command, pretty sure she knows loyalty.


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>>135730933I'm not predictable, I just see the world for how it is. There is no point in relationships of any kind other than the misguided notion of love, which by the way does not exist.>>135730942Glad to see you've opened your eyes. Congratulations on having three times as many friends as me too. 3 chances to be used uup and discarded by the leeches of society.>>135730439What's wrong, did the big bad gun scare you? FAGGOT! Guns aren't real, they are only tools used to end the suffering of the hairless apes some call humans.

>>135731048>guns aren't realWell that's news to me. I wasn't aware that I owned 17 guns that weren't real.

>>135731048You're approaching this from a very misanthropic perspective. I don't exactly blame you in 2020, but there are people out there who are worthwhile. They're just rare to come across, it's as simple as that.I would say you have a bigger chance of creating a good career for yourself than encountering worthwhile friends.

>>135730980Loyalty isn't real. She's just afaid of disappointing you because if she does you'll hit her. It's self preservation pure and simple.>>135731087All you own are 17 examples of man's hubris. Bullets aren't real. People just give in to death too easily.>>135731103That's my plan. Careers aren't real though. There are only things I choose to devote my life to and get paid in return for that devotion.I wish you well user, don't go to school tomorrow.

>>135731048Someone obviously did not watch Interstellar here. Love is the only thing that we know of that transcends time and space, buddy.

>>135731167I wish you well too, but try to think from a more long term perspective, because honestly I used to have similar thoughts to you and now I just look back at this thinking I was pretty naive.Things got better for me and there's a high likelyhood that I've had it worse than you in the past.You strike me as a worthwhile individual so maybe someone else would see merit in you too.

>>1357311671) I've never hit my dog. I don't need to. I'm also not a nigger. 2) If I put a bullet in your head, I bet it would feel real.

>>135731179>buddyF-friends aren't real. You're just a n-nigger on the internet.. L-leave me alone UWU.

>>135730374in awe of the size of this unit

>>135731293There is NEVER a need to hit a dog, that sounds pretty nigger-ish to me you fucking animal abser.

>>135729109Am I allowed to post in this thread?I got banned twice at the same time yesterday for posting in an "offtopic" thread. I got banned the night before too for again, replying to off-topicAre mods honeypotting on purpose? I like boardculture and frens threads...

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>>135731514Frens aren't real user, there are only people who will turn against you and betray you.

>>135731540even pretending brings me a little joy and comfort...it's a nice warm lie filled with smiles in the air

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>>135731514Nah, certain off topic threads just stay up for a while because there's no real point in deleting them.

>>135731587Joy and comfort isn't real user. These are merely delusions we experience in order to cope with the harsh reality of this cold uncaring world.

>>135731618I wish you were in front of me faggot. I bet you wouldn't even say a single word because you know you'll get your face kicked in for being the little faggot you are lmaoSelf preservation from my fist up your twin ass, yeah? Keep it up little bitch

>>135729695KILL yourself