So, would you date a hottie even if she dropped a deuce regularly on your bed?

so, would you date a hottie even if she dropped a deuce regularly on your bed?

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>even ifEspecially if

i would kill her or severely chastise her the whore

>dating a girl who poops


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johnny debt got beat up by a girl who shit in his bed, the undisputed simp king

>"She is begging for global humiliation," Depp's text said.>"She is going to get it. I'm going to need your texts from San Francisco brother ... I'm sorry to even ask ... but she sucked Mollusk's crooked dick and he gave her some shitty lawyers.">Wolanski told the court "Mollusk" was a reference to Elon Musk, the billionaire Tesla co-founder.>"I have no mercy, no fear and not an ounce of emotion or what I thought was love for this gold-digging, low-level, dime-a-dozen, mushy, pointless, dangling, overused flappy fish market," Depp's message continued.>"I'm so happy she wants to go to fight this out. She will hit the wall hard.>"And I cannot wait to have this waste of a cum-guzzler out of my life. She will hit the wall hard.>"I met a fucking sublime little Russian here ... which made me realise that time I blew on the 50-cent stripper ... I would not touch her with a goddamn glove.>"I can only hope that karma kicks in and takes the gift of breath from her. Sorry man, but now I will stop at nothing."

>marrying a "bisexual" atheisthe really brought this one upon himself desu

>>135728913cute buttI'm a girl btw

>>135728916I don't think people know what simp means anymore

>>135728850i knew a crazy girl like her. she used to hit and kick me when she has an episode. couldn't fight back because she's a girl. fuck that bitch

>>135728983t. simp


>>135728991pusy bitch niga

>>135728913witches hand

>>135728931>She will hit the wall hardShe already has

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>>135728997I rest my case.

>>135728931lmao he's seething because a chick whooped his faggot ass, you hit the wall, j-man, you hit the wall

>>135729048how did elon control her? this just proves johnny was being a push over from the beginning.


>>135728974Post feet

>>135729088Wow mysogynist

>>135729048me on the right

>>135728850post that video of her in bed

>>135729058You rest your ass on johnny's shriveled old cock you fudge packing fuckhead

>>135728879Think of the linens, you crazy bastard!

>>135729086Yeah, he should have actually kicked her ass. Of course, his career would be compost in 5 secs but that doesn't matter to 4chin virgins as long as you can prove how much of a man you are by beating up a 100 pound female.

>>135728850What do you think sex with her is like ? Crazy women are really good in bed.

>>135729171He should have cried like a baby about his lil fingy hurting real bad because a girl beat his ass, oh wait he did do that lmao

>>135729138Nice job escalating that comment to your personal fetishes, you fucking freak.

>>135729135here you

>>135729204this is a myth. the joy of the bridal bed is at it's fullest when a marital relationship is at its most wholesome

>>135729207So you agree, he should have kicked her ass

>>135729212cool but im asking about the real onewas on vimeo but i cant find it anymore

>>135729230Incel hands typed this

>>135729230kek, marriage is a killer of lust and passion

>Nice job escalating that comment to your personal fetishes, you fucking freak.

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>>135729088Don't act like Elon is a chad. He married the same woman twice and she divorced him and took millions from him each time.

>>135729565Was it with the mother of his children? Can you really blame the guy for trying to make a happy home for them?

>gf farting in her sleep againWhat do, lads?

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>>135729088>how did elon control her? this just proves johnny was being a push over from the beginning.are you retarded? johnny is a millionaire, elon is a billionaire.

>>135729667Record it. And if she ever acts really fancy then play it on the loop really loud for her.

>>135729088He doesn't even try, dude is a workaholic who probably doesn't see her form one end of the week to the next. She's just a bit of arm candy to him that he takes out for a spin every now and then like an expensive car or yacht

>>135728931>"I met a fucking sublime little Russian here ..."Is this proof that Depp colluded with Trump and Putin to sway the 2016 election?

>>135728850Ken, she is fucking garbage

>>135729352>>135729430unironic incel cope

>>135729138this is what discussion on this site has devolved to. there is no hope.

>>135728913she's perfection. I would worship those adorable feet and let her poop anywhere.

>>135730376How about I shove my head up your ass? Would that make you happy?

>>135728850>in college>FUNctional alcoholic>drink the night before an away game>teammates get me at 6am and I leave>come back to the house>my bed has shit inside it. A lot of shit.>i go beserk, punch my archenemy in the house and swing the shitty sheets around to keep everyone else at bay.>they calmed me down>turns out I shit my own bed when blacked outAnd thats how I ened up in rehab

>>135730163who's ken?

>>135729048How does Mollusk, or any rich person really get into a relationship like this and not realize they are with a golddigger?

>>135730477They have too much money to care

>>135730477Have you ever fallen in love? Whores like Amber Heard are master manipulators when it comes to making guys fall in love. And the thing about love is that it tends to completely fucking cloud your judgement. Which is why most men find themselves 12-24 months into a relationship and then suddenly asking themselves "how the FUCK did I end up in this situation?".

>>135728913>tranny jawdropped

>>135730550Once in Highschool, which is why I dont really remember much of it but I guess you are right. I do remember doing shit I cringe about today when I remember it

>>135730581Are you blind?

>>135730471Ken is basedAmber is a turd monster

>>135730591Are you?

>>135730450did you not notice your ass was covered in shit?

>>135730477when you're rich you can only choose between finding the hottest gold digger you can or being alone

>>135729048>LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT METhe wall makes me so happy regarding these kinds of people. Imagine if once a month your monitor suddenly gets a dead pixel, and you can't afford a new one. How long of looking at that monitor and seeing new dead pixels appear, knowing full well you have to see this every day with no power to change it, until you start drinking and become actually depressed?My ex wife was exactly like Amber, and is basicially the Asian thot version. She's obsessed with Instagram and social media, and cheated on me with some small dick 40 year old faggot covered in tattoos, simply for clout.She just hit 30 and holy shit you guys weren't lying about the wall. My new wife absolutely hates her and showed me her birthday pics (she was a mutual friend of us both and now hates my ex for how she treated me), and my god it made my entire year.Within the space of 4 years she's gone from being a 9/10 to a 3/10 with crows feet, wrinkle gym neck, and oily skin with blotches that older women try desperately to cover with foundation.God damn if the wall isnt proof of divine intervention, I don't know what is.

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>>135730477he literally has autism

>>135728850There's two problems here. Depp is too much of a cuck to handle a woman the way they want to be handled, and Heard actively seeks out weak men she can torment. They are both fucked in the head.

>>135728850She's literally the modern day Helena of Troy. Prove me wrong.

>>135729088>controlElon is a beta whose only grave is having money to buy a continent.>>135729048Didn't Elon too drop her after a while?