It's the 90s, the weekend is here and you have your homies over for the night. What are you watching?

It's the 90s, the weekend is here and you have your homies over for the night. What are you watching?

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>>135727705A few shitty tapes we found at Hollywood Video.

probably wrestling

>>135727705that looks like a lot of people who didn't have >2 child families desu

the one and only

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>>135727767>man who's never had sex criticizes people for not wanting to have their lives revolve around annoying children

If you told me this picture was taken yesterday I would've believed it without giving it a second thought.

>>135727705The Crow

Beastiality porno

>>135727705>no blacksIt was a different time..

>>135727705Dr. Zhivago, Brief Encounter, and The Bridge on the River Kwai

>>135727705why does it look like it was taken in 2020?

I'm alone in my room jerkin' it to uncensored anime screencaps.

I remember that night. We watched Reality Bites, Jurassic Park. And a friend bought his copy of the Vidiot from UHF 62. That was played last when the girls where doing their own thing drinking and smoking outside

>>135727826What kind of phone takes shitty pictures like that?

In 1999 I was a senior in high school. I would get together every weekend to watch movies with my two friends who were girls. We would all bring a vhs and sit down together to watch them all. I developed a huge crush on the one, who today would be called an art hoe. She and I would spoon after the other friend had fallen asleep, I'd rub her beautiful soft hair and touch her porcelain skin. One night she gave me my first real kiss. It was exhilarating. I was so happy to have someone to share my young hopes and feelings with.The next weekend, when I took her to the Christmas parade in our small town, she took some college guy's number right in front of me.Fuck you Megan

>>135727909A lean night.

>>135727955Based Megan


>>135727801>Woman who has lost her eggs seethes and vilifies children for existing

>>135727801I was just making commentary on the fact that this generation and gen x before them are directly implicated in the declining birth rates of white americans and the decay of our civilization. There was no judgement being made of their life choices.


>>135727705>What are you watching?

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>>135727955I hope you killed her and got away with it. Don't tell me anything different...let me have this.

I had a little gang back in middle/high school, this photo made me miss it :(I've somehow gotten worse at having friends as time went on

>>135727942I was referring to the aesthetic and their clothes you dumbass. Also, analog cameras and general nostalgia are a big thing in case you didn't know.

>>135727705dawson's creek

>used to play vidya and watch movies with my friends in middle school and freshman year>dad gets a new job in sophmore year>transfer to new school>everybody already has their cliques and friend groups and ir's too late for me to join or make new friends.>old friends stoo talking to me on msm>just bide time until graduation.

that bunch looks like they would be watching a severely over-due rental tape of Clerks

>>135728122everyone does, user. as you become an adult you inevitable switch from friendships of circumstance to friendships of utility

>>135728288i can pick out exactly which girls put out and how

>>135727705Which ones are the virgins?And which ones havent done it yet, but at least have messed around a bit?Tldr: who will give me head? M or f? idc

>>135727705>>135728667Back row L > RHas fucked a few guys, Virgin, Virgin and bicurious, Has Fucked once, These two have done everything been going out for years, These two have fucked just once when they were drunk she wishes it didn't happen, total Virgin.Front row:Abused as kid, Virgin but tells everyone made up shit everyone thinks he's a chad, virgin but has given BJ's, Virgin, Virgin but wants to lose it soon.

>>135728856Redheads are massive sluts, if anything she's the town bike

>>135727705The X-Files probably one of the sillier light-hearted ones.

>>135727705Lost Boys

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>>135728856>virgin but has given BJ'sthat's easy to suggest bc she's the only one with her mouth open. She's actually Christian and has fucked plenty of times. Screwed 2 guys in that pic in the last month

>>135727705take me back bros

>>135728930Girls loved that movie. Got them wet for some reason.

>>135727705Ugh. Why are they so white?

>>135728951i knew a girl like this in high school. claimed she was a virgin but she'd sucked 20-ish dicks by 10th grade. no father, which in retrospect explains a lot

>>135727705I'm browsing Pokemon webrings on angelfire, who are all these fags?

>>135727705probably empire records and listen to siamese dreams after

No BIPOC representation in that image. #cancelwhitepeopleBLM ACAB 1314

>>135727705man this is literally my crew back then. looking back why did all of us had that long sleeved polo shirt and checkered as well lol

>>135727705That looks like my 17th birthday party in thr mid 90s. We were at some girl's house amd my whole friend group were there, which was basically made up of kids like that. I remember one of my friends doing a toast to me, and we all got insanely drunk and stoned, and that's most of what I remember. Funnily enough that was sort of the peak of our friendships... many of us still hung out over the next 5 or so years, but the drug use got heavier and burnout crept in and the we got sick of each other, with a couple exceptions. Thing about those kind of hedonic slacker druggy friend groups is it peaks early and then you just sort of drift in increasing resentment and annoyance with each other, like The Beatles or basically the story of every druggy band.

>>135727705Probably nothing. My friends and I would sneak out at night and just wander around town. Sometimes we'd walk across town to the 7/11 and buy chew off the Habib's working. We'd all run if we suspected a cop driving by and meetup at the same spot. Fun times.

>>135727705>What are you watching?

>>135729190this is what kinda miss back then. me and my friends would wander around town and just hang out until in the wee ours in the morning

>>135729111>long sleeved polo shirtIf you don't know that's a flannel, then you weren't there, zoomie

>>135729255not american bro we really don't call it flannel in here

>>135729169iktf bro. I had an awesome friend group, we used to go on road trips out to the lake etc, and take acid and other drugs and then eventually the drug use got heavier, and we became more a group of drug users rather than friends, and then some moved onto heroin and the rest got gfs or had kids.

>>135729169But as for what movies me and my 90s teenager friends whatched together at hangouts our parties, I remember:Billy MadisonAce VenturaScreamBordello of BloodInterview with a VampireThe CrowWish Upon a Star (and other Disney movies with cute girls)Happy Gilmore90s anime and hentai like Twin Dolls, Devil Hunter Yokho, and F3 (Frantic Frustrated Female)Scary MoviePoint BreakThe MatrixDemon KnightMallratsWild ThingsCruel IntentionsClerksDazed and ConfusedFace/OffSpeed12 Monkeys

Bradley 2nd from left at the back has made a mixtape just for tonight> Smashing Pumpkins Rhinoceros> Nirvana Rape Me> Beastie Boys Hey Ladies> Butthole Surfers Hurdy Gurdy Man> Breeders Cannonball> Weezer Buddy Holly> Primal Scream Loaded> Chemical Brothers Let Forever Be> Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb> Alanis Morrisette Thank You> Bikini Kill Rebel Girl> Pearl Jam Oceans> Metallica Enter Sandman> Beck Loser> Radiohead Paranoid Android> Blur Beetlebum> Counting Crows Mr Jones> Hootie Let her Cry> Cranberries LingerActually looking at tracklist of my own 90s mixtape which I still have


>>135728046The generation in that photo are gen-x.I turned 18 December 1998, making me one of the last gen-xer's.AMA...

We would have fights over which was better Ren and Stimpy or Beavis and Butthead.

>>135729241Yep. If it was earlier in the day, like during summer, we'd sometimes make movies if we got our hands on our ones friend's camcorder. We'd make parody shit of stuff like Rocky and Indiana Jones. I'm sure those tapes are sitting in someone's attic somewhere.

>>135729301Same. We started with weed and psychedelics, then ecstacy, then our serotonin got fucked and we got pretty depressive and paranoid and some moved onto meth and the rest - including mysrlf - shifted to feelgood drugs like pharmies and eventually opiates/ heroin.I literally moved away to get away from these drugs, and the only guy I still talked to, my best friend, eventually died of an overdose.

>>135729418How many hours a day do you post here?

>>135729388Not a bad tra->Alanis Morirsette Thank YouThat's gay.

>>135727705I shall not enter this thread I shall not enter this thread I shall not enter this thread

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>>135729418You're the same age as me. We used to be called Gen Y, we were the younger teens to the 90s Gen X older brothers, but I think now we (those born 1980 or afterwards) are considered the older end of Millennials. But we could be considered a cusp between Gen X and Millennial. We experienced life pre internet, and then the time as it emerged into the general populace (during our mid teens) and our young adult years were the blossoming of the whole millennial internet world. We have feet in both worlds.

>>135729562Had to put stuff on there my gf would like. Was either that or Cheryl Crow

>>135729388He looks more like a Pavement/Dinosaur Jr./Built to Spill kind of guy. He'd throw in some obscure shit like Silkworm and then spend the entire song talking facts about the band that nobody cares about.

>>135727705Try score with the extroverted redhead or the girl on the end with he long brown hair.End up sitting on the sidewalk talking with the ugly blond chick with bangs. Listening to her bs stories about her religious parents and how she's probably gonna become a buddhist and a vegetarian and she wants to travel around Europe for a year.

>>135729875That stuff was pretty out there for 1995. I'd never met a vegetarian, hadn't even heard of vegans.


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>>135727705> Be one of the guys in this pic> Secretly listen to TLC and watch FrasierThe shame. Friends can never know.

>>135730094Why would either of those be "secretly"?

>>135729418Do you have any kids or are you a waste of oxygen like so many others in your generation?

>>135727705I miss going to my friend's unexpected just to hang. Now everyone's so busy with shit.

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>be that weird kid who makes unrequested industrial mixtapes for your normie friends>sign everyone's yearbook with []\[] [] []/[]

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>>135730203No one ever listened to black music. Not even Michael Jackson. I remember someone put on Ice Cube or some shit once and we were all like fuck off with that crap.And Frasier was too smart a show for us. You would get called homo for watching Friends or Melrose Place. Watched Gladiators and Wrestling instead

>>135727705I had homies?

>>135727955She wanted you to fuck her dude. Then she found generic chad to try and wake you up, make you jealous. You fucked up brah

Why the fuck isn't there a movie for the cohort that graduated highschool in 2017? We were born in '99, graduated in '17. Most of us are about to graduate uni now or are working full time, having turned 21 this year. So many coming of age movies set in 2016 and 2018/2019, but 2017 is like some lost year. I just want generational representation bros.

>>135730321Did you grow up in a trailer park? Nobody gave a shit if you listened to TLC or watched Frasier. Both were incredibly popular.

>>135730870I grew up in outback Australia. I don't wanna say anymore. Shit place to be as a teen doesn't matter if it's the 90s or now

>>135731009Oh, okay. People here were less judgmental of that kind of shit, even as teens.

>>135727846Perfect. /thread

>>135728093Based Do. First Nike freak and has paved the way for the Yeezy Suicides.

>>135729295You call it a polo shirt? I'm not american either but even in my European Caliphate we know what they are.


>>135730870He's a dude though

>>135729457Damn dude same here, I've been to more funerals than weddings for the people in my crew

>>135731399I assumed so.

>>135727705i was 14, we watched the rated r movies my parents rented and fast forwarded through them to see if there was nudity while talking about wrestle match ups and taking turns on Mario party.

>>135727705Playing niche video games with my cousin.

>>135727705why are they all so good looking

>>135727955you fell for the oldest bitch trick in the book user. they do this to test if you really want them. going apeshit because she took the number will always work in this situation and that's what you should've done.

>>135729591Yeah and those of us born in the early 90s have one foot in the Zoomer world of smartphones. The whole Millennial generation is made up of two cusps. That's how stupid this sounds, man. Generations are imaginary. Everyone has had a different experience.

>>135727705> Wayne's World> Cliffhanger> Ransom> Heat

>>135731693It really is stupid how obsessed some anons are with generation defining. More often than not I think I have better conversations with people 20 years younger than me than 10 years younger. else watch this. Lol

Slap on a porn and have a threesome with red hair and brunette behind her.

>>135730652Well, there won't be a movie for every specific year. You gotta go with the one closest to you. I graduated in 2011 but "my" movie is Superbad from 2007 because things were still more or less the same when I was in High School.I can't think of any Zoomer era teen movies that have achieved legendary status though. There's Eigth Grade but that's for people 6 years younger than you (still your generation). I seriously can't think of any.

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