How much must every voice actor hate this bitch right now?

how much must every voice actor hate this bitch right now?

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what she do

>>135727637Is that considered white in America?

sjw cunt quits cartoon job in an act of virtue signaling the show how woke she is how much of a black alley shit is. every other white actor who voices a non-white character is suddenly forced to follow suite and step down from the roles that made them tons of money for years

she's pretty, she could do regular acting

>>135727680Poor Mike Henry. I guess greased-up deaf guy is gonna be a more prominent character from now on

>>135727694>shes pretty>notices that nosenevermind


didnt she get also fired from snl her first day? she must give amazing head to have the career she does

>>135727729hes still got Consuela... ohhes still got Rollo.... ohhes still got..... um.... the pedophile old guy? or is doing pedo jokes now a no-no for the libs too now?


>>135727680English is obviously not your first language and unfortunately we can’t find an articulate white person willing to dub your post.

>>135727679Yeah, and in Europe and pretty much anywhere.

>>135727779sorry i noticed that after hitting submit im on vacation and im not used to typing on this tiny laptop so my post ended up being that mess of wordpuke

How do you feel right your bodies

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>>135727835isnt this that cunt who was getting annoyed that based Normy was too busy trying to be funny and making jokes and not taking the YouTubey Awards seriously? fuck that Broad City afterbirth


>>135727637shes really fucking cute blazed out of her mind, her mannerisms, etc. are so

>>135727891Yup. Why they put this unfunny bitch on there I don't know

That fucking nose thoGee I wonder how she made it in showbiz kekkekeke

Looks like Ted Cruz as a woman

>>135727741lol I remember that.She always did a pro-abortion "romantic comedy" that was critically panned.Now this, it's like failure and fuck ups define her career

>>135728180She’s big in the super woke alt fag comedy scene. Basically the kinds of gas qween lib fag shit I avoid like the plague but all of Reddit usually loves

>>135727694shes not kill yourself

>>135727637This is going to sound hyperbolic, but it's a 100% true storyA few months back, I smoked a joint on my porch, came in and sat down, pressed play on Jenny Slates' Netflix special. I had an old, sick, beloved dog (who has since passed) who had shit all over the dining room while I was outside, so I grabbed my paper towels, soapy water bucket, and latex gloves to get cleaning.Jenny Slates' special was so bad that I had to stop cleaning up dog shit and turn it off, because it was making an otherwise tolerable, albeit gross chore absolutely unbearable

>>135728180her family is rich, she don't care

very funny girl,really one of the only

>>135727694She looks like a chicken.


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>>135728416RIP in piece pupperinoI enjoyed your well articulated story.

>>135728472Funny. He even btfo of lonely island.

>>135727637Yeah Alison Brie is saying that she now wished she didn't play Diane on Bojack horseman because her role should've been played by a vietnamese actor, which kind of defeats the point of acting in the first place.I always feel like these things end up reducing specific characters to specific traits rather than help with representation, oh the character is black? That's it, every single aspect of her existance has to be about her blackness, don't bother about anything else here.

>>135727637it wasnt just her it was that dumb cunt kristen bell also

>>135728397>>135728460guys it's ok to find a woman attractive

>>135728488>lonely islandIs that what you call 'em? I just call them Sandberg and the other couple of fellas

>>135728432>she don't careShe does.>>135728507Nobody cares what your tastes are in men. Stop sharing, keep it to yourself, cunt.

>>135727637wikipedia early life

>>135728537I don't know their names, only that they made funny songs and one funny movie. Also only aware of that clip thanks to Holla Forums.

>>135728544lmao what are you seething over you silly bastardI'll say it again she cute

>>135728507shes uglyanymore stupid non arguments you wanna make you simp faggot

>>135728566You're a closet queer that seeks approval from anonymous strangers. Kys and i'll cope.

>>135728568>simpI'm not buying her fuckin onlyfans, I just want to cum on a jewess. why does this upset you so

>>135727637that is a kike if I ever saw one. that is the most rat-faced beady-eyed jew goblin I've ever seen

>>135728554look at her recessed midface and witch noseyou don't need wikipedia to know shes the spawn of cannibalistic saturn worshipping pedophile schizos

>>135727637So should they have gotten a horse to play bojack?

>>135728507This. But beware, it's NOT ok to find a woman unattractive. You don't want to become a misogynistic incel.

>>135728568I'm not that guy, but you do realize that you're calling someone a faggot over the fact that they stated that they like a girl, right?I mean yeah I agree that she's ugly but it's still a woman.

>>135728589is it fun for you to be absolutely buttblasted on 4chan in the middle of the night

>>135727637>fellow white peole please quite your jobs in your own nations and give your positions to forieners or your racist.meanwhile the jew cunt just hopes on the next jewflix trash they throw at her as a treat for subverting and ruining another dumb white goy industry. did you see that show, promoting pedophilia and transvestites as if that wasn't enough.

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>>135728593>why does this upset you sosee >>135728544>Nobody cares what your tastes are>Stop sharing, keep it to yourself>cunt>>135728638Idk mr pot, shall I ask mr kettle?

>>135728627Her features don't express or suggest human femininityits like a movie where the theme is suicide and somebody says they like it because it reminds them of child birth

>>135728650m8 I'm posting on Holla Forums as a background activity while I vibe out listening to some reggae, I assure you I am not perturbed. If you would like I can provide you a more in-depth list of features and traits I appreciate in females

>>135727851They fired her for this?

>>135728651>Her features don't express or suggest human femininityWhat? Yes they do.Also, it would still be a woman even if your statement was true.That statement also implies that liking anything that expresses "human femininity" is not gay if you're a dude.You do realize that you're a step away from saying that traps aren't gay right?And you're the one calling people a faggot.

>>135728651>>135727694 here, I wouldn't say she's like some exceptional beauty but she's not unattractive. I would give her like a 7/10, but with the caveat that kinda good-looking but not exceptionally women like her, especially wealthy and somewhat famous ones, will probably have an inflated sense of self-worth that would make it all the more satisfying to fuck the shit out of them

>>135728729Don't strawman me with your homosexual projection, you kathy newman tier arguereryou are attracted to a known beard with a caved in skull and an abominable personality If you aren't white I won't care anymore just tell me that much and i'll be on my critical thinking and white way

>>135728729Look nigger, fap to as many hideous jew crones as you want, but don't be a simping faggot and give them praise they don't deserve.

>>135728691Nobody cares you insufferable cunt. If that's your taste, keep it to yourself or better yet (because you have no self control) post it then fuck off. Stop interacting. You aren't going to get a pat on the head, a well done or your cock sucked for trying to defend your stupid tastes on an anonymous board. Keep pretending you're above this though, your continuous posts say otherwise.

>>135728805I thought you incel types were pro-free-speech. I always thought Sarah Silverman was pretty hot too, and I'm partial to Brie Larson as well

she cute

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>>135728826I'm having a good kek at your blind seething rage. Might give

>>135728848Your tastes =/= fact.

>>135728869Lmfao put it on auto and it posted while I was still typing. I was gonna say I might give myself head as a reward. Probably not, haven't been stretching much lately.

>>135728869I'm so mad I'm gonna burn down the city and loot from businesses, that's what you guys do when you get mad, right?

>>135728867by what standard or metric

>>135728893You guys? I'm a blue eyed white man.

>>135728797>>135728805look I'm not even the guy that said she was cute mate, she's pretty ugly for me too, but you're the one saying that literally stating that you find a woman attractive is gay.Also yeah i'm white, what the fuck does it have to do with anything now?

>>135728908>I'm a blue eyed white boyI believe it unfortunately.

>>135727637ALL THE STARS ARE HERE (yo burn down your condo since they are unemployed).Did you guys know that mel blanc was not actually a rabbit nor did he hunt rabbits?

>>135728917I don't believe that you're white There's no evidence to point towards it

>>135727637I don't know who this is but if she's a voice actor she looks like she voices the whiny / nasally (read Jewish) female archetype

>>135728867She is cute, she seems like a girl you might meet at a library or record store and smoke a joint with before plowing her unshaven pussy in her overprices studio apartment

>>135728450Good god... how has someone as horribly unlikeable unfunny and annoying as Nick Kroll gotten as far as he has in comedy?


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135728964shit b8.

>>135728984(You) me you coward

>>135727783"White" is not a thing outside of America.

They have gotten real lazy with hiring voice actors for these zero budget adult animation. Jenny Slate was just doing a "braceface" lisp over her normal jewy voice.Rick and morty sounds like there are 2 guys doing voices. ATHF which was always teased for being low budget paid real money for actual career voice actors who were talented.

>>135728978Nepotism. One of his parents has deep hollywood connections and lot's of jewish wealth.

>>135727760They just need to hire a pedo.They're just doing Bill Burr's bit "why don't you get a murderer to play a murderer"

>>135728978Father is CIA glownigra who founded Kroll security a 1980s blackwater that did corporate spy work and maybe garrotted a few communists in Central America

>>135728867Please tell me you’re joking. This might be the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. Chelsea Peretti looks attractive compared to this Jewish witch

>>135728944Why would anyone pretend to be white in this age?Also again, what does it have to do with you saying that liking a woman is gay?

>>135729043this post doesnt help either

>>135728999>Rick and morty sounds like there are 2 guys doing voices.more like literally one guy doing 5

>>135728867What do you call this type of nose?

>>135728867Looks like my uncle in a wig. Swear to God.

>>135729015Thats essentially how Danny Trejo works

>>135727637Propaganda is the death of art.You can observe the how and why right now in America.

>>135728978his dad is a jewish billionaire with literally infinite connections

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I thought you niggas hate when comic movies pull a race change, what's wrong with this?

>>135729077Wow did not know that. The spin off one has the same problem.

>>135728867She looks like the Shriners kid all grown up and if he become trans

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>>135728450she's so fucking uncomfortable sitting next to nick in drag lmao

>>135729118To give the guy some credit, he does have a lot of range, enough to not notice it until someone points it out to you.

>>135727637She's one of ((them))

>>135727783Lol no

>>135728867She looks like a female version of that stranger things kid.

>>135727637Remember when she played character who used the media to divide society and provoke a race war to get herself to power? Thank god it was just a cartoon.

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>>135728002>mini skirt design highlighting her birthing hips>cute behavior make her appear as preysubliminal messages done right

>>135727680instead of change the voice actor why not just colour in the character lightera real life person has a race, cartoon characters dont, they are just drawn and coloured in manually

>>135728497Don't try to reason with these fucking retards. None of them actually believes the crap they are saying.They notice which way the wind blows and follow suit.


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>>135727783She looks "Levantine" to me. I assumed she was like Iranian or something

>>135727729I hope they get some deep voiced black dude that doesnt sound anything like him fot clevland to show how retarded this is.

>>135728002Fucking junkies

>>135729881>Bellwether is deeply prejudiced against blacks, and seems to view them as dangerous and unintelligent in comparison to the whites. She is ruthless and power-hungry, perfectly willing to kill anyone who gets in her way or simply refuses to agree with her beliefs. >She is also willing to let whites get injured or even killed by blacks she turns savage in order to maintain power and turn the population against minoritiesjesus christ, raimi

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>>135730228Predators are whites, not blacks.>enslaved and hunted prey for centures>became more tolerant and started to live in peace>builded an actual utopia for all species>still rule in it despite being a minority>made quotas for non-predators in police>one nation of (((sheeps))) still hate them and want to destroy their rule to seize all power to themselvesZootopia was extremely redpilled

>>135728917He said simping is gay, and it is, faggot.

>>135730228she cute

Why do SJW new chicks always have this look? The broad city lite look

She looks like a witch. How many gentile babies does she eat per day?

>>135730653*jew chicksNo wait I mean jew chinks


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>>135730676Tim is probably the most based person in comedy right ow. Normally I hate fags but he’s so based im willing to overlook his faggotness

>>135727851>the people gasping in back>the utter lack of laughter >her fucking faceGood god, they should have just shot her right then. No wonder Norm was so rough on her at that thing.

>>135731024He probably is the world's most based homo

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>>135731132Sorry Jenny but Norm and Charles Rocket did the best SNL of all time

>>135731146*best SNL f bombs of all time^

>>135731140There's no such thing as a based homo. All fags are the enemy.

>>135728416Based and I believe it. That special was pretty dogshit. I mean her material was already kind of weak, but then to cut back and forth to documentary style "this is me" footage was just embarrassing.

>>135728450She's not unfunny but she's best as a comic actress. She falters as a comedian.

>>135731196Her standup is dads google history level cringey and unfunny

You can tell she’s an annoying SJW just by her face. Funny how they have a certain look every time

>>135727637who is this middle eastern semen demon?

At least she has great body of work

She was beard to Captain America, until he found his one true cuck-queen.

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>>135728867looks better with her mouth shut and a smaller nose and a different voice

>>135730135>>135727783>>135727679She says she's a gypsy jew.(search her tweets, I don't feel like screencapping them) So she's essentially a european mutt.

>>135727783>Yeah, and in Europekek. keep telling yourself schlomo

>>135727783Based retard

>>135728691 What a pretentious cunt. "I post while I vibe out on some reggae myaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan "


>>135731474Actually, fuck it. You never know what will get deleted. Screencapped it for preservation.

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>>135731424>>135731580She has the body of a 60 yo cleaning lady.

>>135729947>There white washiiing the showww!canceled

>>135731431That's not what a cuck quean is.t. Married to a bi cuck quean.

>>135731474>>135731590I also searched for references of "white" in her tweets, in order to see if that's how she identifies. But I couldn't find anything self-identifying. Except this one odd tweet. Where it could be interpreted as just the strangeness of a dream.So basically, with no concrete evidence that she identifies as white. And the fact that she identifies as a gypsy jew, I'm tending to lean on the "not white" side.

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>>135727645she didn't get norms jokes at the youtube awards

>>135728867she reminds me of Casey Kasem or somebody

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>>135728867>>135731814SID CAESAR!!!!!I knew it was somebody like that

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