Why did Tucker Carlson go apeshit at Rutger Bregman?Why couldn't he have a reasonable debate with him?

Why did Tucker Carlson go apeshit at Rutger Bregman?Why couldn't he have a reasonable debate with him?

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youtube.com/watch?v=6_nFI2Zb7qEThis is just embarrassing

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>why couldn't a blue blooded retard used to getting his own way on his television show, where dissent is not allowed, get butthurt at someone arguing with him and BTFO'ing all his pointsjeez op idk

>>135727534I find your views intriguing and wish to subscribe to your newsletter

>>135727370The guy he was trying to speak with was not serious, and by my best guess probably is on the autism spectrum.

>>135727534He has people on all the time that argue with him, this guy was being a faggot and arguing in bad faith

>>135727534He didn't make any points though, did he? All he said was I'm a smarty paints and your a doo doo head.

>>135728192>>135728192wutHe expected him to agree with Tuckers vapid "le elites say one thing but then do another XD" arguments, and he instead said something quite differentWhy does this make you resort to personal insults?

>>135728237That wasn't really that great of an insult. The Dutch guy was beating around the bush and Tucker took offense to his indirectness. I think posting it online is a sort of good indicator what his intentions were.

>>135728201>disagreeing with someone automatically means bad faithso this is your brain on 4chin...

He could have just said>okay, koch brothers hate me because I'm against immigration because it lowers wages, the same reason they hate bernie>koch brothers love you because you think immigration rocks

the only argument Tucker Carlson has ever made is making a confused face when the other dude says something

>>135728653>t. seething liberal Your candidate has an ad on youtube where he fucks up his own words in the 2nd sentence that he says. How does this make you feel? How did his staff not do another take? So embarrassing lol.

>>135727370>Tucker Carlson>reasonable debatelmao. We are talking about the guy that got absolutely BTFO by Jon Stewart (a fucking comedian) in the past, who called him out for being a partisan hack. Carlson is a low IQ pundit who doesn't argue from a position of facts and knowledge, he's purely a right-wing mouthpiece and useful idiot.

>>135727381This is fucking amazing.

>>135728953jon stewart is a fucking cunt that praised the nypd and sucked dicks all day now he's turning around and acting like a fucking commie faggot

>>135728816I vote LIbertarian, pal

>>135728816He typed, seething

>>135727370Bergman literally dodged any question of substance related to the general topic of the interview and was either too stupid or too insincere to notice their fairly nuanced implications, and spent the rest of the time criticizing Carlson for taking money and other fartsmelling neoliberal argument methods. He managed to talk a lot and say nothing, but I guess that's what liberals find the be compelling or convincing arguments.

>>135728953>got absolutely BTFO by Jon StewartPeople have been saying this for 20 years, but that story falls apart now that we can watch in on Youtube. Stewart was merely labeling Tucker the definition of a television talking head like it's a negative, even though the definition applies to Stewart himself, another typical partisan talking head. "Oh but it doesn't apply to me because I'm a comedian, my opinions don't matter" then why are you talking? Why are people taking you seriously? Rules for me but not for thee.

>>135728953>NOOOO you can't disagree with me I'm a comedian! I'm exempt from all criticism!>NOOOO you can't have strongly held beliefs! You have to be a noncommittal relativist! Unless you're a comedian like me, then you can be a partisan bomb-thrower all day long!damn bro Tucker got owned. btw his show is by far the most successful news show on TV. So much for Stewart owning him lol

>>135729399>>135729411I will say this for Tucker Carlson, his defenders are quite skilled in strawmanning

>>135728953>Jew StewartThat was one of the most sophist and disingenuous ploys I've ever seen on TV. All Stewart did was play a hypocrite and make nebulous claims that America needs "help," and they're not helping, but he is by hiding is sanctimonious preaching behind a farce. But liberals are retards and they find middlingly witty insults and passive aggressive burns more convincing than reason

>>135729428hey you fucking retard how about your fucking cocksucking piece of shit that sucked nypd dick all day then turned around and sold them out to blm? lol you fucking fag

>>135729428What strawman? Go watch the Stewart-Carlson thing on youtube. Throwing out the names of logical fallacies only makes you a pseud.

>>135729485>you're a pseud if you point out why I'm dumbtruly towering intellect

>>135729478this is Joe Biden tier sentence construction

>>135729520You didn't point out shit paste huffing retard. You can't even explain how the strawman applies. And I bet you'll suck your own cock and think "don't need to."


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>>135729572I'm gonna leave you with this : seething

>>135727370because he's a dumb-dumb and btw all fascists should neck themselves

>>135727381>Tucker: How can we stop tax avoidance?>Well we should stop tax avoidanceThanks dude.

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>>135729672>throw out unsubstantiated accusations>still refuse to substantiate them when you're called out, make a complete ass of yourself>"heheheh I got u bro ur seething"ah, so this is the true power of zoomer "comedy"

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>>135727370You have to understand how Tucker functions. Whenever he's debating opposition on his show, he always invites incompetents and morons who can be easily mocked and humiliated into submission. He'll always begin his debates with these people in a cordial manner, and slowly ease into insults and constant interruptions until the segment is over and the person is made to be a complete, stuttering joke. This doesn't work when he speaks to someone who understands what they're talking about, so in these scenarios he tries to act all warm and friendly to manipulate them into agreeing with his narrative. When that doesn't work out, he can't handle it.

>>135729754>Bergman>understands what he's talking aboutHe really doesn't, if that interview is anything to go by.

Who the fuck wants higher taxes though?

>>135728816>A Trumptard>Calling someone else embarrassing

>>135729824People who think more government spending is the solution to every problem in the world.

>>135728296>posting it online is a sort of good indicator what his intentions wereAbsolutely this. The guy is a publicity whore. That's what the Davos stunt was all about in the first place. He's also a smug cunt.

>>135727370>Tucker Carlson>reasonableKek, the man is stupidity incarnate, no wonder he's Republican's poster child

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>>135728296>wasn't really that great of an insultlisten to tucker its just a string of invective from him>>135728634The Koch Brothers are the primary donors to his Daily Wire online news outletIn fact this is but one of many examples of the Kochs who claim to want less government intervention in immigration - I like how this is the one thing that they do that rightists are mad about and all their decisions pivot on - while funding anti-immigrant outlets and politicians

>>135729754You just described every pundit on television. Their opinions are a product that they market to the audience. The audience of any given pundit, whether they're on cable TV or they're a podcast or whatever, wants to have their biases confirmed. They tune in to be told, >"You are smart and you are the good guy. Those people who disagree with you are dumb and evil."Whether or not that assessment is true is another story. Sometimes it is, but that's irrelevant to the pundit. They're just selling a product to a customer. They're peddling confirmation bias and the only thing that matters is how much buyers they reel in.

You realise this Bregman supports the basic income idea right? He wants poor people to get free money and he wants to steal it from the rich.

Cuckerfags absolutely scrambling to defend their shabbos goy. Why? Just because he throws you a bone every now and then? Pathetic

>>135729974Metric system is stupid and completely pointless, ruining job market since immigrants will see their system in the US and start flooding the country

>>135730000>and he wants to steal it from the rich.What's the problem?

>>135730058>the Americans have adopted metric, at long last we can move in!

>>135730083rich people create more jobs if taxes are lower. If anything they should pay less since they don't use services, them paying something closer to 0 should be a given for everyone. Socialists just don't understand that

>>135728816>How did his staff not do another take?That was his best take.

>>135730174>rich people create more jobs if taxes are lowerget a load this goy>If anything they should pay less since they don't use servicesSo when a billionaires trucks travel on the road he shouldn't help pay for them?

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>>135729712Exactly. I don't understand why people don't just admit they don't know on shows like that. Literally he had to say was "Well Tucker I'm really not sure how we could do that. I don't know enough about the inner workings of the tax collection system or the specifics of the tax law."The worst Tucker could respond is "Well then why should anyone listen to you when you recommend raising taxes on the wealthy?"And then he could make his argument for higher taxes. Also take a shot every time he says "I think".

>>135730238>So when a billionaires trucks travel on the road he shouldn't help pay for them?Do these trucks drive themselves?

>>135730283>my employees should pay for the utilities that my business uses

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>>135730174When the Koch Brothers chemical and oil subsidiaries cause environmental catastrophes why should they not pay taxes to clean it up?Why should they not adhere to regulations to try to prevent it in the first place?

>>135730174>rich people create more jobs if taxes are lowerYeah, overseas.

>>135730330Who pays these employees?

>>135730433>my pay should be taken by the government to fund roads that facilitate business which makes money that I receive less than .01% ofGo fuck yourself.

>>135730558That is never not going to be the case you fucking mongoloid.

>>135730433>I'm paying you so you can spend your wage paying for services my business uses>>135730558Its worse, he is arguing the employee should pay because they get employed

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I don't trust someone who doesn't like Tucker. Something in their brains are seriously broken.

Everyone who has posted in this thread deserves to be raped to death. Myself included.

>>135730621>I'm paying you so you can spend your wage paying for services my business usesYes, truckers should pay for the public utilities that allow them to have a job. I really don't see what problem you have with that.

>>135727381fucking kek

>>135730763>We're announcing some changes at our business, from now on you'll all be paying the utilities bill not the company - afterall you're the one using it and we pay you and you wouldn't have a job if it weren't for us so you should be greatful and help us

>>135730817There is no utilities bill for public utilities you fucking retard.