Goodnight Sweet Prince

Goodnight Sweet Prince

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>>135727208if i were an up n coming white voice actor id be sweatin right about now



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>>135727208Next stage of this bs will be Dustin Hoffman apologising for winning best actor for Rain Man and denying the role to a real autist.Acting has lost all meaning. Lion King animated film will get a redub and all white actors removed. Dances with wolves will get cancelled because they didn’t use real Sioux Indians, the actors playing them were of a different descent so we need to “talk about this problematic issue”. Don’t see how it’s going to end, just get worse.“Anthony Perkins from psycho wasn’t actually a trans murderer in real life.. and that’s a bad thing”

>>135727253It's over

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>>135727253I don't get what he's trying to say

>>135727208Why is there so much space between his nose and mouth? It looks he's frowning because of his mustache

>>135727326>white privilege>vote Biden 2020I try not to spout this shitty meme but this person is a fucking NPC

>>135727326Progressive Twitter arguments are so funny it's just a bunch of people playing victim cards likes it's fuckin yugioh


>>135727366According to the new directives of MiniTruth:+ blacks can play white characters+ but whites can't play black characters lamarr is smart enough to see the inherent contradiction/injustice in it, and niggerish enough to say "yeah so what? fuck you cracka"these people don't want "justice" or "equality", they want to take over. they want to *be* the will only end in tears... for them, that is.

i called this the other day as being next and people told me i was crazy

>>135727478>and niggerish enough to say "yeah so what? fuck you cracka"Damn I thought he was smart

>>135727326anyone doing well is considered white lmao what a world

>>135727427There' a joke there about activating trap cards but I don't see it.

>>135727326>and violaI'm done

damn in the last month liberals having reached cartoonish parody levels of what Holla Forums users think they are. its like i keep waiting for them to be "like jk.... even we're not THIS fucking crazy" but no, theyre fucking serious with this shithow is nobody trying to say something, everyone in hollywood is okay with how fucking gay they are between this voice actors have to only voice things they are shit and now the removing of anything that MIGTH WAHH WAHH OFFEND SOMONE bullshit in old shows

>>135727550cant say the word trap or you're transphobic, sorry user

>>135727496He is. he knows it's not going to last and he's just getting it while the getting's good. Looter mentality. Just look at how they riot.

2020 has been a fucking legendary trainwreck of a year. it seems like it can't get any stupider but then it does

>>135727593I think we're almost reaching the peak of this lunacy cycle. Which is both good and bad news. The good news is the tide will start turning soon enough on them. The bad news is they'll accelerate even harder. The progressivist tredmill is a vicious cycle in that they *have* to keep being more progressive. These nutjobs' identity is built around the idea that they run faster than the rest. And as they force everyone else to run along they have to run even faster... Which leads to them forcing everyone elese to run faster... Which leads to-And sooner or later, someone goes "wait a minute, why the fuck are we running behind these cunts?" and the majority goes "huh, you're right". They stop, go back, and then the progressives completely blow their top.But right before the end is, of course, when things are at its fastest.

>>135727739this is just the beginning

Voice acting is, in my opinion, one of the coolest fucking occupations in the world, and these fucking faggots are coming after it, and you know this “representation” garbage only goes one way too. Whites will step down but Phil La Marr can play any character he pleases.And to think I was really excited to get into voice acting as a straight white man. Fuck.

>>135727253This faggot is just happy that a slew of new roles opened up for him.

>>135727326>Give up your job, bigot.Aside from out of touch celebrities, it seems like the only other people who use this argument are supported by mommy and daddy.

>>135727487The last few years have played out like a bad Holla Forums fanfic from the early 2010s. Nothing is too crazy to be real and anyone who tells me that the slippery slope is fake can get fucked.

>>135727525wait so if I'm white and a total failure doesn't mean I'm a POC?Am I gonna get some free gibs?

>>135727917No you’re just a loser who didn’t take advantage of his white privilege.Oh, and any mutt who is successful? Yeah, it’s his white half that did it.

>>135727831>but Phil La Marr can play any character he pleasesJust don't watch anything where he voices a non-black character. Simple as. Enough people do that and they'll be forced to do something about the double standard as money is more important than anything else on the planet.

>1960: race is an important and defining trait that we need to be mindful of at all times>1990: race doesn't matter, no person should be judged or limited by the color of their skin>2020: race is an important and defining trait that we need to be mindful of at all times unironically how did this happen

>>135727208What are they going to do for The Cleveland Show?

>>135728118You say that like it’s not a Herculean task. We saw how all of the big businesses flocked to support BLM riiiiiight as the riots were picking up.If I boycotted every company that showed support for BLM, I’d have a pretty bad damn quality of living, and if I boycotted these cartoons then I’d have fucking nothing animated to watch, and as I said earlier in this thread, voice acting is the coolest profession in the world and I watch animated stuff for inspiration.

>>135728131Because they’re “getting back at whitey” for a system of racism that doesn’t exist anymore and doesn’t affect anyone living in today’s world, and they’re flipping it all on us.I heard a statement I thought was hills hit in like 2013 that I actually agree with now:Anti-racism is anti-white. Turns out they just needed to shift the Overton window far enough for enough ignorant retards to start hating white people, and now anything is fair game.And if we complain about it, we get mockery.“Oh poor straight white male, you’re so oppressed, boo hoo!”Then they make up shit that “straight white men” do to “keep minorities down,” and you’ll often find that those things are what these evil bastards do themselves. They accuse their white enemies of what they themselves are guilty of.

>>135728365>You say that like it’s not a Herculean taskIt isn't. The problem here is the average person has been conditioned to consume and pulling away from that is the issue. There's enough old media to consume to last a lifetime that would fulfill that inspiration user, you don't need to lick the boot to get it.

>>135728131>>135728457> thought was hills hit * thought was bullshitSorry it’s half past 3 am where I’m at; super tired

>>135728463I suppose I can try. But that food boycott is gonna be hard. I heard even the Chick-Fil-A CEO said that white Christians need to apologize for all racism or something, and they we’re supposed to be the chicken of the alt-right according to some blue check marks.

>>135727253>women>underrepresented in subsThe what? they literally play every kid everKids+women > men in any cartoon

>>135727366He's saying you can't point out the double standard or else you're a bigot.

>>135729124Cook your own food, grow it if you can. Although my point is more towards media however if you can also find alternatives for food as well that would be good especially if you can get some self-sufficiency out of it.

>>135727366it means equality isnt any argument because jamal deserves what he wants because some white people mistreated some black people in the past.

It's all so tiresome.

>>135727253>males are a majorityBased retard

another win for American Chad

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>>135729312In my country males are 43% while women are 57% of the college students, left still claims women are a oppresed minority and still have funded help, special scholarships for women only, etc. Is just crazy the double standard

>>135727326Who's Viola? I don't see the relevance

>>135728131Because from 1960 to about 10 years ago they thought that they could train up blacks and their low achievement was the result of bad schools. That is bussing, affirmative action, diversity hires, etc.

I feel so disconnected from the world we're living in right now

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>>135729124Perdue Chicken is rihht wing. He is trumps secretary of agriculture.

>>135729444Same here. But I've been a social outcast most of my life so it's a familiar feeling to me.

let's keep this going. why is it that so many actors who never even went to any kind of trade school get to play plumbers/electricians in movies when there are millions of real life plumbers and electricians who can fill those roles much better?

>>135727478The irony is his biggest role he voices an east asian character who by all regards are proportionately less represented in film that blacks.

>>135729580yeah, and what about all those actors playing NEETs? When's it gonna be OUR turn, bros?

>>135729444Trips of truth. Same here user. It's probably part of their plan and it's unstoppable were completely powerless...

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>>135727208Family Guy has been airing for 20 years?! Jesus, talk about kicking a dead horse.

>>135729710Its so diverse in the picture on the bottom

>>135728463Dude, Phil LaMarr is in fucking EVERYTHING.

>>135728118>Just don't watch anything where he voices a non-black character.So basically don't watch anything with English voices.

>>135729186Yeah, I need to work my ass off but I want some decent land, enough to grow most of my food if I can.

>>135729464Cant find it on google maps.

>>135727253but he voices a chink too

>>135729927>Using liberal search engine

weirdest thing, but my black friend who grew up in much better conditions than me and knows my struggle as someone born into poverty in a shitty neighborhood suddenly came at me the other day and rambled on about how privileged i was. i think there is some kind of brainwashing happening to all black people at some level, this guy was not only pretty normal before but he's in the past been open about having more opportunities in his life than me at times, even. it's like i woke up in another timeline. these people took my friend from me

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>>135727208pooinloo wont act pooinloo cuz racismnotpooinloo wont act pooinloo cuz racism

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>>135727224It's time to go, Cleveland

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>>135730051If he turned on you that easily he was never your friend to begin with.

>>135727831I thought it was "safe" from all this pc bullshit and that nobody would seriously give a fuck about the color of the skin of a person they don't even see. But these people just keep surprising me with their stupidity. As a seiyuufag I really hope the Japanese will just ignore this and keep casting their best voice actors based on their voice, not on their fucking ethnicity.

>>135730027For real though is it spelled wrong because I’m having trouble finding it.

>>135730051My black friends didn't buy the bullshit and make fun of the protesters. Your friend was just another sheep.

>>135730051Everything is so polarized. I never say anything political over social media and it started with me condemning the riots, a bunch of liberal fuckwads I knew in real life telling me to take my posts down because “they don’t help BLM,” me doubling down posting more about how bad riots are, and then continuing with more political posts about how “whites privilege” is bullshit and how you shouldn’t surround cars if you don’t want to get run over, all the while the libs piled on me and one even accused me of arguing in bad faith for supporting the second amendment, so now I’ve gone full MAGA mode and I’ve lost about 100 followers in the course of a month.It’s a crazy time.

>>135730459I heard even Japan is in a small way being affected by the people who scream “xenophobic” at them every year.

>>135730051It's a cult, it makes people feel like they're special and that they have the right to take from others what was supposedly taken from them. Also now they can think that all of their personal shortcomings are the fault of someone else, which is normal thinking for teenagers and immature adults. To them it's always someone else's fault, whether it's parents, or society, or now white people.

>>135727208will emma watson finally apologize for playing a whitewashed hermione for years?

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>>135727326Am I stupid for not being able to even comprehend what she is saying?I feel like these are all non-problems thats why I cant get behind the discussion.He voices or is in favour of blak characters being allowed to be voiced by whites that means he should be treated black? Then he should just say yeah do it, what the fuck does that even mean be treated like a POC? Why make that a threat when you clearly support equality and like them?

>>135730602They use twitter a lot, so they can't really avoid feedback or influences from abroad. I've tried reading some of their thoughts and it seems like many are aware that political correctness or ポリコレ is mostly a restrictive tool used for bullying, but even they have some pc movements in their universities now. I just don't want them to start meddling with their entertainment industry for the sake of virtue signalling. Some western twitterinas were making a big deal about VA Subaru Kimura wearing blackface, I hope he just ignores them instead of giving in.

>>135727253>women>minorityLmao dis nigga doesn't look at demographics does he

>>135730834You forgot the punchline.

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>>135731007>I just don't want them to start meddling with their entertainment industry for the sake of virtue signalling.Look out for it. That’s one of the easiest ways to spread your ideology if you’re allowed to get your ideology on the air.

>>135727208>same voice for 20 years>suddenly changed It doesn't who you are, you will hate it and it will never be the same.

>>1357272532020 is Phil LaMarr's year, get ready crackas.

>>135731711Shit, forgot the picture.

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>>135727208Society is becoming more racist.