Brad pls

Brad pls...

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she is so fucking ugly it's unreal

>>135725645Her tits are awful. Don't Google them.


>>135725668it just keeps getting worse for her, pool dame

Why does she have to mention the Brad Pitt part?

>>135725668Eh I wood

>>135725682Dear God. I should have listened.

>>135725645>and did I mention I live with Brad Pitt?

>>135725645kek, brads such a loser. How do you go from prime jen, to angie to this thing?

>>135725682You weren't lyin

>>135725682>>135725816>>135725755You know what for once Im going to take Holla Forumss advice.

>>135725682>31 years old>granny titsdamn

>>135725682Eh, they're eh. I don't know. I like her face. I want to wear her skin and see her face.

>>135725645So now even the poo in loos have to bow down to blacks? Progress.

There is nothing good about women. Their beauty quickly fades and their personality devolves into shit when they get comfortable enough to stop trying.

>>135725779>>135725726How do you still fall for this? It's an out of context quote, "rearranged" like most of them in order to elicit reactions.Do you know they have a metric "number of threads/mentions on 4chan" to evaluate the value of an article?

>>135725645I love how white ppl listen to rap songs worship blacks like gods but oh no she can't sing the nword even though it's in the song. Not even nigger just niggaFucking laughable

Brad Pitt has had his share of and complete choice of all the 10/10 models you could find and what is the Revelation he has had? Slampigs are more fun.Take the slampig pill

>>135726111He's merely in step 1 of the program. There are many steps to go...

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>>135725994We should all get gay together.

guys, it's obvious she had word doneher tits ar eamamazing now.

>>135726111>took the cuck pillShame. He was a talented actor.

>>135725668>that cursed image of her hairy minge looking like a tarantula tryna bust out of her panties

>>135725645Who speckled shit on her face? Brad?

>>135725645Was I the only one who thought she was actually like 1/4 black because of curly hair , etc

>>135725682WE DIDN'T LISTEN


>>135725806self-loathing is a hell of a drug

>>135726957Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Self-loathing is the title to a film starring Johnny "don't shit on my sheets" Depp.

>>135725645I bet she enjoys giving blowjobs and licks his asshole too. I tried to date this fat slob of a woman years ago and she loved doing blowies and giving my bunghole a deep lckaroo. Both her body and personality were revolting but I still jerk off to the thoughts of her oral abilities.

>>135726573He's in his mid 50s now user. Prostiutes would take his money but dating wise it's not like 20 something's would be lining up>>135726835Kek

>>135725682>The box, you opened it, we came

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>>135726200You would be crazy not to

>>135725682MOTHER FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!

>>135726191It's not bond burgering if she looks like shit from the beginning.

>>135725645>Shewfelt>ShawkatWhat did they mean by this?

I bet she gets off on being called a filthy sandnigger. Did she say the forbidden word as part of a role, or was she yelling at people who were talking too loud in a movie theatre


Maybe Brad Pitt is just a fag and he doesn't want to spend too much on beards anymore.

>>135725645WTF is Brad doing?


>>135727371Didnt some other A list dude start dating a chubby asian. Apparently its pretty comon after dudes that plowed through hundreds of 10s to settle for a 4. I forgot what the phenomenon was called.

>>135725668arabs age like rotten milk

>>135725645>Alia Shawkat talks niggerooga booga sho nuff

>>135727083Must be a dog person.

What is going on?

>>135727674A 10/10 seldom tries in bed, while a 4/10 usually has something to prove.

>>135725645What n-word controversy? Did she say it in an acting role or in candid footage?

>>135727815The truth

>>135727946On no she said a bad word that’s in a popular song. The niggerinos are gonna be mad>meanwhile 12 year olds that make an edgy nigger joke get their parents life ruined

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And Jojo is a nazi now. How do Normies keep up with these new fake controversies that appear every 12 hours

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>>135725682>>135725645This is what Brad Pitt is fucking?

>>135727060It's Brad fucking Pitt.Of course 20 year olds would be lining up.

>>135729389I dont care if she acts childish. Shes a much better role model then 90% of """"""influencers"""""""

>>135725682 This is the one instance in which my curiosity is defeated by my potential disgust

>>135725668t. faggot

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>>135725682I'll take your word for it

>>135729674cope orbiter

>>135729674Why did you post a picture of 70's comedian Galagher?

>>135727083who else counted the pushups?

>>135729674She cute. I can understand Chad Pitt.

>wife cuts off tits>shacks up with someone with saggy udder hangers Overcorrection

>>135725755I looked, they're pretty bad. But I'd still take them over bolt-ons.

>>135725645God I hope they have a bunch of whote babies

>>135729327therapy sessions about saying a wordthe world is absolutely mad

>>135730326She isn't remotely white.

>>135729674Takes one to know one, fag.

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>>135730540Whitness isnt real