>amounts to a Chinese propaganda film

>amounts to a Chinese propaganda film

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>>135723425>bowing down to our Chinese overlordsYes.

>Just realizing Chinese cinema is all Chinese propagandaWelcome to the party.

What's the difference between Kung Fu and karate? Aren't they both derived from the same origin, just that japs took it and named it karate?

amounts to a American propaganda film

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>>135723425Good fuck my soon to be destroyed country (America). China's fucking beyond based and you can't convince me otherwise

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>>135723844yeah i love concentration camps for wrongthink desu

>>135724570>you can't convince me otherwise

>>135724655ok chinese mommy pls sit on my face

>>135723425HK cinema went downhill after the handover.

>>135723425they had to push it hard since Xu Xiaodong exposed traditional chink martial arts as a joke when it comes to actual fighting

>>135724862That's not because of China though, it's because HK ran it's time. Its golden age couldn't last forever.

>>135723655American propaganda is more entertaining

>>135723620Kung Fu is an actual martial art while Karate is a philosophy of committing yourself to super human exploits through the use of martial arts. The methods taught in karate are basic and meant to be the foundation for other much more advanced techniques and concepts, but most people take it the same reason most boomers use netflix still: it's all they know and they're too lazy to find something better.

>>135724862This, notice how the last good Wong Kar-wai film was In The Mood for Love?

>>135723620Karate is the name of a martial art whereas kung fu denotes mastery of a skill.

>>135723844this is a drawing of a white woman

It's a good movie and I still hate China.

Literal propaganda.Drago would've killed Rocky like he did Creed.

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>>135723425Ip Man was a bitch in real life. They could do whatever they wanted with the movie.

Its also Wingchun propaganda for what its worth.

>>135723425>>135723612>>135724570>>135724862>>135725497>china badhello re*dit

>>135724862That's an understatement to say the least.

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>>135725589nice larp you fucking imbecile

>the japanese are an evil devil pirate race>brave chinaman stands up to them and winsthis is literally the plot of 90% of chinese movies that aren't ancient history fantasy shit.

>american who pushes karate is somehow racistare chinks so racist they think japs and whites are the same thing?

>>135724940That guy is in such an interesting situation. If I was him I would be claiming the basic-ass MMA he's doing is actually an ancient chinese martial art I discovered and that's why I'm beating down all the phony baloney crouching tiger types, then offer to take in students. Has he tried this or does he have too much integrity to pretend he's not just doing MMA?

>>135723425Ip Man is the Marvel of Kung fu movies

>>135723655This film is powerfully homoerotic

>>135723425Honestly how can we White Men compete with Glorious China when they have Ip Man, Jackie Chan and the Jet Li??? The U S A is over

>>135725978lol one of my favorites, Heroes of the East, is a Chinese fighter beating a master of every Japanese martial art. They really don't like each other.

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>>135726374m.youtube.com/watch?v=OqJUrKV6Fa8>He thinks the japanese crab technique can actually be beatenanon... I hope you're not this gullible.

>>135726374It's funny because even though nearly all acnient martial arts suck dick completely as a way of self-defense, Japan has two of the only ones that are actually decent in a real fight: judo and jujitsu.

>>135726486I wish real fighting was like this. I love Shaw Brothers movies.>>135726522Right, but the Chinese had the Dynasty Warriors

>>135726522to be fair, most martial arts we know about are bastardized, showy/sport versions of real ones that are lost to time.

>>135725589When the war comes, feel free to join their side you giant faggot

>>135725978>Hong Kong natives call Japanese 'the Eastern Sea Devils'

Meanwhile Korea cinema is kino

>>135726900This. Kenjutsu and its various schools were a collection of devastating sword forms but kendo is almost worthless in a real swordfight. Turning the arts into sports has bastardized them.

>>135723425These so called combat karate guys doing the exact same moves that chinese are doing, yep, this is trash

>>135726374It's more one sided when it comes to blatant propaganda.

>>135723425Which is hilarious because the real Ip Man was an opium addict and hated the CCP.

>>135723425That's exactly how the rest of the world sees american war movies

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>>135725519Stallone has really big Adams apple

>>135725978>>the japanese are an evil devil pirate raceYes.

>>135726900This is because the original context has usually been lost. Like a dude figures out that "hey, if I apply force like this, that'll break someone's arm" and he tries to teach it down, so he exaggerates the specific motion, and the student or one of the students somewhere down the line, misses the context for how the move was supposed to be used and just focuses on how it looks.Assuming it wasn't made up bullshit originally, of course.>>135727139Kendo is a weird thing. It's not exactly worthless, since what it did was remove a lot of extra target zones to simplify the matter of making decent armor for everyone, while keeping the essence of a lot of the important stuff.So if someone fighting a kendo practitioner tries to fight at mid-range and is aiming for the upper body, kendo can work quite well. But if it becomes a matter of close-range fighting or hits to the shins are allowed, kendo starts falling apart at the seams.Like naginata practitioners regularly beat kendo practitioners, not just because of the reach advantage, but because of the fact that naginatado allows for hitting the sune armor; the shin, and kendo practitioners have no idea how to handle that. Originally there was the gedan no kamae, but it's been pretty much completely forgotten because of certain practical and aesthetic reasons, so, kendo practitioners have no idea how to handle it.There's also the problem of the shinai being an okay katana simulator, but still introducing warps into the logic of the martial art due to its differing properties. But Japan has been addressing that in recent years, putting more emphasis on bokuto training which is closer to the real thing.TL;DRKendo is like a bike with only three gears instead of 21. Those three gears work mostly fine, but it's still inferior to 21 gears.

>>135725978>the soviets are an evil devil warmonger race despite being defensive through most of the cold war>brave amerilard stands up to them and wins

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>>135723620Karateka here, will answer as best I can. Kung fu is a catchall term, meaning “skill acquired through effort.” You can have kung fu in things that aren’t martial arts, such as cooking. A better generalist term for Chinese martial arts would historically be Wushu. However, now that that’s the name of a modern sport system of martial arts, it can get confusing, and there is currently no great general term for traditional Chinese martial arts except calling them just that. There are hundreds of these styles. Karate, came to Japan through Okinawa. It’s descended from a Chinese style called Bai He Quan, a Southern chinese form of crane fist. If anyone wants to look into this connection, the best starting point would be to look into the form “Sanchin” (don’t know the Chinese name, just know they do it too). Incidentally, the same thing happened with taekwondo. It’s descended from the most popular form of Japanese karate, shotokan. So you have Okinawan, Japanese and Korean karate.Given karate is newer, there are less variations of it. Less than 100 distinct styles. Because of this, one difference between karate and Chinese styles is that most karate styles share a strong similarity. The differences are around fighting from different ranges or using different tactics. Whereas Chinese systems stem from some very different starting points and can be more radically different. The other biggest blanket difference is traditional karate classes never involve weapon training. Karate means “empty hand”, and it’s seen as purely being about that. Many karate schools have seperate training in Okinawan weapons, in a style called kobudo, but it’s seen as a distinct art. In most Chinese martial arts school, armed and unarmed fighting form a mixed curriculum.

>>135723655in what regard? the themes are timeless.

>>135723425>tfw you find out that almost all martial arts that aren't a few types of kickboxing and wrestling/grappling styles are actually a completely meme and not actually useful in combatfeels bad man

>>135727933armed fighting is retarded unless you're using knives. Nobody is carrying scimitars around.

>>135728036Let's see if that remains true in the next 100 years.

>literally every movie is about rebelling against the government and strong themes of brotherhood>Inspired tons of movies, games, and songs.youtu.be/cYXI344Siew

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>>135728036>he doesn't have a telescopic, concealable katana

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>>135727855>TL;DR>Kendo is like a bike with only three gears instead of 21. Those three gears work mostly fine, but it's still inferior to 21 gears.Excellent accounting of the issues. I salute you.

>>135728021Kyokushin comes to mind.

youtu.be/sYItPQXtMGEWatch this classic before jewtube takes it down

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I’m getting mad incel vibes from this.Holla Forums would you trust pic related?

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>>135728161Only other thing to add to this is kendoka actually fight, even if it’s in a limited way. So in a sword fight, I’d actually put the average kendoka above the average kenjutsu student. Many of them never spar, so even though they have the knowledge of what to do, they often fall apart under pressure. If you wanted to know how to sword fight currently know, HEMA would be the way to go...except it’s new and the skillpool is small, there’s no internal quality control of instruction and many of the practitioners aren’t athletic in the slightest. Olympic fencing is in a similar place to kendo, where at least they’re athletes except with sillier rules. Basically, there’s currently no way to learn to sword fight like they did in the past, which shouldn’t be surprising, given that it’s no longer relevant to society.

>>135728252Kyokushin is good. The lack of head defence in many dojos is bad though. I think practicing for bare knuckle fighting (all though most kyokushin schools spar with MMA gloves most of the time these days is good), is actually better for self defence. You won’t over rely on the size of the glove, to attack or defend. Deciding to add head punching is easy for most kyokushin students. (They’re not great at it but they’re good enough). It’s dealing with incoming head punches where they can have a problem. Some schools train some of the time with punches to the head allowed. Others just train 100% of the time for the tournament meta. Given that that’s standing chest to chest with your jaw exposed, it shouldn’t be hard to work out which schools produce students more capable of defending themselves.

>>135728021Praying mantis is legitNorthern Mantisyoutu.be/MZkhyMcL7PASouthern Mantisyoutu.be/QB0au6sPJFgI prefer southern mantis. It's similar to karate. youtu.be/vV15Md8FZg0https://youtu.be/m5hfDhQAVRQhttps://youtu.be/7mv5jT4Bot0

>>135728267Scorpion did nothing wrong.

>>135728456I think what kyokushin really benefits from is the emphasis on regular sparring.

>>135725589>basing your political stances on what Reddit doesn't likeCan you even vote yet?

>been fapping to h doujins lately since I'm a coomer and 3D just doesn't do it for me>notice chinks always get the rips before anyone doesi'm taking the sinopill desu

>>135728456Krav maga does pretty good for head defense and using the head as a specific target, too. Going at the equilibrium is rarely a bad move.

>>135725978rape of nanking, which was pretty much irl maggot baits, was still fresh in their minds.>>135726374patrician taste. i love martial arts films that feature style vs style.

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>>135728529Oh it absolutely does. I wasted a lot of time with taekwondo and shotokan. Wish it had been kyokushin from the start. I could have been learning individual techniques and how to use them from the start.

>>135727104Because they copy John Woo's style

>>135728036Learning how to use it can be a good way to more obviously teach other skills in unarmed combat however. Butterfly sword vs staff can make it very obvious how bad your distance closing is. The reverse can teach you how bad you are at keeping someone away from you. Sure, the direct use of them probably isn't going to come up, but they're a lot like wrist locks. Very good ways of showing the importance of a concept to someone without a lot of natural physicality.

>>135724952I think Hollywood might have played a part. Hk influence started working it's way into American film in the late 90s and early 2000s. Thet took out the surface level stuff (wHoA KuuNgfu!!!!)and threw away the visceral shit.

>>135725589>China madFixt that for you. Point me to a modern medium that mainland China has had a fraction of the impact on that Hong Kong has had on action.China is a creative pit and so fucked into the ground almost anything they attempt is highly derivative and cringe.

>>135728339HEMA /fit/izen here, I can confirm the lack of physical training for the average HEMA practitioner in the US. Most of my group know the techniques well ebough to go through the drills smoothly, but when sparring time comes they don't really have much strength beind their blows or stances and their endurance is crap. I'm not that skilled, but the fact that I lift and run outside of class means I just end up either outlasting them, brute forcing through their guards and making them fold in on themselves, or just outpressure them with attacks and constant movement that they exhaust themselves trying to keep up with. The instructors should really incorporate at least a few minutes of basic bodyweight exercises and aerobics into each class before starting technique drills.

>>135730022Like any art, the practitioner decides their own level of involvement. If your average HEMA practitioner only puts in the effort to train when class is in session, then that's all they'll ever do, because energy runs downwards. Someone truly serious will live it, and take the steps necessary, as you've clearly done if you've dedicated further physical conditioning above and beyond the bare bones average.

>>135725519no he wouldn't, rocky had heart

>>135723844Eat shit, wumao

>>135724570>loses job, family gets death threats, gets attacked on streetsThis is wrongthink in """"free"""" western society

>>135723425my parents watched and loved all these movies, fucking propiganda shit. I remember when fucking Knowing Better shilled for that movie about the Rape of Nanking, Beautiful Flowers, I watched that shit, its such fucking propaganda, holy shit.

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>>135723425>American movies have foreigners beating up Americans and chasing them out>Chinese movies have Chinese beating foreigners and chasing them outTell me why the Chinese are the bad guys again?

>>135727933Suuper interesting, my dude. Thank you for sharing!

>>135724963The visuals are great. But the characters just suck ass. I don't care about latent homo eroticism and some guys guilt. I want nameless helmeted men doing poses on the carrier against the setting sun.

>>135731785They’re insectoids like the tyranids

>>135729759holy shit the lack of self awareness is insane, it's like you're totally detached from the state of western media

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>>135731738i really liked this movie on the first watch

>>135723425At first I thought this was a picture of that Chinese guy from Rogue One.

>>135728101What a kino video

>>135731738How did they convinc Christian Bale to be in this? Does he genuinely hate Japan?