TIL that in American kinoplexes they have all you can eat butter fountains...

TIL that in American kinoplexes they have all you can eat butter fountains. They even have guards to keep the Americans from drinking out of them.

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>>135723138I am an American and the only countries I can find on the map are America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Africa, and Hawaii. If you aren’t from one of these countries you are irrelevant. In America we can have all the butter we want because we have freedom.

its not butter

when i was younger i never would have guessed the rest of the world was so obsessed with us.it's weird. other countries have long histories and rich cultures; we're more of a convenience store than a nation-state. but these deeply cultured, sophisticated polyglots spend their waking hours OBSESSING over our little piggy lives.go read your poets and eat artisan cheese. leave us to our "popcorn topping" and kinos.

>>135723380What is it?t. Ausfag

I miss buttery popcorn at the kinoplex so bad bros

>>135723956some type of subsitute with 4,000 chemicals. shit is gross.

>>135723352>>135723519>lol you think about usLiterally the biggest cope in the universe.You're eating liquid butter in cinema, how the fuck could anyone not think about that in shock and terror

>>135723956Literal cancer juice

>>135723982Should have stayed in the mines with the rest of you who failed penis inspection.


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>>135724160Yeah I browse reddit and 4chan. What are you gonna do about it lolololol

>>135724080I'm drinking butter right now I bet you're jealous.

>>135726345Please user I’m begging you please stop

>>135723956Monsanto hydrogenated homogenized imitation butter substitute

>>135724080Here you are obsessing again. Take your free pills.

>>135726438This and unironically.

>>135723352>Africa>Country Why are mutts so retarded

>>135726624>falling for baitgo back

>>135726358Just gulped down another gallon of liquid butter just because you said stop.

>>135723956it's butter oil, basically clarified butter. I'm sure it has a shit ton of preservatives in it. The reason why it's oil and not real butter is because real butter would sog up popcorn like fucking crazy and it's less expensive and easier for food safety to use the oil

The side cup is for the butter faggot

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>>135726908>He doesn't get a second bucket for the butter poolIt's like you're not even American

>>135723138I miss these little niggas like you wouldn't believe

>>135727082>not filling a kiddie pool up with it and basting yourself in it during the movie never gonna make it

>>135727147I have an IV stand on my Rascal and have them load me up with some buttery drips

>>135727191that's my boy

Guess what? It's not even butter...it's söy.

>tfw i might never return to the kinoplex and feast on butter fountains again because of china virus.sad

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>>135727321Nigga I was at a drive in last night with a nice bucket of buttery popcorn.

>>135723138>They even have guards to keep the Americans from drinking out of them.nope, we are allowed to enjoy as much butter as we want freely

>>135726908>>135727082>>135727147>>135727191>not tipping your usher to drink a gallon of the butter and then piss it directly into your mouth while the movie plays so it's nice and warm from his body heat instead of cold and chunky from the theatre's air conditioningYou don't deserve to watch kinos

>>135723138My SOP is to dispense butter until it seeps through the bag/bucket and stains my clothes. If there isn't a butter stain on my shirt/pants when I leave the theater, the popcorn wasn't buttery enough.

>got sent to the popcorn mines for drinking directly from the Butter FountainIt's not fair guys

>>135723138I enjoy my popcorn with not butter but chili powder. I like the kick

>>135727375>having enough time to post here instead of mine popcornClearly they're spoiling you. Back to work you filthy slave, my popcorn bucket won't fill itself.

>>135723138It's not actually butter. It's good tho, when I worked a theater they let us have as much popcorn and condiments as we wanted. I would take some popcorn, throw a ton of jalapenos on them, douse it in the fake butter than poor nacho cheese over the top and eat with a plastic fork or spoon.I really only had to eat once a day with meals like that. Saved so much money for booze when all the employees would get together and get fucked up and hooked up. Man early 20s were a golden age.

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>>135723138absolutely BASED

>>135727439I swear to God there's heroin in the fake nacho cheese

>>135727439>be early 20s>everyone likes you>go out drinking every night>don't eat because you are poor>still never fatigue, feel like a golden god 24/7>10 years later, no one likes you and left with a crippling drinking problem>body aches>have money now but who cares

>>135727494Back then we would load the fuck up on condiments and sauces from wherever the fuck we ate. Like tacobell and gas station shit, literally had the left crisper drawer at the bottom of the fridge filled with nothing but. Paychecke time, loaded up and a metric fuck ton of cheap ramen. Parties almost every night.And now, I'm lucky to leave the house in a day even while are barbecue a fucking ribeye and maybe say hello to my neighbor if I catch him outside.

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>>135727494>>135727549But you really haven't lived until you have 6-7 daily meals of ramen noodles and various sauces you squeeze out of packets in new and exciting ways.I miss those days.

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>>135723956basedbean oil with yellow#5

>>135723982grow your own

>>135723995everything that is matter is a chemical retard

>>135727941grow my own cinema?

>>135723138It isn't a night at the kinoplex without getting beaten for guzzling some butter

>be American>Reheat burger and fries for a midnight snackGod damn I love America

>>135728042>he doesn't know the bliss of harvesting a bountiful kinoplex crop

>>135726662Why are you doing this to yourself it is hurting you more than me

>>135727494fuck you man....

>>135727494No drinking problem is crippling

>>135723138>They even have guards to keep the Americans from drinking out of them.fucking kinocop shoots my best buddy and left him on a wheelchair for life, he was 13 too

>>135728218Was he wearing combat boots and had drugs in his system?

>>135727549>I'm lucky to leave the house in a day even while are barbecue a fucking ribeye and maybe say hello to my neighbor if I catch him outside.sounds comfy desu

>>135728099Send him to the popcorn mines... One bowl of bat soup a day keeps the corn collapse away!

>>135728241only drug was the need for that sweet rich american popcorn butter

>>135727494>have money now, but who caresThis one hurts the most. I always saw old boomers in convertibles and felt sorry for them. Now I buy shit and hope I can trick someone into thinking I’m 20

America sounds like such a comfy place to live I feel like savage being told how the people in brave need world live from the stuff in this thread

Nothing wrong with grass-fed butter. It's the sodium and pop corn that's going to kill you.

>>135723956I can’t believe

>>135723138>HOT POPCORN TOPPINGkek

>>135723352That's pathetic. I am Australian and these are the countries I can find. >mutt education

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>>135729471Cheating cunt

>>135723138oh no no no..do americans really???

>>135723519It's funny to laugh at you, what's so hard to get?

>>135723138yellow liquid dispensers*

>>135723982popcorn mine tunnels are very prolific, there's probably a tributary underneath you right now

>>135726662I remember when they paid an audience member 100 bucks to eat a whole stick of butter on the Man Show

>>135727082>not bringing your own heirloom crystalline butter carafe

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>>135728262which neighbor, Ahmed or Tyrone?

>>135729471why'd they leave out San Marino

>>135725207Well I'll be expanding your rootie tootie anushole with my diarrhea dilating weapon of choice (cock)

>>135726908one bucket is popcornthe other bucket is full with butterspend the entire movie picking single kernels out of the popcorn and dipping them in the butter one by one

>>135727321>liberal virusFtfy

>>135723138So do the people sit with their hands covered in grease throughout the entire movie?

>>135723380i can't believe it