Just got to this and it was pure, non stop kino. Hillary really has had an interesting life and overcome a ton of obstacles. Honestly was so good I'm about to just say fuck it and take the Hill Pill. Any other kinos like this? I was thinking the next one I watch would be Trump of the Will.

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>>135722265OK tranny, I’m voting for trump.

did they talk about this

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>>135722441>implying trill hill isn’t going to be president in the future

she's just like me

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>>135722265Is this actually worth watching...

>>135723055Not really. It’s the usual “I did nothing wrong it was everyone else’s fault” narrative. Maybe if you are interested in her life but it’s mostly just her getting screwed because “muh womanhood.”


>>135722265Didn't she defend a rapist and told the victim it was her fault?

thats coolstill voting trump

>>135723118My favorite thing about this is how much she blames Bernie Sanders for her loss to Trump.

>>135722265>imagine being married to the president and having him publicly declare that he cheated on you and still staying with him>imagine having a billion dollar campaign to run for president and then you lose against donald trumpwhat a fucking loser, i respect Mich**** Ob*** more than her

>>135723171Yeah that was really annoying, especially saying no body liked him. Pretty ironic coming from her. It’s the same thing with Biden where she thought she was owed their votes despite being against nearly everything they wanted.


>>135722265>Does it get into the time she cut a child's face off while the little girl was still alive?>Or the time Hillary first visited Hati and enslaved her first little girl for Epstein?>What about the first time she visited Libya and captured the first little boi she would train into a child soldier to institute a slavery ring?>What about when she sold Chelsea's virginity off to the reptiods?She led an interesting life for sure but the media likes to leave the actually interesting parts out for some reason

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>>135722675The absolute fucking story of life. Am I right bros?

>>135723401Yup. I fucking hate the democrats but I’m a fucking progressive who has seen the Democratic Party demand my vote while offering to give me nothing for it. I can understand the Republican and conservative hate for the democrats.

>>135723434This is a mentally ill post

>>135723466We couldn’t tell.

>>135723252Imagine being Mike Bloomberg.


>letterboxd trannies hated it>MIGA trumpcucks hated it Why is Hilldawg so fucking based

>>135724247She’s the choice of educated, intelligent and realistic people. That’s why she drives so many people crazy.

>>135724512>let's shoot down Russian jets over SyriaHard pass.

>>135723462Politics is a numbers game and progressives don't have the numbers, so you have to compromise. Same thing on the other side, Holla Forums would love to elect someone openly racist but they have to settle for Trump

>>135725120So much as progressives bitch and moan they won't vote Biden: Yes, they absolutely will, because handing Trump 4 more years is going to mean social crucifixion.


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>>135723434>picright inna BENIS user

>>135725346That’s why they don’t tell people they voted orange man.I wonder if there’s some Bernie bro/ standard Hillary liberal at a social gathering right now smiling because they secretly voted trump.

>>135723434What about when she defended a violent child rapist in court and laughed about it?

>>135725799Do you even kind of know what you're talking about retard? For one, everyone in this country is entitled to a legal defense. Two, she, in interviews after the fact, laughed at how incompetent the prosecution was for mishandling evidence. It was a laugh of resignation at how badly the justice system sometimes fucks up. But I get it, you don't actually read you just repeat memes that trump (an actual rapist) says.

>>135725998Not him, she actually did laugh about how the polygraph didn't catch the fact her client was a rapist. Whether or not that means Clinton knew he raped the girl at the time of the case is unknown. Legally, she could have turned down the case but it could have hurt her career. Clinton's actual method of running the case was pretty scummy, so her lack of rock solid evil laughter doesn't mean much.

>>135724512>Zero-charisma geriatric power-broker with deeply questionable record in virtually every office she's held proceeds to alienate half her own party through thinly-veiled strong-arm politics during the last election cycle she would be a viable candidate by her age alone >She’s the choice of educated, intelligent and realistic peopleFuck off and feel the Bern. He might be a batshit crazy hypocrite, but he was 100x the candidate she was.

>I was bullied at my elite university, because I'm a womanDropped on first episode.

>>135725998>everyone in this country is entitled to a legal defense>trump (an actual rapist)which is it

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ok, but still voting Trump.

>>135722265>take the Hill Pillyou mean shit and piss in your pantsuit for 4 years straight?

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>>135722265Did they cover her getting the questions to the debate early or pulling favors to get the FBI to drop pursuing her servers that she wiped once she realized the feds might prosecute?

>>135722265Did they get into her addiction?

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>>135722265If by 'overcome a lot of obstacles' you mean 'hiding behind a bumbling retard for a husband as a smokescreen while arranging countless deaths to smooth her path and clear away legal problems', yes.

>>135722265It was extremely biased but it was pretty well-done and interesting


>>135728100both retard, can you read?

>>135722831Maybe she isn't that bad

>>135728727But that would mean Trump isn't a rapist innocent until proven guilty

>>135723252Mich(elle/el) Ob(ama/Light)

>>135722265low quality bait

>>135728787Then you could extend the same courtesy to the man Clinton defended. But you didn't. You repeated some meme from a man accused of sexual assault himself as fact. The man was accused of rape but go found not guilty. Also I never said Trump wasn't entitled to legal defense, he most certainly is.

>>135722265>Hillary really has had an interesting life and overcome a ton of obstacles.KEK, she's one of these corporate women who started their career by finding an ole "male mentor" to climb the ladder very fast, that man happened to be a KKK memeber but who care, Hillary is a strong independent feminist who wlikes niggers, referably far from where she lives. This bitch is without a doubt a sociopath and a complete fraud.

>>135725120>Politics is a numbers game and progressives don't have the numbers, so you have to compromise.That's why democracy is a mistake, without irony, Hitler was right, he was a aware that democracy was a way for international jewry to seize countries by simply pouring money on the candidate that would do their bidding. Look at China and Iran, you might not like their regime but they don't have this democracy problem, they don't get hijacked by foreign and private interests . Corruption exists but to a lesser degree than in a democracy, that's why the West wants to impose democracy everywhere. That's the best way to enslave a country to international bankers>Holla Forums would love to elect someone openly racist but they have to settle for TrumpTrump was openly racist, that's ho he won. But he was pro jew too. You can be racist if you're pro jew in Ameirca.

>>135725998It was delight from her part, the woman is a total psycho

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In a different timeline Bill marries Jennifer Flowers after he is elected and Hillary runs the bar in New Orleans, but instead of it being a cool nightclub its a Frenchman St dyke bar

>>135729403>Trump was openly racist How? Nationality and religion =/= race

>>135730627Most recently he asked cops to shoot to kill BLM protesters. Meanwhile when his right wing protested the lockdown by invading Michigan's capital with assault rifles eh didn't say anything or send the military. He's the most racist politician that I have ever seen in American. He's not just your average xenophobic right winger, you know he's a true racist. Even when the pet nigger Kanye West supported him, he wasn't allowed to sing at the winning ceremony because he wasn't typically american

>>135731170most blm protesters are white though, so not really racist.

>>135731284It doesn't matter, they're traitors to him.

>>135731404yes and they deserve something terrible, but how does that make trump a racist?

>>135731404i don't think you're smart enough to be involved in anything political

>>135722265I liked it when she killed all those innocent people

>>135722441jokes on u. she will eat biden and become the strongest president.

>>135731486Because it's a BLM protest fucktard, meanwhile when white right wingers entered capitols with guns to intimidate lawmakers, he didn't call to shoot them.

>>135731531She has a lot of lybians blood in her hands.

>>135722265>Hillary really has had an interesting lifeWell, can't deny that. One would have to have an "interesting life" when it involves people who could cross you wind up dead under mysterious circumstances.

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I wonder how history will view the Clintons in a hundred years.

>>135722831havent seen this one in a minute

>>135731772it won't