Any Holla Forums approved Japanese cartoons I should know of?

Any Holla Forums approved Japanese cartoons I should know of?

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>>135721237That one, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Howls Moving Castle, Perfect Blue, Redline.


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>>135721327>character is supposed to make you feel disgust for finding a mentally ill chlld sexy>becomes a sex symbol anyway


>>135721237kare kano, what it right the fuck now its max comfy

Wasn't there an anime for Count of Monte Cristo?

>>135722583yes and it was gay as h*ck

>>135721237I'm not an anime fun but Attack on Titan was pretty cool. Take that how you will.

>>135721237Ninja Scroll, Psycho Pass, Hellsing, Prison School, Highschool of the Dead, Rahxephon.

>>135722583There was and it was a very interesting watch if you don't mind the time period and story changes. The original novel is basically proto anime to begin with so it makes sense it's so beloved over in Japan.

>>135721237Ninja scroll. Everything else is debatable

>>135722660Normalfag fuck off to reddit

>>135722838I was here long before you were, little niggerfaggot.

damn vampire hunter D is based as fuck. both of them

>>135722838i wont and there is nothing you can do about it forever till the end of time I will come to this board and spread my opinions. i also get all my friends (we're all 18) to come to Holla Forums and talk about the movies we like so you're time is up geezer.

>>135721237>>135722785>>135722687The creator of Vampire Hunter D was unironically inspired to create his series of books after reading the Ninja Scroll serialization when he was in high school.Those and watching movies about cowboys. You've got your marching orders, OP. Its a shame some Western devs screwed up his Kickstarter campaign 5 years ago. They were going to make a new Vampire Hunter D anime before they botched it.

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>>135723010Part 2./trivia

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mushishi is pretty comfy!

>>135722462This.Show is amazing, super good visual comedy as well.

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>>135721237HellsingDarker than blackTokyo ghoulGITS(not the Netflix sjw vomit)

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>>135721237Legend of the Galactic HeroesGirl's Last TourYokohama Kaidashi KikouKino's JourneyMushishiDirty PairBubblegum CrisisRedlineEve no JikanPatlabor (movies and the first OVA series)The Big O (season 1 only)

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>>135724161Big O season 2 is fine. It's not like live action sci fi shows such as B5 or BSG didn't have similar quality dropoff.

>this many posts>not mentioning Berserk/tv/ is bunch of faggots

>>135724383Berserk is for faggots.Real men watch Gundam Wing.

>>135724161>Patlabor (movies and the first OVA series)>No mention of TV series>The Big O (season 1 only)>(season 1 only)Pleb status: [filtered]

>>135724383>Berserk>animeYeah, uhh, no.

>>135724305>>135724454I see you're not actually defending Big O's second season with any arguments. I wonder why. Could it be that deep down you know it doesn't hold up?

>>135724526I don't need to defend it, it's not like you supported your position. Stay filtered.

>>135724556I accept your concession.

>not one Baccano mentionFuck this gay board

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>>135724583To your fantasy argument that never happened? Okay lmao. Filtered AND delusional - yikes!

>>135724622Baccano and Durarara are both kino.

>>135724161Ooh Kinos Journey, good choice, nothing better then the roadtrip

>>135724690Girl's Last Tour is also a very good roadtrip.

MemoriesPerfect BlueMillennium ActressTokyo GodfathersParanoia AgentPaprikaThese are the works of Satoshi Kon. You will watch them all.

>>135724640Baccano, yes. Durarara, no. Durarara's first half of season 1 is 10/10, but it falls off. It's still a decent enough show, but Baccano is on another level.

>>135724815I completely disagree with you, I think Durarara is much better than Baccano. But I will not fight you over it, because fighting is bad. Eat Russia sushi, it good.

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here are some solid ones that can be enjoyed by adults:Paranoia Agent Ping Pong the Animation Kaiji Ultimate SurvivorKatanagatari Shinsekai yori TexhnolyzeGolden BoyWelcome to the NHK

>>135724919>Golden Boy

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>>135724919>be me in high school>read Welcome to the NHK>whoah, what a loser, imagine being a NEET for 4 years!>flash forward to today>NEET for 8 yearsAhahaah...

>>135721237One punch manFire force Dragon ball super Inuyasha

Usagi drop

>>135724980oh man she's so hot >>135725010iktf very well. neet for 4 yrs. managed to get out and been working for a couple of years now, still miserable but I wouldn't go back even tho i miss it sometimes.

>>135725081For me? It's City Hunter. The series with the hottest chicks.

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>>135724980I like how hard the dude committed for the dub that probably he had no reason to ever expect anyone

>>135721327>IT'S DEEEEEPnah

>>135722151shut up weeb tranny. evangelion didn't give a shit about that.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is patrician kino

>>135724980Came here to post this. It has so much soul.

Cast him.

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>>135726208Brendan Frasier


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Birdy The MightyNinja ScrollMemories

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>>135725292Cat's Eye by the same artist had hotter chicks.

>>135727864You have my attention

>>135725987>implying I don't watch Evangelion primarily for the girls

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Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu

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>>135727902Misato, easily.

all of them

>>135727893It's a great OVA by Kawajiri (same guy behind Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust).

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>>135728039Oh no! Spider-Man is trying to rape that poor woman!

>>135721237EvangelionLupin the ThirdHokuto no KenCaptain HarlockHunter x HunterAnd of course Berserk, also Naruto and One Piece get a lot of love here which surprises me

>>135721237Cowboy Bebop.

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Garden of Words.

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>>135721237stop what you are doing right now and go watch Red Line, its easy dude, its on neftlix

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Pic related, redditors hate it for some reason

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>>135728258Too manly.

>>1357282217 years hand-drawn

>>135728073Here's the full

>nobody ever mentions lain any more

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>>135728221>>135728322also, drop some acid, or at the very least smoke a big fat blunt.

>>135721237Where the FUCK is that promised Vampire Hunter D show? Where the FUCK IS IT?WHERE?YOU CANT FUCK IT UP!

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>>135728362I bought Lain on DVD nine years ago but never watched it.

>>135721237>>135728401Are the D light novels any good?

>>135728362Now that's kino

>>135728434I've heard things.

>>135721237Jin Roh. Patlabor 1+2. Royal Space Force. Porco Rosso Princess Mononoke Spirited Away. Venus Wars.Those are the ones I wouldn't be ashamed to show others.

>>135723010ah yeah i remember Basilisk.

Dragon BallRanma 1/2LainMonsterMaster KeatonGreat Teacher OnizukaGungraveCowboy BebopSamurai ChamplooKaijiWelcome to the NHKKousetsu Hyaku MonogatariJin RohNinja ScrollGenocyberThese are some I really enjoyed. I would add Berserk, Gantz and Shigurui but the manga is better.

>>135724883Based Simon.

>>135721237This website is for 18 year olds and over. At that age you shouldn’t be watching fucking cartoons.Grow the fuck up.

>>135730759>le arthouse kino

Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball

>>135728258Is that Gurrenn Lagan?


>> kino

pic related is better than any Japanese cartoon, inb4 seething weebs.

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>>135731156does this have a japanese dub? i will watch it if so

>>135721237WHY WHY WHY WHY didn't Netflix hire the guy who made Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust to do the Castlevania series? Instead they hire that fedora tipping faggot Warren Ellis so that Alucard's homoerotic interracial threesome is now cannon.

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>>135730759>You're only allowed to watch soulless shit made by kikes in Hollywoodftfy

>>135731156Honestly it's not. I thought so too til I actually watched some entry-tier anime like Attack on Titan. Though I will say, in anime it is really fucking annoying that they insist on adding a recap, minute-long intro, and minute-long outro to every episode.

I liked Erased and NHK. Just started SteinsGate.


>>135731558Warren Ellis is terrible