What are your 5 most favorite films of all time?

What are your 5 most favorite films of all time?

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>this is Martin Scorseses daughterWhat went wrong?

LA confidentialGodfather 1&2AmelieBlack Hawk DownCommando

>Shark Tale

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>>135720116two of these films are not like the others...

>Salo base

>>135720197til scorsese was in Shark Tale

>>135720116Apocalypse NowNo Country for Old MenSpider-Man 2 (I’m 1996 fuck you)ChinatownLa Haine

I thought she said she hated capeshit like her dad.

the list goes on

>>135720116Star trek vStar trek: motion pictureStar trek: VIStar trek IIStar trek III

>>135720329What city in finland has anything to do whit movies?

>>135720166pretty sure that's a troll, especially considering how much of a meme it was Martin shitting on the avengers movies

>>135720116>Shark Taleabsolute kino

Mulholland Drive The Apartment Persona Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Woman in the DunesHonorable mention:Chinatown Heat

The ShiningPulp FictionParasiteCocoGet Out

Falling DownDownfallGoldeneyeMagnum ForceThe Matrix

>Y tu mama tambienShe got taste

>>135720116Oh no....

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>>135720116AlienThe ThingA New HopeThe Big ShortThe ShiningHeatThat's 6. Fuck you.

>>135720116The GodfatherMelancholia 2001: A Space Odyssey The Thin Red Line Diary of a Country Priest

Dune 1984Dersu UsalaDas BootDrunken Master 2For a Few Dollars More

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>>135722034The #1 slot is fucking sharktale

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>>135724807>DuneBut why?

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>>135720166the older a man is when he conceives a child, the more likely that child will be retarded. it has something to do with the cellular degeneration that comes with aging affecting the quality of sperms created by the testicles. it's all viagra's fault, actually.

>>1357201161. Raiders of the Lost Ark2. Apoclypse Now3. Goodfellas4. Its a Wonderful Life5. Blade Runner>Why are daughters always so cringe? Also I feel like she's trolling adding Salo, Endgame, and Sharktales.

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>>135725104it's the mothers age actually

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>>135724845Because its a great movie that was fucked up during post-production. The spicediver fan-edit proves as much.

>>135725265i was just paraphrasing that scientist who had all of his nobel prizes taken away because he was labelled "racist" for pointing out that africa will always be a disaster and blacks will always have low IQs relative to whites and asians.

Tree of LifeStalker Apocalypse NowTaxi DriverFirst Reformed(honorable mention: Uncut Gems)

>>135720116Not a single bad film apart from Avengers

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>>135725361there's probably some truth to that, but it's definitely not as impactful as the egg quality

>>135720116Captain Ron (1992)Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995)Wayne's World 2 (1993)Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

>>135725104Only correlation between older man and retard kid is because older men are more likely to have a kid with an older woman.

>Casino>Catch Me If You Can>First Blood>The Fugitive>Aristocats

Groundhog DaySouth Park the movieTree of LifeLebowskiKoyaanisqatsi

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>>135720116Her dad hates Marvel right?

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>>135720116Eraserhead The Tree of LifeJulius Caesar (1953)Princess Mononoke Pan's Labyrinth


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Avengers: EndgameBlack PantherStar Wars VII-VIII-IXFast and Furious moviesSchindler's List

No order hereGladiatorHitchTreasure PlanetJurassic ParkThe Cowboys

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1. Master and Commander2. Das Boot3. Zulu4. Big Fish5. Dawn Wall

1. Das Boot2. Black Hawk Down3. Matrix4. Shining5. Heat

In BrugesHeatTraining DayBad Times At El Royale

>>135728410this is bait but the Fast & Furious movies are pretty based

>>135724807You really love Ds, don't ya fag?

AvatarTitanicTerminator 2AliensThe Terminator

Pulp FictionDawn of the Dead (2004)Dusk Till DawnThe Shining Back to the Future

>>135729563Go back

>The Godfather>Jaws>Terminator 2>Titanic>Fight Club

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>>135720116Saló? THe sexual torture film?

>>135720116I'd bet good money that whore doesn't even know who Pasolini is

The Exterminating AngelFloating WeedsThe SwimmerMake Way For TomorrowThe Saragossa Manuscript>shark talebased

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>>135720618>La Haineive been looking for this movie for like 5 years. thanks brother.

>SW Ep3 ROTS>American Psycho>Apocalypse Now>Eyes Wide Shut>Jeepers Creepers 2-Bonus RoundShutter IslandBad Lieutenant 1 and New OrleansWar of the worldsGone in 60 secondsTaxi Driver

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>>135720116The Lion King Young Frankenstein Reign Over MeAlmost FamousThe Rules of the Game

>>135724808Her Dad voices a character in that movie which came out when she was the target demographic for said movie.It’s probably her favorite and most magical childhood memory (which is also probably why he did it.)

>>135728311If only we lived in the same place and could be bro’s. Godspeed user

>>135726644>Catch Me If You CanAnd in light of recent humiliations, it's an honor to be joined by men, and not faggot ass corn-holin' cocksuckers like the user that posted Stalker. He should fuckin' die!

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