What setting would you use on your joi?

What setting would you use on your joi?

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>JOI>Jerk Off Instructiondid Villenueve do this on purpose?


"Skin tone: olive"Ok.

>>135719359and there goes the thread, deleted very soon. thanks, cunt.

>>135719278Feet: Perfect

>Futa mode: On

>>135719359for me it's fat-assed blonde white girls

>>135719278>not setting body type to "absolute milk truck"cringe and gay and broke my immersion

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Looks like this, personality is very spunky, assertive, enjoys playfully teasing me.

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>>135719359Ugly face but great body


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What is the male version called?I don't need some dumb slut taking my electricity bill



>>135719359>Dumb bitch gets ugly fake tits completely killing her appeal of being a fake jailbaitWhy are pornstars so retarded though?

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>>135719278I'd max out height and strength stats.

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>>135719503This is still one of the most incredible pictures I've ever seen on this website.

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use these settings

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>>135719450Based. I've made this a long time ago

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>>135719278>What setting would you use on your joi?The suck and fuck one


>>135719649>he doesn't max DEX

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>>135719359What a goblin


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>>135719278> Implying people wouldn´t model/hack Joi as some celebrity

How much would the mommy mode dlc be?

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>Min intelligence>Max libido>Max bust>Max dirty talk>Max lewd>Max loyaltyI just really want my own nympho bimbo cocksleeve.

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>>135719839this. gotta go with the mommy model

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>>135719690Looks very nice, never saw yours before

>>135719278the ''fuck off and leave me alone'' setting


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>>135720111Absolutely Based

>computer, set aggression levels to maximum

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>>135720176>now increase the mass

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how do you like my settings?

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Pls giv romanian gf

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set hair slider to max

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>>135720224Imagine wrestling with her to total exhaustion then having her rape you and have her way while you lay there in your utterly weakened state. Hahaha, funny right? Haha

>>135720314who's that

>>135719683is this a woman or some sort of tree monkey?

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>>135720336how do you think she sleeps with it? i bet shes always warm in the winter.

>>135719278>4'11>120lbs>Ginger>95 IQ>Obsessed with cats

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>>135720336Goddamn it has to take her two hours to shampoo and dry all of that.

>>135719278I'll go with the preset.

>>135720350a woman can't beat a man in wrestling


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>>135720176>doesn't punch him in the dicki really wanted to cum

>>135720350haha imagine her sweaty body on top of you giving you the amazon position and grinning as she forces your thrusts into her

>>135719278Body type: Full

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>>135720423cant believe howard got away with murdering her

>>135719278>not having the penis mod installedIt's the current year, you bigot.

>>135719278basically this>>135719303yes

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>>135720108This is the first time I posted it, I think

>>135719278Moner configuration

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>>135719278Where's the "age" option?

>>135719278>Height: 162cm>Body: Plump>Face: Classic>Skin: Cinnamon>Eye: Gray-Blue>Lip: Neutral>Hair Color: Dirty Blonde>Hair Style: Messy>Ethnicity: Columbian>Language: English (Nervous Stutter enabled)

>>135720406an angel

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>>135720454There's something really off-putting about watching a girl in assless panties and a see-through bra playing with her cat

skin tone paleeye color bluehair color brunetteethnicity algerianlanguage french and english

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i want my joi to be a dark skinned caucasian

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>>135719379It’s little lupe and if you weren’t 15 years old you’d know who that is. Hell shes famous BECAUSE this is how she looks. Couple dudes were held in jail for having her on their hard drive until she showed up in court to defend them.

>>135720920question... how did they get caught having her on their PC in the first place? if she was legal that is.

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>>135720907Blonde haired blue eyed caucasian bone structured and dark skinned.



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>>135719359i used to fap to that


>>135719278I'd set all of the options to "bangs"

>>135720985Normal words, but a virtual horse gf

Will my Joi be able to go with me anywhere?

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>>135721249sure, until a bully finds her

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I'd make her a little girl.

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>>135719662What was it

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>>135720176kinda hot except the slap

>>135721249>>135721469in that case yours would be Jail

>>135721656What's so illegal about having a little girl to come home to?

>>135721595*sighs*Why is life like this?

>>135720500I love Chloe V but man this is photoshopped so bad it barely looks like her

>>135719359You can get those here in acapulco

is there a pregnant belly slider haha wouldnt that look silly haha

>>135719683According to my moonrune knowledge, she is looking for a boyfriend! Go get 'em tiger.

>>135721528Just a picture of some chubby girl sitting in what looks like the back seat of a car, but her body is PERFECT

>>135722230Perfect for the 75 IQ chubby-chasing Spic that makes up the majority of what used to be a great country maybe

>>135720133literally based

>>135721528Replaced boards.4channel.org with archived.moe

It is I, tomboy gf poster

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asian gf but pretty

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>>135722382>>135722230ty gentlemen

>>135721656?the whole point is that Joi is AI assistant with Augmented Reality. unless there's something im not seeing?

Ok now. What setting would you use on your Boi?

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>>135719278> Can set height to the centimetre > Only apparently get to choose from a selection of already fully completed faces and can't edit them at all.What a shitty customisation system.

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>>135722487>tfw I just got an Asian gfWe're all gonna make it bros


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>>135719690>>135719450Who is this young man?

>>135720454>160Is there any link?

Error: too much ass

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>>135719278> not setting it to dump truck ass

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>>135719649My nigga

>>135723225My smol tomboy gf(male)

>>135722440Post the other ones

[Are you sure you would like to save this option? You will not be able to undo this option if you continue.][You have selected "Yes"]

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>>135720896I'd argue that it is really fucking cute

>>135720454>>135723351Everything I have downloaded, I got for free. The gross majority of it was on camwhores.tv or camshow.download. I had mega folders at one time, but took them down because I got tired of fighting false takedown notices.>>135720896How does this one make you feel?

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>>135719278Titties: bigFashion: gothGF status: mine

>>135719425A man of taste



there can only be one

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like this chinese

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Set all stats to "Perfect".

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>>135719278only one: beautiful

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Penis Handling level: Smug

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>>135719278Height: 6'1Skin: OliveFace: ClassicEye Color: GreenHair: Blondish Brown>I'm 6'3 Russian Chad who wants a tall JOIbot to have tall robot children with :'(

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>>135719649Jesus’s Christ give me the sauce pls

>>135721114haha serotonin receptors go brrrr

Breast Slider = Max

>>13571927817 year old femboy with plush lips

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>>135724895oh gods my hart

>>135720357Elina Löwensohn

>>135719649Those fucking legs

>>135725277based and classic

tall, lanky, pale, with dark hair. breasts larger than pic related. personality, tomboy goth, extremely skilled at edging a man's orgasm for hours on end, proficient at all types of erotic display. also she has long fat dick that can installed and uninstalled when needed

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Mine would be Deb, especially now that she's desperate for cash.

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>Height: 6'10">Body: skeleton>Face: chad jaw>Skin: tan>Eye: Gray-Blue>Lip color: pin>Hair Color: black>Hair Style: shaven>Ethnicity: italian>Language:mexican

>Add penis: Yes>Penis size: Small>Penis Preset: Cute

>>135719649a big girl


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>>135720786>>135719683she is very creepy

>>135719278God, imagine the languages you can learn with Joi. I wish I had it.

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I want the Hendricks Bot

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>>135728172I've never even considered that. That'd probably be my primary use for a JOI now that I think about it.

>>135719278already perfect

>>135719278165cmSSBBWclassicolivebrownredblackhairyjewishenglishThere's no setting for body hair, so I hope I'd get a really hairy one if she was a Jewess.

>>135720133Kevin Nash was raped in the summer of 92

>>135719409>milk truckFuckin brilliant



>>135719278182cmInverted TriangleDiamondPorcelainAqua MarineNeutralFairLong single braidScandinavianEnglish

>>135719508Excuse me?

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I want a Dove Joi bot can someone make me one?

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>>135729568>plastic surgery 10

>>135719278Height 170Body Type HealthyFace Type ClassicEye BrownLip Light PinkHair Color BrunetteHair Type Bangs, LongEthnicity AsianLanguage English (American)

Nicole Aniston prior to the boggening

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something like this would be nice

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cute and wholesome setting pls

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>>135719278168 is too tall for me, id have it at 158... inb4 manlet, im 184cm but i like my girls toysized

>>135729967that girl is 100% a whore

>>135730045sometimes you can just tell

I'll take something in a nice Scandinavian. Blonde hair / blue eyed babes welcome.

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>>135719425Based>>135719450Disgusting autistic boy

>>135724693>>135720454I like how these two webms with blatantly visible nipples in them are still up 6 hours later

>>135730014 lying manlet

>>135719278I'd put her on a setting that makes her happy to see me and gives me a hug

>>135726071Good choise user fella


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>>135719649I'd let her drag me to her rape cave and live with her harem of twinks

>>135720176fuckin white people...

>>135726962sauce friend?

>>135719278Like in the pic but add 50 pounds of ass and tits


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>>135719278>that>cubanu wot m8


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>>135731010It doesn't make sense because cuban isn't an ethnicity at all, it's just her nationaltiy which by itself isn't an abstraction of anything.There should be a Culture option with Cuban selected and an Ethnicity option with Spanish selected.

>>135730984lmao, the second onepoor pumpkin-headed girl

>>135719278turn the anal prolapse setting to 100%

>>135726871Very clearly not the same person. With that said, source on the left?

>>135731010Cuba is the only region in North America where significant amounts of white Spaniards settled. Its still entirely possible to find people who are mostly Castizo.

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>>135719754are things this bad in soviet russia


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>>135731735Arent you a bit obsessed?

>>135731917The substance of his argument is true. Her shitty lifestyle and habits is taking an enormous toll on her looks. Considering her weight swings she's probably on some sort of medication.