I can't be the only person that finds this thing retarded, right?

I can't be the only person that finds this thing retarded, right?

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DC fags >>>/out/

>>135718302whats the point of runway... in air?

its cool

>>135718338To land planes?

>>135718302it looks extremely unnecessary

its learning disability because it hasn't got any ramps

>>135718302Google captain scarlet cloudbase then tell me its retarded fuck you

>>135718338whats the point of runway... in water?

>>135718453Then you hurt the ability to launch helicopter swarms or handle extra emergency landings. Both way more comic book epic than gay little ski jumps.

>>135718497because then you can land planes on the oceanif you're already in the sky it would be retarded to land on another flying vehicle

>>135718302how come we never saw that kind of tech again later

>>135718302Could probably buy 10 normal water supercarriers for the price of that if it was real. why bother

>>135718302The Helicarrier was from the comic books but yeah, it’s pretty stupid as it would be far too easy to shot down and kill hundreds of personnel and destroy bazillions of dollar in equipment.

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>>135718612maintenance stupid

>>135718612a flying aircraft carrier is undoubtedly a retarded idea, but the tactical leverage of such a concept is undeniable. There were zeppelins that could dock biplanes and were only phased out due to the unpracticality. The ability to move a flight of planes anywhere much faster than by sea travel is a really hard thing to beat

>>135718497it's a mobile runway that can be moved and docked everywhere around enemy's waters so planes with shorter range can opearate from there. meanwhile to stay in air it would need countless amount of fuel.

>>135719132not to mention wherever it crashes would could potentially kill hundreds more.

What's Holla Forums opinion on Billy Bob Thornton?

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>>135718302No, shitty writers who exclude things for being too 'comic booky' and make sub par movies agree with you

>>135718302>Aircraft attempts to land>Arresting cable or tail hook fail>Keeps going, unable to stop >Gets sucked into carrier engine instead of hitting water with chance to not die>Engine blows up, carrier falls out of the sky, everyone diesWow, great design. GG

>>135719132Yeah but it worked there because comics are whimsical, not serious, and retarded things happen all the time in them. In the mcu it was done more like "what if this thing was real!" So it didn't work. I Unironically like the mcu quinjet though.

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>>135718338>>135718422>>135718497I thought the Quinjets (or whatever they were called) could VTOL? Can't remember if they ever had "proper" jets during their earlier appearances, but it feels like the runways are more of a hold-over from before they had the Quinjets?>>135718757I know nothing of the lore, but my impression was that this was pre-Avengers/pre-Iron Man tech? Like, Shield was well funded and teched up, but they were doing it on their own, and their stuff wasn't up to par with that Stark was able to do. (We see this a little bit in the first Avengers movie, don't we, where Tony makes various little jabs at the Shield tech, suggests improvements for things, I think he makes comments about how to improve the efficiency of the carrier propulsion, etc). So most of these big Shield toys were becoming kinda out-teched by the time Tony joined up with them ... and then it all went to bust following Winter Soldier after shield was dismantled. Since all this we haven't really seen any big Earth/US military force - everything just focuses on the Avengers being the Earth defense squad - so we don't have any reason to have seen more of these sorts of larger scale military-esque machines. The fact that Earth has now been exposed to all the other Guardians of the Galaxy species/tech means that any such tech we'd be seeing in the future would probably be of alien design, more space-ship-carrier like, etc, anyway.

>>135719349They launch conventional fighters from it in the avengers movie. Quinjets are cool but they're not an air superiority fighter.

>>135719249I don't like comic books at all.

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>>135719218>it would need countless amount of fuel.Nuclear fission-fusion-quantum gravity reactors. Invented by JARVIS. Bam. Done.

>>135718302It's not supposed to make sense, you're supposed to turn your brain off. Why else do you think every major battle in this franchise consists of two groups running at each other like its antiquity when they have access to fucking guns.

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>>135718302The proportion of a fighter plane to those rotors looks a lot like the proportion of a bird to a real jet intake.


>>135719150if it needs maintenance it will have to fly back to the oceanit would be a tactically retarded idea to park your gas station aircraft above enemy territory just so your one fighter jet can get a band aid slapped on it

>>135719429what ps1 game is this

>>135719422>it's powered by a hydrogen bomb

>>135719269The avengers are all flying around on their helicarrier when suddenly a plane crashes into one of the propellers and breaks itCalm down Bruce, says iron man who is flying, we can still operate with one propellor broken it will just take use a little longer to get to our destination, I calculate (he asks the butler robot ai) ... 33% longer travel time.Ok says bruce banner I'm calmThen suddenly another jet fighter plane crashes into a different propellorOh fuck sake says Bruce banner getting annoyedIts fine bruce two propellers out we will.....yeah yeah says Bruce banner, I might be the incredible hulk but I'm not retarded it will take twice as longCorrect saus iron man nothing to worry aboutAll of a sudden a third plane takes out a third propellorBruce banner is visibly distressedIrin man reassures him it's ok, "we will just take 75% of the time added on top slower"Jesus christ says Bruce, the better not crash a fourth plane into the fourth propellor:WELL BE UP HERE ALL DAY!

>>135719422>Nuclear fission-fusion-quantum gravity reactors.reminder that 2018 Ford Explorers exist in the MCU when this technology exists

>>135719705It just means your bill to Stark Electric is like 20 cents a month.Miniaturizing and securing that technology for civilian use would take two, even three montages. They just don't have screen time for that.

>>135719182>While developing the series in 1966, creator Anderson remembered that in the Battle of Britain the RAF had found it difficult to counter the Luftwaffe because of the delays caused by launching fighters from the ground in his biography, he recalled that "it took [the Spitfire squadron] about 20 minutes to climb high enough to intercept the bombers that were already at 16,000 feet."[2] He therefore decided to make Spectrum's headquarters a hovering airborne aircraft carrier: "This could launch aircraft that would then climb to 100,000 feet and intercept extraterrestrial invaders within minutes.">In a separate interview, he pointed out that Captain Scarlet was produced during the Cold War, "when world leaders held conferences on aircraft carriers, and bomber pilots were constantly in the air waiting for attack orders. So I was thinking along the lines of a wartime setting, and had the idea for Cloudbase, a giant flying aircraft carrier, and the Angels, fighter pilots ready for take-off at any time.

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>>135718302Isn't this a Marvel movie? What do you expect? If we're talking solely about the design, it shouldn't be held up by 4 giant fans but other than that p cool.

>>135719349It's more fuel efficient to launch and land planes traditionally than to use vtol

Its a childrens superhero movie.

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I like the quadcopter from Avatar better.

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>>135718302It's collossaly retarded, you can shoot this down with a single MANPAD like the Stinger or Igla.

why didnt america just force ironman to make them iron man suits?


>>135719132Never mind the fuel and maintenance costs of keeping an aircraft carrier in the air, but it was always meant to be ridiculous

>>135718302>I can't be the only person that finds this thing retarded, right?Nope.

What's the point of most things in Marvel movies when characters can teleport or create energy beams from their hands and all other manner of dumb shit?

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>>135718302As compared to what? Anything else in Avengers?

>>135718302>t. Hydra

>>135718338what are the point of runways when their planes can VTOL

>>135720832>Dunks on thread with a nice shirt youtu.be/drnxZlS9gyw

>>135722646This is exceptional

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>>135723057Most vtol aircraft can not take off fully loaded vertically


>>135722646What's so funny about watching a baby bird jump to its death?

>>135721702That's fine for traditional planes, but the post-Avengers tech isn't exactly traditional.>>135722115Muh personal freedom! Muh gobberment treachery! I mean, this was a big part of the plot of the second Iron Man movie, wasn't it?>>135722809To be fair, the helicarriers were a hold-over from a pre-Avengers Shield. There were no characters who can teleport, create energy beams, etc, at the time of their design/construction. Like >>135719349 said, any post-IW/EG military vehicles will probably look much more like GotG-derived spacecraft than modern day military vehicles - the helicarriers are all but defunct in the MCU.


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>>135723057They literally show a conventional aircraft in the same movie taking off from the flight deck.

Imagine being of such stunted emotional growth that you have to criticize a movie for CHILDREN

>>135723957could you fucking imagine how terrifying that docking move must be?i mean, 25 years previous the world was still powered by horses and covered in dung and now here you are docking a flying machine to a monstrous floating airship

>>135719132that retarded design

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Seethe more little Marveloids

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>>135719182Doesn't that depend how fast your flying aircraft carrier is? And any sensible navy already has all its carriers strategically positioned to maximise power projection.

>>135723667Avengers stuff isn't traditional but this is a basic function of lift vs. gravity, if the airframe isn't providing lift (requiring forward motion) then the vertical thrust has to take care of it entirely, thus it will be less fuel efficient

>>135724559Well into WWII horses were still the primary mode of logistics

>>135718302*Destroys you multi-billion dollar investment*

i assume climate change doesn't exist anymore in the marvel universe right? if there's a power source that allows gigantic hovering aircraft carriers, then they clearly have energy sources like fusion in this universe, right?

>>135718302*blocks your path*

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>>135727396Jusr like in any other sci-fi it will be countered by laser/machinegun missile defence

>>135727396Is Russia compensating for something?

>>135727454That's what it's countered with IRL too, you don't just fire one>>135727586Yes, lack of ships

>>135726375Not for America

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>>135727396SAMs would be far more useful.

>>135728306>America>fighting on a large landmass durring WW2Horses were rocking on eastern front

>>135719248>be in your 20s>tattoo some old bloke's name on yourself>above a fucking DRAGONWhat a room temperature IQ whore. Brad could get damn near any woman in the world and he goes for that? Come on, man.

>>135728498And they were the reason the Krauts kept outrunning their supply lines and bogging down. Meanwhile, the Soviets' advance into Europe was on the backs of Ford and Studebaker trucks.

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>>135718302I grew up with shit like Tail Spin and Gargoyles, so the idea of a flying fortress is old hat. Young people get so upset by the strangest things.

>>135728384For those fat pieces of shit you could probably drop an iron bomb from a WW2 dive bomber and hit the flight deck. A couple of AShM would have no problems

>>135718302You'd have to be constantly landing the thing to service those fucking hover fans.


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