What am I in for?

Just started watching. 1 episode in and not too impressed. Feels like German stranger things. Want to give it a fair shake. Worth it?

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>>135716849 Yes it's worth it. One episode is far too little to really get an idea of this show. Watch at least until episode three or sowhere it starts to drop the ST vibe and does its own, much better, thing

Season 1 it's good. Season good it's just meh. Basically teenage drama with time travel and edgy tone.

It gave me a Twin Peaks vibe

Dark is what the Lost writers wanted it to be. There's mystery shit but you care about it in the context of the characters rather than just inexorable bullshit that gets handwaved away. It's well written and mostly free of plot holes, and the majority of characters have enjoyable plotlines.

>>135717225yeah, the time travel thing is what I'm sticking it out for.

>>135717178Yeah, it feels heavier than ST, and I like the scoring.

>>135716849Louis Hoffman is relentlessly handsome.

>>135717284Did you watch it in German with English subs or English dubbed (or maybe you're German). I had to switch over to German with English subs because the audio was all fucked up. You could hear the sound-proof recording studio.

>>135716849you're right it's exactly a German Stranger Things, please don't watch it or ever mention it againor better yet stop posting altogether

can't he catch a fucking break holy shitevery second of his existence is suffering

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>>135716849>German stranger things

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can't he catch a fucking break holy shitevery second of his existence is suffering

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>>135716849>German stranger thingsit's clearly German Fringe you American pig-dog

>Greta Doppler will never step on your ballsjdimsa

>>135718489>>135719008nice try but it is Ulrich who suffered the mostnever stick your dick in crazy

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>>135719060>Greta Doppler will never yell at you to undress

>>135719148>never stick your dick in crazyif he'd been loyal to crazy he wouldn't have had a problem, just the best tits in town who'd do anything for him

>wake up>check Netflix for Season 3>it's still not out

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>>135719148>beat some kid bloody>walk down the middle of the street afterwardshe deserved it

>>135719148>>135719227>police detective can't even get away with murdering a retarded child in the 50sWas Ulrich himself an idiot?

>>135717807I love him bros.. am I gay?

>>135717839Wondering the sameFeel like Dark general threads should have some consensus on this

>>135716849Shut the fuck up and keep watching

>>135719212darknetflix.io/5 more hours to go

>>135719288The dub is shit. The dub is always shit. It never lines up perfectly or sounds natural no matter how much Netflix talks about how much they're investing in it to make their foreign shows palatable to American audiences.

>Tronte and Charlotte are cousins>Regina and Ulrich are most likely siblings>Charlotte is her own grandmasomeone's gonna end up being his own dad just you fucking watch

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>>135717839>>135719288Hello, Reddit. If you weren't such obvious newfags, you'll know that Holla Forums and 4chan as a whole fucking HATE dubs, because they aren't even the actors voices. Original audio ALWAYS. Anime I don't care what you do but movies and shows should always be watched with the voices of the people in the show.

>>135719008I almost cried when old Egon got slapped

>>135719270He just traveled in time and he was absolutely fucked up after Mikkel disappeared

>>135719008He suffers to his last breath.

>>135716849it's lost, not stranger things

>>135719685I haven't seen Stranger Things but it does feel like Lost, to me.>crazy things happen but people care more about what happens to the characters than why said crazy shit is happening

For me? It's young Hannah

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>>135716849honestly? this shit got pretty crazy in ways i could not have expected. ive been waiting for s3 with baited breath

>>135719811Based.... Imagine passing on that little cutie for a dumb Stacey. Ulrich is an idiot.

>>135719811Everyone's waiting for her to be her own mother. I'm just hoping Jonas fucks her.

>>135719899she was way cuter than Katharina that's for sure>>135719955how would that work? 2019 Hannah would have to get knocked up by her 1970-something dad and give birth then?

>>135719955>Jonas having sex with the young version of his motherHoly based. I don't think Martha is even attractive so the Jonas and Martha relationship feels weird.

>>135720032>2019 Hannah would have to get knocked up by her 1970-something dad and give birth then?Pretty much. Is not any less retarded than being the mother of your mother.

>>135720046I mean he banged his own aunt and didn't give two shits so he might as well>>135720087well Hannah's dad was around for some time so going back in time to have sex with him would be all sorts of weird if she remembers himElisabeth just had sex with some guy she met in a bunker and her daughter happened to get sent back to the 70s so it's much more believable

>>135720244Are you sure that man is her father?

>>135716849The most annoying characters in the history of television

>>135720272Oh... ohhhh...

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For me it's Regina, the sweetest girl in Winden

>>135720552but she has cancerous tits

>>135720631She just keeps suffering, like Egon, Helge, and Ulrich

Agnes is top darkfu

>>135720657Wingen is just suffering

>>135719401German is so aesthetically unappealing

>>135720713Get me outta here pls

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>>135721077You get used to it after the first chapter

>>135717839Both. German with English subs is miles better.


>>135721126>I want to get off Mr Adam's wild ride

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>>135721242This hanging scene was both sad but also dumb.>NOOOOOOOOO YOU CANT JUST HECKIN ENTER THE FORBIDDEN ZONEJonas was the only one trying to get shit done in the future. Everyone else was just moping around. Bunch of bums. Jonas's post-apocalypse getup is super cool.

>>135721393you can't just have any retard showing up to fuck with time portalsJonas got a pass because he's chad af

>>135717839A fair number of Kraut anons are actually envious of us sub-readers because the actors regularly oversell the dialogue.

>>135721393Yeah the post apocalyptic was really disappointing. I think they just gave up and decided to go back to the past.

>>135721511I don't think you understood the role of Elizabeth and Sic Mundus in the future. It was all about protecting and hiding the god particle that is tied to the one in 1921. Elizabeth in the future knows who and what Jonas will become. She had to put on a show of force but at the same time she can't obviously kill the leader of Sic Mundus.

>>135721627I understood. The setting was still disappointing.

>>135721724Well they weren't going for a huge futuristic landscape deal. Just a glimpse of Winden in the future and showing Jonas's personal journey through it on his way back to getting home. I'm sure we'll see more of it in season 3, Charlotte is there now.

I am a few episodes into season 2.Did they explain how that one guy lost an eye? I don't remember ever seeing why.Also how many hours do I have to finish season 2 before season 3 drops?


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>>135719148Hope there’s some redemption for him in S3. Man has known suffering beyond what anyone should know.

>>135721393Kind of no tension either. We know he lives and grows up and at that point we can generally assume they aren't going to start throwing in changing history and the timeline.

Is there an exact time the new season airs on Netflix?

>Just started watching. 1 episode in and not too impressed.>1 episode in and not too impressed>1 episode injumping the gun just a tiiiiny bit there, buddy. i'm assuming you've watch television shows before..


My prediction is that is either all going to repeat no happy ending style but catharsis that 40s jonas accepts his role as Adam or the cycle is broken and everyone in the town dies but nobody else referencing 100 years of solitude


>>135716849strawpoll.com/x3d35khkjVote in the next 2:30 hours

>>135723958I voted happy ending. Lost had a great ending where the characters we love die but meet up again anyway. Great move.

>>135716849remember that episode of futurama where fry becomes his own grandpa?that concept, taken seriously and filmed with a heavy dose of atmosphere and some well written and complex characters. it is a fantastic watch that doesn't insult the intelligence of the viewer and leaves you thinking long after you are done watching it. stranger things is bubble gum pop spielbergian nastalgia-fi and doesn't hold a candle to dark

>>135716849German Time Travel K I N O Watch with subtitles in original language don’t be a dumb


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>>135724532is this the german version of a Mississippi family reunion?

Biggest mystery is still who is Peter Doppler's mother?Is he even Helge's son? Where is he in 1986?

>>135724532Silja is a girl. Why is it written that she is the son of Jonas and Martha. It should be daughter.Also it isn't confirmed yet if that man is actually Bartosz.

>>135726247>Silja is a girl

>>135726201I'm glad my boy Helge got somehe needed it

>>135726201Peter is probably adopted by Helge and planted at that time by someone. There's definitely something about him thats off

>tfw 33 years until season 3

I won't be able to stay up much longer. pls don't post spoilers tomorrow Holla Forums ;_;

> 4 minutes

so close now, hearing good things about the ending

>>135727609....or is it the beginning?

>>135727504Don't even watch the show but you got 2 mins 20 seconds

>>135727651It's been a long week and I'm sleepy. Really wish they'd released this yesterday morning instead.Good night my dark frens.

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>>135723095He's a big detective

Martha titties confirmed

The most kino show on Netflix right after The Return of Twin Peaks. Good thing Season 3 will be the final one.

ITS LIKE THE UPSIDE DOWN BUT ITS THE BACK TO FRONT!!!!!111!!!! why do they do this shit

Martha feet confirmed

We're all watchin right now right bros? RIght?

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>>135728600just started bro. so fucking comfy. my hype levels are off the charts

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>>135728386This is nothing like ST

>>135728600Yes we are

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>>135728767I was speaking quite literally, vis a vis the early scenes of S03E01, but it was def an overreaction

>Ulrich can't keep it in his pantsI changed my mind he deserves what he got

>>135728977yep same that dude is retarded

Im at the 24th sex scene what about you?

nice hearing the deaf girl talk tho

>that flash back when old martha is introducedwew that rain looks fake as fuck

Mikkel and the deaf girl being visibly older and taller than what they are supposed to be is kinda disconcerting

she won bros. this means in some other world i also win at life...;_;

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director is really into age difference isn't he

>>135717839Kek, if you watch it with the dubs you are an ultra pleb. Completely ruins it.

>They don't have the Matrix in Martha's timelineJonas' timeline confirmed worst timeline

who is the split lip girl? was she introduced in the last season? I can't remember

How the fuck does old Jonas not know about the alt world? Are they doing something clever or did they decide to throw the established time travel rules out of the window?I'm worried it's turning into shit lads.

I told you about the eye colorsI FUCKING TOLD YOU AAAAAA

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>>135729281where's everyone else at? I'm at 10 mins from the end of episode 1


>>13572932120 minutes from the end.

>>135729321just started episode 2

>>135729321>>135729359>>135729381>>135729397We should've organized this to watch eps at the top of the hour.

Any of you guys interested in holding off 30 mins to start or fiinish episode 2?

>>135729618sure i've got 30 mins left of ep 1

I won't start ep 2 for 30 mins

>>135724366>Complex CharactersYou stop there. they are just mouth pieces and plot devices, it's the only weakness of the show. the time travel writting is perfect though

Anyone else think nerdy alt world Buttholz seems like a candidate for Adam's real identity?

>>135730081Almost definitely

Brehs... young Elisabeth is all grown up now... so cute

Jonas, du bin Ich

>>135716849Lol.x2.5 master race.

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When did old katherina travel to 1987?

I'm 20 min into season 3 ep 1 and it seems like they're really going all in on this other dimension shit.

Young hannah still the cutest

80's robut

Like different timelines weren't enough now we have other dimensions

gonna take a break to shower before episode 3 lads

>>135723447I'm one season in and I feel like I've seen nothing

>3 episodes in>still raining

The madmen actually added yet another timeline

I have no idea what's going on

Any new takes after 3 episodes in?strawpoll.com/x3d35khkj/r

>Keep your mitts off Mikkel and Ulrich!

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>>135729281No one? Well I thought about it and the only logical scenarios to me are A: Old Jonas comes from yet another dimension and did not realize he traveled worlds at some point or B: Old Jonas isn't Jonas but does not realize it. Like someone brainwashed him to think he was Jonas.

Why does he like using that garotte so much

>>135730804Martha messing with worlds is a new thing. This hasn't happened like that before.

Young Regina is my new best girl. Waifuship with Martha Ended.

>>135730932Who the fuck is he

I don't mind different worlds and timelines but the fact that in some of these timelines time skipped ahead far enough that they might now as well be their own separate timelines is starting to get somewhat confusing, i.e. 2020 after the apocalypse is very different from 2019 from the start of the series.

>>135731018Just keep in mind that each timeline is offset by the same amount from the beginning and everything will be clear

Mommy alt katharina really excites me in my loins

So how good is the new season

Old Ulrich is back. Noice.

Regina is officially the hottest girl in the show.

>>135723095I'm half an hour into the show finale. Still no clue lul.

>>135716849Oh shit, there are THREE FUCKING WORLDS

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>>135719401People retain information better through audio rather than text so dub is actually superior in that regard

>>135731662speak for yourself pleb


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kino has arrived boys

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Allright this thread is getting to spolery. See you guys in 10 hours. I am off

Damn Ulrich is one of them real poon hound niggas. Bangin pussies across all the universes. Mad respect.

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Martha looks retarded nowToo much weight

Who /justfinishedwatching/ here? I am. Holy. Fucking. Shit.Interstellar, Avengers, L O S T, all tied into one.

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>missing an eye in one universe>missing an arm in anothergod damn the world is cruel brehs

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>>135716849The whole series consists of people walking in and out caves and nothing happening.... total snoozefest