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Ford legendary.

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I feel like I just got fucking lynched. I liked it but I don't understand it at all.

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>>135716656A reminder that pic related in the OP is a frame taken from what's widely considered a masterpiece. Kek.

DIGITAL GAAAAAAAAAANGOtherwise does anyone here have tips on building miniatures?

>>135706639Anyone else got any charts like this for different genres or countries or whatever??

>>135717499There's nothing wrong with that frame, and Vertigo is great.


>>135717481Watched it twice, good movie but doesn't resonate with me intellectually or emotionally. The music and some shots are fucking baller. Would like it more if there was weirder shit going on in the zone. Doesn't justify its length desu.

Plotfags still getting filtered by vertigo lmao

Now THIS is /film/

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>>135717606dumb lmaoposter

>>135717606Who mentioned its plot in the first place, faggot?

>>135717528I've got a bunch of them. Anything particular you are looking for?

>>135717644Dumbposters still getting filtered by lmao lmao

Vertigo is boring and gay, north by northwest>>>>>>135717606Just watch perfume commercials, fag

Threadly posting to keep reddit tourists and discord trannies out of /film/tera-sat.com/?page_id=1210

>>135717666Nothing in particular. I just like to save them for a rainy day. Probably don't need another one for animated films.

What is the movie you've seen the most times? For me to live and die in la or Tokyo drifter.

>>135717556Oh no no no

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>>135717708>Aahhhhh an underdeveloped body getting exposed with permission from the whore mother, i'm going insane aaahhhhDumb gatekeeping elitist faggot


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>>135717751Katsudo Shashin, rewatched it probably hundreds of times while writing an analysisyoutube.com/watch?v=4DMQx0dTqbs

>>135717779perceval le gallois....now thats a poster...


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>>135717572>The music and some shots are fucking baller.>Doesn't justify its length desu.I'm sure you have very insightful and astute observations about other films and am very happy such profound criticism and praise is on this board.>>135717760>Dumb gatekeeping elitist faggotYes, /film/ is an elitist board not for retarded sub-humans like you, now please go back to /fag/ and /retard/

>>135717751I used to get drunk and rewatch O brother where art thou. good times, easily clooney's best


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>>135717572That the viewer witnesses nothing weird going on in The Zone is quite a big part of the idea.

Anyone have a MEGA file of Brewster McCloud? I'm on an Altman kick and I can't find it.

>>135717870Imagine how this individual smells

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>>135717929He's clearly a psued and got filtered, shots being baller is something a nigger or a middle-schooler would say, that is enough to discard him, not to mention the Jewish consumer 'didin't justify its length' statement, Americans proving once again to be subhuman

>>135717931Do you want the 26 Gig or the 5 Gig version?

>>135717967If anyone would smell, it'd be you from all the rot going on her your brain, now leave this board and shut the fuck up. Your memes aren't funny, and your opinions are somehow even more worthless. You are a joke, and a forgettable one at that.


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>>135717969This nigga be straight wack cause a nigga be ballin', tryna keep a brother in celluloid down kno' what I'm visualizing right to ya mothafucka chrome DOME son, illustrated text ass weak nigga.


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>>135718072I think you probably thought that was somehow humorous, but it's really too tiresome tonight. Grow up and learn how to speak like an adult when discussing profound films, instead of 'it's baller and it didn't justify its length' like film is some solely economic business endeavor meant to cater to the lowest common denominator (you).

>>135718167Are you mistaking this site for reddit? Go and talk abwout Andrew tarkovsky on r/truefilm

>>135717567This. The part where he goes mental dressing the bitch up and all that is the single gayest moment in cinema history. Thought the film was supposed to keep me in suspense, not in cringe. I have no idea how Hitchcock managed to make those retards believe this faggotry was ever anything close to kino.

>>135718127Been meaning to check out some of these.

>>135717499>>135717556Vertigo is great, but that scene has aged quite poorly>>135717606The plot in Vertigo is quite good though

>>135718127>Deep RedAbout to watch this, what am I in for?

>>135718296Deep red

>>135718280chuck out*

>>135718228>This user >>135717572>Calls someone else Reddit

>>135718286>that scene has aged quite poorlyIt's cool.

Just saw The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Life and it didn't click with me. I could understand liking it if you were an incel, but it's just a sexual game of Clue. You Greenaway fags are pathetic.

>Another /film/ threadYawn. How many of these do I have to derail?

>>135718354Yes. I am honest and proud in my ideals and convictions. You are a sniveling little coward.

I shit my pants

>>135718446Maybe you shouldn't be either, and should just stop talking and posting on here. I think Christopher Nolan or Telletubbies is more your speed. "Stalker didn't click with me, but it was baller yo. Andrei Tarkovsky is a baller dude, he'd definitely just be one of the boys with me and my pathetic pals clucking about hot girls and Basketball Americans." Honestly, fuck off.


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>>135718462Stealing my line, eh. But seriously, I'm shitting my pants again

>>135718521Uh uh uh uh retard alert retard alert

>>135718545sorry that was meant for the i shit my pants guy

>>135718545You're literally a child, but congrats dude. Glad to hear Stalker was baller, good to know retards like you support him. Great times for film, huh.


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>>135718521You are the redditor here, you should love Nolan :) stalker is entry level simple shit that wows dumb projecting Americans like you with the "dude they are talking philosophy 101 and walking slowly and there is water and shit">>135718545And responding to yourself with THE reddit reaction citizen cringe gif..... Shameful....

>>135718558You're like the Safdie Brother who played the retard in Good Time. Barely even a human, but indistinguishable from the average American. "A Car goes beep. Stalker too long me want Burger and a feel good theme and a plot and a lesson. Me Smart. Me American. You stupid, durrrr. I love chimps and Jews."

>>135718296Fuck, I googled Suspiria for some research to remind myself how to answer this question and instead of Argento's wiki page, the new one came up first. That has depressed me greatly. Even though Argento is considered a giallo director by many, I still like his supernatural shit more. I can semi take a lot of Argento's films seriously artistically but I couldn't do it for Deep Red. The colors, music and style is all there but the plot feels like its missing so many pieces and it doesn't help that I think you have to watch the film in part Italian and part English to get the full cut? I treat Deep Red more as a normal giallo movie rather then something that actually breaks the genre's limit. With that in mind, it is truly one of the greatest giallo films that ever. There are some scenes in that film that I shiver with excitement when I think about them.

>>135718642sorry i shall use a more avant garde one promptly

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>>135718611>How dare you enjoy art without suffocating your enjoyment by Intellectual posturing about it's meaning!!!No one cares how many layers of pseud you're on faggot. Film deserves to die. It's a retrograde art that is inferior to every other form of art on the planet.

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hemlo am eatin

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>downloaded a film from the 60s called Nayak because I saw the poster somewhere and thought it could be interesting>thought it was French>it's actually fucking IndianShould I ignore my hatred for pajeets and give it a chance?

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>>135718642>You are the redditor here, you should love Nolan :) stalker is entry level simple shit that wows dumb projecting Americans like you with the "dude they are talking philosophy 101 and walking slowly and there is water and shit"I'm not even talking about Stalker, I'm talking about a retard that says 'oh Stalker was baller yo, but it was too long as I got restless because I'm an unintellegent American' Fuck off faggot, you got filtered by Stalker because it wasn't like Nolan. What are your top ten? Post them now fucking pseud piece of dog shit.

>>135718715>Cross necklace /ourguy/


>>135718714Alright have fun with rap music, overweight American hog women, and making money for Jews. You and your opinion are worthless.

>>135718766Rap music has more credibility than you're favorite movie loser.

>>135718714Are you that same retarded Antonioni poster. You've gotten BTFO for like 3 threads in a row, nobody wants to hear from you. You're like a turd that got stuck in my intestines for a week, but won't come out fully.

>>135718680Hahha funny man, funny little monkey man. Real good. BUT YOU YOU FUCKING FAAAAAAAAG I watched Satantango in one sitting, have you done that? No you haven't little stalker baby, little stalker baby boy. I have patience and that is why I can say that stalker was pretty good, nothing special. You think it's an amazing feat for yourself to sit down for 3 hours while not jerking off or playing some FUCKING FIFA YOU FUCK. Hehehhe, kid, you got a lot of growing up coming. I would advise you to finish off SUCKING off the small borst cocks of slavic men

>>135718810>Are you that same retarded Antonioni posterNo. But continue living in your delusional daydream where every poster that disagrees with you has to be the same guy

>>135718781Ahhh, so the retard is either trolling badly, or has actually verified his retardation. Well, best of luck user I have no fun in making fun of the truly mentally handicapped.

>>135718729My top ten? I don't have one cause I am not a manchild that ranks movies and thinks stalker is amazing. But you are pretty new to flick watching so I'll give you a retard pass

>>135718835It's not even about you disagreeing, but the absolutely retarded way in which you described Stalker and then you claiming cinema was bad for God only known why. You're just pathetic user.>>135718825Again, I don't make fun of the truly mentally handicapped, so best of luck.

>>135716656The pedestal Vertigo has been placed on always confuses me. Of course, such rankings are worth nothing

>>135718872You confessed to being a rap-loving American that thinks Stalker is baller and that 'it being too long for my adhd' and 'it wasn't creepy enough' are valid criticisms. Now you're spewing nonsense and I doubt you actually even saw Stalker. So shame on me for actually indulging retarded manchildren.

>>135718886>but the absolutely retarded way in which you described StalkerLike I said before, everyone who disagrees with you isn't the same. I haven't seen Stalker, just your attitude towards art in general is repulsive

>>135718844No one cares. Come up with an argument and not some lame dismissal

>>135718922Imagine getting this triggered over someone using the word baller hahahhhahaha I can't believe it worked so good. It must be fun being such a spastic as yourself. A joyless, non being. lmao

>>135718924>I haven't seen Stalker, just your attitude towards art in general is repulsiveYes retard, severly stupid people shouldn't have their opinions heard, but pathetic subhumans like you will cluck about your liberty and democracy. Stop wasting my time if you haven't seen an actual entry level film, but were offended by what I said. Fuck off.

>>135718973>an actual entry level filmStalker is exit level

>>135718955You don't have an argument, my argument is that whether you like Stalker or not you're still a retarded subhuman. That is my argument, and by you arguing about Stalker you seem to have conceded my point, so best of luck user.

>>135718973You obviously have some unsolved personal problems that makes you bring up totally uninvolved things like "liberty and democracy"Get help.

>>13571798826 por favor.

>>135719002>confusing an argument with a statementBig brain move coming from the user labeling everyone a subhuman.

>>135718972Yes retard, we need to hold people in check. 'Wow you don't like to have fun, because you can't tolerate my severe stupidity that was actually a joke all along... Hehehe he's so mean I'm so witty and fun. Hurr durr hurr durr, let me go on a /film/ forum and say baller that'll get a rise out of them." Drop dead.

This is just british catcher in the rye

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>>1357179885GB. 26 is just diminishing returns

>>135719005No my personal issue is retards like you who got offended, "wahhh he's being mean, art shouldn't be elite. Everyone needs to have fun, even retards like me. The Viewer is always right!!!">>135719049Yes, my statement is my argument, and you've conceded it, so best of luck user.

>>135718741Speak for yourself sky Jew cultist.

I want to apologize to all other anons that I used the word "baller". If I only knew that was the machurian candidate activation code for a mentally deranged seethe poster. I am sorry that he is hindering you from discussing film like adults and I'm sorry for not knowing such weak minded people browse this thread. Maybe I'll put in a trigger warning next time I post and use "sick-ass"

>>135719071This any better than that shitty Tommy film?

@135719139Go back to Holla Forums pagan. /film/ is a christian thread

>>135719156You're much worse than that other guy. Don't talk like a retarded teenager next time.

>>135719156This baller trippin

>>135719156Yes retard, you should just leave. You're opinion is completely worthless and you don't understand cinema. You made a bunch of blanket phrases, then said it didn't justify its length, which is the most childish criticism around. Unfortunately, it's American hours so nobody talks about film and we have retards like you who feel confident enough to speak. A fucking thread archived last night with 80 or so replies, so I'm not surprised. You heinous vulture.

>>135719116You already conceded three posts back. The argument isn't a statement and the statement is false. Rap music is based and film is sucky sucky

Anyone that believes in God is low IQ or coping. Don't mean this with any animosity.

@135719187Have fun LARPing.

>>135718985No it isn't lol

>>135719201>>135719217So this is lovecraftian horror to redditors.... Ballin'


>>135719220Alright then go to /mu/ I really don't care about you or your argument.

@135719235>larpingSorry you can't handle truth cubefag

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>>135719252Yes, now leave this thread. You're clearly underage, it's really not funny.>>135719253Are you /fag/ and /retard/ tranny?

Hey /film/, read anything good lately? What are some of your favorite novels?

>>135719262Then stop replying back to it you fucking idiot. Lmao. "I don't care, but let me just continue this shitty debate for the next 30 minutes". This nigga be ballin'

Someone post you-know-what to ward of the baller and redditors.

>>135719357but that would be illegal

>>135719357Oh I know what you mean...

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>>135719357I think somebody posted this thread on letterboxd or something, because such stupidity isn't even prevalent at Reddit hours. The only other time this bad was when the anti-Griffith retards started posting, but got immediately scared off. It's this one fag that posted about Antonioni the last two threads, and tried to do the same with Tarkovsky. It knows exactly what to say to get a response, the feigns interest in returning to a discussion on cinema, like anyone wants to hear its opinion.


tfw nagisa oshima man this guy is a rebellious moron i hate directors like him

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>Limite is the only feature by the Brazilian director and author Mário Peixoto, made when he was just 22 years old.How old are you, user? What have you done so far?

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>>135719505Gallo-tier auteur


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>download movie from rutracker >it's a huge file with very high-quality image and sound>its only audio track contains some russian dude talking over everythingwhy the fuck do snowniggers do this? Are they all so stupid they can't read subtitles?

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Favorite Buñuel?

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>>135719715Belle De Jour and Los Olvidados tied for first

>>135719441Antonioni is shit

>>135719770you're shit

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Vincent fucking Gallo. Don’t you fucking forget it.

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>>135719560Literally me (according to people in these threads)

>>135717687Why do plebs always resort to either calling films boring or pretentious?

>>135719910Because they're trolling and set on destroying this board.

>>135719910>"The beautiful is hidden from the eyes of those were not searching for the truth, for whom it is contra-indicated. But the profound lack of spirituality of those who see art and condemned it, the fact that they are neither willing nor ready to consider the meaning and aim of their existence in any higher sense, is often masked by the vulgarly simplistic cry, 'I don't like it!' 'it's boring!' it is not a point that one can argue; but it is like the utterance of a man born blind who is being told about a rainbow. He simply remains deaf to the pain undergone by the artists in order to share with others the truth he has reached."

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>>135716656I can't see that picture without thinking of the Faith No More video for 'Last Cup of Sorrow'.

>>135719932Not one of Louis Malle's best but still a surprisingly good period piece given its reputation as simple pedobait.


>>135719850>Vincent fucking GalloI'm sure he'd love to do that

>>135719978Reminder that if you haven't read Sculpting in Time or Time Within Time (personal diaries) you are missing out on perhaps the most comprehensive materials available into the mind of a master filmmaker.

>>135720014I agree. It's not nearly as good as the few other Malle I've seen, but it is still pretty good. It sucks that it has that stigma attached to it, because I think most people would agree that it's a pretty solid film. Innocence is the same way and I really wish more people would watch it, because it absolute kino.


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>>135719788Yes but so is Antonioni

You guys are sleeping on this guy..

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I feel like I shouldn't have to tell you this /film/, but there are a couple retards who don't seem to understand. If you see shitty bait, just don't respond. They are just posting shit to get a reaction out of you. If you don't respond, they go away

>>135718907Because for critics the rerelease after being out of print was like discovering a hidden gem by a director everyone already loved. I think critics like being able to do that which is why a lot of pretty good films get reevaluated to be considered great years later. That being said Vertigo is brilliant and deserves to be praised, even if I think Citizen Kane is better and it isn't my favorite Hitchcock.

What is Švankmajer's best film?

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>>135719978What an arrogant prick, suck more his dick pseudos.

>>135720247No we aren't lol

>>135720310What contemporary film that is undervalued now will get considerable claim in the future?

>>135720620In the sense that he's superior to Kurosawa and Ozu and yet those two, both great, still get 101'd above the master. yes you are.What's your fav of his and what do you think is his most underrated?

>>135719978What a pedantic autist

Another webmless thread

>>135720738He's better than Kurosawa but not Ozu IMO. They're generally regarded as the 3 masters of Japanese cinema though.


>>135720738Kurosawa and Ozu have more great films than he does. That being said, don't make it an either or thingIdk probably Ugetsu and underrated by who? Like in general, The Story Of The Last Chrysanthemum, by "film lovers" maybe The Water Magician

>>135720999Post it user

>>135717528let me know what you want (1/3)

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>>135717619It was alright


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>>135720063I'll read it but I want to go through all his movies first, preferably a couple times each. That's still about half of them for me

>>135720672In the future some of our popular directors like Nolan will be considered classic, so their first few films are probably gonna be greatly elevated. Memento was already a critical darling so that and The Following or Insomnia.

>>135718922>>135718729>>135718642I dont agree with his opinion on Stalker, but you're a fucking retard frothing at the mouth for normalfags to jump at. He used the word baller, and this is literally the one thing that motivated you to sperg out like this.

>>135721241I would recommend going through chronologically the diaries and the films, while reading Sculpting in Time section of the film after each one (which also goes in order).

>>135720738He’s underrated because it’s kind hard for people to grasp what makes his films special while Ozu and Kurosawa their overt technical style is a main central element. Mizoguchi probably just seems undistinguishable from other Japanese classic era directors without really anything about him that makes him stand out, just long take, minimalism, use of music. But his specific use of limiting for the purpose of concentration, instead of illiciting boredom, his ability to focus in on something, he wanted his films to have the seamless look of water scroll unraveling itself. His capability of laying out a sort ‘personalizing personality’, an overall schema OF personality, that removes any sort of thematic drama of mass culture and simultaneously neutralizes personality. That’s where you see his sort of legacy of influence in later directors.

>>135721266Yes, can't tolerate shit like that. So keep seething, and I said that saying 'It didn't justify is length' was retarded too, so fuck you and fuck normalfags.

>>135721253Hitchcock's original films haven't received much reevaluation, aside from Lodger and Blackmail.

>>135721131My name is John, so please post Essential Johncore.

>>135721131Did you make a chart for the transgressive neo-realist films from 90s and 2000s I posted

>>135721591Nope. Give me the list and I might make it when I have time

I've always had the impression that Scorsese is kind of looked down upon by /film/, do you like him and which films of his do you respect the most?


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>>135721706Age of Innocence

>>135720827>>135721039>>135721509newyorker.com/culture/richard-brody/better-than-ozu-and-kurosawa-mizoguchiall i needed to see was osaka elegy, ugetsu and finally the magnum opus that is The Life of Oharu to read this and agree with Richard. you guys may know your shit, but people are sleeping on this man and continue to.i personally also think he's better than Ozu and I've seen countless of his, and you're right there's really no need to compare the two, but I'll say this: if Ozu is a story on a page, Mizoguchi is a play on a stage.

Just watched 'The Melllifulous Ambersands'. Was abit boring. The uncut version sounds better

>>135721808>but people are sleeping on this man and continue to.cinephiles know him and regard him very highly, but a step below Kurosawa and Ozu. Although, there really is no reason to compare, and young people also do not watch film at all. You'd be more likely to find a young person that reads than one who watches films.

>>135721808This guy focus' on Mizoguchi's politics too much. I think Mizoguchi was far too cynical to really have any faith in political action. Which is partly what elevates him

>>135722001>>135721878fair enough, agreed on both points.

>>135718825Absolutely, dangerously based!


>>135718127One thing that things gets misleadingly wrong is the detective, mystery aspect of Giallo. The way it's described makes it sound slashery which it is when the murders come, otherwise it's figuring out who the whispering caller/killer is, who is more often than not, a female somehow.


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>>135722715I don't see Stroszek

>>135719217>>unfortunately, it's American hours so nobody talks about filmi don't wanna get in the middle of the absolutely ballin' debate you guys got goin', but i don't know about 'nobody'.. c'mon now.

>>135722715add river's edge, over the edge, change good time for heaven knows what

>>135722715not good

>>135722715no idea what burgerpunk is and i don't want to find out

>>135722965you're missing out on some serious kino

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>>135721103nta but genuinely do it, the last guy who did it, while his short did become a meme >>135720169 he did get a lot of constructive criticism. Just upload it to a throwaway yt channel and block out the credits like he did.

>>135722715Field Niggas

>>135722814I'll add it >>135722889I'll add those, but why should Good Time be removed?>>135722958why not?>>135722965>no idea what burgerpunk is and i don't want to find outfilms that feel like pic related>>135723115I'll add it

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>>135720999are you the post digital short user? I'm still waiting for that short

>>135722715Pretty good... I'd add Bully, Another Day in Paradise, Friends of Eddie Coyle, Ken Park, King of New York, Bad Lieutenant, The Addiction, New Rose Hotel, A Woman Under the Influence, Showgirls, Julien Donkey Boy, Gerry, Shortbus, House That Jack Built, Pink Flamingoes, Pretty Lady, South Park BLU, Team America, The Nutty Professor, Laides Man, Over the Edge, David Holzman's Diary, and The Fly>>135722889keep Good Time, but add those

>>135722715You put the wrong Halloween poster, post the original not the remake

>>135723012burgerpunk and all those films on that list are mutually exclusive to me. i ain't missing out on shit other than some dumb ass phrase and i want it to stay that way.

>>135722715Paranoid Park, My Private Idaho, Drugstore Cowboy, Primer, Badlands, Days of Heaven, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Altered, Lovely Molly, It Follows, Super Dark Times

>>135722715Bonnie and Clyde, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Night of the Living Dead, Last Picture Show

>>135723254that's too many to add. which are the must adds?>>135723278I intentionally put the remake because I thought the white trash aspect fit burgerpunk more than the original. I can change it though>>135723328My Own Private Idaho is on there, but I could add the rest

>>135723307it relates to the industrial decline and general malaise following the decay of the american midwest

>>135723307>nooo you can't just classify things with distinct and self-explanatory terminology>what's that? "genres?" i don't give a crap about that frenchie bullshit

>>135723370how are those burgerpunk? the only one I could see is Last Picture Show

>>135723387>that's too many to add. which are the must adds?definitely Showgirls, Bully, Another Day in Paradise, Ken Park, Woman Under the Influence, King of New York, Bad Lieutenant, New Rose Hotel, Addiction, Julien Donkey Boy. In that order cut off what you need to.

>>135723435Because Burgerpunk is the post-modern version of the nihilistic 70s films like those and Five Easy Pieces, and Fat City

>>135723388>Five Easy Pieces, and Fat CityThen these should be the first two on the list.

>>135723475but shouldn't the burgerpunk films be separate from those nihilistic 70s films?

>>135723529Yes, but he put Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween on there

>>135721808Brody has written a lot of stuff I agree with and a lot of stuff I disagree with. He seems particularly susceptible to taking hot takes to illogical extremes

>>135723535>>135723529and Wanda

>>135723535It is the Halloween remake, but I could take off both to keep burgerpunk separate

>>135723540He also tends to promote anything NYC or mumblecore based, which is fucking disgusting and pathetic. But his book on Godard is a fantastic read.

>>135723577Nothing Beyond 2010 should be considered Burger punk either, too high of a budget.

>>135723610so nothing pre-90s (or 80s idk) and nothing post-2010s?

>>135723648IDK Bernie, Cosmpolis, Florida Project, Good Time, Spring Breakers, and Tangerine are all clearly burger-punk films, but they all had fairly high budgets compared to early Korine, Clark, Van Sant, Reichardt, Linklater, and Gallo. I'd also probably add Jackie Brown

>>135723744>>135723648I'll probably make a New Hollywood (1965-1983) one this week.

>>135723744I'm going to keep the 2010s films because I feel they fit, but I'll take off anything pre-80s

>>135716656is that morrissey?

>>135723817Yeah, I agree, but would say anything 1983 or earlier to remove too. I consider Rumblefish and Scarface to be the end of New Hollywood.

>>135723388i didn't want to know :/

>>135722715>>135723860alright here's what I'm adding>River's Edge>Heaven Knows What>Field Niggas>Bully>Another Day in Paradise>Ken Park>King of New York>Bad Lieutenant>The Addiction>New Rose Hotel>Showgirls>Julien Donkey Boy>Gerry>House That Jack Built>Paranoid Park>Drugstore Cowboy>Primer>Super Dark Times

>>135724174Looks good.

Working on this list right now. I started it after reading some books about noir and thought it would be interesting to check some out. Haven't seen most of them yet and honestly doubt they'll be any good, despite that I want them too. It's not about good or bad movies tho, just a catalogue of what I've picked up on the books. Any thoughts? or recs?

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Kino with cassowaries?

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>>135719852Many thanks, user.

>>135721253And rightfully so. McDonalds high brow is literally the best genre ever invented.

The only Americam film I will ever rate is Bad Lieutenant. Harvey Keitel is fantastic.

>>135724870hes good in it but the film itself is very limiting, overall a couple days after I watched it I decided I didn't enjoy it

What are some /film/ lists on letterboxd?

>>135718694Thanks for the response. I just finished watching. I liked it quite a bit but it definitely lags. I was drinking and I got up to piss and there was still 55 minutes left. The music was amazing and the actress mother reminded me of the landlord from Mulholland Dr. 7/10

>>135724998I think it pushes ita subject matter about as far as it can possibly go.

What are some maximalist films?

>>135725218The US theatrical cut trims all the fat and chugs along at a smooth clip. Some consider it sacrilege, but I actually prefer it to the director's cut.

>>135724998This happens to me quite often, still looking forward to this film.

>>1357255048 1/2. good luck finding a good stream.

>>135724870>The only Americam film I will ever rateWhy are you so pathetic?

>>135725612sorry but americans cant make art

>>135725504Juarez (1939)

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why cant any film ever be close to reach the power of a classical composition?

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>>135725612>you ever suck a guys cock *fap fap fap* open your mouth *fap fap fap*

>>135725612Why are you such a seethoid?

>>135725695Film is an extremely lazy art. Barely qualifies as art really. No skill necessary. Just need to be pseudy.

>>135725630I mean, look at this. You find refuge on a film general, you think of yourself as a smart person, le patrician but then goes on to post completely asinine retarted shit like that. Which is as much shitposting as anything else.>>135725758It would be better to be in a more serious and intelligent place, and here there's a chance, but some people can only deal in hot takes nonsense generalizations.

>>135725912ameritard detected

>>135725912I post here and I am an actual genius. I'm literally a genius

>>135725912i have 140 iq and i shit on america

>>135725936It doesn't matter, stupid Holla Forums minded creature. "I'm american" "I'm not-american" is not the point. Piss-poor shitposting.

>>135725695>>135725838Film is by far the greatest art, by default. Anyone with a brain can recognize that fast.

Everyone should watch The Match Factory Girl it's only one hour and on Criterion.

>>135726030has potential but even with music inside cant compare to music on its own

>>135726030I prefer literature to film. Reading Ulysses and Moby Dick have moved me far more than any film has.

Funny how you changed your tune fast. Doubt I'll see you redirecting yourself to /fag/ and /retard/, and yet there you are on the same level as the others, hypocritical cunt

>>135726116Me? I've stopped posting because I was watching Wild at Heart. >>135726066 was my last post because I want somebody to see it. It's like a neo-Bresson absurdist film.

Khryastalov posters, I'll watch that tomorrow night if you watch Match Factory Girl.

>>135726152Apologies, paranoia is strong here.

>>135726242so watch Match Factory Girl

>tfw my insane arthouse sript will never be producedif it ever gets made look for people on fire dancing in slow motion

>>135726112I've had great experiences with books, anyone who has read them for long should have: Don Quijote, A Tale of Two Cities, Memorias Posthumas, Grande Sertão: Veredas, Cien Años De Soledad, Il Fu Mattia Pascal. etc. But with cinema, countless more. The medium itself is superior.

>>135726349I only know English, so I haven't read those.

>>135726492low iq t b h

>>135726492Well, that's what translations are for. I can read in three languages, but not russian, japanese, italian, etc. So, translations.

>>135718810Kek. Delusional. You got gangraped in like 3 threads in a row by several people. Fucking retard. Nice way trying to course correct though.

>>1357204691. Faust2. Conspirators of Pleasure3. Little Otik/Lunacy

>>135727309What? I meant the anti-Antonioni guy, or do you seriously think that retard was right?

>>135727436Okay, i thought you meant me. You need to write anti Antonioni poster not Antonioni poster. So we are on the same page then.

>>135727622Yeah, I was one of the people arguing with him, and he posted that Tarkovsky bullshit today, which was similar enough to the Antonioni post where one could pass it off as genuine, but it's just bait. He's dropped the Antonioni angle today, so tomorrow he'll probably do some other director.

>>135716656Oh, yeah, now Vertigo is a proper baller movie. My main nigga Hitch knew what's up

>>135727695I only skimmed the thread. Should be fun reading his inane thoughts on Stalker. His posts about Antonioni were pure retardation. I wonder whether he is the same guy who claimed several threads back that L'Eclisse wasn't boundary pushing in any way.

>>135727938Begins here >>135717572


I don't know whether you're there or not. Maybe you just clean carpets. If you do, you're lucky. You're gonna live a long, happy life. But if you other guys are out there, if you're picking this up, forget about the Army of the Twelve Monkeys. They didn't do it. It was a mistake. Someone else did it. The Army of the Twelve Monkeys is just a bunch of dumb kids playin' revolutionaries. Listen. I've done my job. I did what you wanted. Good luck. I'm not coming back.

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>>135718029fuck I love Blue I put it on to go to sleep


Rewatched The Shawshank Redemption(1994). Never so lackluster as in this fourth time back to it. Voiceover narration by one of the main characters sounded now very irritating. Stock types populate everywhere, further knowledge of the subgenre makes it shine egregiously. Aerial shot in the begining is the film's highest point visually. Robbins and Freeman have their work diminished since it is seldom allowed to breathe. Old man's getting out section well done in northlessness within frailty-affected individual. Twisty escape plan is of some wit, but impact of OH! factor only on first watch. Taken as the inspirational, hope-affirming spectacle that made it a enormous popular favorite, it's a satisfying apple, good fruit, doesn't upset the stomach. Classic Hollywood craftmanship as effective as ever. Stand By Me is better.Didn't like it. 6.5/10.Watched The Castle(1997). Has a lot of charm (maybe because it's such a distant culture). A few times it seems to be laughing at the characters, but overall tone isn't mean-spirited. Makes sense it's a local Australian classic; middle class fighting against a fat, corrupt Leviathan but with good spirits, earnestness and resolve. Does look cheap, but tones with the environment. Oddness and quirkyness without being completely insufferable. Feeble screenplay chooses deus ex-machina to a happy end. However it's a film that affirms itself as little, tv-like.Liked it. 6.5/10.Also watched:Uma Vida E Outra(2006). Hated it. Disgusting, sophomoric abherration.New Heights with Claudia Tihan. Liked it very much. Doesn't start promising, but grows.

>>135722715you are a redditor

>>135729340>didn't like it - 6.5>liked it - 6.5What's going on

>>135730129A healthy separation. One side a personal feeling, from hate to love. In the other, to try the best possible objective analysis, and place it in context with one's whole record of films. Then summarized by a number rating.To an extreme, you could have a bad movie as a favorite, and be bored or annoyed with a great one.

>>135730129Not him but I do the exact same shit. I gave Once Upon a Time in Hollywood a 7/10 but now I hate it, meanwhile I gave Climax the same rating but now I love it. >>135730640>objective analysis of artdoesn't exist Don't be a pussy. Be honest with your own opinions. If you hated a commonly beloved classic, give it a low rating. If you loved a mostly panned film, give it a high rating. Fuck anyone who tells you off about it.

anyone got that elliot gould webm?

>>135730640>>135730732Very strange thought processes

Just watched Uwe Boll's favorite film. I liked it. Then I read how much of a horrorshow it was to make and how much of a disaster is was critically and in the box office, temporarily destroying Brando's career before The Godfather got made. Should I have not liked it?

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>>135730913It's good film, why wouldn't you like it?

>>135730973Because from a production end it was a mess of conflicting visions and egos and the director was some guy they hired off the street to replace the man with the real vision. Generally that should mean the movie will come out bad

>>135731082It happens sometimes. Just like Kubrick replaced Mann and clashed with Douglas for Spartacus. Still a good film.

>>135730732I don't think I'm being dishonest in any way. There's no conflict. Some films are bad -or worse- and you appreaciate them in an amused, camp way. Say Ed Wood films or Miami Connection or Movie 43 or I am Sam. And then you can recognize the filmmaking quality of a great work but it doesn't connect emotionally, or you disagree with the morals, politics, etc. As said, you gotta try your best to be objective in an inherent subjective business.

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