Possible Batman Beyond movie?

>Michael Keaton back as Bruce Wayne>Johny Depp as resurrected Joker>Tim Burton to direct>high-budget theatrical movie intended as sequel to original Burton films and set up for Batman's future in DCEUApparently those are current plans in talk between AT&T and Warner. Are you onboard for it to really happen?youtube.com/watch?v=sMXjtvMAFlI

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I'm all for it

Only if Michelle Pfieffer comes back as retired catwoman

Been saying they should have done Batman Beyond for the last 10 years. I'd love Static Shock to get his own movie as well.

>>135707275I would love it. I wouldn't even mind if they just adapted the first season into a movie trilogy.

>>135707275Joker shit again? Batman Beyond has enough cool material without Joker, if anything he's the worst thing.

If someone's going to play Joker as an older man why not get Mark Hammill to do it live-action FINALLY

>>135707478>I wouldn't even mind if they just adapted the first season into a movie trilogy.Apparently the idea is to adapt Return of the Joker movie, to fit it for matters of Burtonverse, with Depp taking role of new Joker.

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>>135707551Warner's side is pushing this.

>Terry will be blackP A S S

>>135707275>BurtonNo thanks, i'll pass. Burton is terrible.

>>135707275>Tim Burton to directOh fuck no please.

>>135707275Why not in this point? Batman universe is dead since Bale

>>135707275nah Zack Snyder to direct


>>135707275>the joker againSTOP

>>135707275If this happens for real Terry is black.

>>135707275Enough with the fucking Joker jesus tapdancing christ

>>135707699You don't want Michael B Jordan playing Terry?

>>135707275>the joker againJust stop jared Lego killed that character for good. Its dead now leave the corpse alone.

>>135707699>Terry HAS to be black Fixed that for you

Cast them

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>>135707699yes, black with a red emblem.

>>135707620It's not about having older Joker. It's about having resurrected Joker, so anyone who will play him is essentially bound to impersonate Nicholson's Joker in style of this >>135707625

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>>135707275Perfect opportunity to make the new Batman black!!!

>>135707275>Apparently those are current plans in talk between AT&T and Warner. Are you onboard for it to really happen?>youtube.com/watch?v=sMXjtvMAFlIBatfleck dies fighting Darkseid in JL3 that's his future. Also>Grace Randolph

>>135708264two black actresses

>>135707275>Tim Burton to directFuck no. Burton hasn't made a good movie since Big Fish, and it's still his weakest good movie

>>135708123I fear this to be true. I had a nightmare not long ago it was the half cast kid from Pokemon movie

>>135709465Burton doesn't become weaker due to losing talent, but rather due to becoming studio bitch. Maybe this could become his return to form.

>>135709465>he doesn’t like Sweeney, Frankenweenie and Big Eyes

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Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Joker directed by Tim Burton sounds pretty cringey. Depp could have pulled it off maybe, MAYBE, in the early 2000s, but hes a wash up and his shtick is tired. Burton has been a hack since the 90s. Would make for a good hot topic tee shirt though.

>>135709638I'd rather not chance it. It's criminal enough that there's not a Batman Beyond movie as is. I'd give it to James Wong. He did great with Aquaman.

>>135707275>also needs a cameo.

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>>135709704I forgot about Sweenie, but pass on the others.>>135709717This. Stop inserting 89 memberberry garbage. Keaton is supposed to be a fun nostalgia moment as a future Batman, it's not about making the Burtonverse cannon or whatever the fuck.

>>135707275Needs more Earthmover.

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>>135709855Actually the whole appearance in Flash seems about replacing Batflack with Burtonverse Batman.But in any case, still matters what final decision Keaton will make. Right now, everything is holding on him.But still don't say, that you can't imagine him.

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>current day tim burtonWhy are you people exited again?

>>135707551JOKERZ literally is big part of BB

>>135710152I never bought the him replacing Batfleck thing. Despite whatever leaks say, I think he'll just be a cameo or possibly even a supporting role as a future detective focused Batman that helps Barry. So you get the universe hopping of Flashpoint, without the universe resetting parts.

>>135707275>Johny Depp as resurrected Jokenow, that's a good joke

>>135710428Made by Warner staff.

>>135707275Man I would be pretty fucking angry if I waited all this time for a Batman Beyond movie and despite its massive and wonderful rouge's gallery, the main villian is fucking Joker. I won't even settle if it's supposed to be the that one Jokers gang.Who it should be: BlightWho I want it to be: Shriek

>>135710393At the current state of DCEU, reset is necessary. And with Batfleck now gone and Pattinson being definitely set to be standalone, Keatons seems like logic choice to fill void. After all they definitelly want him to fill Nick Fury-like role.

>>135710573Blame Warner for being pussies which fears pulling more unique villains.

>>135710573It should be Inque with Blight plugged at the end for a sequel

>Tim Burton to direct>Johny Depp as resurrected JokerI loved Batman Beyond as a kid but this shit sounds awful

>>135710886>It should be Inque

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>>135707275It's honestly embarrassing how poorly WB has botched the Batman Beyond property. It's one of the most universally loved spinoffs that has a ton of average fan appeal. Plus a legit top 5 rogues gallery.

>>135707275I’ve been wanting Keaton to do Batman Beyond for years.But he’s too old now. He’s 68 now. He’ll be damn near 70 when they film. Yeah the suit will be lighter than the 80 pound one he had in the day, but at his age, I don’t see how he could do it. Unless have stunt double most the scenes and CGI his face onto him

>>135707451Absolute incorrect opinion, Static Shock was based.

Please CGI Nicholson

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>>135711183Dude, did you ever watched an actual Batman Beyond series? Keaton right now is perfect to portray elderly Bruce Wayne as he is portrayed in Batman Beyond. Damn, he even look similar.

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>>135711478It’s a cartoon! You can literally have elderly cartoon character do anything.It’s entirely different scenario having a 70 year old having put on heavy restrictive suit for grueling hours of filming.Even Bale couldn’t stand filming in the suit and he’s half Keaton’s age

>>135711559>put on heavy restrictive suitHave you seen the show?

>>135711583Yes. And you think that’s what he’s going to wear! Batman has armored suit since ‘89. Not going back tights

>>135711559He doesn't put on the suit. That's why he has a younger guy to become Batman. A passing of the mantle.

>>135711559Fucking retard, do you even know what Bruce does in Beyond? It's 100% a supporting role where all he needs to do is sit around.The stuff Keaton did in Spiderman Homecoming was far more demanding than what he's need to do in Beyond.

>>135711674They’ll probably make the suit like this

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>>135711559Dude, I assume that you never did have seen original show. In series, elderly Bruce Wayne retired as Batman and find new young guy to done suit. He alone nearly never goes into action, and if he does, then usually in a way that his elderly strength logically allows. For most time he is just mentor sitting in Batcave and watching young Batman on big screen.What I personally remember this way his probably biggest physical action in whole series:youtube.com/watch?v=kIRCnkwnHqM

>>135711868>youtube.com/watch?v=kIRCnkwnHqMThe moment the old Batman theme kicks in is kino.

>>135711868It’s been years since I’ve seen it. I remember him being more active. But I guess can do power ranger thing where entire face is covered and have stunt doubles do it

>>135711939They even did get Shirley Walker to do few more remixes for show.

>>135711970For the most time in Beyond, this is how Bruce works in action:youtube.com/watch?v=VvdDVuw1-cA

>>135707625This could actually work. It would be Nicholson's Joker coming back to haunt Bruce, kind of like in the scrapped Batman and Robin sequel.The only problem is that whoever's body Joker takes over will be instantly obvious because of Depp. The twist only worked in the cartoon because you can stretch the imagination to have Tim Drake transform into the BTAS Joker.

>>135712312>This could actually work. It would be Nicholson's Joker coming back to haunt Bruce, kind of like in the scrapped Batman and Robin sequel.Exactly.>The twist only worked in the cartoonI imagine, that they completely redone the whole premise in the movie, if it happens. So is question, if it will be even twist. I strongly doubt that they incorporate Tim Drake into Burtonverse.

>>135707275Batman Beyond should be a TV series, not a film. You can't just resurrect the Joker in the same film you introduce the future Batman, it'll just be a mess.

>>135712657>You can't just resurrect the Joker in the same film you introduce the future Batman, it'll just be a mess.I completely agree. It's something that needs a lot of build up first.

>>135712715Not to mention they haven't actually killed the Joker in the first place, so his resurrection is an asspull and a half.The only remotely kino possibility for Batman Beyond as a movie is a catching up montage set to Hurtyoutube.com/watch?v=jtqgITheZmc

>>135711478Looks nothing like him. Batman Beyond Bruce looks like an older Animated Series Bruce. They need to cast someone with a strong jaw and some muscle.

>>135707620He essentially plays the Joker in flashyoutube.com/watch?v=llytsXPTGCw

>>135708264i cast them to take turns on sitting on my face and riding my big fat white cock

>>135709230>more redheads getting blackwashed

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Joseph Kosinski should direct

>>135707620Arleen can play an old Harley

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>>135712956>Not to mention they haven't actually killed the Joker in the first place, so his resurrection is an asspull and a half.It should follow this dude:youtube.com/watch?v=zzcESaZle-c

Tim Burton hasn't made a good film in 20 years, and that's being polite.

>>135707370>Static ShockThat's not his name

>>135714177Yeah, that'll be tonally consistent

>>135714459In Burtonverse Joker is dead, so story about his mysterious resurrection could kinda work.Still not sure with that Depp casting though. Somebody more capable to impersonate Nicholson would be much better.

>>135715092Not being funny but that film is thirty years old. No way they do a direct sequel because there's a good chance most of their audience hasn't seen Burton Batman and the whole point of having a "Nick Fury" is to be part of a cinematic universe because for whatever reason WB still thinks they can make Avengers.

>>135707275>Tim Burton to directGod no

>>135711559Can you believe what they did to poor Jeff Bridges...

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>>135715199>Not being funny but that film is thirty years old. No way they do a direct sequel because there's a good chance most of their audience hasn't seen Burton BatmanI could name several other movies, where age of movie was not issue to create modern sequel. One of them include even another classic staring Nicholson.

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>>135715475Also if Arrowverse could make John Wesley Shipp's series canon, I don't see reason, why Keaton's batman couldn't do same.

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>>135715475Senator, I knew the Shining. I watched the Shining many times. The Shining is a favorite of mine. Senator, Batman is no Shining. Besides, Doctor Sleep isn't a sequel to the Kubrick Shining, it's an adaptation of the Stephen King novel which is a sequel to the source material that inspired the Shining.

>>135707275eughh tim burton is washed up bros

>>135715578Arrowverse made Shipp's series canon as part of a multi show crossover after working with Shipp for half a decade and they did it fundamentally to add drama to a solution they came up with for a bit of wordplay. Shipp was not a main character in Flash, they did not make it canon to the main continuity and viewers do not suffer from not having seen the show. This is not the case with a Burton sequel

>>135715601>Doctor Sleep isn't a sequel to the Kubrick ShiningExcept actually IS.

>>135715700Still, they pretty much can do same for movies. Which is reason why role in Flash movie comes first.

>>135707275>Johny Depp as resurrected Joker

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>>135707275God I fucking hope not, last thing we need is more Bruce Timm's fanfiction for normies

>>135707349THISand they show full penetration Michael Keaton going into a young and old Pfieffer fights crime, full penetration, crime, penetration and back and forth for 130 or so minutes and we have a real blockbuster hit for DC

>>135708264Belle Delphine in CGI mirrored image

>>135716062No, its a sequel to the books events. They literally have a dead character alive again. One who survived the book but not the films changes.

>>135711727absolute garbage

>>135707275Sounds based but I hope they don't fuck up Terry. Zero percent chance he'll be played by a white actor.

>>135715700>>135715475Who the fuck hasn't seen the Burton Batman films? I can't think of any more ubiquitous capeshit.

>>135716636>They literally have a dead character alive again.Dude, watch the movie again. He was ghost.

>>135717143THIS!Even Ledgerfags acknowledge Nicholson portrayal of Joker.

>>135717057Post your casting choices for Terry.

>>135717357Not him but Joseph Gordon Levitt when he was a teen or early 20s.

>>135717143People born after the 70s?

>>135717548Dude, that movie is not that THAT old.

>>135715199>Implying that sequel of Burton movie can't be accessible to today audience>especially using preimise as Batman Beyond.Ah those movie babies today.

>>135717548My 20 year old nephew has seen the Burton Batman movies.

>>135715092>Somebody more capable to impersonate Nicholson would be much better

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Christ this thread is full of boomers

>>135717765GODDAMMIT, THIS!

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>>135711727so just the Nolan suit minus a cape?

>>135707275In theory yes. In practice, Burton hasn't made a good movie in ages, Depp is old and not in a good way. It also matters who they are going to pick as Terry McGinnis.

>>135717792Dilate>>135717888Keked and CHECKED

>>135717792Get off my fucking lawn.

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>>135707275>Johny Depp>Not Eddie Redmayne

>>135707275>BurtonHe hasn’t made a good film in like 20 years. What a disastrous idea.

>>135717357Imagine that Meta level.

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>>135718239More like the MEH-ta level

>>135717357maybe too old

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>>135716641It's schwarbage


>link.hollywoodreporter.com/view/5d72bf807e55540ee8500a04ccj4v.bbg/50b114d8The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Keaton is expected to donning a costume in Flash movie and pretty much replace role of Thomas Wayne from Flashpoint storyline. So we are getting full reintroduction of Burtonverse Batman. No more reason crying over people not knowing old movies.

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>>135718983WB aren't desperate enough to dig up a shit film like 89 Batman as the basis for their shared universe. Keaton is probably just going to play Thomas Wayne

>>135707370>I'd love Static Shock to get his own movie as well.You just know they'd fuck it up.

>>135717548But I was born in 1990

>>135719271How? By whitewashing Static?

>>135719330>There are people aged 30+ on Holla ForumsHow embarrassing.

>>135719371Someone born in 1990 could be 29

>>135719194>WB aren't desperate enough to dig up a shit film like 89 Batman as the basis for their shared universe.I'm pretty super sure that whenever the WB board looks at Disney's performance in the last decade, they get the urge to decapitate all their own executives altogether.

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>>135719411Wait, Joss was cancelled? When did that happen and what did he do?

>>135719194Dude, HR literally says "there is no Thomas Wayne in the script".

>>135710886>It should be Inque with Blight plugged at the end for a sequelBlight is the origin story though, Inque is still the best for his rogues gallery.

>>135719564You expect me to actually follow the link? It's probably not true anyway, Flashpoint doesn't make sense without Thomas Wayne so it's either them disguising the script or it's Flashpoint in name only

>>135711645>He doesn't put on the suit. That's why he has a younger guy to become Batman. A passing of the mantle.He wears the enhanced suit once in the prologue where he has a heart attack. Its not required to have Keaton do any stunt work, just stand there and take the mask off and say never again. The only other action bits Bruce does is clopping people with his cane or the heavy suit against Inque. The Heavy Suit also has a closed mask so Keaton wouldn't actually need to do any stunt work.

>>135719635you are about to realize that WB studios never truly cared about being faithful to the original comic books source anyway

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If this happens we will get a nigger as Terry. So no, I am not on board.

>>135719703No but it's like trying to remake Jaws without the mayor or Terminator without Kyle Reese. The story isn't possible in any recognizable form

>>135719635Dude, they already said several times that they are not doing a literal adaptation of Flashpoint. Simply Barry instead of Flashpoint verse will travel into Burtonverse.

>>135719842That's not Flashpoint... at all...

>>135719816you're a purist, that's your thing, I'm not judging. But you should realize that this isn't about being faithful or recognizable to purists like you, it's about WB making $. And Bobby Random who goes regularly to the movies and who never opened up a graphic novel in his life, he really couldn't give any less of a fuck about Flashpoint either.

>>135719935Yeah, just like most of comicbook adaptation are not exactly adaptations of their sources. Yet, Hollywood kepps them calling adaptation. Deal with it. You get "Flashpoint adaptation" that is not Flashpoint adaptation at all.

>>135719739They can't risk Marvel accusing them for copying Black Panther.

>>135708208considering terry is a clone of batmanno i dont want him playing terry

>>135719194>dig up a shit film like 89 BatmanHow did your taste get so shit?

For anyone other than Burton, absolutely.


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>>135711183What ? Keaton is now the perfect age for Batman Beyond

>>135710152So who the fuck is playing Batman on the justice league? Terry?

>>135721637Yeah I don't think it would go well for Marvel if they start screaming about how only they can have a black man

>>135707275It will probably be Batgirl instead of Terry Mcginnis

>>135715340>Dumbo>Miss Peregrinehe has been on a slump lately, without Christopher Lee it seems he's lost his mojo

>>135711066>WB has botched the Batman Beyond property>It's one of the most universally loved spinoffs that has a ton of average fan appealSo how the fuck did they botch it?

I hope they recreate this scene with Keaton, just don't have him drop a loaded gun because that's really retarded though.youtube.com/watch?v=llBexiLzK5UI just like that Bruce retires when he realizes he can no longer just disarm people.

>>135722538I think he might mean they haven't done anything with it since Justice League Unlimited back like 15 years ago. That or he could be complaining about how poorly it's handled in the comics whenever DC feels like revisiting it.

>>135707275How would you guys feel if instead of a Batman Beyond movie they made a Batgirl movie with Keaton as her mentor?


>>135722204Be still my heart.

>>135723144Why? Why does it have to be Terry?

>>135723193Beyond + Burtonverse is just too tight a fit to go any other way. The whole thing with old Bruce in the new Flash movie is only being accepted because it might lead to a Beyond movie. If they went with Batgirl that way it would just be spitting in fans' faces (not to say that people wouldn't like to see Batgirl in a film again and done right after the shifty alicia silverstone take). And by done right I mean going by the comics.

>>135709928This shit creeped me out.

DC & Warner have been on damage control for over three years now, and they're just patching the leaks with everything they have at their disposal. It's not that it's convoluted (since you just need a quick google search to find out the plan they're making), but rather, it's convoluted because they're sinking, at least in the Expanded Universe department. I love the idea of 89' being connected to Beyond (kinda genius ngl), but I've my doubts as if this will be a well thought idea or just a life saver to throw into the ocean.

>>135723762There were worse things:youtube.com/watch?v=aNZ0n-OGMDg

>>135723660>Beyond + Burtonverse is just too tight a fit to go any other way.Maybe because Beyond is essentially sequel of original animated series, which was in fact based on original Burtonverse movies on certain degree. Just look on intro:youtube.com/watch?v=rrmUk2YUm14So now having Beyond movie connected to Burton movies would be kinda closed circle.

>>135707275>Wanting anyone but Kevin Conroy as Batman Beyond's Bruce Wayne.

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>>135725500Yeah, because he's such a great live action Batman, right?

Heres your Terry bro

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>>135710152If they do this they need to do this as a 1 off.. Keaton comes back to mentor the next Batman.. No cameo, full supporting role for Keaton.. And then that's that. End it on a high note.

>>135707275According to what source? OP's anus?

>>135714023Having fun with her grandchildren!!! >>135708264

>>135707275Resurrected Joker is the worst part of Batman Beyond. Freeze's plot was GOTY.

>>135707275Sounds great. Bring back Christian Bale as old Batman though.

>>135707620I’ve been wanting this since forever. Please.

>>135707275They're going to make Terry black.

>>135726061Fuck off, Nolanite. Keaton is miles ahead of Bale when it comes to acting.


>>135726295Has this channel ever been right about anything?

>>135725568all that matters is the voice, you could convince mark hamill to be an old man joker and just rehash that comic arc where one of the jokerz has old bruce on life support while everyone thinks hes dead and is stealing his money, then you find out it was an old ass joker and he turns one of the gangsters into a creepy gore cyborg with a hologram of his face in his chest.

>>135726502Channel doesn't really matter. As scoop itself stated to be from Mickey Sutton, who has pretty BIG record of making leaks. One examples for everything: It was HIM who first revealed plans for Snyder Cut being release on HBO Max. Already on November 2019.

>>135708756my man I watched doctor sleepthere ain't a nicholson impersonator in hollywood who isn't awfulmaybe dicaprio because at least he can do the eyebrow thing

I love BB, but I don't think I could watch it if it's just another lazy Burton/Depp cashgrab.


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>>135707349Isn't Michelle Pfeiffer a old hag now? Didn't she hit the wall?


>>135726824Asking if someone at 60 “hit the wall” is retarded. She looks great for her age

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>>135726888No way she is 60. She looks 30,maybe 40

>>135719677but the best episode of the show has him doing some action

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Terry Crews as Terry.

>>135707275>Tim BurtonOHNONONONONO

>>135726934Power of makeup and taking care of yourself

>>135727028>Burton>badWhy? He made the first two batman films.

>>135727301He hasn't made a good movie in years

>>135707275I would be down for a Batman Beyond movie only of they have Henry Rollins play Mad Stan

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>>135725739So after Nolan we entering into decade of shit Batman movies?

>>135727340Mad Stan was absolutely right. Information overload man.

>>135716535Until the movie sort of ends..

>>135724877Holly fuck cartoons were brutal. I know remember that guy whom Terry stuffed full of splicer juice and made him mutate into fucking abomination. I still fucking remember his voice when tried to say "what have you done to me?!" with deformed mouth.

>>135727301and they ware terrible

>>135726755damn he would've been perfect

>>135727894>Batman Beyond>brutal

>>135728065Unbelievable how you could miscast and waste the dude with the comic book face.Zack Snyder is pretty stupid.

god batman beyond is so fucking kino. if they actually make it true to the show it'd be the best capeshit to date

>>135718938His name is static. Static Shock is the name of the show.

>>135726687>all that matters is the voiceThis is your brain on anime

>>135707699>>135708123Isn't Terry supposed a clone of Bruce though?

>>135729420>Bruce is Idris Elba

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>>135715700Jfc holy fucking shit unironically HAVE SEX.

>>135708264Ideally prime Lindsay Lohan with mirror CGI.Best I can get now is probably Dakota and Elle Fanning.

>>135707275sounds good to me t b h

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isn't terry like half asian?

>TerryZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzCall me when they pick second Wayne for Batman Beyond

>>135730064No. His mom is white. His biological father is Bruce. His dad is white.