Last episode of Rental Reviews


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>mmm>yup>mm hm

see you in hell

>>135701399>49minsThis better be because James decided to fucking talk this episode and not just the fatties not cutting their blabber down

>>135701399Are you serious about it being the last episode?

>>135701399>>135703746ESL-kun meet Autism-chan

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thank fucking god

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Truthers: 1Screenwave: 0

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these were so fucking awful. Who even watched these?

>>135703927>The guys are still working on the channelLets face it Corona-chan saved the fatties jobs. Justin has been a complete failure on camera and Kieran and Tony have both demonstrated repeateddly what liabilities they are to the brands image

>>135704409I wish James would just retire. honestly I wish his shitty movie had turned enough of a profit that he could just retire and work on putting up dracula posters or whatever in his basement. he seems like a nice guy, he doesn't deserve this eternal limbo

>>135704409They were fine commute material. I still think RR could've been a lot better than it was if they'd been truer to themselves and not tried to immitate what other shows do.

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>>135704589there is reason to believe James is an asshole

>>135704546All three of them were awful for the brand image. SeriouslyJustin>did a lets play of ethnic cleansing>cosplayed in KKK uniform>"who let a nigger be a cop">"I hate the N word">"you dont own a car because youre black"Tony>Wears a Mr Metokur on the official cinemassacre channel>constant coomer references to porn stars>had to make his twitter private from retweeting a bunch of alt right shit plus getting in arguments with liberals>owned a Gab accountKieran>his huge meltdown on reddit in 2018>his Q&A on here >wished all his haters would die a horrible death on livestream on multiple occassions>public meltdown on twitterthese are the absolute worst coworkers in existence

No more rambles about movies? Whatever shall I do?I mean I like the concept of the rental store, but it would have been better as a remembrance of running a rental store and dealing with the weird shit that made its way through the doors from both a customer and product point of view.Like holy shit VHS stuff is a gold mine for cultural observations like they do with the nerd videos and Board James. Listening to the fatties ramble for an hour just isn't appealing.

>>135704589james honestly does deserve it. The kovie showed how much of a egomaniac he is

>>135701399Such a painfully obvious ripoff of RLM.

>rental reviews is finally overwhat a great birthday present

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>kieran makes a Big Ryan fan jokeWhat is with the fat fucks and their insistant stockholm syndrome with the truther sub? They claim to hate those guys more than anything in the world, yet they go out of their way to reference all their jokes

>>135701399nothing but good memories mmhmm

>>135701399These people. They aren't entertaing. James is a 40 year old dumb boomer. The others offer no substance and no entertainment when discussing movies.This channel is only going cause nostalgia for James.

>>135705233Happy birthday

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>>135705409You claim and the rest of those fucks from the reddit claim to hate Cinemassacre, yet you guys obsess over every little thing they do. Get a life, dude. Seriously.

>>135705729>the redditsup Kieran.

>>135705703thanks! im 22

>>135701399rest in piss in piss

>>135705798Fuck off.


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>>135703927>there were 100 episodes of Rental Review

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>>135704179Jesus wept truthers are pathetic, they don't know anything about anything. I'd hazzard a guess that a lot of the resentment they have towards James and co is that while they've all changed from 2006 to present, they've changed very little


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>>135706016Yet he failed his mission to take down the truth sub. His meltdown on Twitter was so embarrassing that he was forced to take down the tweets

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I thought RR was decent, nothing too great, but I watched most of them. Its best quality was how fast they were put out. Consistent content.Too bad it's over. I probably won't watch whatever they come up in its place.

>>135706126>imagine marathoning them all back to back

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>>135706198i wonder if he did it on his accord or if Ryan told him to

>>135706259I fucking might have to.I only have strong, distinct memories of like three episodes and I had assumed this whole time that this was one "on the back burner, something we do when we're all together and board" thing. Like, they'd made, at the absolute outside, 15 episodes.Hell, if there are 100... He'd had to have made more than one a month, right?

>>135703927Wait, does that mean the fatties will stop appearing onscreen?

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>>135706352Theyve been coming out every friday since august 2018. I still remember one of the first Holla Forums posts mentioning the fat fucks

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Big Ryan fan here, this was the right decision

delete every non AVGN video om the channel and archive James movie stuff on another channel.Then itll be perfect

>>135706531You just clonked my bonkers!

>>135706531Not hard to do when you do little to no research, barely know what you're talking about, and are confident in your ignorance. ReplyGirls made videos every day!

the best episodes are the ones where James didn't even watch the movie

>Febru-CAREY>March-AL ARTS>APE- rilkill me

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>>135707029Yeah, there are some really dumb episodes out of this 100. You'd think Rule #1 would've been James has to be invested in this movie/topic or else we don't do the episode.

>>135706198When his video is done it's coming down. Enjoy your reddit while it lasts.

>>135707088Someone in the office must've read about theme months being good for your channel growth, because they just threw away movies to do those months.

>>135701399time flies when you make shit content

>>135707376Remember Playlist Junkie?

>>135707405literally no

>>135701399>Taking credit for a format invented RLM James Rolfe should apologize to irate gamer

These guys suck and are not funny.


Cinemassacre was a lot better before it tried being a RLM ripoff

>>135707505Make something better then. Oh wait, you won't.

>>135707724Give me like 5 years.

Kieran here, AMA

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>>135701399haven't watch this guy since the original AVGN shit yeeears ago...Is he still doing the same shit? What's with all the fucking drama?..I thought it was some dude at his parents house or some shit?!...can someone tl;dr me?

>>135708052Is that Jerod guy still seething about being the Denise Crosby of your group?

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>>135708247James got tired of managing the Cinemassacre brand after making the movie so he handed it off to a media """company""" called Screenwave owned by Nurglings who plan videos for him

>>135708317they actually made that movie?! I swear I remember a fucking geocities site mentioning that!

>>135708307hi Tony

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>>135708052That could be literally any 80's hosebag with a A4 in front of his face.

>>135701399>last ep so they can do podcastslazy faggots

>>135705729hi karen you pathetic faggot!

>>135708606hahaha...thats fucking who are these people he turned it over to and why do you all hate them?

>>135701399Good. The channel has actually been getting slightly better since James started doing his solo reviews again. I'm fairly certain they came to the conclusion that no one wants to see them and are acting accordingly. I respect that; giving the people what they want and knowing when to step down.

>>135701399>implyingThey'll milk James for all he's worth just so they can live out their fantasy of being members of RedLetterMedia

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>Well, we just watched Aliens. It's my first time watching this. I thought it was fine. Did you know Sicknorgy Weaver was in the original film which was called 'Alien' haha what a weird name for a movie. It's like calling it 'Monster' or something hahah.

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>>135705233hbd bro

>>135701399>last oneThank god. The views were abysmal too luckily.

>>135704872Tony sounds based

>>135701399If that disgusting blob creature is not in the videos, I’d be generally fine with this shameless rlm ripoff. But that hulking, disgusting, mess of flesh and diabetes is so fucking revolting

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James is a troglodyte soda-brain

>>135709062I used to love James but if I saw him today I'd honestly try to kill him just to put him out of his misery. He's like an old sick dog that you can't stand to see hurt any longer.He hates being the nerd but that's all he's got and he has to keep playing the character to maintain a living. His movie, the one chance of him following his dream of being a real film maker, was a completely embarrassing disaster. He has a broken baby, his bitch wife walks all over him and the fact she's cuckolding him is all but confirmed. He's balding.I think he'd kill himself if not for the baby, but with his wife's reputation I doubt it's even his in the first place. I'd just tell him I'm sorry and put a bullet in the back of his head.

god just imagine the misery that is a podcast of just the 3 fatties

damn that long haired guy got fat. He is almost Justins size holy fuck


>>135710869Poor James. April's arm is the size of a tree.

>>135710869someone post the groupies James was getting in the old days

>>135711949dont you dare fucking tell me the AVGN dude got groupies!


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James is a soda-brained troglodyte that never made a real movie despite studying film for 10 years.His children are also soda-brained and raised on an anutritious diet of soda, fried food and frozen peas.His wife, has tattoos, because she was soda-brained from a young age as well and as a result has had countless sexual experiences outside of James and her children.The only reason James has any kind of presence in the public consciousness is because there are enough soda-brained people out there that saw him do a bowel movement on camera while they were children to fondly remember the experience and want to give him their money as reparations.

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>>135701399>100 episodesjesus I don't think I even finished half of one, wasn't good

>>135712475meh...not sure what i expected

>>135710930>>135712718Is soda-brain the new stupid buzzword idiots use when they have no legs to stand on?

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>>135708969-2005 James meets Justin Silverman at some university (possibly Rutgers)-2006 AVGN becomes popular-2008 Ryan Schott is hired to create and host the cinemassacre website - 2011 Justin Silverman works for gametrailers alongside James Rolfe-2008 - 2011 Justin and james attend con: toomanygames-2011 Ryan Schott forms Screenwave media company with father's money-2011 Game Trailers AVGN contract ends, Ryan Schott helps james and mike collect ad revenue on youtube-2011 Game Trailer contract with Justin Silverman ends. The owners of TooManyGames convention convinces Justin to make his own youtube channel silvermania-2011 - 2015 Ryan purchases a share of TooManyGames convention and eventually becomes full owner-2013 Justin makes this meme video. it features Justin, Kieran (cameraman), Jarret and Bob Magrann - 2016 Tony joins silvermania videos-2015 Mike and Ryan make webseries talk about games and features video sponsored content ads (Lootcrate)-2016 Bob Magrann is arrested for CP, causing the 1 year demise of silvermania-2016 Bootsy is fired from Cinemassacre over money disputes-2017 (Guest Star James Rolfe) and loco bandito incident-2017 Justin is seen working behind the scenes of AVGN polybius episode April 13th Cinemassacre movie review of rampage featuring Justin and Tony June Kieran confirmed to have written the crowbar joke from AVGN dirty harry episode-2018 July Tony talks about Halloween movies with James August First Rental Review with Kieran September Kieran gets in fight with users on the truth subreddit-2018 October Kieran does Q&A on Holla Forums >>130919489-2019 April Jarret starts revealing dirt on Kieran on the truth reddit and still today

>>135712985>t. troglodyte

>>135713083oh shit...thats comprehensive, thanks user

>>135713123Your stupid buzzwords mean nothing to me.

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>>135713214ok James

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>>135713285james got this club foot from being in a near fatal car

>>135713326Okay Chris

Attached: IGwithGames.jpg (600x477, 60.64K)'s best performance

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Screenwave Media is my favorite media company.

>>135714564whats your 2nd favorite?

>>135714470i cant wait 15 years from now when James daughters star in BLACKED

>>135701399>mfw I didn't even watch a single one

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I'm a bit sad about this desuSome RR are comfy as fuck

>>135713491>near fatal>nearah shit man....if only...

>>135715020it happened in 2004 though, so we would have never gotten classic AVGN

>>135707029>>135707193yeah, those are the best though i can see why they'd end it.barely tuned into any of them but stuff like spawn felt forced where tony was blabbering on about it and james and the fat one with glasses were literally falling asleep. and all the theme ones literally had the lowest viewcounts the channel has ever had

>>135715108Mike had already created it in

The episodes where James clearly didn't watch the movie and was just going off his memory were frustrating as fuck. Imagine being a youtuber is your full time job and all you have to do is watch a movie to prep for an episode but you can't even be bothered to do that.Also he was the only one with written notes. I know he's said before he prefers scripted content but why is he so adverse to just speaking off the top of his head? You need an A4 of bullet points to talking about the street fighter movie? It's not Dr Zhivago. Get a grip

>>135715524What about the episodes of James and Mike Mondays where its clear James never played the game before? Mike plays the games beforehand and often has already beaten them. James can’t be bothered to prepare for videos on his own channel that pay his bills.

>>135715571You're right, I love James but I will never understand why he refuses to do any prep.

>>135715571>Mike plays the games beforehand and often has already beaten them. that makes it worse though because you get moments like these >>135713696Its much more authentic when neither prepare and just explore things raw

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>>135701399>the fat nerd showmmhmm

I can FEEL the fat through my screen.

>>135717441seriously, what was james THINKING with that god awful avgn movie???

>>135715571That's kind of why I like James. He's genuine, doesn't come off as a fake like most internet personalities.

>>135717581>hes genuinejames is an egomaniac that pretends to be a nice guy

>>135717581He's slowly becoming an egomaniac, he's been hyping up some retarded auto biography recently, the movie failing fucked him up pretty hard

>>135705729hey karen. how does it feel knowing that the fat jews you white knight openly mock you on camera?

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>>135717663>>135717722I've never gotten that impression from him. Did he piss in your hush puppies or something?

>>135718465of course you didnt fanboy. youre just as much of a fucking retard as jamesy.

>That Detective Pikachu review were James was completely lost about the series and Justin and Kieran do all the talking>That Avengers Endgame review were they barely review the actual movie because James miss a third of the movie due to parking tickets.I enjoy some episodes but man there are some dumb ones, mainly the ones were James have no interest in the movie and the Screewave guys take all the screentime

>>135703927>Banning Rental ReviewsJames is a lazy cunt. I think iv watched every episode of Rental Reviews and there are 100s more they could do. But no James and the fat faggots end it so they can make more fucking lets play shitty vidya games from 30 years ago videos.

>>135718589>That Avengers Endgame review were they barely review the actual movie because James miss a third of the movie due to parking tickets.holy shit, LOL

>>135718598theyre gonna do a podcast because james is too fucking lazy to do literally anything


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>>135719181FAT CUNT


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>>135719498He was right about Rental Reviews.


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>>135719779they're all on the BitChute archive

>>135719779was it normal for 90s kids to shoot weird home movies like this? or would james be considered weird even back then?

>>135719779ah yes, James' 52nd movie, who could forget


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>>135720052is there any possibilty there are females in those fursuits?

>>135720052somebody needs to punch this retarded faggot in his fucking face


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>>135720533its like if Rei Ayanami was a 40 year old male cuck

>>135720533literal npc

Why the FUCK didn't he just buy a new PS3? Or a used one? He spent like three weeks picking pieces of shredded sticker out of it.

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>>135720637>full movie was avaliable on youtube for free>IM GOING TO USE MUH DVD WHICH IS PROBABLY AN ILLEGAL BOOTLEG

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>>135720953Shit Pickle is a girl?

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>>135720736DEE VEE DEE

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>>135721488>my two best friendswheres Bootsy?

>>135721523Oh, Bootsy? Yeah... yeah. He's uh.... still around. Nothing but good memories about him.

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>>135720637Who the fuck uses a PS3 to watch DVDs?

>>135701399I like it. They have definitely improved.

i still love james.

i hope james go bankrupt and his daughters have to do porn for money


I heard that the rental reviews set was repossessed

>>135722276would make sense. Ryan saves money by not having to remt so much space

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>>135713083>-2019 April Jarret starts revealing dirt on Kieran on the truth redditlink

Those challenge episodes were AWFUL.

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>>135723286the first one (backwards mario) was refreshing and pretty entertaining. But everyone afterwards was pure dogshit except the boxing glove one

>>135715524>Also he was the only one with written notes.Those fucking notes, a lot of other shows have people using notes but man they edit around them and don't directly reference them.

>> in response, Kieran sais this on stream and someone uploaded it on then proceeded to confront the person who uploaded the stream (pic)

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>>135725012Holy shit Truthers are this fucking pathetic?>I'm a under utilized artist as wellLMFAO if I was Ryan I'd chew out Kieran/Karen for interracting with these retards or else its going to keep happening

lmao imagine if it comes back with a black guy and woman, that George Floyd inspired James to end the white male sausage fest at his company

>>135712718Hey what is thatOh thisIt's Xbox One


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>>135725212see >>135704179

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james is such a braindead faggot

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>>135725599james wishes he could use that thing on April

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>>135719498i love joe.

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>>135719498GOD DAMN SAVAGE

>>135719498>people will watch avgn no matter whatLife of Black Tiger and the Immortal were some of the worst performing AVGN episodes last year viewer wise

>>135725404>just checked this reddit shit outwow it's literally the threads we have about the fatfucks but pg13

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>Release comfy friend simulators a la RLM every few days. RLM does it better>Release overproduced skit videos a la NC. NC dose it better/more oftenWhat's the point of this channel again? The AVGN character is so stale

>>135719552>Nerdy girl feet>White cutieI want to tie her up and fuck her silly while grabbing her ankles.

>>135725404Oh wow, those guys really have no self-awareness do they. They're like an even stupider version of the Sons of Kojima

>>135726632hello karen (or "ooga booga" in cave speak)

give me a quickrundown on kieran deleted tweets

>>135726632fuck off ryan

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>>135726707he said he was going to stab a troll to death next time he sees them in public

>>135710666he's not, trust me

>>135709062How the hell does Mike have more money than James?

>>135726882no MUH KIDZ and Erin makes her own money while Ape-ril spends all of James'also Mike rakes in about $10,000 a month from Twitch subs alone, besides tips and bits

>>135719900i did it too but i never figured out vhs editing back then

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>>135726707He said he was gonna take a shit in James' daughter's bed and livestream it if he got 200 likes

>>135726882Mike owns the channel not james

>>135728333ryan owns the whole brand

>>135728779James has a contract with Screenwave. Cinemassacre is still owned by James, but it's managed by Ryan and Mike.

>>135728831GoodFuck james and his ego

>>135703927I FUCKING hate Screenwave

>>135718898Why do all these "nerd girls" just scream daddy issues, false rape cases, and being cheating whores?Who the hell goes for these kinds of women? Even if you just fuck them and dump them, they'll accuse you of rape 10 years later and have you ruined.Would it be safer to stick your dick in a lions mouth?

>>135707521Bores has gone fucking

Attached: bores.jpg (600x477, 47.68K)


Why are you guys so mean to JamesI also hate all the fat people that are in his channels videos. I don't even care who they are, they're just all fat sacks of shit to me.

>>135730915soda-brain detected

>>135703746Sure let me just go ahead and rent a movie from the blockbuster which no longer exists

>>135720637>>135720736also, judging by the green backing, it was most likely a low quality VCD (mpeg 1) and not even a DVD bootleg

>>135704589James wants this.