Eli Green
Eli Green


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Liam Baker
Liam Baker



Nathaniel Nelson
Nathaniel Nelson


Isaiah Perry
Isaiah Perry

at the moment

Luis Collins
Luis Collins


Dominic Wilson
Dominic Wilson

That's it :3

Jace Jenkins
Jace Jenkins

huh? ;~;

where'd all freinds go?

Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia


Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez

Are you working this Saturday?

Andrew James
Andrew James

I think so. Why?

Samuel Cook
Samuel Cook

I was going to drive down and get some succ.

I just wanted to know when you're going to finish skeleton dating simulator

Henry Baker
Henry Baker

squish hasn't undertailed?

Carson Ramirez
Carson Ramirez

The sad part is I would actually do it too.

And I can probably do it after church Sunday if I'm not doing anything.
I think I'm doing birthday shit or something.

Dylan Sullivan
Dylan Sullivan


Evan Edwards
Evan Edwards

birthday? :D

Justin Reed
Justin Reed

He's done like 70% of pacifist.

It was an intentional misspelling.


Mason Powell
Mason Powell

I mean, when we go to ren fest I can give succ.
Nobody has to know.

Jaxson Williams
Jaxson Williams

The succ was a joke.

Charles Lee
Charles Lee

hug cupcake
no reply

brb kms

Levi Stewart
Levi Stewart

I apparently bullied him to death.

Justin Richardson
Justin Richardson

I'm going to get my succ on.

Liam Long
Liam Long

I feel if you bullied cups you just added to his pleasure, might be fapping

Jacob James
Jacob James

why would anybody
spell incorrectly on porpoise

David Phillips
David Phillips

TFW you can't spell some words so you have to change a sentence to avoid using them

Oliver Sanchez
Oliver Sanchez

I just remembered I'm getting like half a grand tomorrow.
I might get some games.

Thomas Perry
Thomas Perry


Luke Adams
Luke Adams

I talked to Bebo.
He seemed open to the idea of discussing it.

Anthony Walker
Anthony Walker

Buy yourself a phone you goober.

Adam Gray
Adam Gray

Thats good. I was going to hit them in steam. But they wereon snooze a good portionofthd night 🌙

Henry Gomez
Henry Gomez

What scheming is this?

Justin Fisher
Justin Fisher

Conspiracies and plots

Brayden Perez
Brayden Perez

I'd spend it on 100 grands personally
god i love chocolate

William Stewart
William Stewart

Trying to make Marie mod

Lincoln Parker
Lincoln Parker

Mine is still running so I might wait.
I want to get you your bed.

Oh well. I kind of want to wait 'till the weekend anyhow.

I get a full sized bar of them at work for 50 cents because our company owns the machines and the employees own the company. I get one of those tall pops for 75 cents.

Jason Parker
Jason Parker

You are more important. Please worry about yourself first.

Nathaniel Morgan
Nathaniel Morgan

im gay

Connor Torres
Connor Torres

Either you get a bed within the next 2 months or I waste it all on oversized dog dildos and jelly beans.

John Wilson
John Wilson

I wish i had the "god damn it marie" webm

Yeah. Everyone is likely to be present. Given the holy day.

Alexander Thomas
Alexander Thomas

I am not a smart drunk.

Easton Campbell
Easton Campbell

Holy day?

Noah Nelson
Noah Nelson

Oh. Sunday.
I'll be gone 'till late.

Shit. We should wait a bit then.

Brody Evans
Brody Evans

Youve got good taste my boy
what is your favorite candies

Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins

ur ALL gaybois

Jose Russell
Jose Russell

i am glad you can admit it sis

David Walker
David Walker

WHAT'S THIS?????????????

Isaac Diaz
Isaac Diaz

I like Advil.
I practically eat it like candy at this point.

Colton Gonzalez
Colton Gonzalez

Oh. My Ui filter never came off.

Carter Bell
Carter Bell

That is neither here nor there. Classic Al.

Duchess Luka's Birthday 🎈

Jaxson Reed
Jaxson Reed

all my friends know I fucked a married guy and kicked him out of my house after I came inside.

Jaxon Williams
Jaxon Williams

Oh. That's right.
Luka's birth day is like, 3 days before mine.

Blake Diaz
Blake Diaz


Grayson Flores
Grayson Flores


Noah Reyes
Noah Reyes

she looks cute ^ ^

Carter Russell
Carter Russell

Just putting that out there

Blake White
Blake White

happy b day :)

Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott


Juan Hall
Juan Hall

*hugs warmly and invitingly*

Logan Martinez
Logan Martinez

Moving to my bed.

Adam Baker
Adam Baker

Shits about to get foisty with cybering

Dylan Watson
Dylan Watson

let me join you

Angel Morris
Angel Morris

If dog dildos make you happy you should buy as many of them as you'd like

Logan Robinson
Logan Robinson


Jason Jenkins
Jason Jenkins

Why in the world would anyone need more than one?

If you could even say that somebody "needs" one, that is.

Sebastian Kelly
Sebastian Kelly

What if you lose one? Having many is practical.

Jeremiah Myers
Jeremiah Myers

receiving money
not putting most of it in savings
shiggy diggy doo da day

Jaxon Edwards
Jaxon Edwards

Nezi suck a dick

Connor Wood
Connor Wood

nezi suck a DICK

Lincoln Long
Lincoln Long

nezi suck a trick

Nolan Gomez
Nolan Gomez


suck a dick

Jaxon Cooper
Jaxon Cooper

I've been asked the same about my guns, but I don't stick those in my ass so I have no idea.
Maybe they feel different

Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill

So, my brother is about eight years younger than me. Tonight he graduated from elementary school. I ended going along, partly because my brother's an okay guy and partly because my parents dragged me. So I got there, and the first thing I saw was that there were all these lolis. And the thing about elementary school grad lolis is that they like to think they're grown up. So, of course, they were all dressed really slutty. That was probably the third reason I stayed. Awesome smooth backs and delicious flat chests.

So the entire night was like slutty lolis on parade. But then, near the end of the ceremony, this one loli, who was trying not to look slutty and so was wearing a dress that went down to her feet (but strapless, so she still failed at the not slutty look) goes up. She walked across the stage and got her diploma, and then she headed for the stairs down. Then, right as she got there, she stepped on the bottom of her skirt. I could tell right away it was going to go. She slipped forward and tried to grab it, but by then it was over her delicious flat chest and about to go the whole way. To top it off, she was stumbling toward the stairs. She was about to fall and my mom got scared, she said "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in bel Air." I whistled for a cab, and when it came near, The license plate said "fresh" and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, But I thought "Nah forget it, Yo home to Bel Air." I pulled up to the house about seven or eight, and I yelled to the cabby "Yo holmes, smell ya later." Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air.

John Anderson
John Anderson

people own guns but don't stick them in their ass

What is even the point?

Hunter Sullivan
Hunter Sullivan

General consensus is; suck a dick.
The motion is carried.

Dominic Moore
Dominic Moore

None of mine would fit.

Isaac Adams
Isaac Adams

Have you tried?

Dylan Kelly
Dylan Kelly


Ryder Anderson
Ryder Anderson

I have not. The shortest one is almost 40 inches long.

Alexander Richardson
Alexander Richardson

Rin is my daughteru btw

Austin Moore
Austin Moore

If you have not tried how can you say they will not fit?

Wyatt Wright
Wyatt Wright

Explain to me in what way this semen demon is a snake.

Jackson Allen
Jackson Allen

Kiss me

Mason Ramirez
Mason Ramirez

If you haven't tried to make your car run on urine instead of gasoline how can you be sure it wouldn't work?

Jeremiah James
Jeremiah James

Andrew Brooks
Andrew Brooks

This seems like a pretty different situation, honestly. Urine has known properties and composition that we know through science will not run a car, which works through combustion. Urine is not combustible.

The human anus on the other hand, is far more stretchy than most people would think, and with enough lubrication a surprising amount of things can be put inside it.

Your hypothetical is not equivalent.

Matthew Perez
Matthew Perez

The world may never know.

I would think the eyes and the tattoos. I know literally nothing about this character other than that I want to fuck her.

Sebastian Phillips
Sebastian Phillips

Only "may" never? Interesting.

Ryder Clark
Ryder Clark

you wanna drink my urine while i stretch your anus?

Owen Robinson
Owen Robinson

what's her name? ^_^

Kayden Stewart
Kayden Stewart

chemistry doesn't work like that.
I would know as i have my Phd in psychometrics and quantitative psychology

Rin Kaga :3 owowoowow

Matthew Phillips
Matthew Phillips


Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross

She is from Bunny drop or usagi drop if u speak weeb

Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen

Hmmm...should I suck a dick?

Anthony Kelly
Anthony Kelly

some girl offered to suck me off two days ago for a 20 sack of weed.

I should have done it tbh.

U wanna do it instead?

Luis Cooper
Luis Cooper

Oh he might be able to fit part of it in without tearing if he was very very very careful. But I'm just on his side cause he's saying that the whole gun wouldn't fit when he says "The shortest one is almost 40 inches long." If any of the gun would fit it wouldn't be much.

Nolan Davis
Nolan Davis

Also is that Blood-chan?

Andrew Butler
Andrew Butler

buttchan more like it

Benjamin Lewis
Benjamin Lewis

Her smile looks worth protecting! ^ ^

Colton Cox
Colton Cox

blood chan does love urine

Charles Foster
Charles Foster

I don't smoke weed though, no thanks

Carson Walker
Carson Walker

I want to be mad at her for the lazy cosplay but my dick is not letting me, holy shit

Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas

Well I was never questioning if he could fit the entire gun or not, just the idea that they wouldn't fit at all. Where there is a will there is a way, after all. I suspect a complete and total lack of will in this situation, however.

Sebastian King
Sebastian King

2 skinny

In that case I'd just stick my mosin's bolt up my ass but as you said
There is no will. There is no way.

Gavin Cruz
Gavin Cruz

dat mei

Jason Bennett
Jason Bennett

eh, whatever floats your boat


Parker Turner
Parker Turner


Nathaniel Kelly
Nathaniel Kelly

peachy keen~

Benjamin Reyes
Benjamin Reyes

sooo cute~

Chase Howard
Chase Howard

Pinkie keen

Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore

scooter 2 doota
what are you doing up so late
are you at work

Levi Parker
Levi Parker

Yes. At work doing 💰 💰 💰

Lincoln Evans
Lincoln Evans

proud of u <3

Cameron Howard
Cameron Howard

Gotta $$$$ up

Wyatt Adams
Wyatt Adams

not jerking off to loli

Gavin Carter
Gavin Carter


Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett

jailbait is acceptable too

Jason Morales
Jason Morales

not jerking off trap lolis

Dylan Cox
Dylan Cox

You disgusting pair of degenerates.

Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson

my sister likes the lolo
i like the shoto

Robert Davis
Robert Davis


Matthew Martinez
Matthew Martinez

You are all disgusting

Nathan Cook
Nathan Cook

i want to eat your poop scoots >/////<

Josiah White
Josiah White

stop defending the sister or whatever u couldn't save.

It won't unrape her

also we aren't pedos

John Long
John Long

Pedo scum.

Joshua Murphy
Joshua Murphy


Jayden Moore
Jayden Moore

dead thread

Blake Sullivan
Blake Sullivan

like, i'm out of here scoobs

Aiden Brown
Aiden Brown

i am just meming i dont actually like kiddos

i like my traps older than the age of consent in my state

Gavin Rivera
Gavin Rivera

uwu see you guevoa kun

David Jackson
David Jackson

Good. Good boy Bard. 🍪

Ryder Campbell
Ryder Campbell

I got to leave work on time

Noah Sanchez
Noah Sanchez


Easton Wood
Easton Wood

implying you wouldn't

James Bailey
James Bailey

I don't know what that means

Ayden Hall
Ayden Hall

Children are not for sexual

Justin Gutierrez
Justin Gutierrez

Like i've said a fuck ton. actual kids are disgusting snotty brats.

lolis are love and life.

not a child.

Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris

gotta be reddy for tomorrow

Charles Morgan
Charles Morgan

I said what I meant
I don't get it

Nicholas Hall
Nicholas Hall

lolis are love/life

Luis Parker
Luis Parker

I'll leave now so scoots doesn't autism rage at me.

Austin Martinez
Austin Martinez


Sebastian Morales
Sebastian Morales

Loli is pedo.

Josiah Long
Josiah Long


Lincoln Allen
Lincoln Allen

Its pedo. Glorifying the sexualisation and exploitation of minors.

Noah Morgan
Noah Morgan

animes aren't real people

Liam Reed
Liam Reed

Shut up pedo

Brody Sanders
Brody Sanders

filename is you

Zachary Moore
Zachary Moore


Joseph Ward
Joseph Ward

Levi Cox
Levi Cox

You are just a criminal.
Please erase yourself

Easton White
Easton White

November has come
and so have I

Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen

I haven't broken any laws tho.

Your island thinks it is ok to fuck actual 16 year old girls.

also thinks its alright to incest because you live on an island

Angel Edwards
Angel Edwards

Also Miley Cirus and others suck

Gavin Barnes
Gavin Barnes

my state has no problem with sex with 16 year olds

Nathaniel Bell
Nathaniel Bell

Slander. Please leave. Like you tried to do earlier
You dont like being called out for the pedo you are

Jaxon Green
Jaxon Green

I'm not a pedo tho.

I'd also rather be a pedo then a britbong who thinks incest is ok because giant island and such.

Your royal family is all born of incest

Josiah Young
Josiah Young

Loli is celebrating underage sex and sexualisation

Asher Williams
Asher Williams

Ui is a pedo and child rapist

Caleb Ross
Caleb Ross

Being British is celebrating patriarchy and incest within the royal bloodline, also false teeth.

Landon Bailey
Landon Bailey

i should watch that show one day

Jose Bailey
Jose Bailey

Child rape is not okay
Stop promoting it

Nathan Long
Nathan Long


There was one episode that almsot made me cry, but the entire show was cute and mind numbing for sure :3

Levi Reyes
Levi Reyes


nini Ui

Jason Russell
Jason Russell

Die in your sleep

Anthony Moore
Anthony Moore

i got hella faygo
the fruit punch tastes just like cough syrup
id kick a baby for a 4th of vodkie or some silver rum to mix it with
it feels wasted not getting fucked up off it

Ayden Sanders
Ayden Sanders

Au lmao 😂
Brb finished work

Joseph Brooks
Joseph Brooks

you go girl

Daniel Perry
Daniel Perry

I'm not a pedo tho.

Jeremiah Gonzalez
Jeremiah Gonzalez

Let me be with you
yeah (oh oh) yeah

Grayson Roberts
Grayson Roberts

when your teammate is being toxic whole game so everyone kicks him, and then you start winning right after

William Thomas
William Thomas


Brody Baker
Brody Baker

good work!

John Ross
John Ross

I mean I 30 bombed and picked up the slack toward the end after we kicked him, so I kinda did

ty senpai .///.

Jose Phillips
Jose Phillips

*pets you*

David Stewart
David Stewart

you earned it kohai

Carter Mitchell
Carter Mitchell

this is a really god one

Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox

I might be able to get SMFC at this rate :3

Wyatt Wright
Wyatt Wright

Anybody here smoking them cancer sticks? Do they really relieve stress and perk you up a bit? I'm slowly turning to a pig due to stress eating and I feel that smoking would help ease me in stress, eating and stuff. Also any tips on what cigs to buy.

Eli Cox
Eli Cox

I believe in you

Aaron Cox
Aaron Cox

i hear american spirits are nice

Jose Brooks
Jose Brooks

Is it rape if they're both children?
Is it rape if one of the kids taught the other to enjoy it even if they knew it was a bad idea?
Is it rape if this happens for like 5 years and the one on bottom seems to consent

Adrian Hall
Adrian Hall

everything is rape

Parker Hill
Parker Hill


Samuel James
Samuel James

Don't smoke
you'll regret it eventually

there's better ways to relieve stress

Noah Jackson
Noah Jackson

They will eventually stress you more than relax once you start craving for them.

Jose Watson
Jose Watson

Maybe I'll sound like an idiot to you guys but I have decided to go through with it tonight. Will probably try 2 or 3 sticks. I know what cigs will do to me (studied and worked in health related fields) and I know how bad they are for your health. It's probably the anxiety and curiosity climbing up on me that made me think these stuff. Rather than asking you guys for tips, i'd like to ask you guys if you smoke and what made you take up smoking?

Evan Flores
Evan Flores

bruh if you actually gottta smoke why smoke something that has no effect instead of ganja whichll actually chill you out

Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott

I don't smoke, no.
What made me not pick it up? Having an IQ over 100

I don't even smoke weed but if you're trying to relax I would try weed since there's less health problems from it and there's no physical dependency

Thomas Jenkins
Thomas Jenkins

Hopefully it will be a one time thing. I've been smoking pot for about 4 years, it helps me with motivation, sleeping problems, socializing, creativity and simply enjoying myself while playing vidya, watching a show or listening to music.

Wise words. Tobacco is disgusting.

Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor

Cause I don't wanna die. People involved in the illegal drug industry are being killed here in our country right now.

Good for you. I have been despising people who smoke since I was alive. Never have I thought that I'd be one of them soon.

Depends in its effect on me. I'm still on the experimenting stage.

Grayson Fisher
Grayson Fisher

I have been despising people who smoke since I was alive. Never have I thought that I'd be one of them soon.
You're smoking but you're not a smoker yet. Don't let yourself become one.

People involved in the illegal drug industry are being killed here in our country right now.
A damn shame, comparing pot harm to alcohol and tobacco.

Andrew Morgan
Andrew Morgan

drugs are bad, but alcohol and cigarettes kill an exponentially large number of people while barely anybody dies from smoking weed

Owen Scott
Owen Scott

I smoke. Don't do it. If you've never smoked all it's going to do is give you coughing fits. By the time your virgin lungs have enough gross stuff in them that a cigarette doesn't make you feel sick it might relax you, but not to any significant degree. The only time it's going to actually relax you is when you're addicted to the nicotine and you take a breather because of the cravings. At least that's my experience.

Kayden Gomez
Kayden Gomez

Get a massage, have sex, masturbate, smoke weed, deal with your issues that cause you to have stress, talk to a counselor, exercise, etc.

A million better things than cancer sticks

Tyler Cooper
Tyler Cooper

Well most of the people being killed right now are related to meth but still it is illegal here in our country. I also don't want to be caught by my family and relatives considering most of them work in the police force.

Hopefully it won't become a daily thing. I have friends who smoke occasionally.

I'm on the point where masturbation does not even give me ecstasy. I run from time to time though.

Like I said I have decided and will do it for experimentation purposes.

Eli Perez
Eli Perez

This, pretty much.

But I don't deal with my stress in any way, and don't consider my cancer sticks a coping mechanism either.

Jordan Turner
Jordan Turner

have fun getting addicted, wasting money, and having health problems down the road

Jaxson Long
Jaxson Long

Where are the mods when you need them?


Elijah Richardson
Elijah Richardson

I talk to satan
(he listens)

Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell

is something going on..?

Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes

It's the deadest hour of the day. So no.

Christian Gonzalez
Christian Gonzalez

portugal! hello again!

oh okay
there are weird threads in catalog

Connor Carter
Connor Carter

We were all dead to start with.
That's the kicker.

Brayden Perez
Brayden Perez

Hmm... looks to be a thread spam raid? to push as many old threads off the board using spam threads...

Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez

lmao, some "raid" then. there are four threads.

Carter Diaz
Carter Diaz


James Morgan
James Morgan

Howdy. Portugalfag is a name I'm okay going with.

You're really into XXYYXX heh?

Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez


Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson

It all comes tumbling down

Justin Gonzalez
Justin Gonzalez

hopefully they stay gone.

Austin Brooks
Austin Brooks

I really wish he had more tracks

what kind of stuff do you listen to?

Jordan Cook
Jordan Cook

I'm from the same state as slipknot uwu

Nicholas Cox
Nicholas Cox

tell me about urself again i forget sorry
im sci btw
more like
[some other stuff]

doesnt really matter either way
just funny if thats all the raid is

Wyatt Ward
Wyatt Ward


Nicholas Clark
Nicholas Clark


Chase Scott
Chase Scott


Joseph Nelson
Joseph Nelson

Bard lets's have some fuwa fuwa time

Jason Reyes
Jason Reyes

its happening

Robert Roberts
Robert Roberts

Mostly shoegaze, but I'm open minded and dig a lot of crap, be it pretentious abstract collages or EDM.
XXYYXX self-titled album is a pretty good release, I have to admit that I didn't listen to anything else from him.

It's not your fault, I haven't really talked much about myself and I'm not that interesting either.
Just a random faggot who enjoys hoarding virtual goods on his free time, like music or cute anime pictures.
I'm also about to get busy.

Adam Wood
Adam Wood

when the nrews report is all the feels

Jaxson Cook
Jaxson Cook

y-yeah? o / / oo

Gotta say albumwise nothing touches his self titled
'mystify' has one of my favorite of his tracks but otherwise it's negligable
I think he droppped 2 in 2013 as well but neither really had anything that stood out so much to me
Still, hes probably the only dude I've consistently felt gave Clams Casino a run for his money
You play any instruments?

Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson

Luka, between Sayuki Kuroda and Sayumi Takanashi, who would you prefer?

Kayden Cooper
Kayden Cooper

Hardcore fuwa fuwa time too

Jacob Cooper
Jacob Cooper

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Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams

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Cameron Long

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Lucas Cox

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Andrew Roberts

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Gavin Powell

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Aaron Peterson

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Connor Garcia

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William Adams

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Samuel Torres
Samuel Torres

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Robert Hall
Robert Hall

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Wyatt Brooks
Wyatt Brooks

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Jeremiah Jones
Jeremiah Jones

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Nathaniel Torres
Nathaniel Torres

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Colton Johnson
Colton Johnson

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Brandon Nelson
Brandon Nelson

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Bentley Kelly
Bentley Kelly

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Mason Scott

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Sebastian Mitchell

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Camden Gray

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Nathan Morris

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Alexander Nguyen

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Luis Howard
Luis Howard

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Robert Long

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Carter Brooks

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Ian Jones

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Caleb Thomas

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Parker Campbell

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Connor Smith

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John Walker

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Owen Walker

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Nathaniel Sullivan

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Joshua Smith

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Mason Garcia

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Xavier Torres

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Christopher Sanchez

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Jose Walker
Jose Walker

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Brayden Cruz
Brayden Cruz

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Carter Robinson

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Logan Wood
Logan Wood

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Wyatt Gonzalez
Wyatt Gonzalez

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Colton Gray
Colton Gray

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Cooper Bailey

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Camden Evans

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Jack Reyes

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Adrian Morales

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Noah Bennett

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Angel Taylor
Angel Taylor

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David Ross

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Benjamin Sanders

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Christian Lee

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Jose Smith
Jose Smith

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Lincoln Bailey
Lincoln Bailey

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Jack Richardson

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Aiden Allen
Aiden Allen

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Jacob Price
Jacob Price

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Daniel Nelson

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Brody Phillips

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William Sullivan

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Carson Fisher
Carson Fisher

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Logan Reed
Logan Reed

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Easton Hughes

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Jonathan Rodriguez

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Nathan Jenkins

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Lincoln Hernandez

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Jackson Thompson

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Brandon James

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Dylan King

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Hunter Taylor

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Brayden Richardson

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Connor Martinez

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Brayden Hill

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Levi Rogers

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Julian Sanders

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Benjamin Howard

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Sebastian Robinson

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Isaiah Thomas

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Thomas Russell
Thomas Russell

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Carter Evans

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Robert Hall
Robert Hall

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Landon Perry

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Anthony Thompson

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David Scott
David Scott

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Jeremiah Baker

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Jack Wilson

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Jayden Cox

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Bentley Bell
Bentley Bell

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Luis Torres

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Aiden Phillips
Aiden Phillips

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Blake Perez

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Evan Roberts
Evan Roberts

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Matthew Hill

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Julian Martin
Julian Martin

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Noah Gonzalez
Noah Gonzalez

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Chase Hill
Chase Hill

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Gabriel Carter
Gabriel Carter

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Sebastian Turner
Sebastian Turner

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Gavin Brown

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Logan Rivera
Logan Rivera

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Jason Parker

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Jackson Gray

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Elijah Thomas

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Matthew Kelly

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Daniel Edwards

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Jason Phillips

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Levi Gonzalez

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Brandon Gray

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Henry Hughes
Henry Hughes

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Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson

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Kevin Gray
Kevin Gray

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Alexander Brooks
Alexander Brooks

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Jaxon Ortiz
Jaxon Ortiz

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Jaxson Morris
Jaxson Morris

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Wyatt Ross
Wyatt Ross

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Hudson Wright

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Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez

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Matthew Roberts

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Zachary Parker
Zachary Parker

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Owen Baker
Owen Baker


Oliver Miller
Oliver Miller

what music do u like?

Connor Anderson
Connor Anderson

what is the best animu ever and why is it ichigo mashimaro

Caleb Gonzalez
Caleb Gonzalez

ty i really like this img so i made a couple gifs

Jackson Sullivan
Jackson Sullivan

Oh, I missed the spam.

This reminds me of one of Accel-spammers many scripts.

Anthony Gutierrez
Anthony Gutierrez

new thread

for purity

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