Do Americans really...?

Do Americans really...?

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>mfw I buy a large soda cup just to fill it to the brim with popcorn butter>mfw I drink that through the whole movie

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>>134067274I also rubs butter on my large cock before making many strokes

No, I cup it in my hand and act like I'm drinking from a fresh mountain spring

>>134067363>drinking a soda cup of butter flavored oil

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>>134067274I'm American and yes I do. I put butter and milk in a cup for 20 seconds in the microwave and pour that on my popcorn. Then salt it.


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someone post the webm of the fat bitch at a ballgame drinking a cup of butter

>>134067724was the debate ever settled as to whether or not it was butter or she just put some popcorn in her beer?

>>134067830from was I recall it's piss yellow. definitely butter

>>134067274What about it?

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>>134067724>>134067830>>134067909It's most likely just butter-flavored vegetable oil.

Anyone else lactose intolerant? I love dairy but it fucks me up, makes me constipated and also depressed.I had to mentally train myself to look at ice cream and butter as if it's plastics and non edible. If I ever slip up and indulge my whole day is ruined.

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I think I just tasted puke in my mouth.

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>>134067991>Anyone else lactose intolerant?No, I’m not black.

>>134067991>depressedAre you sure it’s the cause ?

>>134067274i saw a guy with a baggie of bacon once.


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>>134067539>but Jesus Christ, dude

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>>134067588holy fuck this looks so goodi wanna eat right now

>>134067991as ive gotten older ive been less able to handle milk and cheese

>>134067539 I didn't know there were women using 4chan. That or reddit.


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>>134067991No, I'm of superior Northern European stock.

>>134068109No, it genuinely causes major mood swings. Whatever depression I had when I was 19 could always get worse if I decided to have half of a mcflurry. >>134068104>>134068584Get over yourselves. Lactose intolerance is common even in Europe, the only people who were ok with milk were dairy farmers, and even then it was a small minority. I'm more white than you.

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>tfw literal mutt>more lactose tolerant than europig

This is not OK

>>134069151How do you know if you are ? I tried limiting my consumption but didn’t find major changes so idk

>>134069151Lactose intolerance among europeans is 0%-30% depending on where you are. 30% is not really that common, and most of the places that have the higher ends are places with mongoloid ancestry as well.

>>134069151No I mean I literally carry a gene-mutation common in Scandinavians that allows my body to easily consume dairy as an adult. Only like 5% of the population here are lactose intolerant.



>>134067274Robert always asks if I'd like butter. But I know it isn't actually butter, it's flavored canola oil. So I say NO. BUT THE MOTHERFUCKER PUTS IT ON ANYWAY.

>>134067588How about some deep-fried butter sticks?

>>134067274honestly extremely based, I used to laugh at americans for this shit, but now I melt butter and pour it on my popcorn when watching movies at home, paired with a big glass of ice cold milk, shit's fucking cash


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>>134067588wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

>>134067274Not anymore.

>>134069450why am i lactose intolerant when i'm pale as fuck, have blue eyes and from western europe? it's not fair bros

All americans should fucking hang. All of them.

>>134070350>>134068114I have literally never seen somebody that fat, on street or at TV, in my country of 6million.

>>134067274I'm Canadian, and movie theaters here have that weird liquid dispenser. I have only ever seen small children use it, I haven't used it myself.What is it??? Melted margarine? I have tasted melted margarine before and its fucking gross. I know its not real butter.The popcorn we get is already soaked in flavacol. Why do you need more shit on it??

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>>134069450>30% is not really that commonStfu. Really.


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>this is what the average american looks likeseethy mad americans will TRY to refute this but its just fact

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imagine the fucking smell

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>>134070546canadians disgust me

>>134070650That would imply that I care what irrelevant countries think.

>>134067274unpopular opinion: popcorn sucks

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>>134070715hahahahahahaha retard thinks that being ignorant and uncultured makes him betterhaahahahahahahaa Hey everyone!Come get a load of this fatty boom boom boom.Haahahahahahagaga


>>134070650do they mention food in that video?

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>>134070857thats all that they mention


>>134070728it's alright, just a little overrated

>>134069272Are you asking me if removing dairy cures depression? M8 that's way more complex. But I mean I've cut dairy out 100% except for the occasional 1 month pizza or Cheetos. If you think your diet is affecting your mood you're closer to the answer than you think. Caffeine, dairy, sugar and trans fats and carbs will absolutely affect your mental health. Go ahead and limit the intake until you can go without them. >>134069694The darkest my ancestry goes is 1% Spanish. I'm in Canada and I'm a "mutt" to Euros who think anglos mixing with scandis and scotts means you're mixed. Lactose intolerance is not the default in humans, it's a mutation carried by a small minority of people who constantly consumed dairy. There's more people who are lactose intolerant than you think.

>>134070867jesus christ the Architect has been busy lately I see

>>134070867I'd fuck that fatty.

>>134067588mmm, makes me think of fried butter at the Texas State Fair

>>134067363This is funny because Americans actually unironically do this.

>>134070728based, although caramel corn is great


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>do Americans reallyYes, the great part of being an American is that if we want to die at 35 from a heart attack we are free to do so. Not only are you not free to do so, you don’t even have the available means to clog your arteries, pitiful 3rd worlders


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>>134067588when she put that slab of butter in the burger the first time i said "oh my god" out loud

>>134071105That is delicious

>>134067539I don’t have a reaction imagine to fully summarize the amount of reddit in this post. kys my dude.

>>134070867bruh what

>>134071190yes, yes it is.

>>134070867whats the meme with the guy and his fat wife, hed be happy

>>134070953Do you have a low to zero carb diet now ?Now I stopped fried stuff, cut caffeine except decaff cause love the taste and smell


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>>134070459Milk is for babies.

>>134070728I think the microwave bags smell like urine when you nuke them

It's only disgusting because it's not real butter. (and probably not real popcorn either)

>>134071774this is the best current meme