Whose side is Holla Forums on?

Whose side is Holla Forums on?

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>A load of kikes arguing about inane shitFuck off.


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>>134066809if all of these people died tomorrow nothing of value will be lost. in fact, the quality of the world will improve exponentially.

>>134066809>two ebin memelords>one self-made man who makes tiktoks despite being 40 years oldIt was never even a contest.

>>134066809Both contribute nothing of value.But I am interested, why are they beefing?

>>134066809What a world we live in where you can become a millionaire by making funny videos and being a jew

Keem obviously. H3 is a cuck

We absolutely need to destroy H3H3. Heil Keem

>>134066809go the fuck back noone cares dumb nigger

>>134066809Can someone give me the details? FOr some reason I love internet drama, especially from people whose content I've never watched.

>>134066809>jew sell out who bounces back and forth between being reddit's darling moral crusader and scumbag click farmer>or>an edgelordeasy choice, fuck h3

Keemstar is a huge faggot but I liked his Halo 3 trolling videos back in the day

>>134066809the biggest argument of 2017 what a strange time it was

>>134066809Keem, because he's not a pathetic cuck like Ethan

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Keem is autistic and a dipshit.So im supporting Keem

>>134066809Im out of the loop. Whats going on between these two?


>>134067116H3H3 has started a video series ”exposing” evil members of the community. Very contrived. Sad.

>>134066809they're both pieces of shit

>>134066809I hope Keem gets kicked off youtube because it would be funnyFuck them both


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>Keem throwing an autistic fit because he's getting called out for his actionsThis is funny. I don't like Ethan but Keem is a giant piece of shit so this is GOLD

>>134066809If you unironically like either of those you should kill yourself.

>>134067506God, this fucking slime ball just lives off drama

Ethan was right, but pressuring GFUEL to drop their sponsorship of Keem was a big mistake. Now all the youtubers are gonna be scared shitless that their sponsorships (which makes up of the majority of many content creators' income) are gonna be shitting themselves and criticising H3 for that move, making Keem look like the victim/good guy in the scenario. It's a shame because if not for that part, then this could've been Ethan's most impactful video on internet culture since Vape Nation

watched that whole video, the only really wrong thing Keemstar did was doxingthe rest is him being an asshole but who cares it's the internet

>>134067583>I don't like Ethan but Keem is a giant piece of shit so this is GOLDBasically my stance on it. I don't care for h3 but Keem pretending to care that much about Etika is sketchy to me.

>>134067462why wont he apologise ?

>>134066809>>>Holla Forums

>>134066809does this guys kike wife ever contribute anything to podcasts? I've seen snippets on youtube and she is usually just sitting there.


>It's a H3 starts a YouTube war with another mid level channel for clicks episode

>>134067698She fucks the guests


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>>134067729Keem literally lives off that.

>>134067698She does all the editing, the channel was actually her idea and she writes most of the episodes

>>134067758What makes schizos post the same shit over and over? >inb4 it's a shillFuck off, you know it isn't.

>>134067758>/his/ come on now

>>134067577>>134067758it's made them 10s of millions of dollars so why not I guess?

>>134067506when's he making a video on himself?

The Jews uses video games to turn you into a tranny. Ever wonder why the video game conventions and twitch live streams are filled with trannies and autistic faggots? There's your answer.If you are over the age of 18 and still playing video games, you are a manchild that needs to grow up.

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>When the biggest youtube talkshow leaves, creating a vacuum for content(cracks knuckles)TIME FOR DRAMA

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>>134067778So Ethan is just a lazy fat fuck that does nothing but whine and ramble like a retard?

>>134067889this, literally just trying to eliminate competition at this point

Not with the jews, that's fore sure.

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>>134066809is this just a copycat Content Cop video?

>>134067873I agree. Unrelated question but I'm just curious; what's your favourite jurassic park movie? I like the first one the most because the t-rex in that one is so badass, I hate 3 because that gay spino killed t-rex >:(

>>134066809>american e-celebs

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Youtubers are such a fucking cancer

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>>134067631all youtubers need to lose sponsors because sponsors fucking suck

>>134066809>Youtube e-celebs No one wins here

>>134067506This fucking kike is just doing this to deflect from himself isn't he? People are finally starting to wake up to what a piece of shit he is and suddenly he does this? What a coincidence.

>>134066809I used to like h3h3 for his dumb little comedy videos but he's such a drama merchant now.

>>134068564>merchantstop being anti-semitic

>>134068564Even back then he stole the only good jokes from others. His most famous skit is stolen from Frank.

>>134066809Keemstar. Fuck cancel culture. H3H3 is just jealous Keem got a deal with Spotify and he didn't, and is going after his sponsors in revenge. Fuck him.

>>134066809>backstabbing, self-aggrandizing, hypocritical neurotic kike>backstabbing, trashy, """"internet journalist"they're both making money from this anyway

>>134067537Keem has been kicked off youtube like 10 times already. The dramaalert channel wasnt even his for the longest time since he wasnt allowed to have a youtube channel due to repeated policy violations.

>>134068564It all changed when he moved to LA. Back in new york he had jontron and filthyfrank who's influence you could see all over his old videos. Now all three live in LA and are shells of their former selves.

Why is this thread still up you fucking HBO shill?

>>134068773How is he a shill? Did you meant to post this in the snyder thread you demented person?

>>134066809Keem is an unapologetic scumbag. The other pair are revolting kikes.

>>134066809equally trashobviously the guy on the right is trash, openly trashbut people need to realize how kiked out h3 is, everything the man says and does has some kind of agenda and then he plays innocentfuck him

>>134066809throw them all in the volcano.

>>134068797What's with the instant reply, shill?

Well just based on this thread i'm glad I don't know who that fat keem fucker is and only kinda know who those ugly heebs on the left are

>>134066809H3H3's "I'M ALWAYS OUTRAGED BY EVERYTHING CAN YOU SEE HOW MAD AND AGGRESSIVE I AM" is so fucking phoney because he proceeded to act like the little bitch he really is when talking to a real comedian

>>134068906Do you get a kick out of this shit? Just go to any thread and call shill?

>>134067434whos the guy with the huge shlong? i need to know...for scientific reasons.

>>134068953You're telling me this isn't shilling? >>134067434>>134067577>>134067758

What happened now?

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>>134067948its what he did when he and everyone went after Leafy and then took his spot or when he went after finebros and so on


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Youtube drama is the most pathetic shit. I do not give a fuck. If I met you in IRL you'd wish we hadn't.

>H3H3: Oh my god you guys how can Youtube let content this mean and evil on Youtube? We need to go after their sponsors and cancel him!>H3H3: WAAAA why am I losing ads and sponsors over my content? Why am I being told to sanitize my content? Why can't I just bully and harass people online?What a fucking hypocrite.

>>134069005muscle eddie

>>134069022This looks like a typical schizo to me. There's more than one person who does this. And Holla Forums has been an e-celeb gossip site for ages.I'm not saying I approve this, just saying there's people with mental illness who do that kind of shit.

>>134067434I wonder if Ethan hired the same guy that does the Sam Hyde shilling on this site

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I'm on a covid-19 side for this. take them all.

>>134068131based dub bro

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>>134069244168 OPs which mention "million dollar extreme" is hardly suspicious


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>>134066809Whichever side supports Israel.

>>134069241>This looks like a typical schizo to meThis is your typical schizo (not posting picture as he could somehow figure out we're talking about him and show)desuarchive.org/_/search/image/OAjAnKgoyQDJCVkM_PUhbg/>There's more than one person who does How do you know?>And Holla Forums has been an e-celeb gossip site for agesAgain it hasn't because regular celeb gossip hasn't been allowed for ages

>>134069299>hardly suspicious>using the same images and the exact same text

>>134068940Btw I was referring to shit like this. I already knew he was going to grandstand by screeching incel after the whole incidentyoutu.be/PW_vAh71d_k


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>>134069308Based e-celebs like Etika called out the JQ and got killed for it.

>>134069320>This is your typical schizoYes, and I'm saying this guy, and people who do that in general, are also schizos.This is a youtube channel we're talking about, not HBO.>How do you know?How can I not? People post the same shit all the time. There's certain threads that are staples. For example the SPEAK threads.

reminder this is who makes these threads

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>>134069140literally who?

>>134069353okay, well if we actually check properlyarchive.4plebs.org/tv/search/text/favorite skit hit show million dollar extreme/https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/search/image/sJthe6cFc5yohU0KgMJdRg/you've posted the image about the guy who post the same thing the exact same amount of times as he has

>>134069244nah that's not a shill it's the sam hyde stalker making 'threads' that turn into them posting the same copy and pasted shit over and overin fact it's probably you because who else would segue into this


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>>134068088What kind of bizarre non-sequitor, passive-agressiveness is this? Did that post make sense in your schizo tranny mind?

>>134066809Hilas very qt, shame shes a kike Mossad agent. Regardless they are all jews fighting over contrived bullshit

>trusting jews>trusting americans

>>134069388Ok, now I know there are shills, but it's not the e-celeb posters. Somehow this is a plot to make e-celebers look like shills.

>>134069381It's interesting how defensive you are about this. The fact that you claimed it's one guy doing that spam is very interesting too. Last time this sort of thing happened we found out it was a discord spamming the threads and little janitor(at the time) did damage control to mask that he has a bias and was part of said discord grouphmmLooks like we've found you again

Fuck those goblins playing gatekeeper. Don't even follow the other guy.

>>134069197You already have, son.

>>134069396Sam has a long history of shilling on this site. He was completely exposed with that pony game he tried to make

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Pokimane is jumping for joy rn. She was about to get btfo for weeks on end and then based Ethan drops the bomb on this keemfaggot and now my waifu is in the clear again. Based h3h3

>>134069490Since when is pointing out the truth being defensive? You literally said he was an HBO shill for fucks sake. HBO. I'm annoyed at the shill meme which is why I respond, because you can accuse literally everyone in every thread of being a shill. How is that not mental illness?Stop being so paranoid. If he is a shill, so be it, I'm wrong. But I find it ridiculously hard to believe.

Where my /FAG/ niggas atBut fuck keem still tho lmao

>>134067506>goes crying to the jewtube CEO when some literal who makes a video about him>tries to expose youtubersJesus, I know he's a jew but he's kind of overdoing it...

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>>134069197what would you do friend? :)

>>134066809I don't know who either of these people are nor do I care to learn

>>134069629Stop trying to get him in trouble. He might not be mentally sound and has paranoia about shills.

>>134068131>ugly asian celebs that get 10 surgeries just to look american

>>134069619They are also terrible liars. They used their podcast computer to search Gokanaru. Every cuck who says "le hila isn't as bad! She's wholesome" is a reddit moron

>>134069586The mod is an HBO shill though. It's been well documented over the years since game of shits got big. AMC used to watch this board for leaks too. The fact that just before this recent capehsit announcement there was heavy moderation for hours and then it stopped as soon as it was announced to be releasing on HBOMAX tells you everything.

>>134066809Keemstar is a piece of shit who produces the most inane literally who content.H3 has at least made things that are watchable.

Both are faggot attention whores. Keemstar has spent years making a living off exploiting “drama” for money with his drama channel. Ethan is a money grubbing kike that went from being a cringe tier Sam Hyde knock off to becoming the exact thing he criticizes Keemstar for. A lot of people are waking up to Ethan’s behavior to the point where Ethan had youtube (under the direct orders of Susan) take down Gokunaru’s video about him as well has very likely putting legal pressure on that one Pajeet that made another video about him. I used to believe that Keem and Ethan didn’t actually hate each other because they were in on making fake drama for sheckles (like WWE shit.) But now that Ethan is getting Keem’s sponsors to turn against him, I really don’t know. Either way, Ethan and Keem are both massive fags that are killing youtube, sonlet them fight

>>134069509Gatekeeper? What?

Fuck kikes, especially this talentless, ugly, fat, retarded, unfunny, tourettes having cunt. I hope he gets his sponsors taken away after the inevitable next fuck up

did shadman draw art of keems daughter?

>>134069308>JEWISH APPROVED HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES! Ethan and his wife are both literal Jews though

>>134069685Have sex.

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>>134066809if all of these people died tomorrow nothing of value will be lost. in fact, the quality of the world will improve exponentially.

>h3h3 started a whole new "let's fuck with people's money" trendGREAT! I love it! Can't wait to see everyone's sponsers suddenly vanish.

>>134069701See look at that >>134069667How fucking defensive for an off-topic spam threadAlmost as if it's made by the person getting upset at his shill spam being called out

>>134066860>>134067084>not reporting the thread for being off-topicyour replies clearly achieved nothing.

>>134066809DSP wins again baby soon it will be Ethan and only lolcows and all the accounts that make fun of them left

>>134069776have more surgeries good.

>>134069619>goes crying to the jewtube CEO when some literal who makes a video about hima quick rundown?

>>134069701>AMC used to watch this board for leaks tooWatching a board for leaks is completely different. That wouldn't surprise me at all. But if I were to follow your logic, practically every second thread on Holla Forums discussing a new movie is shilling. Shilling for what? The 100 people who come here?I'm saying all this because I've been called a shill for different reasons and I know for a fact I'm just a guy who sits a lot online.

>>134069725Deciding who can make money.

Not giving h3 views, what did he say about Keem?


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>>134069799I'm not defensive, I genuinely think you might be paranoid. e-celebs have been discussed here for ages upon ages. I don't care for it, and I don't like neither of these two, but the thread doesn't bother me much.Just report the damn thread if you want it gone.

>>134069846You've already proven your true nature >>134069799There's no point in pretending otherwise at this point e-celeb and shill defending parasite

>>134067698She fucks their crew (dan, ian, zack). Ethan wanted to save money by not paying them a salary

they're not fighting. they love one another.it's all just publicity for both of them which is obviously working very well.

>attacking someones sponsorship is dangerousI swear, this guy gets more retarded by every day. He doesn't understand basic principles of capitalism.

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>>134069937We talked about this exact same thing in the snyder thread today, I recognize you. I don't believe in shills.Wojak spam must be some kind of shilling too then, because you know very well it gets spammed a lot and it stays on undeleted sometimes for hours.If you choose to believe in shills so be it but I can't, because I know it's just some literal autist doing it, like the log posting.

>>134066809Again, why everybody dislike jews?

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>>134069878they're basically alleging Keem has assisted the death of a few different people and only wants to destroy others just like h3 does themselves.

>>134069845That is the quick rundown

>>134069698It's really amazing how they showed that on their podcast, and instead of owning up to it they just choose to ignore it and their audience just doesn't seem to care


>>134066809Stupid kike trying to start internet drama in 2020 after he's lost all his respect and following wtf

>>134066809It's so fucking delicious to see these fags finally destroy each others' sponsorships, and youtube itself had nothing to do with it so they can't even bitch about corporate. All of this was worth it for that alone.

>>134069723>But now that Ethan is getting Keem’s sponsors to turn against himYeah, he definitely fucking hates him. Fucking with a mans bottom line is one of the worst things you can do, especially considering most major youtubers say that the money from youtube really isn't that much anymore, and that the real money comes from sponsors and selling merch

>>134069619Same old "jew cries out as he strikes you" routine. Hope Gokanaru points the hypocrisy out and rips him another fresh asshole, he shook them hard when he made that first video and it shows.>>134069845If you have 20 minutes to spare.youtube.com/watch?v=6Tx2ItXJXBI

>>134070037It's been explained here >>134069701The board is heavily moderated during this time of day, every single dayThen just like the last time HBO/WB/Disney puts out a product they vanish and the board is full of spam that would usually get deleted otherwise.This thread should have been axed within 5 posts, but it wasn't because they need to pretend they're not here

>>134070037You're naive if you think that people that who have a vested interest in the audience here wouldn't shill. They can get away with it especially since moot sold out and this site is now run by an idiot gook that doesnt understand anything and doesn't care.

>>134070047>14,4 milwhy not 6?

1. On Keemstar being an asshole: Yep, he is. So what? Unlike h3h3, Keem never lied and pretended to be the Mr. Rogers of Youtube. He's never pretended to be a nice guy. His fans know he's a dick and they like it. He's not wrong, but the point is moot.2. On Keemstar harassing people: You can't really hold him responsible for the actions of other people. If people, as a result of Ethan's video, start harassing Keemstar and sending him death threats, will Ethan hold himself responsible? No. Has Ethan held himself responsible when his fans sent death threats and harassed the subjects of old videos he's done, like Joey Salads? No. Why would he? That's a bad point. He's wrong here.3. Keemstar doxxed people: Yep, and he was wrong to do it. H3H3 made a good point here. However, him trying to grandstand and go "this is what swatting looks like" was a bit much. Pretty sure Keem knows what swatting looks like considering he's been swatted before. But, overall, good point.4. Etika killed himself because of Keem: This is the part where Ethan crosses the line. If you look online, Etika had 0 problems with Keemstar, and the two got along well. Etika had a very dark sense of humor, and loved the dark jokes Keem made, as evidenced by the kind of exchanges they had. Etika very clearly killed himself over mental issues he had plus Youtube deleting his channel and robbing him of his livelihood. Ethan is trying to weaponize Etika's death to have a little dirt on Keemstar. It's not only a really bad point, but it's downright ghoulish. Fuck Ethan over this one.At the end of the day, this is just cancel culture garbage. It's moralfagging and pearl clutching bullshit. And it's from a guy who has cried about cancel culture in the past, from a guy who has cried about Youtube "sanitizing" his content, not realizing that this cancel culture shit is why Youtube sanitizes content on their platform. This will lead to more new rules.

>>134069388I fucking hate americans

>>134066809nobody gives a shit about these faggots. kill yourself.

>>134070155Oh yeah a perfect example just like it was before the new capeshit announcement todayarchive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/134055980/#134055980Deleted almost right away

>>134070147>Fucking with a mans bottom line is one of the worst things you can dothey both live in mansions they presumably paid for in cash, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it

>>134070093kys troon

>>134069883Anon, that's the name of the file if you get it off Google Images.

>>134070237>>134068361A thread that would have been deleted within 5 minutes yesterday and all the days before that at this time of day left up.

>>134070237I don't even care for capeshit but I'm tired of people being called shills for everything they post. I purposefully only post old movies now because I don't want to deal with being called a shill.And if there are shills fuck them for doing this.

>>134066809Who fucking cares. This shit is drama just brings them a ton of money. Remember the huge GradeAUnderA and LeafyisHere vs Keemstar drama back in 2016? Leafy recently admitted that he started that fight for money. That's it. Who gives a fuck which millionaire is a bigger piece of shit, they're both shit "content creators"

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>>134070206being uncircumcised, that shit drives me wild

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>>134070047>Again, why everybody dislike jews?

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>>134070162Remember also that gingermod works for a data collecting company that sells to ad agencies after moot left he stopped hiding his shill levels

>>134068648Don't forget the video where he literally just remade one of Sam Hyde's videos and called it his own

>>134069796>"let's fuck with people's money" trendwhat is that trend and how did h3h3 start that? I have not been following this bullshit at all so I'm genuinely curious

>>134070433who cares Sam Hyde is a tranny fucking faggot

>youtuber bullshitplease kill yourselves

>>134070326Look at thatAs soon as it's linked in the thread it gets deletedAlmost as if mr fucking shill defending this spam is the janitor

>>134067631Fuck off keem you faggot.

>>134070001Attacking someone's sponsorship is dangerous, because it makes sponsors not only drop the guy you went after, but also take a hard look at everyone else they have sponsored (or will sponsor) and cut out anyone who looks remotely bad. It makes them gun shy. I mean, H3H3 is really just shooting himself in the foot here. It also opens H3H3 up to retaliation. Keem or really anyone could put together a video of clips of all the dumb shit Ethan has said in the past (like women are naturally designed to be raped, or all the times he loved saying niggerfaggot to the point it even made idubbbz visibly uncomfortable) and forward that to all his sponsors. "Hey, Dollar Shave Club? Do you really support Ethan Klein saying 'niggerfaggot?' 'This niggerfaggot brought to you by Dollar Shave Club, just type code 'niggerfaggot' and get 50% off your next razor, niggerfaggots.' Really?"H3H3 thought he was being the next Content Cop here, but doesn't realize that Content Cop worked because idubbbz didn't lie, wasn't manipulative, didn't go after sponsors, and didn't moralfag. He just made fun of keem for being a bearded gnome, and in general made him look foolish and uncool, and that's how you really hurt a guy like keemstar.

>>134070491he says some shit on his little podcast video to be super passive agressive then lets people make it a big deal, if it doesn't go over he brings it up again with a super passive aggressive way like "well I don't know I know he's a good guy I just don't know." How no one goes at this weird old fuck and his skelly girl is weird to me.

>>134070491he made some gay video about keemstar and a clear aspect of it was to keep brining up his gfuel sponser while juxtaposing it with clips of keemstar being a shitter.I don't like youtube personalities so seeing this cave in on them will be nice. The sooner youtube dies the better.

>>134070001I've really started to think about this. Its the classic SJ ordeal. Should someone able to get 'cancelled' for comments their actions or comments. Thinking about it from a business perspective there's no way you want to affiliate your brand with someone so volatile. What separates keem from say a comedian is that keen harasses people. By virtue of compiling the guys actions, he's become a bit red-hot for most brands. The snapback was pretty impressive from H3.

>>134070208that is a lot of text to say COPE


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whats going on with godwinson anyways?

>>134070372>tfw dr. shlomostein stole my penis skin as a defenseless baby

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>>134070580totally agreed. Has h3 ever bullied someone into literal suicide?

>>134067641>doxingFuck off back to your subreddit. Public info is public you faggotted ass motherfucker.

>>134070568I support people living and dying by their actions. Keemstar is a loser. Who gives a shit about going after sponsors. If you got nothing to hide what is there to worry about.

Why is this thread still up janny? it's against the rules just like the thread you deleted after seeing it linked in this thread

>>134066809Dunno what the current beef is and I don't care. Keemstar and all his viewers have always been subhuman trash.

>>134070346This. Ever noticed that all the fags that were ever on Content Cop got fame over it?>Leafy got a shit ton of views following the his content cop. A lot of people say that he left youtube because of the video. But he claimed that he left due to adpocalyse fucking his channel over >Keem never suffered from his video. He actually praised the video and advertised for it on drama alert >Tana was a literally who before Ian made her a house name >Rice Gum didn’t give a shitThe “drama” for the most part is fake and gay. But drama channels can make bank for exploiting drama. Keemstar was doing it for years, and Ethan was been spending years to capitalize on it by creating a cult of personality as the “scrappy” white knight of YouTube. Now both of them are the biggest “go to” for e drama shit. So now they are both fight each other to get rid of the competition.

Is pokimane the illuminati of youtube and twitch?

>>134070726same goes for H3

>>134070698This wasn't public info though. It's one thing to post someone's social, it's another thing to add details such as location and so on.And if you do it you're a fag. Taking the police's time with stupid shit while some actual crime could be prevented instead.

>>134070698which public info? Where did they post their address and phone?

>>134066809The one to the right since I can't stand the ones to the left

>>134070088What did they do?

>>134070634memestar got fucked and rightfully so. Why would I be seething? :^)

>>134066809Obvious arranged Jewish marriage, she would never touch him if he wasn't Jewish

>>134069556still resizing your images and adding white borders to hide your insanity?archive.4plebs.org/_/search/image/tEzpVoCtG3djM5NRNzrkOQ/https://archive.4plebs.org/_/search/image/MX7X6f5MzmcCWM4AIcQwMQ/https://archive.4plebs.org/_/search/image/MLlK4FUsPTHJBXr3KLkPAg/

>>134070670Not really but he shilled for a shitty therapy app that was in fact a scam. He manipulated his fans that were emotionally unstable to buy the app, so that Ethan could get some of the share. This is also not the first time he scammed his fans on something.

>>134070698you seem upset you need to calm down sir

Am I the only one who finds Hila hot?She looks like she can suck a cock like a master.

>>134070491He kept saying "How can gfuel support this guy?", and the people who are still fans of H3 somehow went after gfuel with clips of Keem being a piece of shit till they dropped him.Ethan's probably going to lose a bunch of his sponsors considering there's clips of him continually saying "nigger" on his podcast or shit like "women will be used for sex when society collapses"

>>134070880>that was in fact a scamBut how do you know that?

>>134070923she looks like a ghoul

>>134070712The issue is everyone has dirt on them if you dig hard enough. Ethan does a podcast, he has hundreds upon thousands of hours of him talking, and just statistically has said some dumb shit (either in context or out of context) that would make himself look bad.youtube.com/watch?v=1UZ2k9LUvxgThat's not even out of context. It's just Ethan saying niggerfaggot over and over and over again for fun. Bad look for him and thus a bad look for his sponsors. Would be a shame if someone with a big channel, like keemstar, compiled a bunch of clips like that and made a video on H3H3, and put him on blast.

>>134070742The 39daph situation could have gone much worse for her if other creators started showing the messages they've gotten from Imane

>>134070923She looks like a horse-faced gremlin and sounds like she's always trying to get something off the roof of her mouth

hey janny the thread about you on /qa/ is up again and has been for a whileyou should ask swaglord to delete it!!

>>134067631>Ethan was right, but pressuring GFUEL to drop their sponsorship of Keem was a big mistake.That dumb kike did what? Shit like that led to the fucking "adpocalypse". This shit is definitely going to escalate.


Attached: c1hU1Rj.jpg (583x616, 26.74K)

>>134066809Keemstar didn't scam money out of his fans. Keemstar doesn't use down vote/comment bots.Keemstar is generally consistent in his takes even if they're wrong whereas Ethan changes his mind every 5 seconds and turns on his friends.Keem is the good guy here, which is funny because he literally killed a guy.

When is Hila making an OnlyFans?

>>134071002Honestly, I hope it does, and the Kleins get evicted from their mansion when their shitty videos are no longer profitable. Fuck Youtubers and fuck Youtube.

I think Ethan seriously overestimated his dirt on Keemstar. Keem literally does nothing but handle drama every single day, he's going to maneuver through this like a pro.

>>134067117I'm not even an anti-semite, but...you've never heard of Seinfeld?

>>134070047this is ethan defending guys who defend e-thots for context

Attached: delusional.png (670x121, 31.95K)

>>134070950Exactly. She can probably cast dark magic in a dick using that mouth.>>134070993That's perfection, user. She is like a deformed succubus, and she's jewish. Uncircumsided cock for her must be like a candy.

>>134071079I lived to see the day this gets asked

Look at all this anti-jew posting that would be deleted for anything elseHow can scum like >>134069701 claim this isn't shilling

>>134070495There "she" is!

>>134067698She contributes more than Ethan

>>134071130She looks the postergirl for eugenics during the "Holocaust"

>>134071120Hila's onlyfans when? WE NEED IT ETHAN.

>>134066809Hilas. She's actually funny. Shame she doesn't start her own stuff and leave fat boy.

>>134071187She doesn't do anything other than act as Ethan's yes-man on the podcast, but isn't Teddy Fresh completely her own thing and way more successful than the podcast?

>>134070780Ever seen a fucking phone book you faggotted fuck. Address and all that shit is PUBLIC INFORMATION

>>134070491This did not start with H3 I remember people doing that during GG.

>>134067279>Hila biting her lips everytime that guy in the podcasts on the webcam starts to talk

>>134070934Most of the “therapists” didn’t have the credentials to treat people even with something as basic as depression. One of the “therapist” was actually a paid actor. What’s even funnier is that this app was astroturfed by a bunch of other youtubers like Shilly Dee, Markiplier, and Shane Dawson despite being extremely sketchy.

>>134070790Address and phone is basically all doxing is. Yet you faeries have let Reddit make this big bad evil when no one gave a fuck before. It's fucking limp wrist to the max bro

>>134070934Nah the therapy thing WAS a scam. Tons of Youtubers got tricked into shilling it, including Ethan.

>>134067889I liked there videos when they were like this. Just riffing on stupid videos. I jerked off a lot to Hila during this time too.

>>134069308This. E-celebs are better than Jew approved Hollywood celebs.

>>134067873rent free

>>134070990what happened there

>>134071255You know damn well no one wants their information out in the open or get swatted and potentially die. Also, you seem to care more about this than I do. Stop getting riled up.

is this dox kino?

Attached: text was added to auto ban filter.jpg (1601x1062, 666.22K)

>>134066809obviously keemi have had enough of this slimy kike

Attached: 1570071380593.png (797x865, 993.4K)

>>134071263yeah and ethan was around back then

>>134071340They got a lot of money for every person signed up. I think it was like $100 if they used a code plus the sponsor. I really don't think they cared.

>>134071340>tricked Nigga, a lot of youtubers lied about using the app claiming that it cured their depression. They knew what they were getting into.

>>134071429The people who do this would never do this to themselves. That alone means it's not something that you should be proud of doing.

>>134071331no one gave shit before the internet you dumb cuntalso if you're so tough then post your phone and address. Promise I won't swat you

>>134071494ok kike

>>134071322Ok, maybe. I'm not fully familiar with what happened.

Why does Hila bite her lip so much when looking at other men/camera?

>>134071548>i'm a kike now because I don't want to endanger someone's well beingOh fuck off fedorafag.

>>134069426Answer the question!!!

Keemstar doesn't let other men fuck his girlfriend so there's that which sways me to him.

>>134071184why are Sam Hyde fans all mentally ill schizos

>>134071494The moderation team for Holla Forums actively encourage doxing though

>>134066809twitter.com/barrystantonGBP/status/1249749133956546563https://twitter.com/EphemeralIcon/status/1249779239500611585definitely not ethan

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What ethnicity is Keemstar? That's all that matters.

>>134071715Armenian. And yes, he's out for revenge.

>>134071620Lmao she does it everytime she looks at the guy whose on the podcasts with them, whose on the webcam. Bwahahha

>>134071340If you're talking about BetterHelp, Ethan Klein didn't get tricked into shilling it. He took the money and openly deceived his fans. It's no coincidence that, around the exact same time he entered into a sponsorship with BetterHelp, Ethan Klein and others all started to talk about their own mental health and their own depression. H3H3 cuts a video about how he's had the depressions and how it's just so hard to be him, and then the next day he """"coincidentally"""" does a podcast sponsored by BetterHelp. It's just downright disgusting because Ethan Klein not only was preying on his fans, but also preyed on his mentally unwell fans. He wants to talk about Keemstar pushing Etika to suicide (except Etika liked Keemstar, liked his dark sense of humor, and even wished him well in his suicide note video, and clearly had a ton of issues and was really pushed by Youtube deplatforming him and robbing him of his only means of making a living), but meanwhile he was willing to sell out his suicidal fans for a quick buck. It's disgusting. Ethan Klein doesn't have a soul. He's inhuman.

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>>134071630ok kike


>>134071494Behold the thoughts of a faggotted mind

>>134070956>Would be a shame if someone with a big channel, like keemstar, compiled a bunch of clips like that and made a video on H3H3, and put him on blast.Fuck, I wish Keemstar does this. The sooner this whole Youtube clique dies out, the better.


>>134066809No idea about the conflict nor the names. But I remember the left couple shitting on a youtuber for being a pedo and when the youtuber proved to be innocent, the fags didn't even bother to rectify nor make an apology and in fact, double down on being feces in human form. So, I choose the dude on the right.

Whose side is Holla Forums on?

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>>134071544No one gave a shit on the fucking internet you fucking zoomer. It literally became a sin with the rise of Reddit.It's amazing how forgotten og net culture is now. You've all been faggotted by your little walled gardens, never really exploring the net or realizing there are more than 5 sites out there.

Attached: 1590004131831.jpg (255x198, 16.17K)

>>134071808Hell, Keem doesn't even need to put effort into it because gokunaru and others have already done all the homework. I mean, fuck, gokunaru would probably have no issue if keem reached out to him and asked if it was cool to just straight-up rehost his old video since h3h3 got his buddy Susan to take it down for saying bad things about him.

Keemstar is a huge faggot, I remember 10+ years ago when he streamed on blogtv he always had his 12 year old fanboys who paid to be stream mods spam Holla Forums and Holla Forums to advertise his dumb shit, that consisted of him yelling at kids on Halo. Holla Forums eventually got tired of the sandnigger's minions spamming and he got swatted.

>Keem is some sociopathic cunt who keeps poking hornet nests in every direction for the sake of drama to report on>H3 was a popular target and he finally threw hands back>didn't tread new ground with his content but specifically made sure to go after Keem's sponsorship>said sponsor drops KeemIs that the long and short of it? Has the lid finally been lifted on picking out stupid things said in the past no matter the context in the sake of causing enough of a fuss that companies back away from these people? I detest Keem as a human being but even I think it's ridiculous that H3 would go after him in this way. He's going to get clapped back hard since he's said some dumb stuff too.

>>134071808>>134070956i could definitely see the niggerpocalypse happening. even Mike Stoklasa used it in a plinkett video

>>134071909Your time is over now. Get fucked nostalgic boomer edgelord.

>>134066809What a good way to watch keemstars video without giving him a view or revenue?


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All I use youtube for is japanese girl eat licking asmr

Ethan is an unfunny kike who's way too successful. Keemstar is legit the scum of earth though who deserves to work a minimum wage job and have a fat blonde wife. So Keemstar is worse

>>134071962Yes. Ultimately neither are really worthy of support.

>>134069308THIS. BASED

>Your time is over now. Get fucked nostalgic boomer edgelord.

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>>134066809>not siding with Leafy and only Leafy for his comeback/revenge arc

>>134067506This isn't what happened and you retards that believed a 4chan post are retarded

>>134071630they post CP in threads they don't like so they can justify deletionwhy wouldn't you want pedos that hate this sites user base, but won't quit to feel unsafe?