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>>134066229(using brackets is a sign you may have Stage 4 plebbit)

Did boys really do this?

>>134066291I wasn't aware that Charmed had a non-masturbating fanbase

>>134066229I'll admit it. Sailor Moon. Legs were my thing

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>>134066229Totally spies had so many fetish episodes

>>134066291no, only trannies

>>134066229Lizzie was fucking Kino so was Kim possible


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>>134066229no I liked the action of xena and buffy (plus the horror elements of the former)

>>134066229i want to FUCK that robot

>>134066922I thought so.

All of these were before my time. The only one I recognize is Kim Possible

>>134066229As a kid I watched Sailor Moon and Tenchi for the cool anime action and style, not because it had girls. Tenchi stars a guy so that was always who I related to.I also watched Totally Spys sometimes just because the plots were sometimes interesting. Watched Powerpuff Girls for the same reason.Wasn't into any of the other shows.

>>134066229Always like Kim Possible (when I was 13-14) but I haven't seen it since. How does it hold up?


>>134066229yes im a Shego CHADhow did you know

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>>134067492Great! Never lost steam. Just a kids show though.

>>134066229I used to get confused boners about pic related

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Ngl Kim possible and Jenny were my shit back then

>>134067102Perfect for Big Rock Dick

I watched so much Tenchi waiting for him to stop running away from the sluts and just fight the Space Enemies or whatever it was. By the time it got to Tenchi in Tokyo I gave up and just watched him acting like he didn't want sex. I did only watch Charmed because I wanted to fap to them though.

>>134066229>buffy widely considered best show on tb>just hot chicksok whatever. and xena was greek mythology and a spinoff to an even better guy show. those shows were ultimate popcorn tier. if you want to say attractive women draw more eyeballs to episode 1 than purple haired dykey tumblrinas... well no shit sherlock.

>>134066229For me. It was The Worst Witch.

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>>134066229Totally spies was the shit. They would get tied up literally every episode.

>>134068172I actually had no idea Felicity Jones was a child actor

>>134066229I read a lot of W.I.T.C.H.

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I remember having some childhood friend and we'd go to his house and play wrestling games for a bit then watch Totally SpiesWas this peak homo or peak chad?

>>134067102is she in your strikeZONE?

>>134068278Peak Chad but only if you fucked him afterwards. Cancels out the gayness of watching totally spies


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>>134068374What exactly is gay about watching 3 hot chicks and their fetish adventures?

>>134068427You know it

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>>134066229How can it be tho? Men are women hating incels that get mad whenever they see a woman on the screen and never watch anything with a female protagonist.

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>>134068499literally me

These two

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>>134066229I didn't fap to cartoons especially American ones that has always been autistic as fuck.

>having trouble sleeping again zuzu

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>>134068231truly a patrician

wait you guys didn't watch kim possible teenage robot or sailor moon?

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I didn't watch Charmed for its girls, but to see girls getting time stopped. That shit was my fetish.

You forgot the cute and funny queen of them all.

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>>134066229It is strange to me that Tenchi is on there. It is literally for boys.

>>134069639sakura> sailor moon

>>134066229Totally Spies was literally My First Fetish: The TV Show.

>>134069334Girls were cute as fuck.

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>>134066229Shit I remember WITCH had some kino moments with army fights, villains turned good guys being double agents and stuff.Upgraded powersCharacter developmentDramaCornelia was GOAT


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Can we all agree that Tenchi is the biggest faggot in existence? You have like 5 girls on your dick to the point a loli princess outright asks to sleep in your bed and you do NOTHING WITH ANY OF THEM?! also>best girl

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch was kino. Most of melissa joan hart's work was approachable. Her sister , Emily Hart, did the voice in Sabrina: The Animated Series.

>>134066291Yeah, I did.

>>134066229There were so many fucking ads on Toonami for Tenchi that I had to watch it to see what the fuck it was about.>Love stinks.

>>134066291in secret

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>>134066229I had a crush on animated Sabrina but I'm only contextualising this now.

>>134066229I still watch Sailor Moon desu>>134069663fuck off nigger

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>>134066229this image was posted here for years (not gonna read the thread) but I assume it's full of miga red hats screaming about trannies and they don't remember a single one of those things from their soulless post 2007 iphone childhood.

>>134069746Even if they were sticc, I would be lying if I didn't find the girls from Club Winx attractive. Though W.I.T.C.H. girls are superior .

Just Totally Spies, Buffy and Xena. I've always had a sense of kino

>mentioned I liked Totally Spies in school>got made fun of for being girly>kept 'accidentally' bringing it up because I liked being called a girl

>>134066291i grew up with a sister

>>134066229I watched Buffy but not to masturbate. If I was 13 when Totally Spies started I'd have jerked to it. But I'd moved to hardcore Internet porn by then.

>>134068226A very cute child actress.

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haters gonna hate

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>>134071200How's HRT going?