What is your favourite movie soundtrack?

what is your favourite movie soundtrack?

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>>134064330her pussy on my face

Purple Rain

>>134064330sit on my face fat jew

>>134064330wtf I love jews now

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>>134064330Planet of the Apes (1968)youtube.com/watch?v=QIAVv8BT41c

>>134064383just place a freshly boiled ham over your face

>>134064330Need that Jewish shitter on my tongue

>>134064542>>134064440>>134064413she's Armenian.

>>134064330Reminder that this woman can't wipe properly

>>134064678t. fat "man"

>>134064606Drop the Instagram/Youtube link, dumb ass nigger.

>>134064330Is this that Last of Us chick? The one that actually had a pretty nice bod that they deliberately manned up?


>>134064714since you want to use profamity: no.

>>134064678that's what my tongue is for dumbfuck



>>134064330>that faceNo. I don't care how good her ass or tits might look, the face is horrific and she's just plain ugly.

Lost Highway and Mulholland DriveIf we're talking about themes then Das Boot.

>>134064745if she is than Naughty Dog is full of jealous trannies

>>134064330Disgusting Jew Slam Pig

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>>134064330imagine your face is that piano bench

>>134064413>>134064440>>134064542>>134064767>>134064843Why do Nazis see Jews in everything lol

>>134064330Not a movie butyoutube.com/watch?v=qG2HwH1JkAI

unironically Sucker Punch

>>134064828it's literally the filename

>>134064890it's obviously a jew you dummy

All you retarded niggers her name is in the filename so look her up if you want to see her armenian unibrow so badly


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One thing I hate about 2020 is that fat people have a weird amount of confidence.

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>>134064964me on the bottom

>>134064987NEVER MIND

Post her name already you fucks

>>134064968she’s not really fat, though, but i do agree with that statement

>it doesn't make you less armenian if you are less armenian

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>>134064678I started this meme a few years ago and I love it every time I hear someone repeat it

>>134064987still would


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>>134064330>tfw no god's chosen braps to sniff

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Cast her

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>>134064890Why do Redditors see Nazis in everything?

>>134064987(((Armenian))) Feminist Why do Jews pretend to be every race on the planet?

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>>134064987ITS KOSHER LADS

The Lord of the Rings movies. Also kys OP.

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>>134064909more like thread soundtrack

>>134064330God I wish I was that bench

>>134064834but would you fuck her if she had a bag on her face?

>>134064987Fellow armenians!

>>134064987Who cares what her face looks like when she's bent over

>>134065210No. Face is something really important for me. I'm not looking for models or small button noses or whatever the fuck is the current trend, she's just plain revolting.


>>134064678She can use my mouth user


>>134065061>feminist>only gets attention because she shakes her big fat assvideomonstr.com/gifs/47133/annastayziaa/

>>134065510now if only all feminism was like that

>>134064987still would, no second thoughts

>>134065510Ah, so she's a true sexual liberation feminist them. And not just a puritan wearing eyeliner.


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>Jewnose>No Jewtitstalk about getting ripped off by God

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>>134065770>ywn bury your face in that fat Armenian assWhy live?

>>134065767I'd feed from her fertile crescent.

>>134065767Id put it in her gas chamber

>>134065770maybe hitler was wrong on a few things

>>134065770we’ve been lied to bros, that’s a whale ass not a thicc ass

why is her body shaped so weird?

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>>134065895She's fat and her legs are fat as well.

>>134064987can't see her face with the lights off

>>134065895hot desu

>>134065895god imagine suffocating between those thighs

>>134065895women need to learn the difference between being thicc and being fat

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Imagine the braps

>>134066145Thats mostly just genetics

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>>134065895Imagine how much better those greesy thunder thighs would look if she lost 40 lbs.



>>134066172Is plump ass + small tits the best body type for women?tits sag but a nice ass is never out of reach for most women willing to put in the effort


>>134066283No, plump ass + giant tits is. We just need to genetically engineer tits to be unsaggable

>>134066283plump ass + small tits is only good when they’re not fat

>>134066318>We just need to genetically engineer tits to be unsaggablejust like we need to develop a cure for male pattern baldnessit's never gonna happen, buddy

I watched yesterday the Kingdom of Heaven (director's cut) and the Ibelin theme got stuck in my head.youtube.com/watch?v=6VNkMmGLWd4as well as youtube.com/watch?v=Oq5Xkfz_MW8

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>>134065886More meat for me

>>134064330her braps are so powerful that they lift her leg off the ground

>>134066336care to post examples?the ones that I have aren't suitable for blue boards

>>134064964why is this such bad quality, dont do melkor like that man

>>134066336This. It's god tier, but only if they're athletic.

>>134066172bros...my dick is going to EXPLODE

I'm so horny bros

>>134064606can confirm. i'm armenian and all the women in my family have fatasses.

>>134066214lol, can't fuck with turkey do you fucking cowards.come on they are waiting for a second round.

>>134066589we all are, pregnancy rates are going to spike once quarantine is over

>>134066459sorry, user, I don’t have any on my computer as of the moment.

>>134066172My word

>>134064330The Social Networkyoutube.com/watch?v=x5faT66jmG4I'm a huge Trent Reznor/NiN fan.

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>>134064330im all kinds of confused

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>>134066629what round 2? they won't even admit a round 1.

>>134064843How do I get my hands on a disgusting Jew slam pig?

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>>134066532yeah and that’s why America is full of fat mutts who want to be thicc, but are too lazy to go to the gym

>>134066672 Great choice. I've listened to this track probably 100 times.

>>134064330>what is your favourite movie soundtrack?Layer Cake


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>>134066725armenians are fucking backstabbers.i mean how come a nation is actually being this treacherous is literally unbelievable.

>>134066532t. Chad

>>134066796Goddamn, great choice as well. youtube.com/watch?v=U0z62IALjqM

>>134064330Titanic, (NOT Celine Dion but Sissel Kyrkjebø)BraveheartGladiatorVanilla SkyCloud AtlasLotR


well there was a great ass webm I wanted to share but the fucking tranny mods blocked itI hope they get shot in the fucking face in front of their moms

>>134066637it's alright, anonI appreciate your reply nonetheless

armenimals are not peopleataturk did nothing wrong

>>134066832>posting a fat midget


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>>134066936What shitty device are you using that's preventing you from properly participating in discussion? Get the fuck off my board kid, and never phonepost again.

>>134066672>trent reznormore like bent fagnor

Nice find OP, well done

>>134066744Lots of shekels

>>134065045>she's really not fathow american of you. she's clinically obese, you dumb piece of shit


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>>134067007you coomers realize most of these kinds of photos are shopped right?


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>>134064330saving this shit for easy yous

>>134067112christ, calm down that was before I saw those other pics of her

>>134065767wawaweewa, who is this?

>>134067112>she's clinically obeseshe really isn't, and no amount of autism and tantrums will change that


>>134066283Saggy tits are fine you fag. I would gladly take a girl with a set of glorious K cup tits and enjoy them into old age

>>134067054I don't know the new trent that well, i just like to think of NiN and Quake/Doom trentyoutube.com/watch?v=ZfV7NLCWiiUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdCz6AOHEvs

>>134065770damn Fellani looks like THAT?!

>>134064987With that ass and that delicious thin fat layer all over her thicc body she can have whatever face she wants

>>134067267holy based

>>134064987I absolutely fucking would without a moment's hesitation. absolute mommy tier.>>134065770>>134065895

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>>134065767Literally perfect body jfcWould breed +5 jew spawns with her

>>134067139Holy shit, I tried to upload a image about Jewish phenotypes, but I got an error. Image was within all normal parameters. Tried to rename it, got an error. Tried to resize it, got an error. Tried to mirror it, got an error. Changed file name, got an error. Changed file type, got an error. Posted a random unrelated image and it IMMEDIATELY went trough. This site is compromised. It's all about perpetuating a certain PRO JEWISH agenda now. Good luck everyone.

>>134064330>get famous shaking your ass>stop to make cringy ass self help/guru bullshit

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>>134064330saving this shitr for easy yous

>>134067258>yarazrikyou're a sweet, sweet boy.

are we differentiating between original scores and soundtracks? i'll assume you meant the formeri have many, but ones that spring immediately to mind are Punch-Drunk Love and Phantom Thread (all of PTA's films have fantastic soundtracks)>>134064606>>134064987>>134065770>>134065895i hate our women. i could count on one hand the number of ethnic, 100% truly Armenian girls i know that are actually beautiful>>134065061i have nothing but scorn and disgust for (((Armenians))) like this

>>134065108Looks like that nigger cum makes them age twice as fast

>>134067456happy fappin

>>134067245yeah, her legs are fat but her body is skinny

>>134066145do you see her stomach you retards? she's not fucking fat, that's just her shape. you can't be fat with a flat stomach. there's nothing she could except maybe tone up her legs but they'll always be huge.>>134065928>>134065886

>>134064987my erection... gone..

>>134067507her legs are still huge, user, you gotta admit that

>>134065510How do you go from piano to twerk

>>134064330mire like ANALstayziaa if u get what im tryna say here

>>134067267you'd pretend to enjoy them after she hits the wall, in truth hating every moment get to touch or suckle those veiny sacks of fatBUT if you want me to believe you, you have to post an older woman with top-tier bazongas


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>>134067728I literally did in my post.

>>134068052well all I’m saying is that one part of her body is too “large”, and that I’m personally not attracted to that

Weve talked about thighs and ass, but can tits be too big?

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Imagine the smell.

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>>134064678she fires the shower spray nozzle directly into her asshole

>>134068326yeah, just like any other body part

So many mena women have this body type, I find it disgusting though. If you have the shape naturally, there's no need to add on fat and cellulite.

>>134068326no, just like any other body part

>>134068531yeah they just need to work out and shit

>>134068631why do they have to take a shit after the workout?

>>134065770bwahahahahahah theres a fine line between fat lard ass and fine thicc... tthis be the later.And im sure its all cause of muh feminist hubris.

>>134068798it’s none of your concern, user

>>134065770>those cottage cheese thighs

>>134068631if she got thin and then did squats shed look okay

>>134064330tfw no gf

Jews SUCK. White girls ROCK DUDE!

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Conan the barbarian desu senpai

>>134069009I think she‘s already pretty thin, but I agree that she needs to do some squats. maybe some leg work, too

>>134069070she’s ugly and her ass isn’t big enough to make up for it. I’m not saying it should be abnormally large like the Jewish hoe, but it still needs to have some meat, user

Best sex I ever had was with an Armenian chick. She let me fuck her in the ass at night then in the morning gave me the best head I've ever had. Made my eyes roll back and shit. It was a one night thing but damn.

>>134064330taxi driver.

>>134064330Evil dead 2013.

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>>134069318no vaginal?that was a man

>>134066592Why don’t you have anal sex with your mom while a film crew films in hd and puts in pornhub?

>>134069731I like the way you think

>>134068234you're entitled to your opinion. take care fren :)


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>>134064413>>134064542>>134064606>>134064440There really isn't that much of a genetic distinction between Armenians and Jews given that they're basically just the Jews that converted to Christianity with the advent of Christ.

>>134064330Schindler's List

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I just want to say thank you to the user who recommended to me the No Refunds comedy special several weeks ago. You'll probably never see this but it made me and the people I showed it to laugh quite a lot. You're based

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>>134071008Armenians derive their lineage from Japheth while the jews derive their lineage from Shem. both parties consider themselves different on an ethnic, linguistic, geographic, and religious basis even before Christ.

>>134064330Inside Llewyn Davis.top tier folk songs