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moffat really did ruin the angels

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Praise Jodie. Praise Sacha. Praise Chibnall.The Timeless Children may be the lowest-rated episode of the show since 2005 [after The Eaters of Light] but ratings don't matter when it's going to be loved and admired by generations to come. Chibnall will be hailed a genius. Jodie, the saviour of Doctor Who after 4 terrible Doctors. Sacha, the best Master since the wiggly CGI worm in 1996.All hail Chibnall and his era of unparalleled kino.All hail Jodie. All hail Sacha. All hail Chibnall.

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>>134064118It's nice to see how /who/ is alive despite show being shit at the moment. There's even quite a few regulars here tooZagreus posterBinge anonTableleg Tennant posterMonk anonetcIt's really comfy

>>134064347BASED kino poster

I'm immensely disappointed that Jenna Coleman hasn't done any sexual scenes following her time on Doctor Who.No even a scene where you see her in a bra.I mean good for her if she is choosing not to do so, and still gets roles, but dammit I'd like to see more.

voca.ro/kLV8GhsFg7pChibnall sits inside your headChibnall lives among the deadChibnall sees you in your bedAnd eats you when you're sleepingChibnall at the end of daysChibnall lies all other waysChibnall comes when Lore's a mazeAnd all of Who weepingChibnall taking Who apart.Chibnall fears the Fan heart.Chibnall seeks the final part.The reward that he is reaping.Chibnall sings when all is lostChibnall takes all those he's crossedChibnall wins and all is costThe Fan's hearts he's keeping.Chibnall seeks the Writers's penChibnall needs the story to ripChibnall sups Who at a dripAnd life aside, he's sweeping.And he set then his courseTo a scar on the face of WhoWhere the actors lived and died in the churn of one nightWhere the character motivations might move in the blink of an eyeAnd decay was the only true constantAnd the gate of Chibnall opened before himAnd all of the Retcon was releaved to himAnd its terrible beauty ached in his heartsSo through them he venturedThere to do battle with Chibnall, the BeastNever resting as long as Who is lastingUntil either or both are laid to waste.Chibnall waits at the end of WhoFor Chibnall is the end of WhoHis time is the end of canonAnd his moment Who's undoingChibnall sets the skies ablazeThe lore his flame a gleaming...Grade is my secret nameChibnall is the one to blameChibnall is Doctor Whos shameThe beast that I've been keeping.

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What exactly are fixed points in time? How are they chosen?

1 user here. 1 is gone. I'm sad I couldn't see it in live action but it was still nice. Hartnell was a really great Doctor, the original you might say. He went from a crabby old bastard to a chuckling "hmm hmm" nymph guy and I loved every stumbled line and muttered word. I can't really call myself 1 user anymore. Time to go now. I will always remember when 1 user was me. I'll start 2 tomorrow probably lol

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>>134064526There’s a live action clip of the regeneration.

>>134064478I always thought of them as events with such a profound effect on the course of history that they could not be changed. Also basically anything that you KNOW happened has to happen.

>watching dr whostar trek is better

>>134064607Why not both?

>>134064478They just are.My headcanon is that they are personal and you can't change events that you know for a fact happened without major fuckery.

>>134064373>forgetting the user that has to post here... forever

>>134064607I fondly watched Star Trek when I was a teen ager and I must admit Doctor Who is superior.

>>134064563Shitfire you're right. Well still I wish the last episode could be in live action lol. I wonder why all the other episodes of that serial were found but not that one?

>>134064607Only Stargate is any good.

>>134064373thanks for forgetting me,the chibkino poster

>>134064607Both are good for their own reasons.

>>134064478some fixed points are moments in history that must happen in order for future events or future fixed points to happen. they're points in time that have already happened, and always will happen.fixed points can be created "artificially", like the doctor's "death" at lake silencio in utah. lake silencio in particular is a *still* point in time, essentially meaning time is distorted there, or making it move non-linearly.time lords exist to know what points in time are fixed and what aren't. they can literally see the web of time. when one says a fixed point can't be changed, they mean it can't be changed without breaking vital links within the web of time itself. it's like support for a bridge. some of them you can remove with little consequence, some you can change out, but some you cannot remove under any circumstances, less the entire bridge falls apart.or something like that, who cares.

>>134064373I will count myself among the etc lol

Russel I've done this sort of thing before.In small ways, changed some little things but never something as important as the doctors origin. Ooooh I'm good>Little things? What like bringing the master back and destroying Gallifrey again? who decides they're so unimportant, you?For a long time now I thought I was just a writer but I'm not. I'm a ruiner. That's who I am. The showrunner victorious. >And there's no one to stop you?No.>This is wrong Chibnall. I don't care who you are, the showrunner victorious is wrong.That's for me to decide.THERE ARE RULES. THERE ARE RULES OF THE SHOW. AND ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WERE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF THIS SHOW BUT THEY QUIT, THEY ALL QUIT. DO YOU KNOW WHERE THAT LEAVES ME? IT'S TAKING ME ALL THESE YEARS TO REALIZE THE LORES OF THE SHOW ARE MINE. AND THEY WILL OBEY ME!

>>134064684Only 2 prints of Tenth Planet were sent out internationally. One to Australia, one to Singapore. Australia returned theirs to the BBC in 1975, Singapore's one's fate is still unknown. Presumably the last episode was misplaced or sent elsewhere because of its importance, and lost or haboured by someone.

>>134064400She rarely even shows that much skin. I don't think there's a single picture of her in a bikini or even a swimsuit.

>>134064944Huh. That's very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

Time of the Doctor is underrated.

>>134064373>tfw kept this general alive more than anyone else but vary my posts enough so that no one notices any patterns

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>>134064400>>134064975from room at the top

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>>134065031Pretty sure everyone knows about those, it's about her being very classy and withdrawn post-who

>>134065031They're really not that bad at all

>mfw the next doctor could have only grown up with nuwho

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Does Paul McGann do anything nowadays apart than Big Finish Boxsets?

>>134065187he was in luther, can't remember what else he's done recently

>>134065031There is nothing I would like more


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>>134065187I don't get how he never went mainstream. He is a terrific actor and basically never ages

>>134065424The stuff he did was pretty heavy in any case, he is AN actor.

>>134065187Anyone else seen Withnail & I?

>>134065031I know my boyfriend has a crush on her for some reason and I still don't get it, her tits look worse than mine and I don't think her ass is any better so... Why?

>>134065595How about posting them so we can be sure, is that good?

>>134065519No, but i plan on seeing it soon. Is it good?

reminder that soap star emmerdale jenna coleman was thicccc

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>>134065595Truly a mystery.

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>>134064944>>134065003Popular myth has it that the only surviving telerecording copy of the fourth episode was lost when loaned out to the children's programme Blue Peter in 1973 when they wished to use a clip from it in a feature on the tenth anniversary of Doctor Who.[3] Although a print of The Daleks' Master Plan Episode 4 ("The Traitors") was loaned to Blue Peter and not returned to the BBC Film Library, there was never a copy of The Tenth Planet Episode 4 there to have been loaned. Another department – BBC Enterprises – was still offering all four episodes for sale to foreign broadcasters until the end of the following year and would not, in any case, have loaned out master negatives.In 1992, a man named Roger K. Barrett (later revealed to be an alias, based on the real name of Syd Barrett) claimed to have a videotape recording of Episode 4 of this story, and offered to sell it to the BBC for £500. Before this was revealed as a hoax, the BBC produced a special introduction for an intended VHS release of the story, hosted by Michael Craze, two versions of which were filmed: one explaining that Episode 4 was still missing, the other introducing the story as if it were complete. A documentary called Missing in Action, made in 1993 and narrated by Nicholas Courtney, also mentions the hoax.


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would you?

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The Angels Take ManhattanGIVE HER BACK MOFFATPretty great farewell to the Ponds marred by a really dumb idea for an Angels episode.The Angels started off as a really great idea that simply got overused. Their two-parter in Series 5 was pretty lackluster, with the only interesting part of it being the time crack in the third act of the second episode. This was worse in almost every regard, with the Angels now apparently being able to possess *any* statue they like, all the way up to the Statue of Liberty, which is just complete and utter bullshit. I was willing to accept them snapping people's necks if they're too weak to send them back through time, but I drew the line at "an image of an Angel becomes an Angel". Now it's just absolutely ridiculous. I don't recall them ever showing up again after this episode, and I'm thankful for that.This kind of ending for Amy and Rory was perfect. I felt it was a wonderful payoff to what earlier episodes in this series were alluding to; that Amy and Rory will have to make a choice between their life, and travelling with The Doctor. I think it's great that they were forced to leave The Doctor, as I don't see them choosing to leave him being a choice made without something bad happening. Their ending here felt like the greater of two evils, and I'm glad they got a bittersweet ending.Obviously The Doctor is not going to be okay, having to leave behind the biggest part of his life (in this regeneration anyway), but I'm looking forward to Clara.Shit Weeping Angels episode, great ending for Amy and Rory.

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>>134064684May also be of interest, and isn't widely known about episodes that do exist - is that not all of them are 100% complete.Some of the episodes held by the BBC are not, in fact, complete. Perhaps they have massive physical damage across a few frames, or maybe they were recovered from copies that had frames removed by overseas censors. In this latter case, the missing material has also been recovered as a separate clip. Sometimes, it has been re-integrated in to a home video release. However, a few remain minimally incomplete:The Keys of Marinus ("The Velvet Web", "The Screaming Jungle")The Time Meddler ("Checkmate")Galaxy 4 ("Air Lock")The Celestial Toymaker ("The Final Test")The War Machines episodes 3 & 4The Faceless Ones episode 3[3]For the DVD releases of these episodes, the Doctor Who Restoration Team has restored the original uncut soundtracks (usually from off-air audio recordings made by fans) with specially made cutaways or CGI to cover the missing frames.The VHS release of The Dominators contained additional cuts due to material which was missing from the archives at the time, but has since been recovered. Episode 4 of The Time Meddler still has 12 seconds missing.[4] Because there have been multiple home video releases of these episodes, some versions have had the missing clips restored, while others have not.


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>>134065595She's just really hot, face, body and all. I dunno.

>>134066150Weak chin, no wonder she loved (in multiple senses) 11

>>134065988How did they find the regen scene but not the episode?

>>134066109I would have liked some more info on what the fuck happened to them when they got sent back. They just get sent back and then it's over. It doesn't even show us a little bit of them finding eachother in the year they were sent to or whatever.

>>134066320It was shown on a Blue Peter episode, and that BP episode remains in the BBC Archive. So they were able to pull it from that.

>>134066379youtube.com/watch?v=XWU6XL9xI4ki'm watching this and the other prequels to the snowmen before watching it, gonna try and be better about that for the rest of the watch-through.this P.S. one hits hard brother

>>134065642Nice try but I won't give pics of my tits to any internet stranger.

>>134066427Blink did it better.

Sorry, sorry, dropped it. Hello, everyone!Who takes the Pandorica, takes the show. But bad news, everyone.Because guess who? Ha! Listen, you lot, you're all running about. It's really very distracting. Could you all just stay still a minute because I am talking! The question of the hour is, who's got the show? Answer, I do. Next question. Who's coming to take it from me? Come on! Look at me. No plan, no back up, no protection worth a damn. Oh, and something else. I don't have anything to lose! So, if you're sitting up there in your silly little executive positions, with all your silly little lawyers, and you've got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who's standing in your way. Remember every black day I ever wrote kino, and then, and then, do the smart thing. Let somebody else try first.

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I'm reading about missing eps/animations and finding out there's probably all kinds of quirks and decisions and performances we're missing out on. Eg. Power of the Daleks>"When the Doctor meets the Examiner in the Mercury swamps, the Doctor is holding his recorder outwards like a 'wand'. When the Examiner is then shot, the Doctor looks at the end of his recorder, thinking it has gone off like a gun! One of the telesnaps captures part of this."

>>134066125I'm still curious how they got the audio but not the video for a lot of these. It's such a strange saga.

>>134066408Holy fuck that's awesome. Glad at least that was saved.

>>134066496Josh Snares has a good, thorough missing episodes series on YouTube.Basically 2 or 3 fans of the show made off-air audio recordings in the 60s, so they could listen back to their favourite stories again. Years later, they'd send copies to the BBC / Restoration Team and they'd be worked on to produce the best quality.


>>134066496>>134066608Graham Strong was one of the prolific ones.A good explanation is here -doctorwhonews.net/2018/05/graham-strong-1949-2018.html

>>134066608>>134066649Wow this is crazy.

can you imagine if grant decided to do a live action version of his shalka doctorfuck that'd be sick, i liked his interpretation a lot. his actual episode, scream of the shalka, not so much.

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>>134066750What I love is that Strong's recordings were often found to be better quality than the ones that the BBC held on their own tapes.

rough intro, too much going on. my tiny brain can't cope.

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>>134066933Lol BBC audio getting mogged by some guy that just wanted to listen to the episodes.

>>134065940Please tell me there's a larger version of this

>Tick tock, goes the clock, and all the years they fly. What the FUCK was Kovarian even on about?

>>134067331moffat has a weird obsession with poems, rhymes and catchy phrases. not very good at it at all.

>>134067331series 6 main story episodes are a dark time i wish you didn't remind me of

>>134066868Missed opportunity

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>>134067236sorry, best I got

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>>134067517The amount of Clala tit in this thread is very nice.

>>134064118>Mr. Blue Sky is living here today, hey

>>134067612i approve

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>>134067705Is that song obligated to play in every piece of british media?

why is she so perfect bros

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>>134067483Was Kovarian a wasted villain?


>>134068017>>134067705I fucking DESPISE this song

i hate this whole "the doctor isn't kind he hates you fuck off" thing. same old stupid unnecessary dramatic bullshit that you know is only going to stick around for an episode.

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>>134068490and i guess the point *is* that it's only for an episode but my complaint lies in the fact that it's portrayed so stupidly intense, like he is literally a god or something.aah whatever i just need to enjoy clara

Michelle Gomez is so fucking menacing

>>134067137I like the theme and I like how big it feels, but going with the red was a mistake. It looks like an IMAX movie about the inside of the body.

>>134068945i just gotta watch it a few more times to get used to it, my brain's smooth

>>134067137did you spot the wolf drinking tea?

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>>134068893She is. She's got these wide eyes. I love her.

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>>134067137Yeah but it brought the space face back

>>134069194i prefer capaldi's eyes to be honestspeaking of him i need to find those workprint versions of the series 8 episodes that got leaked so long ago

>>134068271Where did we go wrong?

i heard this set cost about 1mil GBP to put together and maintain, it looks great, i much prefer it over the series 5 one, but the series 8 version with orange lighting is the absolute best

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>The character of Shona was intended by showrunner Steven Moffat to become a new, permanent companion, replacing Jenna Coleman who had decided to leave the production. Coleman changed her mind during filming and an additional final scene was added at the last minute, reversing her exit, and leaving Shona to her current life.On the one had we wouldn’t have got Heaven Sent but on the other hand it kind of seemed a bit cruel seeing how excited Shona was about having friends

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>>134067942She only had like three scenes, there wasn’t very much to her

>>134069481I wasn't quite sold on it until series 8. Roundels just made it click with me

>>134069266Capaldi's eyes are menacing. Like a fucking hawk. It works for what his Doctor was supposed to be so well.

>>134069620Series 9*

>>134069591Hence her being wasted. Though apparently the actress was a terror to work with so I can't blame them.

>>134069501I loved her to be honest. She was attractive and peppy. I wouldn't be mad if she came back.

>>134069702what did she do on set?

>>134069744she's a terf

>>134069702I guess one way to expand on her would be to explain who she actually is and what her organisation does more gradually instead of saving it all for a 30 second infodump in Time of the Doctor

>>134069501>On the one had we wouldn’t have got Heaven SentSo it would have been a win-win, you say?

>>134069744> On 13 December 2019, Barber tweeted "Trots won’t go til they’re shot" in reference to Jeremy Corbyn's continuing role as leader of the Labour party, causing some backlash. On 19 March 2020, Frances Barber tweeted "I think I could strangle him" in reference to Jeremy Corbyn.Holy based

>>134069819She did a genitals audit?!say yes

>>134069911this is all during 2019, but what about during 2011?

>>134069932yes, didnt you watch her cliffhanger with Amy lying down?

>>134069266It's actually his entire face. You can see his frown lines.

>>134069702>Though apparently the actress was a terror to work with so I can't blame them.Source? Any info on this?

>>134069970Haven't watched any of it to be honest m8

>>134069187Damn the master looks like that? How come my boyfriend has a crush on Clara but not on her? Maybe he isn't into milfs

>>134069951I'm expecting it will be diva behaviour, just generally thinking she's the main event. She's been acclaimed in shit, she probably questioned too much or made demands.

>>134069911*not based

this is rough. this is the kind of shit people make fun of doctor who for.

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Doctor Who is dead.


>>134070049>ywn have a threeway with Clara and MissyGonna off myself tonight lads. It's been real.

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>>134070049I'm into milfs. Be with me so I can betray you for an older woman.

>>134070003I just remember hearing about it closer to the time. She's been in Big Finish, so maybe I'm wrong. Though I can't find anything about Peter Capaldi storming off set in Series 9 which I'm pretty sure did happen so it could just be buried at this point.

>>134070132But the moment has been prepared for.

My friend is watching Classic Who for the first time and she sent me a string of late night texts as she was watching it, they basically went: >Dude what the fuck why is Liz Sladen such a good actress? She's putting the performance of her life for a fucking kids tv show lmao>Ok I'm officialy in love with her. I get why Sarah Jane was the "big one" for everyone, she's incredible>Why didn't they model the first female Doctor on Sarah? She's already a female Doctor for most of her stories so far. Would have been kino.Was she right, /who/? Should 13th have been modeled after Sarah?I dunno if Jodie could pull off a Sarah, but it could be better than what we have now

>>134070114>the Great Intelligence is a manifestation of a 10 year old kid thinking other children are silly instead of a disembodied Lovecraftian space entity thanks Moffat

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>>13407038113 should never have existed, the stories would remain the same and at best jodie would be doing a shitty sarah impression instead of tennant

>>13407038113 should have been modeled off of literally anyone positive but ended up being the sociopath deceiver she is.

>>134069187my cock in them

>>134070264Mommy issues much?

For me its Romana

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>>134071043Not that user but that's just evolution.

>>134069501Reminder that it was Peter that was responsible for this. Jenna revealed that he put in a lot of effort into convincing her to stay.

The Snowmenthe DUMBmen hahahahaLaughably bad. The return of Clara and her interactions with The Doctor are the only things that makes this episode worth watching. What's even more frustrating is that they got Richard E. Grant and Ian McKellen to feature here and both of them are woefully underused. McKellen I can understand, but Grant has much more to do and much more to say, and every scene with him is just horribly underwritten. We're given insight into his backstory as a child, but are we expected to sympathize? There are so many ways this episode could've gone to make it infinitely more interesting, but the plot just takes a backseat to introducing Clara to The Doctor, and it's insane how wasteful it all seems.The Great Intelligence was a callback to a 2nd Doctor story not many know about, given that it was such a lame villain even The Doctor doesn't remember. It goes without saying that both it and Dr. Simeon could've been made into better villains had there been any actual effort put into them.Writing stories like this is a balancing act, and lately Moffat seems to just tip the scales more toward generating character drama than writing actually interesting plots and monsters, or simply utilizing plots and monsters in a way that wastes their potential. The Angels were wasted potential, and the Great Intelligence is wasted potential. What's worse is that the drama he writes is mostly nonsense, where other writers under him seem much better at it.Shit special, skip it. Only worth watching for Clara and Strax.

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Does Classic Who cut down on the 7 parters? Just watched Doctor Who and the Silurians. I know that the rest of the season are 7 parters but what about after that?


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>>134069501If I were Faye Marsay I'd still be pissed.

>>134071242How much did you watch of Moffat's era before? All of it, or did you stop when Smith regenerated?

>>134071311Future seasons follow a structure of 4 parter - 4 parter - 6 part - 6 part - 6 parter and stay that way until Pertwee's run ends.When Baker comes along based Bob Holmes realises that 6 parters are trash so he made it all 4 parters with a 6 parter finale.

>>134071366started with it actually - i liked it for the most part but he just does the dumbest shit sometimes.i don't have a problem with clara either, i like the doctor/clara stuff a lot, i just wish that everything else didn't have to have less effort put into it just for them. basically just makes you want to only watch it for them and skip everything else, which defeats the purpose.

>>134071224based capaldo saved series 9 from oblivion

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>>134071242the snowmen is one of the better Series 7 episodes / Xmas specials tho

>>134069187At a WHO Convention with Peri , an I asked her , You were there as sexy bird , she Nicola Bryant , wether I nude its the Doctor and the stories always , an Most here are Pint mild /Bitter drinking guys .. !! I I winked in VIP an showed Top Bloke , and Voddie shot ..then it was all all knew .. I went then cos Fiance Picked me up , But , I was welcomed VIP I was Not raging who fan , Me an lass went up town , But she was so Gutted .. Maria Fuming Her nipples were rocked hard when you kissed her.. she wanted You STEVEN !!! YES YOU .. !.. I was like nah nah nah for 2 weeks an terrififiher in Sicilian Mafia ,...then weeks her dad saying after sunday dinner .. its nots mafia.. beyong ots Gomarrah . ! I was like Yeah cheers , thought I had made up as as a Gangster , .. Maria.. No .. its just we see go cops and we delve everyone in the family .. OK ok Then if you mess up on marriage , Everyone goes away .! .. Yeah .. NO TRUE ,, I left her ..went into UK thing . she never know me now .. she is .. .. whatever

>>134071242>that it was such a lame villainbtfo, that's plain wrong.moffat made it lame af

>>134071242what? it was probably the best of regular series 7. can't believe you hate this and town called mercy while liking dinosaurs

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>>134071593>>134071644with this, it's more that the only enjoyable parts were with clara and the paternoster three, and everything else felt like it hadn't had as much work put in. telepathic snow and the great intelligence is a great idea but it just wasn't executed in a way i likedwhat parts did you guys like? genuinely curious. not saying it's bad you like it or anything, would just appreciate other perspectives to see if it's something i'm missing

>>134071242Victorian Clala, Dalek Clala or Normie BBC Clala?

>>134071875dalek clalaher outfit was cute

>>134069181wtf it is a wolf drinking tea

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>>134071875eternal reminder that WE WERE FUCKIN ROBBED

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>>134071043Not at all. I just like older women.

>>134071566Based schizo

>>134071646Listen . Dont ever get that close kiddo ok